Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 April 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Why do you hate me, mail system?

Gaming: Yay Earthdawn! This session, we explored a creepy tower with a spell carved into it and some sort of undead thing tearing up our books to paste up (in Elven, spelled phonetically in Dwarven characters) "I have been in this tower for 117 years 239 days 16 hours 2 minutes 19 seconds. I am very very bored. I have been in this tower for 117 years 239 days 16 hours 3 minutes 24 seconds." etc. We spent a lot of time trying to get its attention without much luck, and finally ended up going home with all the intact books after waffling whether to just euthanize[1] it. When we got back and looked things up, it appears we may have made the right choice, since the undead was acting rather like a known and very nasty type (possibly with Debate instead of Dance as its key skill). Further planning is required. On the other hand, we have a book that should have vanished when Parlainth (sp?) removed itself from the world but didn't, and which may tell us more about our magic items.

[1] I don't know if that's the right word for undead or not. I mean, it's already dead, so "thanize" might not apply, but on the other hand, "euthanos" can be translated as "true death", which is a fairly common phrase for putting down undead. I bet Dwarven has a clear and unambiguous word for this.

Silly Computer Games: Now I have to save up lumber to upgrade the lumber mines on both islands I inhabit so I can more quickly get enough lumber to upgrade my palace in the capital and build a governor's mansion in the colony. This may take a while.

Cats: Twelve paws of cute miauing!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: nominal.

Silly Computer Games by Ken (Thu May 1 18:29:38 2008)

Where are you in the world? I'm at 66,75.

Re: Silly Computer Games by Trip (Thu May 1 20:27:44 2008)

My capital is at 79,18 on Zeta. Once I get a level 3 embassy, we should form an alliance!

Re: Silly Computer Games by Trip (Thu May 1 22:36:56 2008)

And on Lambda, I'm at 40,21. But I just started there.

Re.: Silly Computer Games by Jeremy (Sun May 4 09:49:23 2008)

I resolutely ignored this just as long as I could. You're a very bad man. Lambda 61:90, still trying to professionalize my military.

Re: Silly Computer Games by Trip (Sun May 4 10:34:44 2008)


Someday we'll research Foreign Cultures, and then we can form a Lambda Alliance!

Re: Silly Computer Games by Jeremy (Sun May 4 13:44:28 2008)

Must resist urge to make Greek jokes....

Re: Silly Computer Games by Trip (Mon May 5 09:13:56 2008)

But there are so many to choose from!

Re: Silly computer games by Marith (Tue May 6 23:44:41 2008)

Jeremy, have I explained that you need to play the Submachines games yet? :)

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29 April 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Check!

  • Kaleido Star 20: Oh the doom of the shrimp costume!
  • Ayakashi 2.3-2.4: Oh the doom of people who mostly deserved it so it wasn't as tragic as the first arc!
  • Kodocha 26: Oh the doom of the earlier unwise decision!
  • Le Chevalier d'Eon 10-11: Oh the doom of being in Russia!

Silly Computer Games: Yay, I have enough building material to colonize! I am the first empire to land on this fine island of grapes and lumber!

Sadly, I will need approximately a zillion hours of lumber production to upgrade my palace enough for a second colony.

Cats: The cats were oh so very helpful this morning. But Aspen walked all over me and fiercely attacked my fingers and toes when I wiggled them under the blankets, which is a good sign!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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28 April 2008 - Monday

Work: Successful success! And then some flibbling around that hopefully will lead to additional success when it's finished.

Gaming: Now I should come up with an adventure for M&M, although it looks like it will be cancelled this fortnight, so maybe I have time.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Hell Girl. Only in the fifth episode did it look like they were even thinking of changing the formula of "suckweasel does something awful, victim who is too young to know better sells soul for revenge", so I am dubious about continuing. On the other hand, there was a clear progression in the heinousness of the crimes, so perhaps there is something that's being set up.

Silly Computer Games: Yay, I have researched Expansion! Now I just need to log for a while so I can build a Palace, and then sweet sweet colonization will be mine! I wonder what resource I should try for?

Cats: Twelve tussling paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 2 days ahead.

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27 April 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Ken turned out to not be full of germs after all, so there was gaming. However, the GM was incompetent so it wasn't very good gaming and hardly anything really happened. Using hero points to seize narrative control and make things happen is just not in our group's idiom. (I feel like I could do it, if someone else were running, but Carl has evolved beyond such primitive mechanics, and no one else is into it, and I'd probably spazz in the execution anyway.)

Silly Computer Games: Ah, apparently my growth was stagnating because town size is limited by the level of the town hall. I can fix that! I can also sell some marbles to this guy on another island for 40 each! W00t!

Cats: So many kitties! So cute! But not so snuggly, because there are thermions. Bah!

Ghirardelli rubbed his cheeks on my beard to claim it as his own, and then bit my chin. I think he has been hanging out with Marmalade the Beard-Licker too much.

Writing: FAILURE (and on a weekend, how lame). Current status: 2 days ahead.

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26 April 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: I really really should write this stuff down. But it may not matter since Ken is full of germs.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Red Garden. It is weird, but possibly interesting. The main characters don't seem to be very good at asking simple, concrete questions like, "What is that?" or "Why should we kill it?". I'm not sure if that's a girl thing, a Japanese thing (the characters are supposed to be American, but the show comes from Japan), or just a human thing.

Silly Computer Games: More Ikariam. Someday I will find someone to buy my marbles!

Cats: Aspen flopped down on the bed with Marmalade while I was sitting by it reading, so I oppressed her greatly with the pettins! I was good and did not try to demat her fur or clip her claws or anything, though!

Writing: Triple check. Current status: 3 days ahead.

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25 April 2008 - Friday

Work: It's like victory, only without sendmail properly executing the script it should be delivering to. The permissions all look right...

Gaming: I should probably write some of these ideas down.

Auditory Entertainments: Marith and I went and listened to Smorgaschord (Harold's a cappella group) at the coffeehouse, because we like Harold. A bunch of other people didn't go and listened, for the obvious reason.

Silly Computer Games: My Ikariam town is slowly growing. It would be growing faster if I could queue up building improvements. Still, I have some nice marble.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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24 April 2008 - Thursday

Work: That's like progress. Kinda.

Gaming: Okay, so if the NPCs do that, this way, and that other person gets involved... Okay, it might not suck entirely. (Only mostly.)

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Mouse. The character designs in Witchblade now almost reasonable. Also, it's amazing how much a good plot or dialog could make up for, if either were present.

Silly Computer Games: A little NPPAngband but mostly I wasn't too lame.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 2 days ahead.

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23 April 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Bah. Bah, I say!

Gaming: It is really very unfair that I think so much worse when I'm not talking to anyone. Especially since most people I could talk to are a) not interested, b) the people who are supposed to be amazed and astounded by the ideas, or c) so much smarter than me that I shouldn't be wasting their time with my inferior thoughts. (Or d) two or more of the above.)

Visual Entertainments: Ghost Hunt failed due to illness on the part of Cat and Earl, so I stayed home and watched the first disc of the Witchblade anime. The character designs are very. Um. Superheroine-iffic. On the other hand, how often does a superhero have antagonists who work for the Child Welfare agency?

On another tentacle, though, sexualized violence is really not FTW. (Well, sexualized use of super-powers, but those powers don't seem to be good for anything else.)

Silly Computer Games: I tried Ikariam. It does, indeed, seem to be like Civ in your browser. Enh. Still wondering if there's a game out there that I will like as much as DTD.

Cats: I really need to suck less and actively adore Ghirardelli more. Possibly with some sort of cat toy, but of course it can't involve string.

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

Witchblade by Silkie (Thu Apr 24 21:39:09 2008)

I believe that Josh saw a statuette of Witchblade at the comic store when he was about three. He stared at it for a minute, then commented, "Look! That person not wearing a shirt!"

unfair by marith (Fri Apr 25 04:15:00 2008)

You forgot e) too tinybrained and dim!

Re: Witchblade by Trip (Fri Apr 25 10:27:24 2008)

Yah, pretty much. Also no pants. But gloves with extending katana blades!

Re: unfair by Trip (Fri Apr 25 10:28:29 2008)

Apparently you don't recall who I was talking about gaming with on Wednesday night. :)

No moose whang for you!

Re: unfair by marith (Fri Apr 25 17:39:43 2008)

Apparently you don't recall who I was talking about gaming with on Wednesday night. :)

Thus proving my point! :) I am so clev- darn.

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22 April 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Why do you hate me, code?

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Kaleido Star 18-19: Oh the doom! Ayakashi 2.2: Oh the well-deserved doom! Kodocha 24-25: Oh the doom! And the rabbits! Le Chevalier d'Eon 9: Oh the revolutionary doom!

Silly Computer Games: Nope!

Cats: Twelve paws of fuzziness! Also, several paws who help me sleep at night and help me wake up in the morning.

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: nominal.

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21 April 2008 - Monday

Work: Blah, Monday.

Ded of teh Kyute: One of the buildings I pass on the to work from the train station has a little artifical stream thing around it, and this afternoon there was a mother duck and DUCKLINGS! Nine of them! Teh kyute, it killz meh!

Gaming: I found a 2000 kanji list online so I can generate ideas with a d2000 even when I don't have the dead trees. Does that count?

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Kurau: Phantom Memory. Huh. I wonder if it might be good for TNA. It's not goth psycho-drama like Ergo Proxy, but I get a little of the same vibe from it.

Silly Computer Games: Argh.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws! I oppressed Aspen with the hugs and the brushins, but she did not maul me.

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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20 April 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: FAILURE. I never did figure out what the adventure should be, and then Ayse became viral, so gaming was cancelled altogether. It was extra bonus gaming anyway (normally this would be a M&M Sunday, but Jeremy and Rachel and their gaming munchies are out of town), but I still suck. You knew that, though.

Visual Entertainments: Cat and Earl and Marith and I went to see Forbidden Kingdom. It was somewhat entertaining, but not actually good. I think Marith's open letter is about right.

On the other tentacle, Jackie Chan and Jet Li!

Later, I watched the first disk of Kanon by myself. By the end of the fourth episode, it looked like they might be thinking about getting to the plot sometime soon. I don't think I have the patience.

Silly Computer Games: Sigh.

Cats: Hurray for Marmaffection! Less hurray for him swiping the kitty treats I tried consoling the poor over-cuddled Aspen with, but I can't deny that she wasn't interested in them.

Writing: Check. Current status: nominal.

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19 April 2008 - Saturday

Tyranny of Stuff: Borders sold me a few more of the things on my list (I really escaped with a pretty good desired/impulsive ratio), but I again more than made up for it with books moved to the outgoing pile.

If only I would actually take the pile to Bookbuyers...

Gaming: I stole an adventure idea from Marith, although she may not recognize it when I'm done with it. Now I just need to figure out who is responsible for the malfeasance and how they did it, and the doom can begin.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Kannazuki no Miko. Too many giant robots, not enough yuri romance.

Silly Computer Games: Even more Chain Factor.

Cats: I tried to bribe Aspen to tolerate pettins by offering her kitty treats, but she is unwilling to eat from my fingers. She did snarf it up when I set it down, so apparently it wasn't completely unappealing, but obviously I need a better bribe.

Writing: Check. Current status: nominal.

cats & fingers by kit (Tue Apr 22 15:09:25 2008)

Lucy doesn't like eating from our hands either, even if it's something as nice as tuna. She will eventually relent with tuna, but mostly, even if she really wants it, she'd really rather you put it on the floor. So it's prolly not a personal statement on Aspen's part. :)

Re: cats & fingers by Trip (Tue Apr 22 22:21:35 2008)

Probably just a general disapproval of giant looming bipedal monsters!

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18 April 2008 - Friday

Work: Yay Friday!

Tyranny of Stuff: I stopped by Kepler's on the way home (it is right next to the Menlo Park train station, after all) and got a few of the books on my master list of things to get. However, I moved more books into the Bookbuyers-bound pile than I brought into the apartment, so in theory I am ahead!

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Chain Factor. I need to find a new silly Flash game. I really liked Desktop Tower Defense, but eventually I used up the fun and other tower defense games aren't as interesting for some reason.

Any recommendations? (Jeremy, now's your chance!)

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: nominal.

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17 April 2008 - Thursday

Work: Blargh. I understand the importance of unit testing, but that doesn't make writing unit tests any less tedious.

Scripted Encounters: Ayse and Ken gave me a lift home from work, because it is on the way and Ayse was at school until almost the time I was done for the day. San Bruno's failure of street signage led Ayse astray, and then there was traffic on 101 (shock! surprise!) but it was still no slower than my usual commute.

Gaming: FAILURE. I should transform some of my ideas for ZoZ into an actual adventure, in case there is surprise bonus gaming this Sunday, but I appear to be too lame to actually do that. Only one of the three players has responded to the notion of surprise bonus gaming, though, so it may be moot.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Augh, Chain Factor! Why do you torment me so?

Cats: Twelve paws! Four of them got to ride in the laundry basket and later occupy the Mountain of Fresh Laundry! However, it is now too summery for extended residence atop the MoFL.

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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16 April 2008 - Wednesday

Work: I sort of had a brain thing!

Gaming: Earthdawn! I had all the right ideas, but everyone else had to spend time flailing before they realized my correctness.

Anyway, we finally found the Secret Cavern of Unknown Mysteries, and beat the snot out of a couple of gargoyles. Maybe next session we'll get to actually see the mysteries! (Just before we have to fight the undead husk of their former curator, naturally.)

Note to self: Isidari should use All-Out Attack or whatever it's called more often. Her AC DCV PD is not too bad even at -3, and with Riposte (and Avoid Blow, if it comes to that), raw PD isn't that important.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: I had to restart my browser process, so it went back to showing me Chain Factor. Oops.

Cats: I am always surprised to see how long the inter-pad fur is on Marmalade's share of the twelve paws.

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 2 days behind..

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15 April 2008 - Tuesday

Brains: Humans really aren't all that great at thinking.

Tiny Ganglia, Not Deserving of the Word "Brain": Headachey, sleepy, ill-tempered, unable to concentrate... yah, I guess it has been about that long since my pharmacy and doctor failed to get their act together enough to provide me with the opportunity to refill my prescription. Bah!

However, today they have finally gotten their act back together, so I was able to pick up the new drugs. I laid down for a few minutes after taking one, and soon felt infinitely better!

I have no idea if thinking, "I wonder if this is just the placebo effect" would negate any actual placebo effect, but I still felt okay after thinking it.

Work: Skipped out early but it's not like I was getting much of anything done. (See above.)

Gaming: FAILURE. But I don't think I destroyed any previous work, so it's not that bad. Right?

Visual Entertainments: Yay Tuesday Night Anime!

Kaleido Star 17: The plot continues! Also: motorcycles!

Ayakashi 1.4: Yah, that was about the doom we expected.

Ayakashi 2.1: Most of these people deserve the doom they have coming.

Kodocha 23: Doom! But the doom was averted!

Le Chevalier d'Eon 7-8: I would not have expected the level of fanservice to increase when the party left France. (Not that there's all that much even now.) Also: doom.

Food: The cinnamon flatbread from Trader Joe's is not good for me. I must remember that.

Silly Computer Games: None!

Cats: Twelve paws! Marmalade and Ghirardelli came to help me lie down before anime, which was not exactly soothing but did make me happy. I petted Aspen and did not attempt to remove any of her keratinaceous bits, which hopefully will rebuild trust a little.

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 1 day.

Brains! by Dave (Tue Apr 15 11:21:05 2008)

It's just another entry in the "OMG - thinking takes energy!" list. I mean, who knew?

Re: Brains! by Trip (Wed Apr 16 10:11:37 2008)

Sure, basic physics tells us that, but human brains don't seem to be very good at obtaining/stocking up on energy compared to their needs, leading to a decidedly mediocre duty cycle.

Tasty, though!

Re: Brains by Jeremy (Fri Apr 18 22:28:44 2008)

The interesting question is, can we do appropriate exercises to improve this situation? I'm doing a long-term experiment with a fat head and lots of caffeine....

Re: Brains! by Dave (Mon Apr 21 09:46:26 2008)

Based on my own experiments, we certainly can. When I fail to exercise regularly (30-60 minutes of DDR, 4 times a week), I am markedly less capable of thinking. My hypothesis for this is that having a well conditioned cardiovascular system increases the base "carrying capacity" of the system - rather than improving the responsiveness to demand, it raises the amount that can be demanded before undergoing resource starvation.

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14 April 2008 - Monday

Work: Argh so sleepy. I finally corrected an issue involving the return types of a whole two functions, which is really not a lot of productivity for a work day.

Also it is hideously too hot in the office, but since I have no reason to believe that the thermion-loving primates here will be different than those elsewhere, I must break down and buy a fan.

Random Encounters: Earl in the parking lot of Target (where I went to buy a fan).

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the third disc of Noein. It is still full of the doom.

Then I logged on to TooMUSH to see if Marith was there, and was immediately given huge Noein spoilers. BAH.

Silly Computer Games: Not really.

Cats: Twelve paws, eight of which don't always scamper away from me!

Writing: Check, despite my complete brainlessness. Current backlog: 0 days.

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13 April 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: We didn't actually play Zorcerer of Zo (not that we're using Zo anyway) but we did talk about characters, and tried to explain the genre to Ken some more. Apparently he has read completely different things than any of the rest of us.

I pretty much suck at explaining genre. Everybody should just go read and watch everything that I read and watch.

Visual Entertainments: More Noein. Oh the doom.

Food: Ken and Ayse repaid Dave and I for our couch-moving help with sherry-mushroom chicken, leeks, rainbow chard with pine nuts and raisins, and fingerling potatoes... OF AWESOMENESS!

We were all very sad when we got full, because it meant we had to stop eating.

Silly Computer Games: Finally got tired of sudoku and puttered around with NPPangband, but that wasn't entirely exciting either. Still wasted the afternoon, though.

Cats: I've closed off the master bathroom while it fills with fumes from the toxic foam of corrosive death that should be (but isn't) declogging my plumbing, which apparently confuses and alarms the cats. Since that's where they normally eat breakfast, and there's also a litterbox and water glass in there, I guess they're justified.

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 0 days.

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12 April 2008 - Saturday

Work (in the sense of energy expended, not gainful employment): Dave and I helped Ayse and Ken haul their crappy old sofa to the dump and seize a shiny new(ish) sofa and love-seat from Ken's ex-boss who is going to zoom around the country. My arms are all wimpy because I don't use them to commute.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Second disc of Noein. Still plenty of doom. The mismatch between the character designs and the plot hurts my brain, but that's okay.

Food: Not only Thai lunch, but sushi dinner! Ayse and Ken lured me to Fuki Sushi with Dave and Marith and the Mittmenn (Mittmanns?). The black pepper tuna appetizer: yummy. The snow crab tempura appetizer: not bad, but I think the tempuraing overpowers the crabness. The Sushi Experience combo: not bad, but I didn't really need a big slab of squid, a big slab of octopus, and whatever the bit in the middle was. If I were clever, I would have just ordered a bunch of yummy sushi a la carte. Still, I am now closer to the next sushi level!

Silly Computer Games: Lots.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current backlog: -1 days.

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11 April 2008 - Friday

Work: Our Taos staff manager took us to lunch, but we had no secret complaints to make.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Loveless. I'm not sure we've learned any more about what's going on, but there is certainly plenty of doom.

Apparently the main character really is only twelve. I thought he was older because a) his classmate sure doesn't look like twelve, and b) he has all the angst of a full teenager.

Food: Average Mexican food, but with good guacamole.

Silly Computer Games: Some.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current backlog: -1 day.

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10 April 2008 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: First episode of Loveless. Freaky. It's clearly got strong shonen-ai elements, but then what's with the main character's classmate bouncing around? And the magic stuff, but presumably that will be explained eventually.

Silly Computer Games: Only a little!

Cats: Ghirardelli is getting obnoxious with the paper-bag-batting when I try to write. But it doesn't seem to take very much attention to satisfy him for a while, so as long as I stick to writing things that don't require much thought, I'm fine. Also, he is very fluffy.

Writing: Double check. Current backlog: 0 days.

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9 April 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Gaming: I beebled a little about ZoZ, so I'll call that a check.

Visual Entertainments: We only managed to watch one episode of Ghost Hunt, because Earl was back from Singapore and Taiwan with anecdotes, photographs, and loot. I now own a pulsating Death Note keychain. (It's solar-powered, but when it displays an image that cuts off the incoming light, so the capacitor drains and the image fades away, letting light in so the capacitor charges, etc. Or something. Possibly something completely different.)

Silly Computer Games: Moderation is good.

Cats: Twelve paws that scamper and tussle throughout the apartment!

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 1 day.

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8 April 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Well, I was at work...

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Neil couldn't make it to Tuesday Night Anime because he's busy being forged into a team (which probably involves an industrial trip-hammer, blowtorches, and immersion in noxious fluids, based on how much he was looking forward to it), but we had fun without him.

Kaleido Star 15-16: Wow, actual villainy, or at least antagonism! And doom that may take more than half an episode to resolve!

Ayakashi 3: Oh the doom! But it's the sort of doom where the characters are doomed by their own natures, not because they're idiots.

Kodocha 21-22: No actual doom, but it was filler stuff that wasn't in the manga.

Le Chevalier d'Eon 6: Oh the doom!

Silly Computer Games: Almost none!

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws, who I like!

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 0 days.

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7 April 2008 - Monday

Work: Monday.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: If only I had watched some visual entertainments, I would have played less sudoku.

Cats: I really need to resist the urge to attack Aspen's mats when she is sitting by the back library window, or she will never think it is okay for me to approach her.

Writing: Check. Current backlog: -1 days.

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6 April 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Mutants and Masterminds! I was lame about handling the investigative portions, and still don't know how to play people who have been intimidated. (Maybe I should make Jeremy rebuy it as explicit mind control.) Despite that, we did get to the big fight scene. Brandon got the snot beat out of him (but he's nigh-unkillable, so that's okay) and Shawn got trapped upside-down in the middle of a giant torus of mad science, but eventually victory was theirs. Also, experience points.

Next fortnight Sunday is Passover and Jeremy and Rachel will be in Sacramento, so I have four weeks to come up with a new adventure. In theory it should be twice as good, right?


Visual Entertainments: First disc of Noein. Huh. I know kids are weird, but you'd think they would panic more. Anyway, it's interesting enough that I will make GreenCine send me more.

Silly Computer Games: Still too much sudoku.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current backlog: -1 day.

Noein by Carl (Thu Apr 10 23:56:52 2008)

I liked Noein, especially the opening fight.

It is not lacking in doom.

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5 April 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: Scribbled down numbers for villains for tomorrow's M&M game, anyway.

Visual Entertainments: Finally finished season 1 of Lost! Needless to say, nothing was resolved.

Food: Too much eating out.

Silly Computer Games: Too much sudoku.

Cats: Apparently Ghirardelli thinks doing the pawpawpaw thing on my covers while I'm sleeping will get him attention. I'm not sure if it actually wakes me up or I only notice when I'm already waking up on my own.

Possibly I should stop indulging him, but he is SO. FLUFFY.

Writing: Double check. Current backlog: 0 days.

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4 April 2008 - Friday

Work: Last day for the ex-Taoser who was our boss when we current Taosers appeared at Responsys, so we (the whole group, not just Taosers) took a couple hours out of the middle of the workday to take him to lunch and get him drunk. All my cow orkers are much more interesting than me, even the one who reminds me a lot of Merlin.

Gaming: Worked a little more on a character for Ptolus. I think Str 10 & Int 14 is winning out over Str 12 & Int 12, because who needs attack and damage bonuses anyway?

I think my failure to understand why the idea of a fairytale game is obviously lame and stupid has offended Ken, though.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: BJ's restaurant/brewpub in San Bruno. Since I don't drink, at least half the appeal of the place was lost on me, but the food was okay.

Silly Computer Games: Everybody likes sudoku! Sudoku goes "Neener neener"!

Cats: Ghirardelli's new trick is to scratch and scratch loudly at the paper bag full of paper recycling when he wants my attention. He's done it to make me stop ignoring him and give him loves; I'm not sure if that's the only reason he's done it, or if he wants other things but is easily distracted by pettins.

Writing: Double check. Current backlog: 1 day.

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3 April 2008 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Gaming: Marith and I tried to make Ptolus characters. We were partially successful, after pillaging Crystal Keep's base classes. Marith will play an urban ranger and I will play an ancestral speaker.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: Marith and I further degraded the world's ecosystem by going to the Fish Market. But it was tasty.

Silly Computer Games: Almost none!

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws of cuteness!

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 2 days.

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2 April 2008 - Wednesday

Work: La la la.

Gaming: Earthdawn! The horrible spider monster did not actually eat us all, although it was close! Isidari used her l33t swordmaster skills to make with the stabbity, though, and none of us died (although Tharkas was laid up for a week).

Isidari finally got enough knowledge to weave a thread to her magic robe (Toben's Splendid Robe, in fact) so now she gets +1 PD (which is really DCV, curse non-standardized terminology!).

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Only a little!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 1 day.

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1 April 2008 - Tuesday


Work: Blah.

Random Encounters: A cow orker whose name I don't know (although I recognize him by sight) gave me a lift for the last few uphill blocks. My pack was full of food and anime, so I was very grateful.

Gaming: I might have confirmed that there is a chance of gaming on Sunday!

Visual Entertainments: Ayakashi is not too gory for Marith, so we did not have to fall back on Kashimashi. However, there is so much doom. No, more doom than that.

Kaleido Star 13: Doom set up in the first half, resolved before the credits.

Kodocha 20: Silly recap episode! No doom!

Le Chevalier d'Eon 4-5: Oh the doom!

Silly Computer Games: Sudoku check!

Cats: Twelve paws of scamperiness!

Writing: FAILURE. Current backlog: 0 days.

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