Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 October 2009 - Saturday

Perfidy: Argh, aeriodisconnect didn't just change my static IP, they switched everything over to some freakish PPP over ethernet scheme, which requires all kinds of different configuration and doesn't seem to actually work. I had plans for that internet!

Food: Yay Halloween pot roast! With roasted vegetables, and then some additional roasted vegetables!

Gaming: Halloween Dominion, with Witches and nine more kinds of cards! Ken misled us all into thinking that Marith had many more provinces than she actually did, or I had many fewer, or something, so when she ended the game I triumphed utterly! Muahahahahaha!

Random Encounters: Ayse and Ken's new place gets a lot of trick-or-treaters!

Visual Entertainments: Finished the last Full Metal Panic disc Greencine has sent me. Next, I can watch the ones Netflix sent me, which indeed arrived in a day.

Cats: Ghirardelli does not seem to be eating (not even kitty treats!) or leaping around. He still walks around and purrs when I rub his tummy, but he is clearly not in optimum condition. I will make an appointment to have him seen by a vet, and in the meantime I will worry a lot. :(

Writing: Check.

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30 October 2009 - Friday

Work: In-Person Interviews Completed: 1. They definitely want someone with more business skillz than me, and probably don't need someone as technically l33t as me, but they are considering whether it would be worthwhile to bring me on for the technical stuff and have me work on other projects as well, and get someone else for the business stuff. They say they'll decide by Mondayish.

In the meantime, back to the recruiters to see if they have more positions!

Textual Entertainments: How We Decide (Jonah Lehrer) is in the "Conscious rationality: handy, but not as great as your frontal lobes tell you" genre. Lehrer does take care to point out where rational thought works well: novel situations, and situations with a small number of quantifiable variables. For situations one has seen before, situations with a lot of variables, or something fuzzy like personal preferences, rational thought won't do a lot of good; one needs to let the subconscious crunch on the problem and pay attention to the emotional flags it raises. Obviously, for an ideal approach to life one needs to cultivate both types of thought and know when to use each.

One point Lehrer brings up that a lot of books in this area don't is that despite what the law assumes, moral judgements are almost completely emotional, not rational. Humans might sometimes have a set of morals that makes sense, but the visceral "that's not okay" reaction isn't thought out.

If you have read many books in this genre, How We Decide doesn't add a whole lot, but if you haven't, it's not a bad place to start.

Visual Entertainments: Yet more Full Metal Panic. I have no reason to believe this show is at all Mythos-related, but it sure looks like something Nyarlathotep would do.

Cats: Poor Ghirardelli has been throwing up off and on all day. Poor me, too, since I have to clean it up, but I hope he feels better soon!

Writing: Check.

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29 October 2009 - Thursday

Work: In-person interviews scheduled for tomorrow morning: 1. Ack.

Textual Entertainments: Today: D&D 4th ed Primal Power supplement. PHB2 was already overpowered, so this isn't much escalation, and it does have some explication on what having primal (spirit-based) powers is like from the character's PoV.

Gaming: See above.

Food: Marith lured me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The chicken marsala was yummy, but portion size FAIL!

Random Encounters: Walking down the street toward the Cheesecake Factory, I fell in with Eric Schell, walking the same way down the street to meet Chris Dodd for dinner. When we parted ways and I walked onward, I met Chris Dodd coming the other way in quite a hurry.

Visual Entertainments: More Full Metal Panic. The female lead is verging on too-stupid-to-live, but on the other hand, she clearly thought she was in an entirely different genre until this disc. (Also, cube-square law fail, but that's so standard for mecha I hardly need to mention it.)

Netflix sent me a free trial offer thingy, so I signed up. It looks like they have somewhat less anime than Greencine, but not a lot, and they're based in Los Gatos so perhaps they can send me discs in a reasonable amount of time (unlike Greencine which is apparently so far in the depths of South California that all mail has to be carried in and out by a heavily guarded weekly caravan). And if Netflix displeases me, I can probably remember to cancel before the trial is up!

Cats: Aw, night-time Marmalade-snuggles!

Writing: Check.

dinner by Rachel (Fri Oct 30 17:09:09 2009)

Wow, we must have just missed you last night! Chris Dodd was in a hurry because Cesar and I ran into him at Borders while he was waiting to meet Eric for dinner. We kept him talking for a little while before having mercy on him and letting him go eat. :)

Re: dinner by Trip (Fri Oct 30 21:29:57 2009)

We never did make it as far down as Borders. After admitting defeat at Cheescake Factory, we had to hike endless miles back to Marith's car, and also buy a cell phone (which as predicted caused her old cell phone to miraculously reappear).

cheesecake factory by kit (Sun Nov 1 13:55:32 2009)

ZOMG, they have HUGE portions. I swear you could feed three people off one entree...

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28 October 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Phone interviews successfully conducted: 2. The first was with a member of the team the position is in, and I think I did pretty well. The second was with a recruiter, who wasn't technical but took notes to pass along to the client. I don't think I did as well there, but there wasn't much feedback so it was hard to tell. I don't think I bombed, anyway.

Gaming: After some flailing and stuff, we played Dominion with random cards. There were five of us, so we used twelve cards: Chancellor, Chapel, Council Chamber, Feast, Market, Mine, Moat, Smithy, Spy, Throne Room, Woodcutter, and Workshop. Normally the way to win Dominion is to accumulate cards that give you +2 or more actions so that you can chain them together and bust out in a huge flurry of cards that give you ultimate power, but this set had no cards above +1 action and only two of those. However, it had Throne Rooms, which can combine with Spies or Markets to get extra actions, so Ken (and to a lesser extent Ayse and Marith) went for that combination. I didn't, but somehow still ended up winning 33:21:21:10 (Dave tried to do something exceptionally clever early on, but it fell through so he conceded and went to try to get home at a reasonable hour). I think it was just luck, since my strategy amounted to, "buy some cards, then buy some more cards", but Dominion is a pretty luck-tastic game. Ken's master plan did get him a turn in which he spied six times (four Spy cards, two doubled with Throne Rooms) and played six more action cards, which was pretty epic, but ended up with him having only about four money to buy with.

The game ran pretty long, so our brains were pretty small by the end. In retrospect, when one player dropped out, we should probably have taken a card or two off every stack.

Food: Parasitized Ken's spaghetti and spinach and chocolate ice cream. Wum!

Cats: Ah, it is the time of year when cats become affectionate!

Writing: Check. Ish.

Epic Turn by Ken (Fri Oct 30 17:03:00 2009)

Nah, it ended with enough to buy a Province! And not enough to buy anything else useful.

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27 October 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Recruiters talked to about jobs: 1½.

Gaming: Printing out hex paper and drawing maps on it in pencil does not produce stunning visual aids, and trying to ink the pencilled version would result in printing out and throwing away a lot of hex paper. Anyone know of any good utilities for making gaming maps with a Mac? Super-artistry is not required, so a real drawing program would be overkill.

Textual Entertainments: Does it count as an accident if you walk up to the bookstore, spit in its face, and go, "You think you're tough?!"?

Visual Entertainments:

  • Eden of the East 10-11: A lot was left unexplained by the finale, but what was there made sense, and we were able to work out some of what was missing, which puts EotE well above Lain!
  • Code Geass 9: I think Zero is trying to switch genres to harem anime.
  • Avatar 2.19-2.20: Toph, you rule!
  • Bleach 164: Yay, more Orihime! Also, Ishida and Renji got to bond, which can lead to no good whatsoever.

Cats: I made Aspen even more beautiful by removing more mats from her fur, but she did not appreciate it. Possibly she thinks it is the wrong time of year to be getting less fur. (As I understand it, mats don't insulate nearly as well as fluffy beautiful kittyfur so it's not that much of a change, but this sort of thermal engineering issue might be beyond a simple ex-feral kitteh.)

Writing: Check. Ish.

Hexmaps by Trip (Wed Oct 28 22:51:52 2009)

I found Hexographer, which isn't bad. Drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a blunt, slippery rock, but I can't hold that against Hexographer.

You think you're tough? by kit (Thu Oct 29 06:36:56 2009)

I think that's like an aggravated accident. Kind of like aggravated assault. :)

Re: You think you're tough? by Trip (Thu Oct 29 10:22:07 2009)

Yah, that sounds about right. :)

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26 October 2009 - Monday

Work: Interviews with recruiters: 1. They at the very least waited until they were out of the room before laughing at me, which I take as a good sign! Also, they said things have been heating up the past couple of weeks, which is definitely a good sign.

Other jobs applied for: 5.

Textual Entertainments: Today: Heart of Veridon, by Tim Akers, is secondary-world steampunk fantasy (or possibly <rot13> fgrnzchax onfrq ba fgbyra anabgrpu </rot13>) with extra betrayal, doom, creepy cyberware, and betrayal. I would have liked to see a lot more of the world, but that would have taken wordcount away from the betrayal and doom, plus I'm a freak that way.

Although this looks like a thickish book (MMPB, 473 pages), the margins are so bizarrely wide that if printed in a normal format, it would probably be only about 350pp. Publishers are weird.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check, although I am reminded that everything write is EPIC FAIL as far as feminism is concerned, and supports the patriarchy just by existing as bits on a disk.

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25 October 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: The ancient death machines in the ants' collection of shiny things were thoroughly defeated. I made the mistake of setting up the encounter area so that a lot of it was safe from the Poison Darts of Toxic Death, and the PCs stayed there the whole time. Maybe I needed to have obvious magic items beckoning them from the dangerous end of the room.

Did you know that a 7th level shaman can give someone resist 5 to all damage for an entire encounter? Apparently I need to give all monsters +5 damage now.

Then I handed out new different character sheets and had the players play the team of NPC heroes who had been fighting undead and Orcus cultists while the PCS were away. I probably should have expected the NPCs to get named Fred (eladrin fey knight), Shaggy (tiefling darkblade), Daphne (human hexer), and Velma (shardstorm vortex), since what else do you name a 4-person team that might fight ghosts? Anyway, I expected them to be killed horribly with maybe one escaping to tell the tale, but instead they handily defeated a superior force (despite Daphne being thrown into a well full of dread zombies) and went out drinking, so the PCs decided the city was in good hands and took off for foreign parts.

Cats: Aspen was so very oppressed by the Snuggly Face!

Writing: Check.

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24 October 2009 - Saturday

Genetic Redundancy: Marith and I went over to Ayse and Ken's to admire Julia, who apparently has been growing even when we weren't watching! Ayse's mom and dad, who are pretty swell even if I can never remember their names, were also there.

Food: Ken had not planned to have guests for dinner, so he did not feed Marith and I. Instead, we went to Kabul and ate large amounts of lawang and kadu.

Random Encounters: Jeremy, Rachel, and daughters were departing Kabul just as Marith and I got there. They said it was still good, and they were right.

Gaming: Eh, sure, that's like being prepared. Kinda.

Cats: I oppressed Aspen with the snuggly face again! I couldn't help it, she looks so cute curled up with all the plush critters!

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23 October 2009 - Friday


Work: Phone interviews successfully conducted: 1.

Gaming: I remembered my extremely clever plan for D&D! Muahahahaha!

Silly Computer Games: If I were very clever, I would stop playing NPPAngband and do something worthwhile with my time.

Cats: Twelve paws of cuteness!

Writing: Check.

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22 October 2009 - Thursday

Work: Phone interviews arranged for tomorrow: 1. In-person interviews arranged for next week: 1 (but only with a recruiter).

Textual Entertainments: Today: Trick of the Light (Rob Thurman) is set in the same universe as the Cal and Niko books, although on the other side of the continent and with only one character in common. I didn't like it as much, possibly because generic-middle-eastern-monotheism angels and demons can't match the Auphe as villains, or possibly because Trixa is too cool and doesn't suffer as much as Cal. If I want to read about an unflappable confident protagonist, I'll reread The Demon's Lexicon.

Hm, I seem to have come out as pro-angst. Now the zombies will come for me. Woe.

Visual Entertainments: First disc of Full Metal Panic, because it's classic, or seminal, or silly, or something.

Cats: Aspen laid down near me because I was near the comfy spot on the bed, so I oppressed her with the hand of pettins and did not eat her even once!

Writing: Check.

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21 October 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Jobs applied for: 3. Recruiters contacted in a more general fashion: 2.

Textual Entertainments: Today: Benighted (Kit Whitfield), is set in a world where everyone turns into a wolf on the night of the full moon. When people don't properly lock themselves up before moonrise, the tiny fraction of a percent of the population that has the birth defect of not changing (like the protagonist) gets to police them. So, the protagonist gets the doom of being a werewolf hunter plus the doom of being a despised minority plus the doom of being part of a despicable law enforcement organization plus the doom of being a woman!

I liked this book, but I have to admit it's pretty much wall-to-wall girl cooties, so people who are opposed to that may not like it.

Visual Entertainments: Finished Zone of the Enders: Dolores. The good guys won.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws!

Writing: Triple check. But I don't know if it really counts.

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20 October 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Jobs applied for: 3. Rejections from jobs previously applied for: 1.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Eden of the East 9: The plot thickens even more! Next week, we find out if it sets or dissolves!
  • Code Geass 7-8: More doom, but also a Cunning Plan!
  • Avatar 2.18: Yay! (But are we really doing kids a favor by teaching them that being reasonable and providing evidence for their position will get people in a position of power to cooperate?)
  • Bleach 162-163: Yay, Orihime! (But it would still be okay if all the comic sidekick scenes were replaced with bonus Orihime.)

Cats: The cats have been sitting close enough to each other that I could take a picture of all three of them! If I had, you know, a camera.

Writing: Check

It's the time of year when people consider NaNoWriMo. I wonder if I could convince them to pay me money to not lower their reputation by participating again?

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19 October 2009 - Monday

Work: Jobs applied for: 0. Rejections from jobs previously applied for: 1. Bah.

Visual Entertainments: Started the last disc of Zone of the Enders: Dolores.

Cats: Twelve paws! (It's still the new orange!)

Writing: Check.

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18 October 2009 - Sunday

Textual Entertainments: Today: Extras, the fourth book in Scott Westerfeld's "Uglies" trilogy. It really is a side story, although the main characters from the first three books show up as secondary characters to cause additional trouble.

Food: Ken made Double Mushroom Extroganoffanza With Beef!

Gaming: No D&D for us! Marith was too dead from work to game, so it was already pretty marginal, and then Ayse was too happy from codeine (yay major abdominal surgery), so instead we played Carcassonne and Ken crushed us all by miles. Maybe we should have offered to fetch him more drinks.

Julia was a pretty good baby and only interrupted the game for feeding/changing/college fund donations a few times.

Cats: Aspen seems pretty fond of the basket, except for the part where I notice her and oppress her with egregious pettins.

Writing: Check.

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17 October 2009 - Saturday

Textual Entertainments: Today: Unseen Academicals (Terry Pratchett) mocks football (the kind that degenerate ex-colonials call soccer), human stupidity and xenophobia. But I can't really blame Discworld humans for being nervous, as they're competing with at least two sapient species that are smarter, physically much more capable, and probably morally superior to them.

Also Today: Boneshaker (Cherie Priest) didn't seem to have quite enough plot to fill up its word count, and the plot twist was not very twisty. On the other hand, MOLE MACHINES + ZOMBIES!

Still Today: Liar is one of those books that makes me want to bite all my tentacles off so I can't accidentally sully the genre with my feeble typing. Justine Larbalestier's brain is definitely on The List. But I say no more because almost anything would be a spoiler.

Food: Marith lured me to dinner at the Chinese place where we somtimes get dim sum brunch. It was pretty good.

Random Encounters: Earl, Cat, Cat's sister, Cat's brother (David?), Cat's mom, and Cat's dad on Castro. Sadly, they had already eaten dinner as Marith and I were looking for dinner to eat, so we went our separate ways.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the fourth disc of Baccano!. Wait, that was the end? What?! (Yes, I know the end of the last episode explained that stories have no end. Nevertheless!)

Cats: Paw count: still 12!

Writing: Check.

"liar" by kit (Sun Oct 18 13:38:45 2009)

I haven't read LIAR, but there are always books that make me want to bite all my tentacles off so I can't accidentally sully the genre with my feeble typing. I think it is the nature of writers to feel that way about other writers. Not all of them, perhaps, but there are always more tentacle-biting-inducing writers to be found.

Re: "liar" by Trip (Sun Oct 18 14:22:51 2009)

It's true! It's a wonder there are any unbitten tentacles left!

In related news, plots are hard.

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16 October 2009 - Friday

Work: It's like a lead! But it's also like Friday afternoon.

Textual Entertainments: Today: The Stepsister Scheme, which I went back and reread after reading The Mermaid's Madness. Still pretty good! I could have sworn it was explicitly stated that [SPOILER] is really [SPOILER], not just anti-[SPOILER] because of [SPOILER], but apparently it was extra-textual. I still think it is true, because otherwise it would be stupid and cheesy, which does not seem consistent.

Recently: Ash, by Malinda Lo, is a version of Cinderella in which the poor stepdaughter falls not for the prince but for the King's Huntress. (Apparently that's okay in this setting.) Also features the kind of faeries that make people hang iron horseshoes over their doors and stay inside at night, a thinly-disguised Christianity-vs-paganism conflict, and assorted wickedness from stepmothers and stepsisters.

Visual Entertainments: Started the fourth disc of Baccano!. Not bad, but I think the story of lobster hooch would be better.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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15 October 2009 - Thursday

Work: Jobs applied for: 4.

Why look, it's almost as though resuming a half-dose of meds keeps me semi-functional! (The full dose also keeps me semi-functional, which is why this med is being tapered off.)

Textual Entertainments:

Recently: Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld, is full of steampunky goodness (with extra living airships) and also illustrations by Keith Thompson. The setting reminds me of the backstory for a character I played in one of Chrisber's games, but Leviathan does not actually have any French military-surplus pneumatic pixies. Darn you anyway, Westerfeld!

Less Recently: The Demon's Lexicon, by Sarah Rees Brennan. Have you ever wondered what the inner life of an unflappably hot and competent demon-slayer is like? So has Rees Brennan. The answer: awesome!

Visual Entertainments: Finished disc 5 of Zone of the Enders: Dolores. One more to go!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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14 October 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Recruiters rebuffed because the jobs they offer are far away from anything I care about: 1 (NYC). Too bad, too, because I could probably do it.

Textual Entertainments: My Good Reads usage appears to be EPIC FAIL, so maybe I'll just make notes here, until I remember no one actually wants my opinion. Wait, I already know that! Well, TOO BAD!

Today: The Mermaid's Madness, second of Jim C Hines's books about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella as secret agents of the crown. Still pretty darn cool, and also full of doom (with a double helping of extra bonus doom for Sleeping Beauty).

Recently: WebMage and Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough. The titles and cover blurbs make them sound like the ShadowRun genre, but they are really much more like Zelazny's Amber books (particularly the second series), first-person smartass narrator and all. Cybermancy might contain feminism fail, but the main plot is pretty awesomely heroic.

Visual Entertainments: More Zone of the Enders: Dolores.

Food: The chicken strips Marith bought me at Marie Callendar's were crunchy and tasty, but when I rule the world an order of chicken strips will not be 50% french fries.

Cats: Twelve paws of scampering and tussling!

Writing: Check.

books by kit (Fri Oct 16 14:17:04 2009)

Ooh. I hain't read any of them books, but have wondered about all of them! Now I know more than I did.

Re: books by Trip (Fri Oct 16 22:38:54 2009)

You know that I liked them all, and also I like your books, so they must be good!

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13 October 2009 - Tuesday

Weather: Ack, water falling from the sky! I appreciate the contribution to the crops that I hope to eat in the future, but I wish that rain was accompanied by temperatures that allowed the wearing of coats.

Work: FAIL.

Oh, hey, do you think reducing my dosage of antidepressants might be what's making me lethargic and stupid and uninclined to do anything? Perhaps I will call the appropriate doctor and see if he has a better plan.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Code Geass 6: Extra bonus doom, with a side of flaming aerial doom!
  • Bleach 160-161: Yay, a few seconds of Orihime! Also, we got to see Rukia triumph, even though her fight involved girl cooties her emotions.
  • Avatar 2.17: Yay! Victory!
  • Eden of the East 7-8: ?!?!?!?! They can do that?! Perhaps our protagonist has been unnecessarily restraining his requests based on the laws of nature.

Only three more episodes of EotE, then (unless the internets have cruelly betrayed us) Oh! Edo Rocket! Also Dave has volunteered to score Darker Than Black DVDs for the group, because he is a Hero of the Rotation.

Cats: The cats seem kind of hyper. Also, Marmalade and Aspen have both been spotted in the basket next to the TV that was Ghirardelli's for a long time.

Writing: Check, although really it's just that the scraps from the past few nights finally added up to $quota.

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12 October 2009 - Monday

Work: FAIL.

Gaming: When you take an entire page to detail how one thing in a system behaves differently than intuitively similar things in that system and it's still not clear how the thing behaves, GAME DESIGN: UR DOIN IT RONG.

(Actually what it looks like is whoever was responsible for the conjuration rules was separated from the rest of the D&D4 designers and never given a chance to reconcile the two batches of rules before the marketing department made them ship, but that's just speculation.)

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws of cuteness!

Writing: FAIL.

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11 October 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: Giant ant extravaganza! There were lots of ants because they were lower level than the PCs, but still not enough to prevent their complete annihilation! However, there were enough that I decided to not roll the next monster into the end of the fight with the ant queen, which means I need to flesh it out into an independent encounter by next fortnight. (Ken and Ayse think that Julia being the Best Baby Ever means they can game next Sunday. I guess we'll see if they're right!)

Small Babies: Marith and I went over to Ayse and Ken's and verified that Julia is still a small baby. Also, we said hi to Ken's mom Janet.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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10 October 2009 - Saturday


Food: Marith demanded Vaso Azzurro, so even though Cat, Earl, and I were the only ones available, we could not refuse.

I spent most of the meal trying to not look at Cat, but that's the life of space parasite.

Gaming: Oh, hey, I could do that tomorrow. I wonder if it would be fun? Probably, my players don't seem difficult to please!

was Cat especially resplendent? by Graydon (Sun Oct 11 08:06:36 2009)

Or am I missing a shedload of history?

I mean, unless you were looking especially and specifically like you intended to parasitize Cat's brain, Cat isn't all that likely to object if going out to dinner with you is OK in the first place.

resplendent Cats by marith (Sun Oct 11 18:24:20 2009)

Cat was pretty resplendent! I admired and envied both her lovely brown shawl and the cleavage it framed. Trip was probably not paying too much attention to the shawl :)

resplendence by Graydon (Mon Oct 12 08:40:05 2009)

Thank you for the explanation!

And, really, one supposes that absent actual drooling, fixed or wild-eyed staring, palpitations, twitching, loud breathing, signs of the incipience of speaking in tongues, ear-blushing, stammering, or signs of an intent to engage in improper licking, such as the un-negotiated and abrupt application of condiments, Cat is still not all that likely to have a problem with it.

resplendent Cats by Trip (Mon Oct 12 22:29:15 2009)

Yah, I should have asked the waiters to bring out the eye-gouging spoons with the appetizers.

resplendent Cats by Graydon (Tue Oct 13 19:05:05 2009)

I am quite certain that maiming yourself at table is worse manners than being aesthetically appreciative in some quiet and decorous (and not necessarily completely voluntary) way.

aesthetic appreciation by marith (Tue Oct 13 22:49:02 2009)

Indeed! No messy demonstrations at my birthday dinner!

Also, I'm pretty sure that as a rule people of any gender would rather be decorously admired by onlookers than have onlookers recoil in shame at their unworthiness to see such beauty and reach for the pickle fork, etc, etc.

(Medusas and some of the more persnickety Greek goddesses are rare exceptions.)

Re: aesthetic appreciation by Trip (Wed Oct 14 21:17:16 2009)

It was an Italian restaurant, I could have decorously disguised the maiming with enthusiastic tomato sauce!

And that would really depend on the onlookers, wouldn't it?

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9 October 2009 - Friday

Work: Rejections: 1.

Visual Entertainments: 5 Centimeters Per Second, three linked episodes about the lives of two people from elementary school to adulthood by the same guy who did Voices of a Distant Star. Or maybe it's two episodes of mood-setting and pretty pretty animation, and one music video. Anyway, it's very pretty and kind of sad and almost nothing happens, so if that's the sort of thing you like, you'll probably like it!

Cats: Twelve scampering paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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8 October 2009 - Thursday

Work: Jobs applied for: 3.

Three-Dimensional Multi-Media Entertainments: I went to Scott Westerfeld's and Sarah Rees Brennan's book tour when it passed through Menlo Park tonight, and Earl and Carl also showed up. It was pretty entertaining! Westerfeld showed the trailer for his book and explained how the use of photography in catalogs is responsible for the sad, sad lack of illustrations in modern books, and Rees Brennan showed off the Japanese cover of her book (by Hiromu Arakawa!) and expounded her theory of trilogies (everyone knows the first book of a trilogy is the Set-Up Book, and the third book is the Defeat Evil book, but not everyone understands that the middle book must therefore be the Make-Out book). She does talk rather like her LJ.

I failed to bring my copy of The Demon's Lexicon to get signed, because I am Dumb, but I did get Leviathan signed and I delivered the Secret Message from the Illuminati to SRB, so it was all good.

Afterwards we met up with Susan and Yair and Linda, who were in Menlo Park for reasons I never learned, and poked at Kepler's. It did not disgorge any books I wanted.

Cats: I'm really not sure what it is Marmalade thinks I should do to distract him from trying to eat the phone cord. Maybe he just wants more string.

Writing: Check.

SRB by marith (Sat Oct 10 10:37:32 2009)

So what was the secret message?

Re: SRB by Trip (Sat Oct 10 12:06:49 2009)

It's secret!

Re: SRB by The Illuminati (Sat Oct 10 12:07:40 2009)


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7 October 2009 - Wednesday

Work: FAIL.

Visual Entertainments: Fourth disc of Zone of the Enders: Dolores.

Cats: Aspen seems to have decided she likes the balcony! She even scarpered out there when I approached, so it is a Safe Place For Kitties!

Writing: Triple check.

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6 October 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Responses from jobs applied for yesterday: 1.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Eden of the East 6: I don't really see how that bit is going to lead to doom, but I'm sure it will.
  • Code Geass 4-5: Now there's some doom!
  • Avatar 2.15-2.16: No wonder Ba Sing Se doesn't mind being flooded with refugees, they have PANTHERS ROAMING THE STREETS!
  • Bleach 159: Wow, we got about two whole minutes of Orihime in between the comic sidekicks!

Food: I didn't really eat lunch, so at some point in the afternoon I became too hungry and ate all the rest of the ice cream. This was probably not optimal.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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5 October 2009 - Monday

Work: Jobs applied for: 3.

Gaming: My players will never expect this plan, because I didn't come up with it: these fish MUDders did!

Cats: It's like kitty soap opera! Ghirardelli chased Marmalade away and sat in his spot on the bed, then Aspen showed up and tussled with Ghirardelli for a bit until they curled up together in the spot. Later, I saw Ghirardelli in the under-coffee-table spot that was his until Aspen took it over like a year ago. I guess there must be a Great Realignment in preparation for the coming ice age!

Or, you know, not, since later all the cats were back in their customary place. :)

Writing: Check.

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4 October 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: After the horrible debacle of Duergar Mountain in the previous session, the survivors fled back down the river. While they were experiencing the quirk of the local ecology that keeps people from leaving, they met up with new crazy who showed them which beetles to eat. Orcs and giant lizards were dispatched with ease, then giant ants were dispatched with even more ease (although arguably any medium-rated encounter should be easy when the dailies come out). Character classes from the PHB2 are pretty scary, and Primal Power isn't even out yet! Maybe I should be giving the older characters more magic items or something.


Next week, additional giant ant stomping, and then probably a semi-triumphant return to civilization.

I successfully stuck the party with the NPC I wrote up at the last minute, but now I am uncertain whether I wish to use that writeup or make a less colorful but more PC-like one. I should decide by next week, I guess.

Food: Marith fiendishly lured me to Chef Chu's. Moo shu is kind of greasy, but I like it anyway. Also, Marith eats it even though it contains fungi!

We'll get her eating avocado yet.

Cats: Now that it is not summer, Marmalade and Aspen curl up together on the bed more, so I can oppress Aspen with the pettins! She does not immediately flee from being rubbed under the chin!

Writing: Check.

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3 October 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: Sure, that could be an encounter. And that. And maybe some of those. Not like all the stuff I had planned before I slaughtered the party horrible, but perhaps that is best.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Baccano!. Oh the doom.

Cats: Six fuzzy ears!

Writing: FAIL. I have no excuse.

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2 October 2009 - Friday

Work: Still optimistic about additional contracting, especially since I got the check for previous contracting.

Larvae: Marith and I travelled to Palo Alto to see the legendary Julia Mairi Shields! She is extremely small and wiggly and slept the whole time we were there, even though Ayse made me hold her. I have not yet dropped and broken her, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Anyway, mother and child are doing well, although father looks kind of strung out. Apparently he doesn't get the good drugs.

Visual Entertainments: Little more Baccano!. Alchemy and crime definitely mix.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check.

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1 October 2009 - Thursday


Work: Jobs in Michigan turned down: 1.

Silly Computer Games: Curse you, boxSpin3! I did finally figure out an important trick, but it's not always easy to implement, and getting a score as low as 10 (my best) takes a lot of luck.

Cats: Twelve paws which are both fluffy and adorable!

Writing: FAIL. I have no excuse.

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