Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 June 2008 - Monday


Modern Medicine: Apparently my ichor quality remains quantifiably high. Go me.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: Marith fiendishly lured me to Kabul and forced me to get a huge pile of rice and chicken and mushroom and stuff! Also there was some pumpkin with yogurt meat sauce.

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 6 days ahead.

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29 June 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Running super-intelligent dinosaurs with matter control powers is hard. On the other hand, I got to make Jeremy feel justified in those points he spent on Brandon being able to come back from the dead.

Visual Entertainments: I tried to watch the second disc of The Big O II, but as seems to be increasingly common, the outside of the disc was munged so I couldn't watch the last episode. Bah!

However, 2/3 of the disc was enough to confirm my earlier belief that R Dorothy is the coolest robot ever.

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: Twelve paws! And also many mats in fur. :(

Writing: Check. Current status: 6 days ahead.

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28 June 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 6 days ahead.

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27 June 2008 - Friday

Work: FAILURE, but I reminded Taos I'm alive.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Big O II. It looks like they might be working toward explaining something!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 6 days ahead.

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26 June 2008 - Thursday


Modern Medicine: Check, although due to poor planning I had to get both elbows punctured (one by the only male phlebotomist I've ever encountered). Oh well.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Discs of Shana are arriving in the mail. Whee!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 5 days ahead.

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25 June 2008 - Wednesday

Disaster: Yay! New key spring for my W key! And they didn't even charge me!


Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Cat is not dead, so Mushishi. (A ! just wouldn't be right.)

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 5 days ahead.

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24 June 2008 - Tuesday


Disaster: Apparently spore is a mutant, being of the one model that has inexplicably different white plastic bits than all other models. We Fix Macs got in touch with someone who can supply them with the correct bits, but they won't get them until tomorrow.

Gaming: Apparently Bryant feels the same way I do about White Wolf combat systems. I'm not as attached to the rest of the system, though, so I generally just wanted to replace the whole thing instead of patching the combat system.

Visual Entertainments: Yay Dennou Coil! Yay Le Chevalier d'Eon! Yay Kodocha! Yay Mononoke!

Silly Computer Games: Yay ring of speed +13!

Cats: It must be reorg time at Catco, because all the cats are in the wrong spots! Ghirardelli is sleeping on the end of the bed, where Marmalade normally sleeps, and Marmalade is under the futon in the front library, which is normally Aspen's spot! Aspen was in the middle of the library floor, on a sweater.

I have Ghirardelli some brushing, and got enough fur to build another cat, maybe two, without decreasing his volume at all! He seemed to enjoy it for a while, but eventually the brush pulled too much or something and he became bitey.

Writing: Check. Current status: 5 days ahead.

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23 June 2008 - Monday

Work: In the evening, I was grilled by phone to determine whether my technical skills have atrophied. Apparently they haven't, much.

Disaster: The W key on spore is broken! Specifically, the little white plastic bits that hold the key in place over the button and push it back up. I can, obviously, still type the letter W, but it feels weird and the key wobbles. Tomorrow I will have to go to We Fix Macs and see if they have a replacement plasticbit.

Gaming: I offered people the opportunity to bail from Mutants and Masterminds in favor of D&D 4th ed, but the fools refused.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Uh, yah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. (Good thing I didn't break my keyboard until late at night.) Current status: 5 days ahead.

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22 June 2008 - Sunday

Work: I actually read some of the Ruby on Rails book, and it sort of makes sense. I can tell that once I actually use a bit of it, there will be more sense.

Gaming: Ayse protested that her brain was very tiny, so instead of playing ZoZ we played one encounter of D&D 4th edition. I threw together a second-level encounter consisting of one hobgoblin warcaster (level 3 controller), his two pet dire rates (level 1 brutes), and six goblin cutters (level 1 minions) while everyone else made up characters. We ended up with an elf archer, an eladrin wizard, a human warlord, and a dwarf fighter (all first level), who barely managed to pull out a win due to the disparity in average rolls. It didn't help that when the warlord was down, two of his comrades tried to revive him and both rolled natural 1s. Unsurprisingly, he didn't make it, but the fighter got revived when combat was over.

Combat rounds were approximately a jillion times faster then 3.x, as advertised, and the whole combat took only about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, even though we were completely new to 4th ed. There wasn't much in the way of roleplaying, but when the goblins steal your coffee press, other motivations aren't necessary.

Anyway, everybody seemed to have fun, even when they got hosed by the dice.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Still haven't looked at my Ikariams.

Cats: Twelve paws which are much less oppressed by thermions today!

Writing: Check. Current status: 5 days ahead.

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21 June 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: Read Play Unsafe (Graham Walmsley), a small book about applying improv techniques to gaming. I knew most of it, but easier read than done.

Visual Entertainments: Earl lured me to see the new Hulk movie. It was pretty much what one expects from the Hulk: Bruce Banner flees the US government while trying and failing to keep his temper. Also, connections to possible upcoming Captain America and Avengers movies.

Later, I watched the second disc of (Shakugan no) Shana. I think I will try to purchase it (although since Geneon imploded, this is not as easy as one might like) and not get the rest from Greencine..

Silly Computer Games: I guess I should check in on my Ikariams again someday.

Cats: Twelve paws oppressed by horrible awful thermions! I put a towel-wrapped cold pack by Ghirardelli's tummy and he seemed okay with it, but Marmalade was not interested in the strange cold things. Oh well.

Writing: Double check. Current status: 5 days ahead.

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20 June 2008 - Friday

Work: I was lame about calling (bleah phones), so someone else got the assignment, but it was in San Francisco anyway. Still, they know I exist.

I meant to read up on Ruby on Rails, but got sidetracked.

Random Encounters: I peeked into the coffeehouse to see if Marith was there, because she often is. She wasn't, but Ayse and Carl were, so I spent the afternoon chatting with them.

Gaming is hard.

Gaming: FAILURE. Still hard.

Visual Entertainments: Marith and I went to see Kung Fu Panda, because she said she would die if she did not go somewhere airconditioned. It was pretty cute! The dialogue was not as snappy as it could have been, but it made up for it in sincerity. Plus, it was not anti fat people, people who do not learn in the traditional way, or people who like making noodles.

And, the villain was suitably scary.

Food: Spontaneous Thai lunch.

Silly Computer Games: Whee, NPPAngband.

Cats: Twelve paws and too many thermions! Poor Ghirardelli's plushy fur is not an advantage in this situation.

Writing: Check. Current status: 4 days ahead.

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19 June 2008 - Thursday

Work: Taos is looking at someplace to send me, and I have email from a recruiter person who is making big eyes at me. The thionite I smeared on my resume must be working!

I claimed that my action plan for professional development is to learn Ruby on Rails and LDAP, so I went and bought books about both of those. Perhaps my brain will become larger.

Gaming: Finished the new Monster Manual, the last of the three core books. The monsters are definitely WoW-like (or even angband-like), with the multiple but fixed types of eg goblins or zombies, and the elite monsters and boss monsters. I think it would be possible to run entertaining combats with them, though, at least until the players memorized the MM.

Visual Entertainments: 4th disc of Red Garden. Oh, the doom! No, more doom than that!

I could buy it and show it at Tuesday Night Anime, but then I wouldn't see more of it for months!

Ditto Shana, which I have discs 2 and 3 of from Greencine right now.

Making decisions is hard!

Food: Today I failed to eat lunch, but managed to eat an early supper instead. That's um not much worse, right?

Silly Computer Games: Yah, yah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 4 days ahead.

Bookbuyers on Rails by Carl (Sat Jun 21 06:09:43 2008)

It was fun to see you again and chat.

I noticed some Ruby and Rails books at Bookbuyers.

I haven't had time to followup with links to various things mentioned while chatting, but did want to point you at 37signals, a small firm that uses Ruby to do nifty organizing webware. I find their RSS feed very interesting as well, even though I don't know Ruby yet myself. I hear Ruby programmers are much in demand, though.

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18 June 2008 - Wednesday


Gaming: Earthdawn! We successfully performed a play depicting our greatness (and the tragedy of our opponents) and then set out in search of clues to what's going on with this book about a city that was magically erased from all memory and records. Next week, we get eaten by small giggling blue creatures that triplicate themselves!

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: Gaming at Mike's did not stop Ken from making hamburgers. Al and Robert and Kate showed up to help eat them. (But Erin spurned them.)

Silly Computer Games: What do you think?

Cats: I picked up Aspen! All the way up, from the floor to my arms! She only put up with it for a few seconds before scarpering, but still! I got to hold an Aspenkitty!

Writing: Check. Current status: 3 days ahead.

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17 June 2008 - Tuesday


Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Tuesday Night Anime! Dennou Coil is still peculiar and cool. Le Chevalier d'Eon is spiraling toward what seems likely to be a tragic conclusion. Kodocha can be done with the filler episodes any time now, really. Mononoke is still surreal, but this arc made sense when it was over.

I think next we'll watch Spice and Wolf, and I'm considering whether to watch Shana (possibly aka Shakugan no Shana) myself or show it at TNA. Also, Neil is negotiating with Stacy over whether he can watch Kaleido Star second season with us instead of with her at home.

Now if I could just find Spice and Wolf 7 in AVI instead of MKV...

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 3 days ahead.

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16 June 2008 - Monday

Work: I sent in some resume-like information so that Taos can pimp me out better.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Yah, yah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 3 days ahead.

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15 June 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Today was Mutants and Masterminds day. I still suck as a GM.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Yah, yah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 3 days ahead.

Sucking by Dave (Thu Jun 19 13:07:47 2008)

I was thinking about this - specifically, how your always saying how bad you are at GMing bugs me, and I think I figured out why. The way you phrase it ("I suck") seems to imply that you're not trying to figure out what you're doing wrong, and what you can improve, but are rather dismissing the whole thing and not thinking about it at all.

I don't really care if you think you're bad at GMing (as I still enjoy the games you run), but I do have a problem with an apparent unwillingness to examine your own failings - regardless of whether or not you actually do examine them, it just rubs me the wrong way, since I feel that such examination is a vital part of the process of improving (and, no matter how good or bad one is, there's always room for improvement).

Re: Sucking by Trip (Thu Jun 19 21:36:40 2008)

I could show my work if you really want to see the analysis, but that would make this blog even more tedious.

Last week I failed at all the player empowerment I was hoping for by blocking and not even realizing I was doing it. Also, I didn't impose a cost on Jocelyn's magic, so she got to win utterly despite not having combat skills.

This week I didn't make interesting villains or an interesting battlefield (in my defense, the majority of the PCs have as their power "immune to everything except straight damage", but I should still have been able to annoy them more), and I didn't vet Jeremy's character thoroughly enough to keep from having to change the rules to make him lose.

In neither case did I remember to give out hero points when deserved, and I didn't give people impossible situations to spend hero points in.

See? Tedious.

Re: Sucking by Dave (Fri Jun 20 11:47:43 2008)

Actually, that's kind of interesting.

Re: Sucking by Trip (Fri Jun 20 13:07:55 2008)

Now you're just being contrary!

Re: Sucking by Dave (Fri Jun 20 14:50:46 2008)

Not at all! Now I have some things to think about, myself.

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14 June 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: This time, Illustrious GM Sherilyn and her family came down here, so we only had to travel a short distance to play...

Amazon Sextet of Justice XIIIc: "You Call That A Plan?! Into The Spider Caverns For Daniel!"

Now that the Amazons have the moonstone in hand, the remaining components for the detentacularization ritual are not difficult to obtain, and Queen Ditte is soon closeted with Stephen and assorted physicians and priests of Pelor (who, incidentally, still wonder what happened to their paladin).

(During this process, the Amazons are informed that the steel-cage death match has been delayed, as all impartial referees are otherwise occupied.)

Marika and Natalya rejoin the others, and the Sextet can turn their attention to the impending drow civil war. The standard technique of free shipping in exchange for a letter of introduction gets them to Darkport, where they try to make contact with Samuel's agent. This leads them to a drow bar, where Gabrielle goes in to give the password to the drow barmaid Elenia while the rest of the Amazons cool their heels in the bar across the street (just like everyone else who sends their most diplomatic character into the drow bar to make contact with someone). Contact is made without difficulty, despite the assistance of Elenia's idiot brothers.

The Amazons are conveyed by secret ways to a small storeroom in the underground city of the drow, where they meet with Samuel and his revolutionary cabal. Samuel's plans do not take illithid into account, and he is not happy about changing them. He also thinks it's better to wait to rescue Daniel until after ousting the current tyrantess, so that Daniel will bow to necessity and take the throne. His failure to engage with reality is interrupted by two vampires who slip vaporously through the wall behind Amaryllis and Marika and suck the life force from their shapely bodies!

Despite the inauspicous start to the encounter, the vampires are soon driven off. Gabrielle follows them through the wall and immediately returns saying something about a giant spider, but that isn't enough to keep Our Heroines from pursuing the gaseous fiends. One is immediately trapped in a bubble of force by Amaryllis and the other, already disabled, begins drifting slowly in the direction of its coffin. The giant spider is quickly paralyzed and dispatched, and the englobed vampire never really stands a chance. Alyra follows one invisibly while the conspirators and the rest of the Amazons relocate to another safehouse, but is soon discovered by the illithids and has to retreat. The vampires and their treasure will have to wait.

Samuel eventually persuades himself that it would be best for the coup and Daniel's rescue to take place at the same time. The Sextet seize the opportunity before it vanishes and, seizing Elenia's idiot brother Frizz't as a local guide, set out for the location where Fresa's visions indicate Daniel and the illithid provacateurs are hiding. A lone man walking through those parts of the city would be in danger, so Marika disguises herself as a drow soldier and orders him around, while Alyra snickers invisibly. The rest of the Amazons hide in the pocket dimension and appreciate Natalya's excellent cooking.

The tyrantess's press gang hassles Marika, but when she decks one without breaking a sweat, they decide to let her find her own way to the barracks. All goes smoothly until Marika and Frizz't turn a corner and come face-to-face with two elephant-sized spiders and their big brothers. The larger spiders shove the smaller ones out of the way so they can get first crack at the tasty morsels.

Frizz't runs like a bunny rabbit, but Marika holds off the giant spider while Alyra opens the pocket dimension. Marika, Alyra, and Fresa, who engage the spider in hand-to-palp combat, are bitten and poisoned, but finally Amaryllis gets into the fight and walls off the tunnel leaving only an arrow slit. In fairly short order three of the spiders are dead and the wounded one remaining scuttles away into the darkness.

Surely nothing more can go wrong before Our Heroines reach the illithid hideout!

* * *

(Due to exciting issues with children and other people who need wrangling, that was all we had time for this session.)

Food: Barbecue from someplace called (I think) Uncle Frank's. It was pretty good!

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Well, of course. You didn't think I was going to do anything productive with my time, did you?

Cats: Sometimes, Aspen will let me close enough to extend my finger toward her nose. She will then crane her neck to sniff my finger, and look somewhat disconcerted when I beep her.

Writing: FAILURE. No brain left. Current status: 3 days ahead.

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13 June 2008 - Friday

Work: I did my performance review thingy.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Last disc of Orphen II (it was okay), and third disc of Red Garden (not very many answers, but plenty of new questions).

Food: Yay, Thai City is back in business!

Silly Computer Games: Er, yah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 4 days ahead. (This will go down once I start working again.)

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12 June 2008 - Thursday

Science: It works, bitches. (scroll down to the first graph)


Gaming: Finished the 4th ed DMG. They do try to justify the lack of economy (there are no other adventurers, so there isn't much market for combat magic). However, they show experience points for the myth they are (™ Bryant) by increasing the difficulties for random skill checks by about +1 per two levels the PCs have, which is exactly the rate at which skills improve, meaning that you always have about a 50% chance of climbing the wall or seeing through the illusion or whatever, no matter how absurd of a level you reach. Meh.

Despite all my complaining, I do want to try out 4th edition. I don't know when I'll get a chance to, though.

Visual Entertainments: Marith and I went to see the Bleach movie because the local theater was showing it for a couple of nights. Marith's summary covers it pretty well.

Silly Computer Games:

Cats: Twelve paws trying to escape the thermions! Also, Elevated Cat Is Taller Than You.

Writing: Double check. Current status: 3 days ahead.

If I had anything real, I would be tempted to have it critiqued by Crazy-Ass Uncle Nick. But I don't, so I am safe from temptation.

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11 June 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Still no work. I should do my voluntary self-criticism form. Blah.

Gaming: Attempting to explain my misgivings about D&D4 to Ken and Dave and Ayse didn't work very well, but maybe clarified my thinking.

Part of the reason the 4th ed powers seem difficult to modify is that they are so complex. 3.x feats, and even spells, mostly did one thing: +X to some number or YdZ damage or paralyze someone. Making a new feat or spell to do one thing was usually not that hard. A 4th ed power, though, might give you a damage bonus when you attack someone and push them around the battlefield and give you a second attack against someone else and let one of your friends heal some damage. Plus, where feats are usable whenever the situation comes up and spells have a well-defined framework for how often you can use them, powers need to be one of at-will, encounter, or daily.

And that's just player powers; monster powers can be even wackier, and have different considerations for balance. (I'm assuming that they are balanced, and not just ex burro.) Oh, and traps and hazards are probably equal in complexity to monsters, but different yet again.

Really, I think not having a good way to create new threats is more of a problem than not being able to twink out characters more, but maybe that's because I'm looking at it from a GM perspective, not a player perspective.

At least Ken agrees the economy stuff is wacky.

Visual Entertainments: We have finished Ghost Hunt! It was a triumphant conclusion!

Starting next fortnight, Mushishi.

Food: I managed to avoid eating out almost entirely today!

Silly Computer Games: I managed to close the NPPangband window! Still working on the Web Sudoku window...

Cats: Not only did I pick Aspen up again, but later she let Dave pet her!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 2 days ahead.

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10 June 2008 - Tuesday

Work: Still no work.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Dennou Coil is still strange yet cool! Kodocha remains mired in silly filler episodes. Le Chevalier d'Eon has even more doom! Mononoke is even more conceptual!

Silly Computer Games: Blargh. Oog.

Cats: Twelve paws! I may need to go to bed earlier if Ghirardelli keeps coming to give me bedtime snuggles.

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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9 June 2008 - Monday

Work: Taos found one opening, but they want Ruby on Rails experience, and I only have half of that, so FAILURE.

Gaming: I'm only partway through the 4th ed DMG, but I flipped ahead, and into the MM, and just as I thought, there are no guidelines for making up new traps/hazards or new monsters. (There are a couple of pages that claim to be about making new monsters, but they are full of fail because they do not address powers beyond basic attacks.) It's possible that these rules might be made available somewhere, but at the moment it looks like their official position is, "Making up your own content is like stealing from WotC". :(

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE. I meant to watch some, but, well, see below.

Food: Marith and Ayse and I tried to go to lunch at St Michael's Alley but it's closed on Mondays! The fiends! We ended up walking along University until a restaurant pulled us in. It turned out to be Madison & 5th, which was the correct choice. Marith had a fish baked in a crust of sea salt, Ayse had ravioli filled with pear, arugula, asiago, and walnut sauce, and I had pumpkin risotto served in an actual pumpkin (about brain-sized) with shrimp and asparagus stuck into it. Yay us!

Silly Computer Games: Since I didn't work today, I spent all day playing silly computer games. Because I suck.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws!

Writing: Double check. Current status: 2 days ahead.

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8 June 2008 - Sunday

Random Encounters: While I was doing some shopping, I ran into the Mittwomen womenfolk of the Mittmann family walking along the street, a whole town away from any streets I expected to find them walking along.

Happy birthday, Erin!

Gaming: Technically check, but probably really FAILURE, since I am the worst GM ever in the history of bad GMing.

We did a flashback so people could establish character before dealing with the main plot, which was not really a win. Ayse was traumatized by being forced to suddenly make up background and roll dice while she was trying to play her character, and confusion abounded.

After some embarrassing incidents involving love potions, egregious hat failure, and a hasty escape to distant parts, the flashback was declared over. Next session, on with the main plot.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: FAILURE. I am terrible about eating dinner.

Silly Computer Games: Lots. (Hey, it's a weekend or something.)

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

Game by Ken (Mon Jun 9 20:44:49 2008)

So, you focus on the first 10 minutes of confusion over new system, and don't mention the ensuing three hours of fun gaming? Pfft.

gaming by Marith (Tue Jun 10 02:30:12 2008)

You can keep denying that your players have fun, but I will point and laugh! :)

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7 June 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: I'm now most of the way through the 4th edition PHB. Huh. It is certainly very different, and much more tactics-intensive. Non-spellcasters now have more options, but spellcasters have many fewer. Almost all combat powers are have only one charge, and have a terribly short range (100' is about the max, and most are shorter) and duration (some one round, some until the victim can roll 10+ on a d20 at the end of each round). There's a lot of sliding people around the map and putting conditions (stunned, blinded, etc) on them for a round or two. Characters seem to get more stuff at first level, and proportionally less for each level gained. There is no real multiclassing, although there are feats that let you get a power or two from some other class.

Half-orcs and gnomes are gone. Elves are split into elves (emphasizing the woodland aspects) and eladrin (emphasizing the magic/faerie aspects). The big bruiser species is dragonborn, who are scaly and breath fire (once per day, of course). There are also tieflings, which are much like in 3.0.

Barbarians, bards, druids, and monks are gone. Sorcerers have been replaced by warlocks (more or less like the ones in 3.5). Warlords, who lead and inspire other PCs (and move them around the battlefield), have been added.

For a while I thought that non-combat magic (scrying, inter-city teleport, warding, raise dead, etc) had been tossed out entirely, but actually it's been moved to rituals, which take ten minutes to an hour to cast and require you to feed in platinum pieces every time.

There is no economy. A magic item costs the same whether you buy it or make it, and you can only sell magic items for 1/5 price (or render them down into that value of generic ritual components).

Magic item powers are mostly usable once, like personal powers. The vast assortment of random cool wonderous items is mostly gone, although I suppose it will come back in a splatbook.

I think I've been spoiled by Hero, because what I want is a system for making powers, so they can be upgraded as the character levels, instead of a bunch of arbitrary powers that can only be improved by replacing them entirely at higher levels.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Tokko, which I think is by the same guy who did Great Teacher Onizuka. Angst, demon hunting, fan service, pretty much what you'd expect, but with extra gore.

Silly Computer Games: Yah, yah.

Cats: I picked up Aspen again! She still didn't like it, but hopefully she will remember that she has been picked up on more than one occasion and yet remains uneaten. (It could happen!)

Writing: Triple check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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6 June 2008 - Friday

Work: Last day! I wonder what I will do next.

Gaming: I tried to stop off in Palo Alto and buy D&D4 at Borders, which I did manage to eventually do, but it took longer than planned because of train stoppage. Fortunately I had reading material.

It is peculiar. More later.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the second disc of Red Garden. The plot, it thickens!

Silly Computer Games: Some. Okay, lots. Bah.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws of fluffiness!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

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5 June 2008 - Thursday

Work: Penultimate day!

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE. And it's even laundry night, so it's not like I was busy. Bah.

Silly Computer Games: I blame Marith for Twilight Heroes. However, based on Jeremy's past reactions, I think my pusher-fu is still stronger than hers.

Cats: Twelve fluffy paws of scampering!

Writing: Check. Current status: 1 day behind.

Twilight Heroes by Jeremy (Sat Jun 7 14:49:31 2008)

Don't think I'll play Twilight Heroes. Too much like my everyday/night life.

So, yeah, your pusher-fu still stronger. Dang you to heck, anyway.

(I'm gonna plant my fourth colony next to my existing one on the marble island. Sulfur's cheap and I've never been attacked, anyway.)

Re: Twilight Heroes by Trip (Sat Jun 7 15:41:10 2008)


I put my fourth colony on Zeta on the same marble island as my first colony, yep. Double win from infrastructure upgrades!

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4 June 2008 - Wednesday

Work: Walking is still a bit slow, but otherwise fine, so I had no excuse to get out of going to work.

Gaming: Ayse is free of school, so we could play Earthdawn again! In this session, my character got to stab the invisible annoying person (but not fatally, since he was just annoying, not an actual enemy) and talk the Spectral Debater into oblivion! (Okay, the members of the party with actual brains helped her prepare her arguments, but it was her taking damage each time the monster made a point!) Oh, and there was a party and we destroyed a cursed dagger.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Silly Computer Games: Eventually I will get my barrackses up to high enough levels that I can build a Vast Fleet of Gyrocopters and CONQUER ZETA! Muahahahahahaha!

But not quite yet.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 1 day behind.

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3 June 2008 - Tuesday

Work: My foot is much better today, so I must hobble in to work.

Apparently my last day is Friday, not today. I guess I failed at shopping for food for the week.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Earl showed up to watch the first two episodes of Dennou Coil. It was weird! But much more comprehensible than, eg, Paranoia Agent. Also, we determined that it has the palette of Haibane Renmei but the art style of Kamichu!.

Kodocha: doom, averted. Le Chevalier d'Eon: doom, confusing. Mononoke: doom, and then more doom.

Silly Computer Games: Only a little!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: nominal.

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2 June 2008 - Monday

Work: FAILURE. I thought my foot was only a little munged after yesterday's trapeze-related dumbassery, but it stiffened up or something overnight, and now I can only hobble along going "Ow! Ow! Ow!". Since part of my commute is a half-hour walk, I think this will be a sick day.

Stupid gravity. Stupid years.

Gaming: FAILURE.

Visual Entertainments: Two more episodes of Red Garden. Oh look, undead angst! Although really, I can't blame them.

Silly Computer Games: Lots and lots.

Cats: Twelve paws that got oppressed extra today! But Ghirardelli came and sat by me and got pettins.

Eventually I will clean out my library enough that the books piled up on my computer table can move there, and then Ghirardelli will have plenty of room to sprawl. Somehow, I suspect this will not stop him from trying to use the mouse, the keyboard, and my hand as pillows.

Writing: Double check. Current status: 1 day ahead.

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1 June 2008 - Sunday


* * *

Super Baccalaureate Ayse-chan: Check!

Ayse's graduation party was in Mike and Susan's back yard, by the giant wooden trapeze-bearing construction that their daughters use to defy gravity. As traditional, we had Too Much Food (I know, because I helped buy it), and also a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain interacted poorly with the strong breeze, but we had a chocolate fountain!

Ebeth and Erin are alarmingly agile. I, on the other hand, am feeble and decrepit, as shown by my inability to grab on to a bar about a foot above my head. Bah.

A fountain! Of chocolate!

It was a pretty nice party. And Ayse is now entirely graduated!

Gaming: No Mutants and Masterminds today because there's a party.

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE.

Food: Way too much party food. And did I mention there was a chocolate fountain?

Silly Computer Games: Way too much, but still no confusion resistance. Bah!

Cats: Twelve paws that had to stay home all day while I was off eating things that wouldn't be good for them anyway!

Writing: Double check. Current status: nominal.

Jumping by Dave (Tue Jun 3 11:36:19 2008)

Actually, jumping straight up can be surprisingly tricky. I have to pay close attention to my take-off when I try something like seeing if I can reach the Petterson's ceiling.

Dave jumping by Silkie (Tue Jun 3 15:21:24 2008)

Hey! That explains all the scuff marks on my living room ceiling!

day by kit- (Fri Jun 6 01:26:06 2008)

Thank you! beams hugs

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