Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 March 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Jobs applied for: 3.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Rose of Versailles 34: Yay Oscar!
  • Kaleido Star II 18-19: Woo backstory!
  • Black Lagoon 15: Why yes, every character in this anime (with the possible exception of Rock) is of evil alignment.
  • Bleach 122-123: Special training for all!

Food: I only consumed two pieces of pizza. I will pretend this makes me less suckful.

Cats: Aw! When I went to bed, Ghirardelli came and snuggled up on my arm against my side the way Marmalade sometimes does! But he soon scampered away to tussle with the other cats, instead of sleeping there all night like Marmalade.

Writing: FAIL.

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30 March 2009 - Monday

Work: FAIL. After laboring energetically (at least compared to my innate feebleness) all yesterday and then getting up early for a doctor appointment this morning, my brain was too small to do much of anything.

Visual Entertainments: Fourth disc of Kurau Phantom Memory. I have moved the last two discs to the end of my queue so that I can show the series at TNA without already knowing the ending.

Cats: The little black things on Marmalade's right ear were indeed scabs (presumably from tussling too energetically with Ghirardelli) and now he has a couple of small notches to show his bravery!

Writing: FAIL.

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29 March 2009 - Sunday

Labor: Tried to help Ken and Dave and Mike move all of Ayse and Ken's furniture to their new place. (Ayse and Erin provided vital organizational and small-object-lifting support.) As the feeblest one there, I became useless fairly early on, but I carried at least one or two things and guided a truck without anyone dying.

Random Encounters: Ebeth has become NINE FEET TALL!

Food: During moving we had pizza, but after moving we had take-out Chinese from the place in the strip mall at the corner of Rengstorff and Central. Those were, indeed, some pretty tasty noodles!

Cats: Aime was so traumatized by having her entire house changed and then being carried in the Shaky Box to a completely new house where people wouldn't even let her hide behind the water heater for more than an hour!

Jinian just stalked around and hissed a lot.

Writing: FAIL.

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28 March 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: Tomorrow is moving, so today we had extra bonus Palo Alto D&D. Earl, for some strange reason, though it would be fun, so his characters got beat up by horrible sewer-based undead just like everyone else's. Then we decided eight PCs is too many, so all the third-level characters took off to do their own things. Now I have to redo the lists of upcoming treasure, but that's okay. Now that the group has a controller, I can use the extra-scary monsters!

Visual Entertainments: Kurau Phantom Memory disc 3. I wonder if people think this is a yuri show.

Cats: Ghirardelli was so diligent about helping me get to sleep last night!

Writing: FAIL.

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27 March 2009 - Friday

Work: FAIL.

Random Encounters: Neil and Stacy's kid Asher is the happiest toddler I have seen in some time.

Gaming: Tonight we all trundled to Neils' place for the first session of the New World game. The PCs killed several horrible bug-like monsters, on the assumption that they're related to the impending doom of everyone they know and their cattle as well. Only time will tell whether this was a good call, and even then the PCs will disagree strenuously about it.

Food: Stacy made chili with cornbread topping that was pretty darn yummy. Also, there was watermelon.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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26 March 2009 - Thursday

Work: Jobs applied for: 3. Also I noticed Taos is hiring, but presumably they want to replace the people they got rid of, who sucked, with people who don't suck. (Google is also hiring for what looks like exactly the position I had for my last two contracts with them, but presumably ditto.)

Gaming: Marmalade chewed through the string on my dice bag! Fortunately it costs like $1.50 to replace at Daiso.

Visual Entertainments: Second disc of Kurau Phantom Memory. I've forgotten a lot of what happened in the first disc, but the outlines are clear. It's kind of Bujoldian in that there are action scenes, but they're not really the point. If I'm ever able to buy anime again, perhaps I'll show it at TNA.

Cats: Twelve paws and many string-gnawing teeth!

Writing: FAIL.

job searching by Graydon (Thu Mar 26 18:36:48 2009)

Most basic of all basic rules when job searching -- let them say no, don't say no for them.

Chuck the resume, at a minimum. Refusal doesn't cost you anything. Automated 'worked here before' algorithms are sometimes your friend in any case, and having internal references (provided they're not dreadful ones :) moreso.

Re: job searching by Trip (Fri Mar 27 16:45:27 2009)

I did send my resume to Taos, I just don't expect anything to come of it. I didn't bother with Google because they've already rejected me twice despite glowing recommendations from Google employees, and I don't think the current economic situation is lowering their standards any.

Google by Tamago (Sat Mar 28 13:19:46 2009)

Go for Google. They may have been uninterested in paying Taos the exorbitant "finders fee" contract places extract when you hire away one of their minions. They may also have "don't hire contractors more than x times in a row" guidelines, lest they get mashed like Microsoft did for hiring temps long term (years on end) to avoid giving them benefits and suchlike. Seriously, let them say no. (Or, you know, let them say nothing as your resume languishes.) Things change all the time. Try it again.

third time's the charm by Graydon (Sat Mar 28 18:44:41 2009)

What Tamago said.

Policy can change; some particular person in HR with a hidden disdain for space parasites can have been devoured by weasels; the vast bureaucracy can forget it ever saw you before and like you this time. (I've been the guy doing the hiring; arguing with the bureaucracy is way more work than reading the resumes or conducting the interviews.)

Re: third time's the charm by Trip (Sun Mar 29 20:00:09 2009)

Well, in this case the policy that would have had to have changed would be either all hires being approved by the founders, or the founders thinking college degrees are important.

Google by gregbo (Sun Mar 29 21:39:18 2009)

It's hard to get a job at Google. While I was unemployed, I had a few phone screens with them, but eventually decided no longer to seek employment with them, for reasons that are explained in my job search. The article sheds some light on the interview process. Another source of interview information (including sample questions and commentary) is at CareerCup, which was founded by a former Google employee.

Re: Google by gregbo (Sun Mar 29 21:44:28 2009)

The article Why Google Employees Quit sheds some light on the interview process.

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25 March 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Applications sent out: 2. Recruiters responded to: 1. Applications followed up on: 1.

Literacy: I took ten grocery bags of books to Book Buyers and got back a bag and a half. Only 85% acceptance, sniff!

They wouldn't tell me how much credit I have, they just asked if I wanted a bookstore.

When I got home I took ten minutes and got ten more bags full of books for the next Great Carrying. However, that only leaves about two bags worth in the Pile of Unnecessary Paper, so I obviously need to cull some more from the shelves.

Parasitism: The overhead fan in my dining room goes "wumwumwumwumwumwumwumwumwumwum".

Gaming: I should probably be ready for Friday and Saturday, shouldn't I?

Silly Computer Games: Marith lured me into playing Combine, darn her!

I can get to light blue, around 55k points.

Food: For carrying her ten bags of books to Book Buyers, Ayse treated me to Amarin Thai lunch of satay and "must have" brown fried rice and mango chicken special, which was quite tasty even though their web page turns out to be full of fail.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: A little bit, but not enough to avoid FAIL.

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24 March 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Looked at a bunch of job postings, but the ones that were undemanding enough to be worth applying for were mostly the ones I applied for yesterday. Bah.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Rose of Versailles 32-33: Oh the ever-increasing doom of France!
  • Kaleido Star II 17: Awwww!
  • Black Lagoon 13-14: Incestuous cross-dressing vampire twins! (Ew.)
  • Bleach121: Not really a victory with style, but better than seemed plausible halfway through last episode.

Food: I had Neil reduce my standard In'n'Out order even further, but apparently it is still too greasebombtastic for me. :(

Silly Computer Games: Wum.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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23 March 2009 - Monday

Work: Recruiters declined: 1 (they wanted Windows). Resumes sent out: 6.

Visual Entertainments: Third disc of Black Blood Brothers. Okay, that's a plot that is less thin.

Silly Computer Games: Yah, yah.

Cats: Marmalade couldn't even wait for me to put the laundry basket down before claiming it, so he was carried to the back room in proper style!

Writing: Check. Ish.

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22 March 2009 - Sunday

Random Encounters: To encounter anything, I would have had to leave the apartment today.

Gaming: Jeremy and Rachel are in Sacramento, and Ken and Ayse are in Santa Barbara(?), so no gaming for us.

Food: Marith took me to Country Gourmet for breakfast for almost my birthday and I ate things I probably shouldn't have. But they were good!

Silly Computer Games: Marith tried to lure me into playing Cradle of Rome, but the OSX version is both "beta" and "demo", probably because its performance gets worse the longer you play until moving the mouse interrupts the BG music and you have to quit in disgust.


Cats: I don't know if this is something he's just figured out, or if conditions weren't right for it before, but today Marmalade burrowed under the crumpled bedclothes and hid in a little cave, instead of just making a depression to nest in. I know he did it on purpose, because he went back into his cave after coming out to tussle with Ghirardelli. Later, Aspen curled up in front of the cave and Marmalade was Invisible Kitteh!

Writing: Check.

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21 March 2009 - Saturday

Time: I am officially almost 40. This would be more cheering if I had anything to show for it.

Work: I meant to pillage Dice for more jobs to apply to, but became lazy.

Gaming: Further PHB2 notes:

New power source:

  • Primal: which is spirits of nature and stuff, opposed to demons but not necessarily on good terms with the divine. Sure, that's pretty standard for generic fantasy.

New races:

  • Deva: The spirits of angels that took fleshly form. Devas don't reproduce, just reincarnate, so it's not clear why they come in a model with breasts and hips and a model without, but the illustration is clear. Oh well, at least now there's a PC race with the "immortal" origin. The deva racial encounter power is to get a +1d6 bonus to any attack/skill/ability check by drawing on knowledge from past lives.
  • Gnome: Much like in the Monster Manual, but now official.
  • Goliath: Big, strong, competitive, kind of rocky. Enh. The goliath racial encounter power is to get a bit of damage resistance for a round or two, which could be handy.
  • Half-Orc: Like half-elf, a thing of its own rather than an intermediate between the parent races, but like previous half-orc implementations, big and strong and full of grrr. The half-orc can do +1[W] or +1d8 damage on one hit per encounter.
  • Shifter: Much like the razorclaw and longtooth shifters in the Monster Manual, but now official. Hurray, D&D4 supports kittygirls!

New classes:

  • Avenger (divine striker): Lots of exciting light- and fire-based effects, summoned angels, that sort of thing. Like the ranger and the warlock, the avenger picks a victim to get bonuses against, which in this case includes getting to reroll attacks.
  • Barbarian (primal striker): Unlike the ranger or warlock, the barbarian doesn't pick out one opponent who gets extra damage, it just has at-wills that do a die or two of extra damage beyond 1[W]+Str. Barbarian daily powers are all a big attack followed by a "rage", which is like a stance in that it gives some on-going benefit until the encounter ends or another rage is used.
  • Bard (arcane leader): Usual leader abilities, but the bard's special schtick seems to be sliding allies. For unclear reasons, they don't have musical instruments as implements; instead there are some wondrous item musical instruments that can be used as bard implements.
  • Druid (primal controller): The druid gets to assume wildshape pretty much at will, but it doesn't provide any mechanical benefit except being able to use the class powers marked "beast form". Most of those are melee attacks, but some let the druid turn into a bird or a swarm of bugs or something and get some extra abilities.
  • Invoker (divine controller): Area effect damage, lots of radiant and lightning damage, slow and immobilize, and effects that do damage to an enemy if it does X (leaves an area, attacks someone, whatever).
  • Shaman (primal leader): The shaman has a spirit companion which can run around the battlefield, but it's more like a focus for heals and other beneficial effects at range than another combatant. The shaman's offensive powers are mostly ranged 5, so in theory it could stand well behind the front line and still be useful.
  • Sorcerer (arcane striker): More blast and burst energy damage than flinging enemies into the darkness behind the stars, but the dragon sorcerer at least could probably have been done just as well and with less complexity by making it a new Warlock path. The chaos sorcerer has lots of randomness, like rolling to see what energy resistance it gets after an extended rest, or rolling to see what kind of energy damage and extra effect an attack power does, or getting small extra effects if the attack die showed an even number, so it probably does deserve to be a separate class.
  • Warden (primal defender): A lot of the warden's daily powers are polymorphs that give some small bonuses for the rest of the encounter (or until another such power is used) and an attack of roughly daily-power level that can be used once while in that form. Kind of the opposite of the barbarian.

Other new stuff:

  • Racial paragon paths: Sure, that's pretty cool. I don't know if I'd ever take one, but then I don't know if I'll ever play or even run for an 11th level character.
  • Magic items: They're all very class-specific, much more so than the ones in previous books, even the ones that by virtue of their type were pretty class-specific. Bah.
  • Rituals: Some druid-themed rituals (Animal Friendship, etc) based on Nature, and some bard-themed rituals that, because there is no skill for bardishness, are just restricted to bards by fiat. Bah.
  • Character Backgrounds: As a bribe for defining at least three of what kind of place your character grew up in, what social class they grew up in, what omens or other oddness attended their birth, what profession they followed before becoming an adventurer and what race-specific excitement is in their background, you get either +2 to a skill or a skill in-class (which skills are eligible depend on your background choices), or a bonus language. How... un-D&D-like!

Visual Entertainments: The Fifth Element, which is still full of cheese. I think this must have been a director's cut or something, because it seemed to have more stuff and less plot than I remembered. But, a villain named Zorg!

Food: Celebratory Thai lunch! But I could only eat half of it. :(

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

Tripday! by Silkie (Sat Mar 21 22:38:49 2009)

Happy, happy Tripday and many happy returns!

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20 March 2009 - Friday

Work: Applied for one job. But it doesn't seem to require a lot of specific skills, just Unix fu, so maybe I'm not completely out of the running.

Gaming: D&D4 PHB2! More later.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Black Blood Brothers. Enh.

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: When Marmalade hid inside the grocery bag I dropped, with only his weaselly nose poking out, it was very difficult to resist the urge to pick up the bag by its handles and cackle! But I resisted, because it probably would not have amused Ginormous Orange Kitty.

Writing: Check, bizarrely.

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19 March 2009 - Thursday


Work: Applied for three jobs, but I'm not sure I get full credit because they're all at one company. Also decided to not apply for a job with a thinly-veiled-spam company.

Gaming: Someone else has independently invented D&D4 cheat sheets, which reassures me that they weren't a completely dumb idea. Fred grouped the actions by when they can be used (free action, immediate interrupt, standard action, etc) rather than how often they can be used, which is probably better.

Jeremy suggested a grid format, but admits that spreadsheets are chewing on his brain.

Visual Entertainments: One episode of Black Blood Brothers. Still kind of silly, despite the random bits of serious violence.

Silly Computer Games: Oh yes.

Cats: Aspen's nest under the coffee table seems to now qualify as a place to hide from the looming cat-eater, as long as that's not where she is when I'm looming (which is fair).

Writing: Check.

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18 March 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Replied to one person who contacted me on LinkedIn, applied for one job.

Random Encounters: Ayse and Ken's new landlord (okay, maybe that wasn't very random).

Gaming: Earthdawn in Ayse and Ken's new house! We got annoyed by mud elementals from the Misty Swamp Of Poor Visibility, but then found the village of ~druids dedicated to keeping the swamp from expanding and offered to help them with their mutant crocodile problem in exchange for a sleeping place with mosquito netting.

Next fortnight, mutant crocodile attack!

Silly Computer Games: Wum.

Cats: Twelve paws that diligently help me sleep!

Writing: FAIL.

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17 March 2009 - Tuesday

Work: FAIL. I obtained information from the nice people at Taos and finished redoing all three versions of my resume, which was annoying but not quite enough work to make me want to rewrite my resume in some metadatafied format and write converters for all the formats employers want to see.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Rose of Versailles 31: Too much duelling, not enough braining.
  • Kaleido Star II 15-16: Good luck competin with a memory, May.
  • Black Lagoon 12: The voice really does add something to the Chinese axe-murderer character.
  • Bleach 119-120: "We're not left-handed either!"

Food: I think I need to lay off or at least severely curtail the anime night greasebomb food. :(

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Aspen curled up on top of giant plush kitty Violetta!

Writing: Check?!

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16 March 2009 - Monday

Work: Only sent out one resume, but finally signed up on mployd and as a consequence redid my resume a little.


Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Batman Animated Series. Science fiction was a lot simpler before we understood how complex things are and thought chemistry and materials science could do everything.

Actually, most of these episodes could easily be ported to fantasy by making all the maguffins alchemical. Hm...

Silly Computer Games: Lots.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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15 March 2009 - Sunday


Gaming: Thrace, but we had no Marith, so we just beat up some ghouls on a haunted burial mound. Maybe next session we will stake out the creepy standing stones and try to whack the necromancer when he comes to worship.

Visual Entertainments: Batman Animated Series. Hey, look! It's Catwoman! And horrible American voice acting!

Food: Homemade burgers, after helping Ayse and Ken move into their new place. Yum!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Aspen slept on my feet almost all night!

Writing: FAIL.

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14 March 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: If I try to figure out how the PCs in the New World game should save their homeland and try to create a plot that gets them everything they need, they'll ignore it. If I don't create a plot and leave it to them to figure out what they need, they'll wander aimlessly. Bah.

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

insidious plotting by Graydon (Sun Mar 15 10:42:02 2009)

It does not always work, but you don't have to have the PCs give a damn about the plot; you only need to have the PCs interact with people who give a damn about the plot.

This ranges from using the PCs as catspaws and cannon fodder (here are your pants back; the glowy collar can be turned off at any temple of the humourless god; you have nine days to bring Captain Jack Sparrow to a temple before the glowy collar explodes/contracts/sends you to hell/compels you to do whatever anyone asks you/feeds you to Cthulu/rearranges your stats[1]) through the objectives of persons who have a commercial relationship with the PCs. (Never, ever allow PCs economic independence.)

And it doesn't have to start all at once; a few sticky strands at a time can accumulate due to unconnected events. PCs are often strongly motivated by a desire to know what's going on, as well as loot and slaughter.

Things also have second-order effects. Those trying to reach the PCs, to warn them or recruit them? They keep winding up dead on the doorstep, or not even that far; the police come to ask why a dead gentleman might have wished to deliver a letter? And now there is a third dead gentleman? Could Sir perhaps search Sir's mind with greater care?

The PCs get hired to do an ordinary job; the person hiring it done does not know that one of the barrels of salt pork has a McGuffin in it. Other people do, though; if the PCs succeed in defending it (what is this, bacon-deprived ninja week?) there starts to be a tendency to use their jobs for blind shipping (since the longshoreman's union is in on the whole thing); if they fail spectacularly, they can wind up imprisoned by the baddies and given choices involving glowy collars.

The PCs have personal objectives; learn new skills, learn new spells, etc. Only this is not simple or free of political complication; you have to deal with people involved in the concerned-for-the-homeland thing to do anything, and they have different views and objectives. You have to figure out a skeleton of factions first, but this is a great way to get the PCs tightly tangled in politics.

[1]The stat rearranging thing? Every day, two randomly selected stats switch? That has amazing powers of getting characters attention. If you make it skills, too, they get focused. Just make sure it's skills they already have, or that the new skill (which is of zero value, probably) isn't randomly chosen.)

Bacon ninja by Carl (Sun Mar 15 18:44:50 2009)

I'm not a fan of glowy collars; players can get that in their real life jobs.

I advocate paying attention to what interests the players, and give them more of that. The idea that the "GM tells a story" is pernicious. Give the players NPCs to care about (love or hate, whatever they're looking for), and the agency to do things for or to those NPCs.

Or maybe they're looking for something else out of the game. See if you can figure out what, ideally with their help, and then provide it or help them to provide it for themselves. Don't forget to provide yourself with sufficient fun to make running the game worth your while. Life's too short to treat yourself as a vending machine.

Or perhaps you were just venting and not looking for advice, so replace all the above with protestations of sympathy instead.

Re: Insidious bacon ninja by Trip (Mon Mar 16 11:09:36 2009)

Sadly, I'm not sure I've ever gotten a useful answer when asking players what they want out of a game, or even the more concrete question of what from the session just finished they would like to do differently for next session. I know that two of the players, when they are in the GM's seat, tend to have a lot of the plot worked out ahead of time, while one more tends to set up a world and let the PCs wander around as they like, but is that what they want as players? Who knows?

The situation is this: Ever since the gods created them a few generations back, the PCs' people have lived happily -- or at least stably -- in their oasis surrounded by a deathly waste. Now their land is undergoing a precipitous reduction in habitability, and these four loons have been sent to try to find a way to the outside world (if there is one) and look for solutions or a new place to live (and a way to get there) or clues or allies or really just about anything that might help.

So, do I figure out the solution and lay a trail of breadcrumbs magic items to it, or just set up a bunch of world and let the PCs decide what looks like a solution they want to try?

plot as a collection of tentacles by Graydon (Mon Mar 16 14:50:05 2009)


No, you don't figure out the solution or just set up the world (because that way you can't evaluate the PC efforts very easily).

You figure out a bunch of solutions, which involve tradeoffs. You locate partial, and not completely correct information about each of, say, five solutions, ranging from, say, "voluntary human sacrifice of the player-characters (but it doesn't cost anybody else anything" through "engineering works" through "travel to a new land", in a bunch of locations, and you have the PCs start to find it. (It's a bit like flowcharting multi-threaded processes, but you can draw a diagram for this sort of thing, and have them connect; the engineering works will make the water spirits either too angry to accept the sacrifice or so happy they don't want one, depending; they might want to be beautified with fountains...)

Unless they're total custards, one and all, figuring out the possible approaches and trying to optimize the choice will keep the PCs plenty occupied.

Plot and stuff by Rachel (Tue Mar 17 09:01:33 2009)

Hey, I tried to give a good description of what I want (as a player) and what my characters want! Honestly, though, I'm learning from other games that what I really want is immediate feedback. There's some research (related to ) that asserts that electronic gaming is so addictive because it provides immediate rewards and penalties, which creates an ideal and low-emotional-stress learning environment. Solving a puzzle should have clues as needed, feedback at each stage, and an immediate reward/penalty system for optimal learning. I'm finding that games where there are no immediate goals (many sessions spent wandering around looking for something to do) or there are goals that seem unsolvable ("I don't know, make something up and try it, and I'll tell you a few sessions later if it did anything") are somewhat frustrating for me and tend to cause a loss of interest. I'm totally good with the "wander around until we find the nifty little plot the GM has hidden" as long as it doesn't take too long. There just has to be a plot hidden, and some point to finding it. Which, incidentally, I think you do quite well.

I'll note in passing that modern society is not an optimal learning environment for humans.

Re: Plot and stuff by Trip (Tue Mar 17 11:49:57 2009)

Okay, it's true, I shouldn't malign all players for something only most of them do. :)

I wonder if this is another part of why combat is often considered fun? Feedback isn't quite immediate, at least in games like D&D4 where one-punch take-downs aren't common, but it doesn't take long to figure out whether what you're doing is working or not.

I'll note in passing that modern society is not an optimal learning environment for humans.

No kidding!

I think this is an argument in favor of transhumanism, actually. Returning to a hunter-gatherer existence on the savannahs of Africa is even less desirable than it is likely, so we need to adapt humans to the environments they're actually going to be in.

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13 March 2009 - Friday

Work: One of the jobs I applied to yesterday has already responded! They think I suck, but at least they noticed I applied.

Applied for one more job.

Random Encounters: What does it mean when a car has a bumper sticker of two intersecting arcs like a Jesus fish, but instead of a cross for an eye has a Star of David inside? Jews for Jesus?

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

Response by Jeremy (Fri Mar 13 18:00:32 2009)

Um, wait, is that good or bad news? Thanks-but-no, or something better?

Re: Response by Trip (Fri Mar 13 18:12:14 2009)

They think I just plain suck, with no possibility that everyone else who applies might suck more.

Re: Response by Jeremy (Fri Mar 13 19:46:28 2009)

Ah. My usual reaction to that is to firebomb their headquarters, but I understand that some people frown on that sort of creative expression.

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12 March 2009 - Thursday

Work: Three jobs applied for, but it's not like applying directly ever does any good.

Visual Entertainments: Desert Punk, because GreenCine insists on sending me stuff from the middle of my queue instead of the front.

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: It is important to frequenly remind the kitties that they are kitties, like this: "Hi there Miss Kitty! Did you know that you're a kitty? Well, you are! That's right!"

Writing: FAIL.

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11 March 2009 - Wednesday

Work: One recruiter responded to.

Food: Chicken strips with mango ginger chutney, while providing Ayse with moral support.

Visual Entertainments: Only two episodes of xxxHolic, but that leaves us three for next time, which is a good number.

Ken should get some Jeeves and Wooster cued up!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: I am finally getting used to Marmalade snuggling me during the night!

Writing: FAIL.

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10 March 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Applied for one job, tried to respond to one recruiter but failed.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Rose of Versailles 29-30: We seem to have moved from court intrigue to Oscar's own personal doom.
  • Kaleido Star II 14: Not really much of a plot twist, but I don't think it was supposed to be.
  • Black Lagoon 10-11: Yay Boss Chang!
  • Bleach 118: Why yes, Madarame is second only to Kenpachi in crazy fightness.

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: All hail Marmalade the Laundry-King!

Writing: FAIL.

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9 March 2009 - Monday

Work: Sent out one resume, responded to one recruiter.

Visual Entertainments: Finished Knights of Ramunes. I knew it was cheese going in, but sadly it turned out be Velveeta. Ah well, back to Book Buyers with it!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Ghirardelli has resumed his habit of attacking the paper recycling when I am doing things less important than chasing him. It is still cute and obnoxious.

Writing: FAIL.

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8 March 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: PAD&D4! The trial of the accused Vecna cultists could have been more entertaining, although Roger should definitely get some sort of props for turning himself in. The poltergeist fight confirmed that flying creatures outside are much nastier than their level would suggest, especially when half the group doesn't have real ranged attacks. I think Roger needs to trade in his longbow for some javelins (+5/1d10+1 -> +8/1d6+4), and Isako could take the swordmage feat that lets her use Int for basic melee attacks and try to get one of the magic weapons that can make basic melee attacks at a range of up to 5, which would get everyone an attack using their favored stat with a range of at least 5.

Or I should follow the lead of the Big Book of Encounters and only create indoor encounters from now on.

Visual Entertainments: Some of Knights of Ramune, which as expected is 100% pure cheese. But I wasn't really looking for intellectual stimulation at that point.

Sometime in the last two decades, topless anime girls stopped having visible nipples. What's up with that?

Food: Ken made pasta with shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes, and chard with pine nuts and raisins, and we devoured it fiercely!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

Farslayer weapons by Trip (Mon Mar 9 17:06:27 2009)

Bah, they don't start until level 13, which is a ways away yet.

Javelins by Jeremy (Tue Mar 10 20:53:21 2009)

Hmm. Possible. Although he might rather chuck shurikens, or possibly dwarfs.

Re: Javelins by Trip (Tue Mar 10 21:10:13 2009)

Shuriken require a feat (they're Superior weapons) and only do 1d4. Dwarves have terrible range mods.

Re: Javelins by Jeremy (Wed Mar 11 18:01:47 2009)

It's not all about optimizing the build!

Shuriken might infringe a little much on Maria's shtick. But Zelos keeps complaining that he has too short a range - Roger can help with that. Put some fins on him and the range mods won't be too bad.

...Okay, it's mostly about optimizing the build.

Re: Javelins by Trip (Thu Mar 12 13:22:46 2009)

Hm, fin-stabilized dwarf! But how do you ensure his boots fall off at the right time?

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7 March 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: Intrepid Gnomes of Carcassonne! Dave crushed us all, probably because we were doing mountain scoring wrong. Those of us who are not Dave came in within five points of each other, though.

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Eight paws of night-time snuggling and four paws of aloofness!

Writing: Check, kinda.

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6 March 2009 - Friday

Work: Apparently no great amount of contemplation was necessary for Facebook to conclude that I suck.

Back to square one.

Visual Entertainments: The live-action A Wrinkle in Time. I don't remember the original well enough to spot all the changes, but, well, TV. (In their defense, a lot of what I do remember wouldn't translate well to video.)

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws.

Writing: FAIL, of course.

Facebook sucks the big moose wang! by Jeremy (Fri Mar 6 19:03:38 2009)

I guess they're less clever than I had supposed.

Re: facebook by marith (Fri Mar 6 23:13:30 2009)

Again, bear in mind that they had certainly dozens and possibly hundreds of applicants for this opening. FB is well known enough that people probably specifically want to work there, as with Google.

The kindest thing to do when you're dealing with way too many candidates is to screen ruthlessly and quickly, and inform people fast instead of leaving them hanging. So it's good they did that, at least. Even though it sucks. hugs

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5 March 2009 - Thursday

Work: Interview: check. They didn't actually point and laugh, but I don't know as much TCP/IP as I thought.

Visual Entertainments: Disc 2 of Master Keaton (out of order, as I somehow managed to watch disc 1 and then disc 3, but whatever). Keaton is pretty cool.

Food: Celebratory Chef Chu's, since I survived the interview.

Silly Computer Games: Oh yes.

Cats: Twelve paws of cuteness!

Writing: FAIL.

20th Century Boys by Carl (Sun Mar 8 16:29:44 2009)

Naoki Urasawa, mangaka of Master Keaton and Monster, has a new series coming out in English, 20th Century Boys, that I've heard good things about. I haven't read it yet myself but plan to, based on how much I've liked his previous work.

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4 March 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Augh, interview TOMORROW!

Gaming: Earthdawn! The horror that was going to eat everyone except Isidari turned out to be an illusion, and we all escaped the city and the warring houses and the nethermancer and everything! Yay us!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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3 March 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Interview on Thursday! Ack!

Visual Entertainments:

  • Rose of Versailles 28: Oh the ever-increasing shoujo doom!
  • Kaleido Star II 12-13: Oh the ever-increasing shoujo doom!
  • Black Lagoon 9: This show makes me want to play Feng Shui so much.
  • Bleach 116-117: YAY RUKIA!

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check, kinda.

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2 March 2009 - Monday

Work: Facebook wants to interview me in person at noon on Thursday! Meep!

Visual Entertainments: Finished off the first disc of Veronica Mars. I don't know if a stopwatch would agree, but the A plots for each episode feel quite secondary to the arc plot.

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

interview by cat (Mon Mar 2 15:27:35 2009)


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1 March 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: Extra bonus Thrace! Lycoris was grievously oppressed, but otherwise the expedition to ameliorate the lizardy threat was quite successful and "Lady Barbara" (half swamp hag, half black dragon) is now ensconced in town where the forces of law and order can keep an eye on her while she tries to pillage their ancient catacombs for magical power. The expedition into said catacombs in search of treasure was a little less successful, involving painful acid burns and psychic trauma from imps, but may yet turn out okay.

Also, LEVEL UP! (This means people who want their cheat sheets updated should tell me what their new encounter powers are.)

Silly Computer Games: Yep.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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