Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 May 2008 - Saturday

Tyranny of Stuff: This time I took ten bags of stuff to Book Buyers, but they returned almost a whole bag! Sniff! Only 90% success! I am such a loser!

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: La la la.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws that really want me to wake up earlier in the morning!

Writing: Double check, somehow. Current status: 1 day behind.

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30 May 2008 - Friday

Surreality: I present this without comment.

Work: I'm almost certain I was supposed to have accomplished something this week.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Yes, but nothing exciting.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 2 days behind.

Carnitopia by marith (Fri May 30 15:32:08 2008)

"Two islands enter, one continent leaves!" Foop!

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29 May 2008 - Thursday

Work: Blargh.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: Marith's throat is sad and needs something smooth and nourishing, so she lured me to eat corn soup at Chef Chu's with her. There was also lemon chicken and Mongolian beef. (Is Hsiung-nu beef the diet version of Mongolian beef? Or do I just underrate the Hsiung-nu because I've played History of the World more than I've studied Chinese history?)

Silly Computer Games: Yay, new colony on Ikariam Zeta! It's on the same island as my original marble town, because there's no obvious downside, and the upside is that I get double benefit from infrastructure improvements.

In NPPAngband, the cursed dagger of mayhem is serving me well, but what I need for the next quest monster is resistance to stunning and confusion. (Really I need mana resistance and water resistance, but those don't seem to exist in this version. Bah.)

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 2 days behind.

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28 May 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Bleah.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Finally, Ayse is alive enough that we can watch more Ghost Hunt! Eee, creepy.

Arrrrrr!: I've put it off until it would no longer spoil a related surprise, but today I finally wore the space pirate shirt I got from the Retropolis Transit Authority. People were not flattened by its awesomeness, but I put that down to their lack of taste.

Silly Computer Games: Only a few minutes, but RAAR! goes the cursed dagger of monster-squishing!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 2 days behind.

Gnomes bearing gifts by Chrisber (Thu May 29 18:24:47 2008)

Apparently gnomes secretly left a shirt from the the Retropolis Transit Authority in my cube at work. I also found a book and a cryptic post-it explaining these were for me.


<Teo> nggbn . </Teo>

Re: Gnomes bearing gifts by Trip (Thu May 29 21:41:26 2008)

You're welcome!

I don't know how much explanation you got, but I should point out that Earl got a very similar shirt.

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27 May 2008 - Tuesday

Work: This week, Monday will be held on a Tuesday.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: This week, the grand finale of Kaleido Star! There was doom! But then there was acrobatic triumph! (Not like anyone expected otherwise for this show.)

  • Kodocha 32: Doom! But then less doom!
  • Mononoke 3-5: Doom! And then more doom!

I somehow failed to bring the correct disc of Le Chevalier d'Eon (look, the doom of having anime provided by a dumbass!), but fortunately we had enough Mononoke to fill the time.

Silly Computer Games: I only played for a couple of minutes, but it does look like the cursed artifact dagger was the right choice. It does buttloads of damage to almost everything (three different elemental brandings, plus slay evil, slay a whole bunch of specific types, and *slay* a couple of types), and apparently stealth wasn't that important anyway.

Cats: Paws: twelve. Ears: six. Noses: adorable!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day behind.

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26 May 2008 - Monday

Work: No work! It's a holiday! (I think it's the one where we're supposed to meditate on the glory of young poor people dying to prop up the bottom lines of the hereditary aristocracy.)

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Shana. I think it's in the same existential subgenre as Noein, but with additional doom. Lots of doom.

Silly Computer Games: I played somewhat less NPPAngband than yesterday, at least. My poor level 31 mage is a bit out of her depth, though, even with Raal's Tome of Destruction. Maybe I should have her equip the artifact dagger of many plusses, even though it's heavily cursed and aggravates monsters.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: nominal. (Just in time to slip while I'm busy for the next two evenings.)

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25 May 2008 - Sunday

Food: Dim sum at the new place on Castro with Baccalaureate Ayse and her parents! The dim sum wasn't bad, even though we may have gotten there too early to get the best selection, and it's certainly conveniently located. The Baccalaureate Ayse, on the other hand, is always made of awesome. Her parents are pretty cool too.

Gaming: FAILURE. Ayse and Ken are unavailable due to parents.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: I played NPPAngband for pretty much the entire day, like a huge loser who doesn't win.

Cats: Today I oppressed Aspen with dematting. Trying to brush out the mats just made her complain and run away, so once she came back, I cut them out as best I could, and when she recovered from that trauma, I brushed out most of what remained. Now she is an even more beautiful kitty!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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24 May 2008 - Saturday

The Tyranny of Stuff: Marith valiantly arose early and helped me take eight full grocery bags of stuff to Book Buyers, of which they returned two items. Hah.

Of course, I then went to Borders and bought an entire backpack full of new stuff, but I did get to delete some items from my "books to hunt for" list.

Yah, I pretty much suck.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: After the stuff lugging, sustenance was required, so we went to Country Gourmet and I had an omelet with as much mushroom as egg. Mmm. Fungus.

I don't remember what Marith had, but it didn't involve fungus.

Silly Computer Games: Even more NPPAngband. My ikariams are spending most of their time accumulating resources at this point. Someday I will have the secret of the Gyro-Copter, though!

Cats: I oppressed Aspen so much with the pettins and the snugglins and, worst of all, the PICKING UP! It was only for a moment, but still, she was entirely off the bed and supported only by the horrible tall looming monster that almost certainly eats cats! Poor dear!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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23 May 2008 - Friday

Work: Apparently my last day at this assignment will be the 3rd. Huh.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Argh, NPPAngband.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws of cuteness!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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22 May 2008 - Thursday

Work: La la la.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Tried to watch the end of Trigun 4 on the "new" disc that Greencine sent me, but it crapped out in the same way at pretty much the same place. Hmmmm....

Silly Computer Games: My palace on Zeta is now level 3! I can found a new colony any time, except that then my existing colonies would become corrupt, so first I need to get their governors' residences up to level 3 as well.

Cats: Jinian and Aime were fine. They still had plenty of kibble and water, and they appreciated their gooshyfood very much. I didn't have time to adore them properly, though, since I had to catch the bus toward work.

Ghirardelli still has the plushiest fur.

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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21 May 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Blah. Sleepy.

Gaming: No Earthdawn because Ayse and Ken have been married for almost an integeral number of years.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: I can almost set my palace on Zeta to upgrading. I'll probably want to upgrade the governors' residences in my existing colonies before making an actual third colony though.

Not sure if I want to go for sulfur so I have some production of everything, or go for extra marble or glass.

Cats: Aspen is the most oppressed kitty ever! Not only did I pet her and rub my face on her and kiss the top of her little kitty head, but later I seized her and didn't let her go for seconds and seconds!

Augh, I forgot to feed Jinian and Aime! I will have to do it tomorrow morning.

Writing: Check, kinda. Current status: 1 day behind.

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20 May 2008 - Tuesday

Work: La la la.

Tyranny of Stuff: Wheee, I foisted off a bunch of GTO stuff onto Neil! That's one bag down, of the like fifteen I need to get rid of so I have room to work on sorting and getting rid of more.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Kaleido Star 24: The doom deepens! But next week, it will all be okay!
  • Kodocha 30-31: Oh the doo- I mean, HUGE SILLINESS!
  • Le Chevalier d'Eon 15: Oh the doom of secret agent work against evil magicians!
  • Mononoke 1-2: Wow, the art is if anything more extreme than in Ayakashi. Also, it is still full of doom.

Silly Computer Games: Yay, second colony (sulfur) on Lambda!

Cats: Twelve paws, miau!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day behind.

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19 May 2008 - Monday

Work: Bleah, Monday.

Gaming: FAILURE. But there doesn't seem to be any gaming scheduled until sometime next month, so maybe it's okay.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: NPPAngband has reasserted its hideous pull.

Cats: Ghirardelli sliced my tentacle clean off by launching from my hand with his (untrimmed) back feets. Ow. But it is not his fault, and he still has the plushiest fur ever.

Writing: Check, kinda. Brain still empty. Current status: nominal.

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18 May 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Despite my lack of preparation, Mutants and Masterminds did not go worse than expected. I hadn't planned for Rachel's character to instantly leap on and smite the NPC, so that took up much of the session and we only got to the first dinosauroid monster.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: My Lambda civilization is progressing slowly towards getting a second colony!

Cats: Twelve paws that can scamper on me because it's not absurdly too hot!

Writing: FAILURE. My brain was empty. Current status: nominal.

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17 May 2008 - Saturday

Thermions: Less plentiful, yay!

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Earl and Cat and Marith and I went to see Iron Man. I thought it was overall pretty good, although not without flaws. Marith hated it a lot, but I think some of that is because she isn't familiar with the genre.

Silly Computer Games: Why won't anyone sell me lumber for a reasonable price?

Cats: Twelve paws, still on the linoleum!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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16 May 2008 - Friday

Work: Well, this seems like it should work, but the client manager is telling us to get out of the office and have a weekend already.

Thermions: Not as many as yesterday, but still too many.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Zone of the Enders, "Idolo". Enh. Giant robots.

Silly Computer Games: More Ikariam. No huge milestones today.

Cats: Twelve paws trying to stay cool on the linoleum!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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15 May 2008 - Thursday

Thermions: DO NOT WANT

Nasal Tree Sex: DO NOT WANT

Work: Okay, that bit seems to work. Mostly.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Rewatched the last episode of the first disc of World of Narue, now that GreenCine has sent me a non-broken disc. (They were actually very nice about it.) Still high-school romance, with random alien activity.

Silly Computer Games: My Ikariams are chugging along. I'm putting my building material into upgrading production, which is not all that exciting. I have buckets of gold, though.

Cats: The cats don't want these thermions either! Fortunately there are fans and linoleum.

Writing: Triple check. Current status: nominal.

thermion reduction for cats by cat (Fri May 16 12:20:06 2008)

What i did for Cinders in LA was to take some ice packs out of the freezer and put them on the kitchen floor. I would move them around every 10 minutes, to keep on giving her cool spots. I don't recall if she appreciated it. I would also put ice packs on top of her, which was really funny - she's first go "oh, you put something on me," then she'd just sit and sit and sit, then after quite a handful of minutes she'd sit up all suddenly and startled going "Hey, something is cold!" =D (I'm so mean to teh kittehs.)

I thought about building a cool box for them to sit on - basically just a little platform that i could shove ice packs under - but never got a round tuitt.

Re: thermion reduction for cats by Trip (Fri May 16 13:43:55 2008)

Yah, a couple of summers back when we had the GIANT RADIOACTIVE MUTANT THERMION ATTACK, I provided the kitties with cold packs. I don't think I can do that now, though, because I'm not home at all during the day. If I took cold packs out of the freezer in the morning, they would be melted by the time the afternoon thermion wave started.

What I should really do is set up the window air conditioner you and Earl gave me way back when.

Silly Computer Games by Jeremy (Sat May 17 12:19:25 2008)

I can see the point of diminishing returns to growth in Ikariam - not there yet, but I can see the topsails on the horizon. My merchant empire is suffering from those other hosers' ignorance of basic economics. ...Time to start the grand conquest?

Snakeville admits to enriching sulfur.... Will totally cease WMD activities in exchange for 500,000 metric tons of wine aid, and a favorable agreement on marble trade....

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14 May 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Well, that's that piece done. Now I need to write a script that will allow humans to do the thing to the thing with the other thing, without their heads exploding.

Random Encounters: Dave's cousin, Micah (sp?), who spontaneously showed up for anime because he was in town. He seems cool, but I can't figure out who it is he looks like.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: 1 episode of Azumanga Daioh while waiting for Earl to return from learning to read the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, and then I showed Dragon Half to those who had not previously been exposed to its wackiness (and also to Dave).

Marith thinks I should write Dragon Half fanfic. I look so dubious.

Silly Computer Games: My city on Lambda has its first colony! Sweet sweet crystal glass production, you will be mine!

Cats: Twelve paws trying to shed excess thermions into the kitchen linoleum!

Maddie Cat let me oppress her with snuggles before anime! She is so cute!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 2 days behind.

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13 May 2008 - Tuesday

Work: La la la.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: For a while we thought Neil and Marith might have been dead, but they finally showed up.

  • Kaleido Star 23: The doom of special training!
  • Ayakashi 2.2-2.3: The doom that comes to people who mistreat cats! Muahahaha!
  • Kodocha 29: The doom of grandparents!
  • Le Chevalier d'Eon 13-14: The doom of mysteries and angst!

Everyone liked the Bakeneko arc of Ayakashi, so next week we will begin the spin-off series, Mononoke. Two weeks later, when the first season of Kaleido Star is finished, we will watch either the second season or Dennou Coil, depending on what Neil's wife says.

Silly Computer Games: Ikariams still chugging along. Come make cultural exchange treaties with me! Come make trade treaties with me on Zeta! There is no escape!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day behind.

Ayakashi by Dave (Wed May 14 12:35:27 2008)

It wasn't so much mistreating cats, as mistreating someone who treated the cat well.

Re: Ayakashi by Trip (Wed May 14 13:34:07 2008)

Don't forget the bit where <rot13>gurl jrer grfgvat bhg gurve snxr fjbeqf ba pngf</rot13>.

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12 May 2008 - Monday

Work: Ew, Monday. Still zombified from staying up too late Saturday night.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: My Ikariams are chugging along but not very interestingly. I think I need to start investing in better production for the islands I'm on, so I don't have to spend so much time saving up building materials.

Cats: I wonder what Ghirardelli was hissing at outside the front kitchen window. I suppose it could have been his own reflection, but you'd think he would have noticed that before.

Writing: Double check. Current status: nominal.

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11 May 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Ayse is still crushed beneath the end-of-term schoolwork, so there was no actual gaming. (This may be for the best, since my brain was very small from staying up too late and I'm a pretty marginal GM at the best of times.) Instead, Dave and I played Carcassonne with Ken. Dave won through luck: first, Ken was kind enough that he was about to play the piece he had been seeking for ages in a silly place, and second, he got the one remaining piece that had a single road leading in and clear on all the other edges, letting his big guy get into the field of infinite points that Ken and I only had regular guys in. Bah!

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Yay my Lambda city beat back a brutal, unprovoked assault! Many slingers gave their lives for the cause, but they will be remembered with honor.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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10 May 2008 - Saturday

Visitations: I slept on the inflatable thing in the library, which was not as ventilated as my usual nest on the couch, but maybe it was for the best that I was behind closed doors, because when I emerged there was a zombie lying in wait! Robert and Kate held it off while I made my escape, though.

Joshua won a softball(?) game while I was asleep. Go Josh!

Chris and the Zablettes were around for part of the day. The Zablettes are now alarmingly mobile.

Because we came up last night so that Marith could be awake today, of course she couldn't sleep a wink all night and spent most of today in a coma.

Gaming: Harold did show up eventually, so we could play...

Amazon Quartet of Justice XIIIb: "The Lunatic King of Marginalia! Tentacles Attack AGAIN!"

While Natalya and Marika are busy with the urchinarium, the other four Amazons plot their next move. The leads they have are the Giant Pulsating Illithid Brain at the Center of the Ultraverse, Daniel in his magical prison, Samuel in the drow city, the steel-cage death match for the swing vote in Nööl, and the ingredients for the detentacularization ritual for Queen Ditte. The death match has a scheduled date, so the only thing that can be done there is to give the fire giants' best female warrior a powerful magic axe in exchange for helping them out. Of the remaining leads, the scavenger hunt seems most tractable, so the Quartet get the list from Stephen.

Most of the ingredients are obscure, but not difficult to obtain for the Amazons. The one exception is a moonstone, by which is meant not the ordinary translucent blue gemstone, but some sort of pearl-like orb that can be obtained from a kind of monster known as a moonbeast. Moonstones are reputed to induce a neurotic possessiveness in the owner, so getting one may be difficult, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! After some divination magic, the Amazons set out for Marginalia, the kingdom at the northern limit of mapmakers' knowledge, where the king has recently received such a jewel.

The vagaries of magical travel necessitate a brief detour, during which Our Heroines learn that Princess Lisbet has sent troops into southern Marginalia, on the border of the ruins of Avalon, so that the final battlefield can be surrounded when the time comes (which she believes will be soon, although no evidence has been presented).

Finally, Marginalia! The merchant who had not known beforehand that he was going to be the Quartet's local contact is a bit surprised when they appear out of thin air, but a letter of introduction smooths everything over and he gets them an audience with the king for the next day.

Some research determines that the average Marginalian on the street thinks the king is a good ruler, although he's seemed distracted lately. Fortunately, the first chancellor has been taking care of things. Also, Marginalia hasn't had a war in long enough that they're eager for one.

The magic shops of Marginalia, which have not already been picked clean by the Amazons or burned by horrible snake monsters, yield up a bounty of new cloaks of Charisma, as well as the most stylish pair of darkvision spectacles anyone has ever seen.

The next morning, Our Heroines are presented to the king, and Gabrielle makes the pitch for the International World-Saving Alliance. The king, perhaps due to his magically befuddled state, is noncomittal, but the young aristocrats of the realm are so gung-ho that the chancellor has to agree to schedule a meeting for the following afternoon. As the Amazons depart, the chancellor tries to buy them off on the assumption that they're ordinary con artists, but he is quite mistaken and has to follow through on his promise of a meeting with the king.

Gabrielle tries to explain to the horde of noble youth trying to swear eternal devotion to the Amazons about the difference between a cause and a cult of personality, but with only limited success. She and Amaryllis spend the night carousing.

In the meantime, Alyra has been skulking invisibly about the castle, but the king never takes off the moonstone and is never alone, so she eventually gives up looking for burglary opportunities.

When the Quartet arrive for the meeting the next day, the first chancellor and some of his minions are there, along with the captain of the guard and a few pages. According to the chancellor, the king will be joining them shortly, but he tries to get the Amazons to go away by the fiendish tactic of agreeing to their every demand. However, Gabrielle sees through his tricks, and stalls him with details.

Suddenly, there is panic in the halls of the castle!

Alyra, who has been lurking outside while Gabrielle, Amaryllis, and Fresa meet with the ministers, discovers a huge invisible monster invading the castle, terrifying all who come near it and leaving a broad trail of disgusting slime!

The first chancellor makes a run for it, but Gabrielle freezes him in his tracks before he can more than open the door. The captain of the guard and all the Amazons rush out into the throne room to see what is going on. They see the king and queen and a few servants fleeing one monster, but heading right for where Amaryllis hears its invisible comrades lurking! She yells a warning, but only the king and queen and one guard hear her, and the others, along with Amaryllis herself, are seized by unseen tentacles!

Fresa and Gabrielle are put to flight by the monster's aura of magical fear. Alyra dives for the king, but doesn't reach him until moments after the first monster crushes him in its tentacles. Nevertheless, she scoops up his body and teleports away. This leaves Amaryllis as the only Amazon facing three invisible monsters.

Gabrielle and Fresa return in time to find the quivering body of a creature like an immense column of writhing tentacles, which they put out its misery while Amaryllis chases down the last of the two tentacle-bearded, bat-winged giant heads that made off with three courtiers. Two of the courtiers have been eaten, but she rescues one, who understandably swears his entire life to her service.

In the aftermath, the first chancellor declares himself regent and has the queen taken somewhere secret and surrounded with loyal guards, for her own protection. Gabrielle, who is now his best friend, manages to keep him from taking his coup any further before Amaryllis can retrieve Alyra and the king's body (sans moonstone, which now resides in a sealed lead box) and have Fresa call the king's soul back from the realms beyond. Fortunately he is willing to return, and no one except the Amazons has seen him in a verifiably non-animate state, so the chancellor is forced to hand back the reins of the state and wait for a better opportunity.

After Our Heroines' amazing feats of derring-do in defense of the Marginalian crown, there is no doubt that a new member has been added to the Alliance!

* * *

I apologized to everyone for being a munchkin with a horribly twinked character, but I don't think it helped.

Visitations, cont: Marith slept some more, but we made Al and Sherilyn entertain us until sometime after 22:00, when we finally woke Marith up and made her drive home. We got back about 1 in the morning.

Food: Too much, as usual when visiting Roseville. We have to make sure Sherilyn cannot possibly think we're hungry.

Silly Computer Games: Ikariam kept chugging along without me, as it should.

Cats: Number of paws: Still twelve! YAY!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day behind.

gaming by marith (Tue May 13 22:44:06 2008)

I apologized to everyone for being a munchkin with a horribly twinked character, but I don't think it helped.

I can't imagine why people are not more receptive to your apologies for saving the day. :)

Re: gaming by Trip (Wed May 14 11:21:53 2008)

But other people should get to play too!

gaming by marith (Wed May 14 15:52:39 2008)

That wasn't your fault, it was the fault of the invisible tentacled horror with fear attacks! Unless Amaryllis talked the GM into letting her take the "Fail Save" spell last level and sneakily cast it on the rest of the party. In that case you can apologize some more.

Re: gaming by Trip (Wed May 14 16:37:27 2008)

Nah, fail save is a cleric spell. :)

(Actually, I bet you could do it with bestow curse, which most classes can cast.)

At least Sherilyn didn't give Amaryllis the special sorcerer artifact that looks like a school uniform before sending in the tentacled horrors!

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9 May 2008 - Friday

Tentacles: In fact, colossal tentacles!

Work: Yay Friday!

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visitations: Marith, Dave, and I trundled away to Roseville so Marith can sleep there and be awake when we game with Sherilyn tomorrow.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Ikariamu, Ikariamu, la la la.

Cats: Aspen slept between my feet and then came to stomp all over me this morning!

I hope the kitties will be okay while I am gone!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: nominal.

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8 May 2008 - Thursday

Work: Now I keep developing this code while it's being reviewed. Blargh.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Yay! I can start upgrading one of my governors' mansions to get rid of corruption! (It seems weird when you put it like that, but apparently it's supposed to be the administrative center for the colony, not just a mansion.)

Cats: Twelve paws of fuzziness!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead. (But I expect to lose at least one and maybe two days this weekend to AQoJ expedition, so that's not as good as it sounds.)

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7 May 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Ack, code review.

Gaming: Earthdawn! Ayse was buried under homework, so we declared her character to likewise be busy studying while the rest of the PCs became bored and wandered off to sack the recently-discovered Hidden Cavern of Secret Evil. We found what we initially thought might be a bank but later realized was a thieves' guild hideout, fought off some undead (we didn't have our nethermancer along, so of course there were undead), found some bodies that had been bricked up in a wall, and scarpered with a possibly-cursed dagger and a whole crate full of coins. Yay Legend Points! Yay cash! (Unless the kaer government decides they don't believe in the right of salvage, in which case we will Sulk.)

I think these Legend Points will go to improving Isidari's Melee Weapons, Taunt, and Thread Weaving talents. Or maybe into looking sad that there isn't a good way to improve initiative.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Wow, commerce is the way to get lots of gold. Who would have thought?

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: nominal.

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6 May 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Documentingu documentingu la la la.

Fiendish Plans: Check!

Events: Apparently it's National Pet Week! Yay pets!

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Yay Tuesday Night Anime!

  • Kaleido Star 21-22: All the preparatory doom has been dealt with, so it's time for the end-of-season Extra Doom! (However, it is probably not the sort of doom suggested by the line from the trailer, "The things reflected in her eyes! The things reflected in her eyes!".)
  • Ayakashi 3.1: The fabled bakeneko ("goblin cat") doom begins! With a unique and slightly confusing art style! It is easy to see which character gets the spin-off series (Mononoke).
  • Kodocha 27-28: The doom! But it is nice to see that even though Hayama is about 897325 times more sensible than Sana, he is still a kid.
  • Le Chevalier d'Eon 12: Most of us thought family pride was a lame motivation for that much doom. I have no idea whether it seems more forgivable to a Japanese audience, or heck, even a less freakish American audience.

Also, the first disc of Dennou Coil has finished burning, and the process has been started for Mononoke discs. I also have Spice and Wolf to burn, although I'm waiting for the OVA/episode 7, which is supposed to be out in Japan at the end of this month (so presumably it will be fansubbed and torrented by the first week of June).

Silly Computer Games: Ikariam thinks that in addition to spending 5500 lumber to upgrade my palace to support a second colony, I also need to spend 5500 lumber to upgrade the governor's mansion in each colony. So, that second colony is actually three times as expensive as I thought. Bah!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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5 May 2008 - Monday

Ded of teh Kyute: The mother duck and her ten offspring were in the fake stream again today. The offspring are getting quite large and ducky; I don't think they count as ducklings any more.

Work: Argh, people want me to stop fiddling with this project and release it, even though it's not at all perfect.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Most of the first disc of World of Narue, an unexceptional romance comedy about alien girls who go to school on Earth and the boys who love them. Like the Trigun disc, it had a strange semicircular crunched bit at the outer rim so the end of the last episode on the disc wouldn't play right. I'm sure it's not the case, but it really looks like a DVD-handling robot has its grip strength turned up too high. Bah.

Silly Computer Games: Unlike last time, where I deliberately colonized an uninhabited island because it seemed cooler, I colonized a populous island so I wouldn't have to build up the resource mines by myself. And indeed, they are both quite high-level!


Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 2 days ahead.

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4 May 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: There was no Brunnewald because Ayse is full of homework, so instead Ken and Dave and I played Starfarers of Cataan. Ken and I were each about a turn from winning, and Dave a couple of turns away, when a fortuitious event placed victory within Dave's grasp and he crushed us like the insects we were. This happened about twenty minutes before we would have had to quit for the evening anyway, so all was well (except the part where I didn't win).

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: YAY! I can finally start my palace upgrading! The upgrade will complete sometime in the early hours of the morning, so when I get up I can plant a new colony on a shiny shiny crystal glass mine!

Cats: Twelve adorable paws of tussling!

Writing: Check. Current status: 2 days ahead.

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3 May 2008 - Saturday

Lizards: Marith gave me a copy of Nurk, so I gave her a copy of The Queen's Bastard's Breasts!

Gaming: I suddenly realized I was doing the thing with words and links between them all wrong. Now I should do it correctly. Also, read stuff that clarified that I am doing all gaming wrong. (Because I suck.)

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: I really hope I don't get raided before I save up enough lumber to improve my palace.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

The Queen's Bastard's Breasts! by kit (Wed May 7 07:30:22 2008)


Re: The Queen's Bastard's Breasts! by Trip (Wed May 7 09:12:33 2008)

It is a very fine book! It just has a very striking cover!

Re: The Queen's Bastard's Breasts! by kit (Thu May 8 09:54:56 2008)

Yes. Yes it does. O.O

Re: The Queen's Bastard's Breasts! by Trip (Thu May 8 10:34:28 2008)

Or maybe more like (_)(_) ...

Re: The Queen's Bastard's Breasts! by kit (Sat May 10 08:45:21 2008)


Trip FTW!

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2 May 2008 - Friday


Work: It kind of works a bit more now.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Most of the first disc of Trigun. Halfway through the last episode on the disc, it crapped out. I asked Greencine to send a working copy, but so far I don't see why it is such a fan favorite. Maybe this is because I am a hundred jillion years old.

Silly Computer Games: Ikariam continues to entertain me. At this rate, sometime around Sunday evening I will be able to begin upgrading my palace to support a second colony.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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1 May 2008 - Thursday

Work: It sort of works! Especially if I er use the correct hostname for SMTP service.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Argh, my capital on Zeta has been pillaged! By bobfather from Bobbolopolis v3, who I declare to be a Rat Bastard!

Time to buy some sulfur and build a few phalances.

Also I started a city on Lambda. Sadly, it also is on a marble island, so I do not get to experience the fun of starting on an island with some other resource.

Cats: Twelve paws that scamper upon the fresh sheets and ride in the laundry basket!

Writing: Check. Current status: nominal.

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