Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 December 2007 - Monday

Vacation Stayed in bed until after 13:00 reading pirate books. This is not really like shifting my schedule back to normal working hours, but oh well.

2007: Well, so much for this year. Hopefully the coming year will have 100% fewer cat deaths in my household, and also 100% fewer tech support phone calls!

The rest of world should improve too.

Gaming: While waiting for midnight, we played SPANC. I failed early on and the positive feedback loop ensured that I stayed that way, but that's okay. Marith ended up winning, and she rarely wins games, so that was okay too. Then Ayse made big cute eyes until people played King's Blood with her. She won once and I won once, and that was also okay.

The WoW card game in raid mode was a lot more interesting than in PvP mode, but I'm not sure about the balance. Either we were playing stupidly or we were supposed to have good decks instead of using the premade ones or something, though, because the monster side seemed to have a lot of advantages after the first couple of bosses.

Food: A lot of people leave shopping for their parties until late afternoon on the 31st. Nevertheless, I was able to get supplies for Ken to make us chard and brussels sprouts to go with the sausages and sauerkraut, and bread to nibble on while we waited for the vegetables to cook.

Having failed to obtain champagne at any point, we instead had fizzy pomegranate juice at midnight. It was peculiar, and had too much stuff mixed with the pomegranate.

Cats: Twelve paws! Twelve fuzzy paws, no less!

Writing: FAILURE. I didn't get home until after 1:00, and fell right over.

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30 December 2007 - Sunday

Visual Entertainments: Second disc of Sand Punk. Enh.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Ghirardelli seems to be wary of Marmalade, and sometimes hisses if he gets too close. I think Aspen is wary of Ghir, although I haven't heard her hiss at him. But there don't seem to be any territorial issues, just ones of personal space, so I am optimistic that they will work it out.

Have I mentioned that Ghirardelli's undercattage is curly? Or that he sits with all his paws not quite put away so that two little black feets peek out from his chocolatey ruff?

Writing: Check.

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29 December 2007 - Saturday

Vacation: We (AKMT) went to Santa Cruz and pillaged bookshops and sat at the Perf and ate at restaurants and generally were layabouts.

Gaming: I picked up White Wolf's Scion, because I heard it doesn't suck, and the powers book for Mutants & Masterminds. I haven't read either yet, but the latter does clarify that past rank 6 in Elongation, it's no longer instant to extend to or contract from maximum distance. (Hi Jeremy!)

Food: Zachary's for lunch, then Mobo Sushi for dinner! Yum! I think my stomach must be shrinking, though, since I couldn't finish a Mike's Mess at lunch, and three rolls plus one order of nigiri was slightly too much for dinner. This is probably for the best.

Cats: The cats stayed separated while I was out all day, but when I got back, I opened Ghirardelli's room and let them eye each other suspiciously.

Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

Elongation by Jeremy (Wed Jan 2 17:57:55 2008)

That's not a clarification, that's a change. At least we have the betrayal out in the open and established before play begins!

Re: Elongation by Trip (Thu Jan 3 20:22:29 2008)

I hardly think this is going to make your character lose, so it doesn't count as changing the rules to make Jeremy lose!

Re; Elongation by Jeremy (Sat Jan 5 10:09:33 2008)

Oh, good point. I'll continue waiting for that.

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28 December 2007 - Friday

Cats: You know, I have TWELVE PAWS again!

Ghirardelli got out of his room for a bit to explore the house while I changed his water and stuff. He avoided Marmalade and Aspen, but they didn't fight or anything. Perhaps soon they will be able to intermingle!

Writing: Check.

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27 December 2007 - Thursday

Food: Original Pancake House and Thai City in one day! It must be a vacation!

Silly Computer Games: NPPangband until my brain comes out.

Cats: Marmalade and Ghirardelli interacted briefly through the ajar door! They sniffed each other's noses peaceably enough, but then Marmalade hissed, so I closed the door. I think he might be jealous.

In other news, I was too fresh with Aspen and she made her displeasure known. Ow.

Writing: Check.

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26 December 2007 - Wednesday

Vacation: Check! Went to Borders to see if they had books. They did.

Gaming: In the past few days, I've read two fairy tale RPGs. Grimm is about young kids from the real world sucked into a mishmash of fairy tales and nursery rhymes gone horribly wrong. It has a fairly generic system with a small number of character classes and a fixed set of skills, where any difficulty at or below your skill level is pretty easy and anything above is quite hard, and makes a big deal out of how kids are smaller than most of their opponents.

The Zorcerer of Zo, which I got for Christmas, is mostly a writeup of the fairy tale campaign the designer ran a couple of years ago, set in Oz-minus-serial-numbers. Being from Atomic Sock Monkey, it uses their fairly free-form PDQ system, with a few tweaks for magic. PDQ's damage system, where each point of damage reduces one quality by one rank, annoys me because getting beaten up reduces qualities like "Book Learning" and "Vast Fortune". However, the notion of using what each character takes the first point of damage on in each conflict for a plot seed for later is so clever I can't think of a better way to do it.

The setting for ZoZ is less inspirational than Grimm's, though. Making the fairy tale land a semi-functional organized state seems to take some of the potential for weirdness out.

It's clear what must be done!

Also read Bliss Stage, which is much as described, only bleaker. You can tell it's a good representation of the genre it's in because there is DOOOOOM for everyone.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Red Dwarf. It is very silly.

Silly Computer Games: NPPangband. No idea what it stands for, but it seems to still be under development, unlike all the other *bands.

Cats: Ghirardelli showed me his undercattage! It is soft and brown and curly!

Writing: Check.

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25 December 2007 - Tuesday


Loot: It wasn't really a loot-intensive Newtonmas this year, but that's okay. Ayse gave me The Zorcerer of Zo and Bliss Stage, because she is just that cool. Also, there was food and stuff.

Food: Ken made English bacon (which is like Canadian bacon, not American pork-belly bacon) and eggs for breakfast. Then we went over to Earl and Cat's and ate bread and cheese and olives and rum balls while the feast cooked!

Then we had turkey and gravy and stuffing and leeks and mashed potatoes and some other stuff and became very rotund. People who were not me had Ukrainian jam-filled donut things.

Visual Entertainments: One episode out of the middle of some Korean historical drama. There were cooking contests and machinations and a good-hearted heroine and ridiculous hats!

Silly Computer Games: Almost none!

Cats: Ghirardelli is still fluffy and affectionate even though I was gone all day! Aspen and Marmalade are still adorable and fuzzy!

Writing: FAILURE.

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24 December 2007 - Monday

Silly Computer Games: Wasted so much of today playing squiggly sudoku. I've moved up to hard, which is actually hard and requires taking lots of notes.

Cats: I sat in with Ghirardelli for a while. Once I had to fish him out from under the futon by the scruff, but then he was affectionate and head-butted and cheek-rubbed my hand and purred and purred and was handsome and fluffy! Later, he came out for affection on his own! So adorable! And also fluffy!

I swooped down upon Aspen as she lay on the bed and put my hand on her so she would have to actually move in order to escape and petted and petted her and rubbed under her chin! Such an oppressed kitty!

Marith pictured the cats better! I think this one shows off Ghirardelli's chocolateyness best.

Writing: Check.

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23 December 2007 - Sunday

Visual Entertainments: For no perceptible reason, I watched the last disc of Najica Blitz Tactics. Enh.

Cats: Today Ellen brought me my new cat! He is still extraordinarily fluffy and handsome! I think I shall name him Ghirardelli. Ayse and Marith favor Theobromine, which abbreviates well, but I don't think naming my new cat after a toxin is thematically appropriate.

Ghirardelli is a Chantilly (aka Tiffany), so he is brown and black and ginormously fluffy and completely gorgeous. He is pretty affectionate, and apparently ended up getting along okay with most of the cats at Ellen's, but he will still live in the front library for a week or two before meeting Marmalade and Aspen in person.

He is affectionate! He especially likes to head-butt and cheek-rub people's hands!

Writing: Check.

cat by kit (Tue Dec 25 07:32:20 2007)

Wow, that is a seriously fluffy cat! Yay! Merry Christmas!

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22 December 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: Marith and Ken and Ayse and I went to see the new Sweeney Todd movie! (Earl and Cat bailed, sniff.) I've never seen the stage version, but the other three had. I found it entertaining, although heavy on the red paint, and the others thought it held up well to the original, given the limitations of the medium. So, yay!

Poor Marith had to keep her eyes closed for much of the movie, though. It really was heavy on the red paint.

Food: The movie ended a little after 19:00, so we had to figure out what to do for dinner. "Meat pies, anyone?" "Okay, but let's go to the second-best place." "How about Thai City for some nur Todd?" But actually we went back home and Ken made us salmon pasta and assorted vegetables, which was good and carried no taint of cannibalism.

Silly Computer Games:Too much squiggly sudoku!

Cats: SO FLUFFY! Ayse and I went to the adoption fair and the first cat I saw was a huge fluffy chocolatey guy of extreme gorgeousness! He snuggled right in my arms and looked around and was SO FLUFFY! This was his first visit to the fair, because Ellen had just rescued him from the shelter where his stupid stupid former people had dumped him because they didn't want to take him to Hawaii. They named him Buddy, but that is clearly not his name. He needs a chocolatey name, like Scharffenberger or Theobromine.

Ellen will bring him to my lair tomorrow evening. Now I must panic getting the front room ready!


Writing: Check.

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21 December 2007 - Friday

Work: Last day! I think I got most of my tickets into a state where someone else can take them.

There was a party for last-day-before-Xmas-break, but there was also a cake just for me. Aww! All my cow orkers said they were sorry to see me go. I don't believe them, but I appreciate the gesture!

Now, vacation!

Gaming: Dave is leaving, Earl doesn't game, and Jeremy has family, so I don't know that there will be any gaming at all over the holidays. Apparently I have destroyed gaming locally!

Food: Ayse celebrated having finished her 295623946523456 pages of literature papers by feasting at Chef Chu's. There was a wait, because Friday night and I failed with the reservation, but it was yummy!

Cats: Aspen showed me her squeaky strangled little miau this morning, and also tickled my legs with her whiskers, because I was not forthcoming enough with the gooshyfoods!

Writing: FAILURE. After dinner, we went to Earl & Cat's and hung around admiring new laptops and knitting and cats and stuff, and didn't get home until late. Also, I suck.

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20 December 2007 - Thursday

Work: Penultimate day! Wum.

Silly Computer Games: So much squiggly sudoku.

Cats: Eight fluffy paws of cuteness!

Writing: Check.

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19 December 2007 - Wednesday

Work: After staying late yesterday and breaking things, I spent today fixing things and went home early. I don't think it actually balances out, but I can pretend like it does.

Visual Entertainments: Finally Ayse is free of her academic doom so we could watch more Ghost Hunt! Creepy!

Cats: Aspen and Marmalade chased the Red Spot of Uncatchability! In fact, Marmalade chased it so enthusiastically that he overshot and ran into my legs! At that point he remembered that the Red Spot is beneath him and left it to Aspen, who chased until she got tired or bored. (She's looking a little slenderer, I think, but is still Round Kitty.)

Because we went over to Cat and Earl's, we got to visit Madeleine Kitteh! She is still soft and pretty and oppresses Phoenix terribly! I think not forcing her to be one of multiple cats probably is best.

Writing: Check.

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18 December 2007 - Tuesday

Work: Stayed at work too late breaking things, bah.

Visual Entertainments: Dave will be out of town the next two Tuesdays, so this is the final Tuesday Night Anime of the year!

  • SuperGALS: Poor Yuya!
  • My-HiME: Poor Shizuru! Poor Yukino!
  • Ergo Proxy: Ah, the surreal mind games episode! Knew it had to be here somewhere!

Cats: As soon as I got home from work, I had to run back out to anime, and as soon as I got home from that, I had to bang my paws all over Marmalade's foot-massager! And then I went to bed! Clearly I am the most neglectful cat-dad ever!

Well, except for the part where I provided fresh water and crunchyfoods, and let Marmalade sleep on my arm most of the night.

Writing: Check.

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17 December 2007 - Monday

Work: And so begins my last week at Google!

Visual Entertainments: Random anime smut: Maple Colors. Apparently based on a high-school H dating sim, or something. It was okay, but apparently incomplete: there are only two episodes, but the plot excuse for the protagonist to give all his female classmates the hunka hunka burnin' love was just getting started.

Consensuality rating: ±0; the usual "her mouth says 'no', her body says 'yes more harder don't stop now'" of the genre.

Enh. Apparently I'm not a very good bachelor.

Silly Computer Games: Oddly, medium-difficulty squiggly sudokus take longer to do than easy ones.

Cats: Marmalade's new favorite toy is a 60cm piece of ribbon. It is like string, but although he bites it fiercely when he catches it, he does not chew it into pieces or eat it! Sometimes he brings it to me so I can play with him, although I don't think I've figured out exactly what the right way to do this is. But he is so adorable! And orange!

(Aspen is adorable too, but much less orange.)

Writing: Check.

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16 December 2007 - Sunday

Silly Computer Games: It's a good thing it's the weekend, because I blew most of the day playing squiggly sudoku.

Cats: I tried picking up Aspen, but that was Not Acceptable. She didn't get violent, but she really didn't want to be held, so I didn't push the issue. She is still soft and cute, after all!

Writing: Check.

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15 December 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: Marith and I went to see The Golden Compass. It didn't suck! As with any book adapted into a movie, it was kind of rushed, but I think they had all the important bits. The alethiometer CGI was overused (the American equivalent of a transformation sequence?) but Iorek was not cuddly!

Later in the evening, I watched more Moon Phase. Augh, surprise cuteness!

Cats: There was some thought that there might adoption-fair-going, but it fell through because Ayse has to write and write and write.

Writing: Check.

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14 December 2007 - Friday

Work: Yay Friday!

Visual Entertainments: Disc 4 of Moon Phase, in which [SPOILER] is unexpectedly [SPOILER]!

Cats: I meant to do laundry tonight, but just as I was remembering that I had to get started in time to finish before the laundry room closed, Marmalade came to sleep on me. Foiled!

Writing: Check.

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13 December 2007 - Thursday

Work: All the social people went to some kind of company holiday party mixer[*] this afternoon, leaving the office strangely quiet.

[*] I like having my components differentiated!

Food: It's Santa Lucia Day, which means Ayse makes ginger cookies (it's all Chrisber's fault), and as often happens, Marith and I went over to help. We determined how large of a batch to make by counting how many scoops it took to empty the sugar jar and scaling the other major ingredients by that. Then we found out that a quadruple batch requires an entire jar of powdered ginger, which we had, but ¾ of a jar each of cinnamon and ground cloves, which we didn't have. Oh well, the ginger is the important part! Or maybe gooshing up the dough manually is the important part.

Anyway, we ended up with enough dough for 16 dozen cookies, of which we converted about half into cookies before running out of granulated sugar to roll them in. We carried on for a little longer using brown sugar, extra-dark brown sugar, and cocoa powder (not together!) but the results were somewhat dubious, so we called it a night.

So many cookies!

Cats: I really need to change my sheets more often, not just because I am a slovely bachelor who is lazy about making the bed but because it makes Marmalade so excited. He jumps onto the newly-made bed and chases his own tail!

I'd think the laundry machines must impregnate the sheets with catnip when I wash them, except this time I used completely new sheets and they had the same effect.

My cat is weird. But adorable!

Writing: Check.

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12 December 2007 - Wednesday

Work: I guess it's confirmed that I will have a different assignment next year!

Gaming: Soon everyone will go out of town for the holidays, and then we will resume Ken's Dragonblooded game, so tonight was the last session of Sand Pirates. It was a pretty lame session, because I had to cut the entire buried-treasure subplot for time, and the PCs did their best to avoid getting into any fights. But, they were teh winz0rs! New ship, lots of new gear, and they can even feel good-aligned because they left the pirates with enough lumber to repair the PCs' old ship and some spare magic items so the pirate captain can resurrect his crazy sister.

Cats: Eight paws of fuzziness!

Writing: Check.

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11 December 2007 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: Earl showed up to watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society: Mars Needs Colons, so we had a fuller-than-full house!

The movie was okay, although (or perhaps because) the Major wore pants the entire time.

My-HiME had surprising doom! Ergo Proxy had a little explanation, but also doom! No SuperGALS this week because we had a movie!

Food: Tonight we had red pizza with green stuff on, and green pizza with red stuff on! It was seasonal, or something.

Cats: Marmalade really wants the STRINGS! that dangle from the light/fan unit in the kitchen. Any time he can get up on my shoulders in that room, he tries to get me to move over there so he can reach them. But I cruelly thwart him!

However, he does get pettins.

Writing: Check.

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10 December 2007 - Monday

Work: Parasites don't like Mondays. (Actually, I'm not sure anyone likes Mondays (not counting people with odd schedules who have Monday on a different day of the week)).

Silly Computer Games: I can sometimes do a Squiggly Sudoku in under four minutes!

My life is a waste, isn't it?

Cats: Eight paws of adorability!

Writing: Check.

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9 December 2007 - Sunday

Food: Today was Rachel's annual gingerbread-thing-building party, with extra Master of Military Science and new job celebration thrown in! The ratio of people to table space was such that by the time I arrived, no further helpers were needed, but I hung around and annoyed people for a while.

In honor of Rachel's new degree, the theme this year was battle scenes. We had Martian war tripods, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Roarke's Drift, and something I think from Les Mis involving a farmhouse. With gummy hats!

I think this was the first time I've seen Matteo Bertani, and the first time I've seen Tamago since the hatching. They're not dead!

There were about a dozen kids at the party, of which Teo was the only boy. There is clearly Something in the water on St Francis. On the other hand, in a few years Teo will be teh winz0r.

Also, raspberry M&Ms are weird. But inarguably raspberry-flavored! (Well, maybe raspberry-flavor-flavored.)

Visual Entertainments: After a very long time, GreenCine has finally found a copy of the next disc of Moon Phase. It still veers oddly from romantic comedy to semi-horror vampire-hunting action and back.

Cats: Eight paws! I track down Aspen in her lurkenspot and pet her occasionally, but she still twitches when I do that. Oh well.

Writing: Check.

Military History by Jeremy (Sat Dec 15 11:11:29 2007)

Waterloo! Not Les Mis, Waterloo! Complete with serried ranks!

Raspberry M&Ms are most certainly weird, though.

Did you leave before Mike's Trojan horse took shape? We accepted it as a token of his defeated respect, and parked it next to the castle overnight, but the overlay of frosting and M&Ms was apparently too solid for the little gingerbread Achaeans to break out.

Re: Military History by marith (Sat Dec 15 11:56:10 2007)

There was a sizeable chunk of Waterloo in Les Mis, so it's understandable!

Re: Military History by Trip (Sat Dec 15 15:22:30 2007)

While I was there, people mentioned Victor Hugo, but not Napoleon!

I saw the outlines of the Trojan Horse. It did look like it was going to take a whole lot of frosting to hold it together!

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8 December 2007 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: In the afternoon, Marith and I went to see Beowulf. I don't know how much the 3D-ness added to the experience -- it mostly seemed to be an excuse to have pointy things appear to leap out of the screen at the audience's eyes -- but it was not anti-fun. The animation was otherwise fairly standard for computer animation this year.

I don't remember the original well enough to know what they changed, but the plot was suitably full of violence and doom and violence. And gore. And nakedness, although the contortions they went through trying to keep Beowulf's crotch out of visibility were ridiculous. That they showed Angelina Jolie naked except for a thin coat of very running gold paint just a few scenes later only makes the hypocrisy of America more apparently. On the other hand, naked Angelina Jolie! With tentacle hair!

It's a good thing that dragon wasn't a tool-user, though.

Later in the evening, I watched the last episode of Negima! that was on the first disc. Enh. And, more contortions to avoid showing nekkid bits. Bah!

I still wasn't asleep after that, so I watched Brick, which Carl had recommended. It was, indeed, hard-boiled. The protagonist got beat up a lot, femmes were fatale, motivations were sordid, and honor was eventually satisfied but no one was made happier thereby.

Cats: Marmalade is not normally a lapcat: he'll climb on my shoulders, and snuggle in my arms, but isn't generally interested in laps. However, some combination of my sitting in bed, being in front of the space heater, and wearing my bathrobe, got him to come sleep in my lap this morning. (I think it was the bathrobe, which being navy blue is ideal for an orange cat to display himself against.) Aspen prowled around the room for a while, until after getting closer and closer to me, she plumped down right next to Marmalade, on my FEET!!

I tried petting her, but after a few moments she moved away again. Still, voluntary physical contact! Perhaps Aspen will someday become my friend-kitty! And then there will be snuggles!

Writing: Check.

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7 December 2007 - Friday

Work: So sleepy. But it is Friday. Parasites like Fridays.

Consumerism: The package guys brought me a large box from Powells! Yay! "Hm," I thought. "I guess I'll go straight home after work instead of going shopping, because it would be a pain to lug this back from the store." Then the package guys said, "Oh, sorry, this one is yours too," and brought me an even larger and heavier box. Oog.

Tentacles so floppy and weak now. But I have so many books! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!

Silly Computer Games: Too much squiggly sudoku. But it's non-Euclidian!

Cats: Eight paws of fuzziness!

Writing: Check.

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6 December 2007 - Thursday

Work: Sleeeeeeeeeeepy.

Silly Computer Games: Too much Sudoku. Possibly it was a mistake to download the version that runs locally and eliminate the frustration of net-based lag.

Cats: Eight paws!

Writing: Check.

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5 December 2007 - Wednesday

Work: Maybe new Taos assignment soon.

Gaming: It would be easy to remove abilities from Mutants & Masterminds. Except for Strength (which is really a power), they're almost vestigial anyway.

Visual Entertainments: Wednesday Night Whatever was kind of lame with only three people, but we successfully watched Fong Sai Yuk. Hurray for the fighting mom!

Silly Computer Games: online Sudoku can occupy the same timeslot as sleep, but is otherwise almost entirely dissimilar.

Cats: Wow, it's Super-Affection Beast Marma-Marma!

Writing: Check.

Fong Sai Yuk! by Chrisber (Thu Dec 6 15:55:02 2007)

I recently showed Christy the glory that is Josephine Siao, and now she knows what she wants to be when she grows up.

(And after seeing New Legend of Shaolin recently, I plan to train Teo to stand on my shoulders and do kata.)

Re: Fong Sai Yuk! by Trip (Thu Dec 6 16:37:13 2007)


Maybe next fortnight, Fong Sai Yuk II! Or, you know, maybe everyone on vacation.

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4 December 2007 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: Despite uncertainty on the part of others, Neil did show up for Tuesday Night Anime.

My-HiME: Looks like the [SPOILER] wasn't [SPOILER] after all. Also, Mai is such a teenager. And doomed.

SuperGALS: Ran is such a doof.

Kamichu!: That was an ending that made people go, "Awww!"

Ergo Proxy: Confused now! BTW, everyone has been reading Marith's wonderful detailed episode writeups (one, two), right? Right?

Next week, Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex: Solid-State Society: Mars Needs Colons.

Food: There was an amusing incident with pizza and hamburgers, which I will not recount here.

Silly Computer Games: The Four-Color Problem is still hard.

Cats: Not only did I pet Aspen, I snorfled her fur! She was curled right up on the bed in a very cozy spot, and didn't move at all when I petted her, so I took my spectacles off and planted my face right in her fur! So soft!

I may have cackled.

Writing: Check.

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3 December 2007 - Monday

Work: Bah, customers.

Gaming: Hm. It appears that spending 10 points on Elongation gets you 600mph of movement and a mile of stretchiness, while spending 10 points on Flight gets you 500mph of movement and nothing else. This seems wrong to me, but I'm not seeing anything in the errata or FAQ about it, so I don't have very strong grounds for changing the rules to make Jeremy lose.

Visual Entertainments: More Negima! (wow, six episodes on one disc). Color-coded hair makes it easier to tell the harem apart, but really it's just not as good as the manga. (This is also the case with Love Hina, but for many other series as well, so I don't think it's just Akamatsu.)

Silly Computer Games: I am very bad at The Four-Color Problem.

Cats: Eight paws of fuzziness!

Writing: Check.

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2 December 2007 - Sunday

Gaming: Dave and Jeremy and I gathered to try out Mutants and Masterminds. We got as far as mostly making characters, so it doesn't matter that I failed to make a villain. (W00t!) We're unfamiliar with the system, so everything is harder and more confusing, but it seems like it should be reasonably functional.

This is not to say that M&M is without its quirks. Apparently at the default starting power level, one can fairly cheaply get the ability to stretch out to a mile, which includes being able to move that far in a round. That seems wrong to me, but I have not, as of this writing, been competent enough to go into it in detail to figure out if it's the system or the GM that's wonky.

Visual Entertainments: I picked up the first disc of Negima! used at Rasputin and watched a couple of episodes instead of going to bed like a sane person.

Food: Gaming munchies, argh.

Cats: I petted Aspen! I petted Aspen!

She is quite pettable now if she is settled down in one of a few spots (on the bed, on the window perch, in the catnest) or eating. Otherwise she still runs away, and apparently she has still not forgotten that the middle level of the cat tree is where I cornered her and put her in a BOX and took her off to be TORTURED MEOW.

Writing: Check.

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1 December 2007 - Saturday

Cats: Cat brought Madeleine Kitteh to visit! My goodness, Madeleine is a grouchy kitty with a wide array of horrible noises to express her displeasure with being in a new place and smelling new cats and being PICKED UP! She is still much friendlier than Aspen and Benny were when they were brought into the front library; she does not seem to have a problem with bipeds, just with other cats. Or maybe with new places. She did hiss at Marmalade when he came to investigate her in her travelling box, but that's not unexpected in general.

Dunno! Maybe Madeleine would be happiest as uncontested queen of her domain.

Food: Yummy Thai dinner with Marith, instead of yummy Thai lunch by myself.

Silly Computer Games: Another implementation of the brainless old favorite, Remove Matching Pairs From The Edges.

Gaming: Meant to try to make a villain for M&M tomorrow, but failed due to overwhelming lameness.

Writing: Check.

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