Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 January 2008 - Thursday

Work: I think I am redoing the project correctly.

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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30 January 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Hm, I think everything I've done on this project is wrong. Bummer.

Gaming: Ken thought this was going to be the last session of Dragon-Blooded, but the villain foolishly offered to talk! Eventually we had to call it on account of lateness, so the Solar Exalted won't get to kill us all until next fortnight.

I don't know what we're going to play next, if anything.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Didn't get back from gaming until almost 23:00.

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29 January 2008 - Tuesday

Visual Entertainments: Stupid stupid VTA creatures betrayed me so I was late, and the others didn't know I've seen the first chunk of Kaleido Star so they didn't give up on me fast enough and we ended up watching less anime than usual. Bah!

Kaleido Star 1-2: Look, it's a plucky girl who will overcome all obstacles through the purity of her heart!

Kodocha 5: Oh the doom!

SuperGALS 14: That's how you can tell you're a master: random bozos beg to become your disciples.

Ergo Proxy 16: Slice of life, with android.

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Have I mentioned lately that Ghirardelli has very soft fur?

Writing: Check.

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28 January 2008 - Monday

Work: More productive today!

Brains: I wonder if this study on the effects of just and unjust power has any relevance today.

(Scroll down to the section labelled "Cooperation" and you'll see what I mean.)

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Argh, Ghirardelli, do not puke on my comics when I am already just barely on schedule to catch the bus! Wretched beast!

On the bright side, this has finally motivated me to get them off my floor and into a box, even though they aren't sorted yet.

Writing: Check.

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27 January 2008 - Sunday

Random Encounters: This probably doesn't count because it was planned, but we now know that Adam is still alive ambulatory!

Gaming: There was a lot of catching up with Adam, who we haven't seen for a year and a half, and also some finalization of character design, but I did manage to inflict the beginning of an adventure on my hapless M&M players. I hadn't planned clearly enough, so a couple of bits were in retrospect mistakes, but I think I can work them in by next fortnight.

Jeremy's character is going to get an award of some kind from the local therapists' business organization, I can tell.

Food: Hobee's brunch, but then not too many gaming munchies!

Too much fried stuff at Chili's, though, even though I overcame universal childhood conditioning and didn't clean off my plate. Also a chocolate shake which was not good enough to justify the indulgence (too sweet, bleah).

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Marmalade was very glad to see me and insisted on sitting on my chest and purring even when I offered him the space heater. This made writing and playing NPPangband much more difficult, but it was very adorable!

Writing: Check.

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26 January 2008 - Saturday

Visual Entertainments: Finished off the second disc of Kashimashi, which is still very much what it is.

Food: Thai lunch! So much Thai lunch that I didn't really feel a need for dinner, in fact.

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Twelve very fuzzy paws!

Writing: Check.

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25 January 2008 - Friday

Work: Bleah, my commute is full of weather.

The Internets Are Full of Things: Like sand sculptures! (via)

Visual Entertainments: I finished the disc of Nanaka 6/17. Still not creepy, although it's somewhat alarming that a teenage girl acting like a six-year-old can be mistaken for acting "cutesy".

Food: I paid people to bring me warm food, which shows a grievous lack of moral fiber.

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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24 January 2008 - Thursday

Work: La la la.

Gaming: Powell's gave me more M&M books, which I can use to oppress my players! (And then to prop up wobbly furniture when they inevitably turn on me and I have no more gaming.)

Visual Entertainments: I started to watch the first disc of Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars and went, "That alien thingy looks kind of familiar. Huh." So I grovelled through my GreenCine subscription history and found out that yes, I had rented that disc 2½ years ago. That I didn't remember what happened and hadn't queued up any other discs of it suggested that it wasn't worth rewatching, so instead I watched an episode of Nanaka 6/17. The premise -- a high-school girl who blows off her friends to study too much suffers a blow to the head and loses the past eleven years of her life -- could have been amazingly creepy, but isn't being handled that way at all. I will at least finish the disc.

Silly Computer Games: Hah, take that, stupid crawling adamantite coins! And your little jewels, too!

Cats: I found Ghirardelli sitting on the pillow on the boxes in the back room, where Aspen often sits and Marmalade sometimes sits (with or without Aspen). I think it's good that he's not avoiding the spots that smell most of the other cats, but what if he's pushing them around and taking all the best spots?

Worry! Worry!

Writing: Check.

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23 January 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Workingu, workingu, la la la.

The stupid STUPID commute creatures tried to keep me from my comics, but Marith saved me!

Visual Entertainments: None tonight, as Cat has weaving class and Marith has therapy and stuff.

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Twelve paws! But eight of those paws are now less pointy!

Writing: Check.

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22 January 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Now my brain has more stuff to convert into project!

Visual Entertainments: Lupin III: Castle Cagliostro! I've seen it before, but not in like 15 or 20 years (gah, I'm old!). It is still cute.

#15 was a pretty surreal episode of Ergo Proxy, but I don't think it breaks suspension of disbelief, coming as it does after certain previous episodes.

Kodocha is still zany, but that is why we like it! My favorite bit was Nxvgb'f fvqrxvpx va gur onpxtebhaq, fybjyl gheavat erqqre naq erqqre nf ur ybbxf ng gur erpncgherq oynpxznvy cvpgher, but I'm silly like that.

Silly Computer Games: Still too much NPPangband, which given that there was only about 45 minutes between finally getting home and having to go to bed, would be any at all. Bah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

I gave Marmalade extra love because he feels neglected, but then I felt bad for not giving enough love to Ghirardelli. Stupid commute.

Ghirardelli made to swat at Marmalade for sniffing his hindquarters too much, but there wasn't any hissing so I think it was okay.

Writing: Check, surprisingly enough.

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21 January 2008 - Monday

Work: Eww, Monday.

Food: Marith lured me to Chef Chu's, where we had mushu pork, lemon chicken, Mongolian beef, brown rice, and lots of leftovers.

Silly Computer Games: Hah! Take that, you stupid troll stronghold at 1300'! And your stupid unique trolls, too!

The quest rewards keep being extra hitpoints, though, instead of cool artifacts. I can get extra hitpoints on my own, by levelling!

Cats: Twelve paws! Many of which lurk on my bed at night! Marmalade curled up by my side, and Ghirardelli laid on my feets, and there was no fighting!

Writing: Check, although just barely. My brain is tiny.

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20 January 2008 - Sunday

Visual Entertainments: I usually only watch stuff in the evening, but after not watching The Descent for weeks, and finding I had a spare afternoon, I went ahead and watched it. Yikes.

Whfg fb jr'er pyrne, gurl qvq nyy qvr, evtug? Gur rfpncr ng gur raq jnf whfg na unyyhpvangvba? Bxnl, gubhtug fb. Whab, jub gbbx ure sevraqf gb na harkcyberq pnir, jvgubhg gryyvat nalbar jurer gurl jrer tbvat, naq Ubyyl, jub jrag ehaavat shyy gvyg guebhtu gur pnirf qrsvavgryl qrfreirq vg. Fnenu, jub pevccyrq Whab naq yrsg ure gb gur Zbeybpxf, znlor. Ng yrnfg, V gubhtug vg jnf whfg na nppvqrag bs zryrr pbzong va gur qnex gung Whab junpxrq jungfregbrf naq yrsg ure sbe qrnq.

Probably not actually a movie to watch in the dark.

Gaming: Sickness has prevented Ken from preparing as thoroughly as he would like for the climactic battle in D&D, so we played the WoW CCG instead. It looked like we were going to wipe a couple of times, but we made it all the way to the final boss and defeated him! Yay us!

Food: Ken made us hamburgers, which we devoured!

Silly Computer Games: Stupid troll stronghold! Stupid stupid dark blue capital Ts! I will wreak my terrible revenge sooner or later!

Cats: Twelve paws! Of scampering! There was some chasing action that didn't appear to involve growling or cussing or bleeding, so I presume they were all playing!

Writing: FAILURE. We didn't finish playing WoWCCG until almost 23:00, and there is work tomorrow. Also, I suck.

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19 January 2008 - Saturday

Food: Yummy Thai lunch and yummy chicken Brie pizza supper! But expensive. It's probably for the best I only do this on weekends.

Silly Computer Games: So much NPPangband!

Cats: I think Ghirardelli was typing! He had his forequarters on the keyboard, which produced different characters or erased them as he shifted around, and he was watching and sniffing at the cursor! So adorable!

Writing: Check.

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18 January 2008 - Friday

Work: Argh. So sleepy.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws of scampering!

Writing: Check.

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17 January 2008 - Thursday

Work: Argh, bad BAD commute creature!

I left work at the usual time and went to Lee's and back by the most expeditious bus, but still didn't get home until almost 21:00. Bah!

Random Encounters: Chris Dodd, in the bookstore! He isn't dead, although his beard has more grey, which is probably from raising a spawn who is now five. Gah!

Silly Computer Games: Yike, troll strongholds are scary! I think I need to level some more before trying that again!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Well, counting yesterday's words, so I'm still two days behind.

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16 January 2008 - Wednesday

Work: The big project I was going to work on has been cancelled by lack of customer demand, but I have a medium-large project to work on instead.

Gaming: First session of Dragon-Blooded in more than five months! Although as it turned out we still didn't have Ayse because she had to write a stupid STUPID paper creature for her highly-compact between-two-regular terms class.

We talked Mike's character's crazy spirit girlfriend out of permanently killing the spirit of the city that had been eaten by chaos, just before she forgave him for offending her and stopped saving his blood for herself. Then we had got to shoot giant leech-monsters with essence cannons. W00t!

I should probably be spending some of my accumulated xp on something. Like being better at shooting giant leech-monsters with essence cannons.

Cats: Ghirardelli showed me his curly brown tummy when I got home, but I could only scruffle it for a minute because I had to run off to gaming! I am such a terrible cat-dad!

Writing: FAILURE. Out even later tonight, have to get up at the same time tomorrow. I did write a tiny bit, but it doesn't add up to a page.

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15 January 2008 - Tuesday

Work: After my initial burst of productivity, I seem to be returning to a more usual level of laziness. Perhaps this is because I am too stupid to sleep.

Also, I still hate my commute. I had to take DVDs to work with me, because going all the way home to get them and then back to Dave's would have made me quite late instead of only somewhat late.

Biology: are so weird!

Visual Entertainments: Finale of My-HiME! The ending was pretty good, although I'm a little disappointed that they oebhtug rirelbar onpx sebz gur qrnq. V fhccbfr V fubhyq unir xabja vg jnfa'g gung xvaq bs frevrf. Also, there was considerable debate over gur gehr angher bs gur Bofvqvna Cevapr. V guvax V nterr jvgu Arvy gung ur ybbxrq yvxr n fcnprfuvc (qnea nyvra NVf!), ohg n pnfr pbhyq or znqr gung ur jnf whfg bar bs gur 999 znfxf bs Alneyngubgrc. "Jr pna erznxr gur jbeyq nf jr cyrnfr" vf arire n tbbq fvta.

SuperGALS 13: Silly! But the alien abduction theory is the one I would have supported.

Kodocha 3: Poor Sana. But it's hard to make plans based on knowledge of yourself when you're only 11.

Ergo Proxy 13-14: Well, if the pbtvgb ivehf really does vaqhpr eryvtvba va ebobgf, that would explain Iggy's behavior. Still, it's hard to not have some sympathy. His analysis of Re-l's character was right on.

Next week, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro! The week after, we start Kaleido Star!

Cats: Apparently there were interesting smells outside, because as soon as I opened the balcony sliding door this morning all three cats ran over and sat down, Marmalade and Aspen side-by-side under the table there and Ghirardelli right above them!

Writing: FAILURE. Didn't get back from anime until a quarter past 22, and I have to go to bed by 23. In theory I could have written a page in that time, but inspiration failed me.

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14 January 2008 - Monday

Work: Whee, Monday. But I have a new cube to sit in, with a lovely view of the industrial park (loomed over by the shiny towers of Oracle). One of the sysadmins lent me a computer, and soon as I was done installing a new OS on it, my official computer (projected ETA, "Sometime this week") materialized.

However, the buses have all changed as of today, so now the bus that used to leave the train station shortly after my train got in leaves shortly before. I don't mind the walk, but it means I get home even later, which I do mind. Bah.

Gaming: Hm, superheroes. No, wait, we have those. It's superVILLAINS that I need!

Visual Entertainments: Another disc of Karin. Oh the doom!

Cats: Marmalade was flopped on the pillow on the stack of boxes in the back library that is one of Aspen's regular spots, so she just flopped across him! Kawaii!

Ghirardelli is still the sort of cat who sits next to me and accepts pettins while I waste my life on the computer.

Writing: Check.

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13 January 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Whew! Dave didn't have a finished character either, so we indeed spent most of the afternoon making characters. Jeremy is playing a vengeful walking dead who wreaked his horrible revenge on the woman what done him wrong and on the mage who called him up, and now seeks meaning in his existence. Dave is playing a private eye who keeps getting caught up in the supernatural, and has minor insubstantialness powers that he's deeply in denial about. (Together, they fight crime!)

Since we still didn't know how the system plays, I had them beat up some generic mooks. (Of course they won easily, which hopefully has instilled a false sense of security.) Saving against damage is confusing, but otherwise it seems fairly straightforward. Eventually we may be able to reduce the amount of flipping through the book.

Now I need to make a bunch of villains, each of which exercises one new part of the rules. Er, and plots. I hear players like those.

Visual Entertainments: Couple episodes of Kashimashi. It is still following the manga pretty closely.

Food: Infinite gaming munchies. Oog.

Silly Computer Games: Even more NPPangband! My paladin is doing okay, but I don't think she's as buff as my mage was at about the same level. Maybe I need to use archery more. A Longbow! Of! Power! and enchanted arrows do a fair amount of damage, but arrows don't spontaneously regenerate like mana does.

Cats: Twelve paws! Miau!

Writing: Check.

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12 January 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: You guessed it: still no adventure! Well, okay, a couple of notes. Maybe Jeremy will take the whole afternoon to write up a character and I won't have to improvise.

Food: Yummy Thai lunch!

Auditory Entertainments: I and Marith and a whole bunch of other people at varying radii in our circle showed up listen to Harold's a capella group, Smorgaschord at the coffee shop. I don't actually know anything about music, but I think they were pretty good! And also silly, which may be required for a capella groups. However, they sang too many love songs, and I Disapprove of their arrangement of "Maria" (Blondie).

Silly Computer Games: NPPangbandingu, NPPangbandingu, la la la!

Cats: Twelve paws! Of softness!

Marmalade came and slept on my arm for much of the night, although he fled when I tried to roll over.

Writing: Check.

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11 January 2008 - Friday

Work: Manager out again. Somehow the rest of us contrived to get some work done anyway. Admire our work ethic.

Gaming: Still haven't made an adventure for Mutants and Masterminds.

Visual Entertainments: Second disc of Karin (aka Chibi Vampire). Huh, that character and his associated subplot(s) hasn't been in the manga at all!

There continues to be more cheesecake in the opening credits than in the entire nine episodes so far.

Silly Computer Games: Apparently I have gotten Ayse hooked on NPPangband! Muahahahaha!

My paladin is doing okay, now that she has an area attack spell. And a phial of somebodyorother!

Cats: When Marmalade hopped up onto the coffee table where Ghirardelli was sitting, Ghir made definite swatting motions until Marmalade jumped back down. I didn't notice any hissing or growling, so I don't know if he was trying to enforce his personal space or just wanted to tussle.

Ghir chased Aspen, but then she chased him back, so I think that's all okay.

Writing: Check.

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10 January 2008 - Thursday

Work: My manager escaped the office to help his sister-in-law buy a car or something like that, but work was accomplished anyway.

The person whose chair and desktop I'm using is coming back either tomorrow or Monday. Allegedly I will have a chair of my own by tomorrow, but may have to bring spore from home for a couple of days if I want to actually get anything done. Mmm, organization.

Gaming: Okay, I have a villain name and special effect and vague origin, and also some setting. (Making up setting is too easy. I think there's something wrong with my brain.)

Visual Entertainments: Grrl Power. Huh, the DVD pocket claimed it was 60 minutes, but the clock only says 30, and the other side has label art, not more tracks. Oh well, no big loss.

Silly Computer Games: I somehow managed to copy a post-mortem, rather than pre-mortem, savefile over my backup. Bah! Well, it's probably good to play another type of character anyway.

[keyclicks pass]

Oh, yah, that's why I like high elves: they can actually see the damn invisible terrifying sticky-fingered ghosts!

Cats: Miau miau miau twelve paws! Ghirardelli is still not exactly friends with the other two, but he exchanges nose-sniffs with Marmalade and there is no hissing. I choose to interpret that as progress.


Writing: Check.

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9 January 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Codingu, codingu, la la la.

Visual Entertainments: Ayse and Ken are sick, so we don't have enough people to get Wednesday Night Whatever going.

Gaming: I really should make a Mutants and Masterminds adventure for Sunday.

Cats: Ghirardelli does the bunny-hop run! I am dead of the cute!

Writing: Check.

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8 January 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Not as productive as yesterday, but still not bad. Found a bug that wasn't caught by my unit tests, so I must meditate on how to avoid similar errors in the future.

Visual Entertainments: First Tuesday Night Anime of 2008! Also, started Kodocha! But wait, where are the "19 O'clock News" credits? Hmph. And the sound cuts out occasionally, but that's probably a manufacturing screwup, not a deliberate choice of flawed aesthetics.

My-HiME: The Death Spiral is almost at the bottom!

SuperGALS: Someone needs to tell Japanese kids to use their words more often.

Ergo Proxy: Now Marith is happy, but the characters are still doomed.

Cats: I am a terrible cat-dad who ran away as soon as I got home and then came back and put my paws on Marmalade's foot massager for a while and then went to bed!

Writing: Check.

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7 January 2008 - Monday

Work: Not quite as productive as Friday, but still not bad, and also a lot drier.

Gaming: I haven't yet figured out how to change the rules for Shrinking (Mutants and Masterminds) to rob Jeremy of his rightfully-earned victory. Darn!

Silly Computer Games: NPPangband has a lot of interesting levels. There have been several that are mostly a series of caves filled with vegetation (which blocks line of sight but not movement) and sometimes with water, at least one with large areas of ice (both clear and opaque) instead of rock, and a couple with areas of coal, burning coal, and fire!

Hah, take that, you 259 stupid STUPID ogre creatures! And your unique leader, too!

Cats: Marmalade got to ride in the laundry basket and chase his tail on the new sheets and sit on the warm laundry! Happy orange cat!

Ghirardelli got to climb onto my shoulders and leap up onto the shelves in my closet, which I think alarmed Marmalade. Other cats never went up there!

Aspen got oppressed by horrible bipeds that no doubt eat cats and are just waiting for her to let her guard down. It must be hard being Aspen.

Writing: Check.

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6 January 2008 - Sunday

Weekend: Successfully shopped for frozen stuff to take to work for lunches (sniff, no more free food), but that's about it.

Gaming: No D&D for us! Ken and Ayse are both sick. :(

Failed to look up how to stop Jeremy from abusing Shrinking in Mutants and Masterminds. I should work on that, since I'm supposed to make villains that will be entertaining for his character to beat up a week from today.

Visual Entertainments: Gundress, which can probably be best described as "Masamune Shirow does a movie-length episode of Bubble Gum Crisis".

Silly Computer Games: Even more NPPangband! Hm, apparently the level quest to wipe out an ogre stronghold involves facing 255 ogres of various types with few if any breaks. When I restore from save and try that again, I'll need to bring a lot more healing.

Cats: Twelve paws of fuzziness!

Writing: Double check.

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5 January 2008 - Saturday

Weekend: Still too much weather. I went out in search of a bookstore accident and Thai food, but then returned to my parasitelair and hid for the rest of the day.

Silly Computer Games: About eight hours of NPPangband. Oog.

Cats: Marmalade is trying to destroy my bathrobe! Like towels and other terrycloth items, it consists of loops which can be hooked with a cat claw and extended entertainingly, and Marmalade demands entertainment! I gave him some pettins and carried him around, but I think he is still jealous of Ghirardelli.

Writing: Quadruple check.

writing by kit (Mon Jan 7 16:48:47 2008)


Re: writing by Trip (Mon Jan 7 17:11:01 2008)

I did octuple writing once!

Re: writing by kit (Sun Jan 13 02:16:10 2008)

did you use TENTACLES?!

Re: writing by Trip (Sun Jan 13 10:47:28 2008)

In fact I did! Muahahahahaha!

Re: writing by kit (Mon Jan 14 08:12:51 2008)

*reels around in awe*

Re: writing by Trip (Mon Jan 14 12:19:34 2008)

Wow! I didn't know my tentacles were that impressive!

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4 January 2008 - Friday

Weather: DO NOT WANT.

My spiffy new rain poncho turns out to not be a wind poncho, never mind a rain+wind poncho, so I was quite soggy by the time I got to work. On the other hand, I got to work and back home in the regular amount of time because, unlike the freeways, the train tracks weren't flooded. Apparently it took Ken two hours to drive home from Redwood City.

Work: Despite being soggy, I was productive and wrote a bunch of code and made some unit tests for it and slapped in some documentation (yay rdoc).

Sadly, even unimpeded, my commute does not go well with getting comics before doing things on Wednesday evenings. I must find a solution, but I'm not sure what form the solution would take.

Silly Computer Games: Angbandingu, angbandingu, la la la.

Cats: Twelve paws! Ghirardelli still likes sitting beside spore while I'm frittering, so he gets the pettins.

Writing: Check.

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3 January 2008 - Thursday

Work: My client manager is back so I have a thing to work on! Yay!

My pseudocode keeps trying to turn into real code, though. Sheesh.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the first disk of Kashimashi. Yay Shoujo-ai!

Food: Bueno Bueno burrito nom nom nom.

Silly Computer Games: Still too much NPPangband, but I died on my level 21 quest until finally a sufficiently-easy version of it was generated that I could actually succeed. I think I need to level a few times before trying the next quest, though.

Cats: Ghirardelli is a zoom-cat! He likes zooming along the back of the couch and jumping up onto windowsills and generally scampering! But he also comes and sits next to spore while I play silly computer games or write, and gets the pettins.

Marmalade is being kind of a brat. I think he wants to make sure I don't forget about him.

Writing: Check.

Cats! by Lucy (Fri Jan 4 13:40:22 2008)

Yay for the new arrival!!!! I've not been to the fairs because of relatives visiting so I only just found out about your new addition. Congrats! Sounds like things are going well :)

Re: Cats! by Trip (Sat Jan 5 11:07:05 2008)

Yes! He is a very fine cat! And extremely fluffy!

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2 January 2008 - Wednesday

Work: This job is about a block from where I worked a few years ago, so I am familiar with the half-hour walk from the train station and the trains that are too important to stop at either that station or the one by where I live and the lack of anything like civilization near the workplace. That all makes me sad. However, the job itself seems like it will be okay. There are sysadmins, and scripting, and stuff. I may even have a place to sit that isn't borrowed from someone on vacation... eventually.

The person who can tell me what to do (who I know from my first stint at Google all those months ago) isn't in today, but there is plenty of reading to do.

Visual Entertainments: Couple episodes of Kashimashi, because that is the sort of freak I am. It is very much like the manga.

Food: I need to get my act together now that I no longer work in the land of free food, and bring something for lunches. Bah.

Cats: Twelve paws waiting for me when I got home!

Writing: Check.

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1 January 2008 - Tuesday

Work: New assignment tomorrow, gah! With train-riding and stuff!

Visual Entertainments: Detatoko Princess. Enh. Comedy really is hard, I guess.

Cats: Twelve paws! Fluffy adorable paws of kittiness!

Writing: Check.

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