Previously, in Trip's Life...

30 November 2009 - Monday

Work: Still waiting, but it's the Monday after a long weekend, so I have some slack for people. Envious slack, because they have jobs, but slack nonetheless.

I'll prod them in email tomorrow.

Gaming: I've been skimming through Houses of the Blooded, John Wick's recent game, and it seems a lot like something Ken would run: the PCs are part of the power structure, they have social responsibilities that can't be escaped by running off to hunt monsters, squeezing their holdings for resources is an integral part of the game, etc. The system may be too abstract/narrativist for our group, though.

Visual Entertainments: Started second disc of Full Metal Panic Second Raid.

Cats: The cats are taking the loss of the balcony well. I guess it wasn't around long enough to really become a fixture of their world, although I'd think multiple months would have been enough for a sense of entitlement to spring up.

Writing: Check.

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29 November 2009 - Sunday

Perfidy: Aeriodisconnect managed to break ssh logins to for most of the day today, because they cannot take over management of something without making it less reliable.

Gaming: After some confusion and then some other confusion and also a bit of disorganization, we managed to play a bit of Thrace. The imperial secret service (of creepy eyeless people with magic powers left over from 3rd edition when arcane spellcasters ruled the earth) conjured a tower into existence overnight, fortunately in the relatively non-harmful location we recommended, and the economy of the town was divvied up among the evil church, evil civil government, and possibly-neutral mafia.

Fortunately, in 4th ed, you can get XP even if you spend most of a session just giving the scary people whatever they want!

Food: Chinese food from that place in the strip mall at the corner of that street over that way, which probably has a name. Ity was tasty, but a few hours after eating, I got a headache, which I think has one other data point to correlate with hole-in-the-wall Chinese. Maybe I've become so old and feeble I can't tolerate MSG any more? That would be sad.

Further research is required!

Silly Web Comics: Keychain of Creation, which is like Order of the Stick if you swapped Exalted in for D&D3.

And if you read far enough, you will see that Marena actually is that cool and I am completely justified in liking her, so there!

Cats: I had to dismantle the cat balcony today, and keep the screen door closed so the cats don't go out there. Marmalade sat just inside while I worked and miaued quite sadly. :(

Writing: Check.

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28 November 2009 - Saturday

Textual Entertainments: Give Up the Ghost (Megan Crewe). I cannot possibly write a better review of this than Sarah Rees Brennan did.

Visual Entertainments: Marith came over and caught up on the parts of last Tuesday Night Anime that could be watched on a DVD player (Darker Than Black, Avatar). The parts that need a computer, or a more advanced DVD player than I actually have, she'll have to watch on her own.

Later I finished watching the disc of Full Metal Panic 2, because it's not as if I have a life to cut into my anime-watching time.

Cats: Miau!

Writing: Check.

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27 November 2009 - Friday

Gaming: Today we finished Kate's adventure, with extravagant rewards for all! It would have been a lot harder if the rogue hadn't redeemed herself by producing about 30 points of fire damage when we fought the boss with DR.

Kate did pretty well as a GM (quite well if you take her players into account)! She could have prepared a lot more, but I have no moral high ground here. Eventually she will find players who shut up long enough to hear the answers to the first questions they asked before asking more questions, but possibly not until she goes off to college.

Textual Entertainments: Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. I cannot possibly write a better review of this than Sarah Rees Brennan did.

Visual Entertainments: We got back from Roseville early enough that I could start Full Metal Panic Second Raid. The contrast between mecha-tastic war zone and high school is even more jarring than in the first series.

Food: Leftovers!

Silly Computer Games: Sniff! Bloons Tower Defense 4 doesn't work on spore! It starts up just fine and lets me buy monkeys and everything, but when I push the big green "send in the bloons" button, the game just sits there for a few secons and then announces my victory. Apparently the bloons are all committing suicide just before they enter the playing area. Or something.

Cats: Paws: 12!

I gave Marmalade and Ghirardelli kitty treats to celebrate my return, which pleased them. Aspen disdained her kitty treat. I think eventually Ghirardelli knocked it off onto the floor and ate it.

On Monday, the new regime will be redoing my balcony railing, so I need to get rid of the chicken wire. No more balcony for kitties, at least until I come up with another plan.

Writing: VACATION.

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26 November 2009 - Thursday

Gaming: Somehow we made Kate run D&D (3.5) for a bunch of horrible players. I managed to once again find a class from an expansion that was lamer than any of the base classes from the PHB (favored soul, from Complete Divine), but my characters always suck anyway (except Amaryllis, who I obviously never should have played).

Kate needed a yardstick or a taser or some other method of reining in unruly players, but eventually managed to get all the PCs to go through the introductory sequence, get jumped by mooks who almost killed them, meet the mysterious stranger, and get lowered into the caves of death.

Random Encounters: This Thanksgiving there were only about half the people there usually are: No Ayse and Ken, only one of Sherilyn's sisters with husband & spawn, no Roseville area gamers.

Food: Turkey + Stuffing + Yams + Gravy + Mashed potatoes + Rolls + Green bean cassarole + Pumpkin critter + Blueberry critter + Jello strata = Thanksgiving!

Silly Computer Games: Kate showed off Bloons Tower Defense 4, because she is fiendish like that. Also Marith taught Kate and Josh to play Katamari Damacy. Watching two-player mode hurts my brain, but it's probably easier

Cats: I hope they are okay! Maybe I should have given Ayse a key, but it's not like she could go over to check on them.

Writing: VACATION.

BTD4 by Jeremy (Fri Nov 27 23:23:37 2009)


Re: BTD4 by Trip (Sat Nov 28 10:52:15 2009)

Sherilyn's sister (Tammy, I think) isn't allowed to see BTD4 until after the semester ends because she can't afford to get addicted now. We had to mute the sound and stand in front of the monitor whenever she came into the room.

Re: BTD4 by Jeremy (Sat Nov 28 11:05:49 2009)

Can you come over here and do that for me?

Re: BTD4 by Trip (Sat Nov 28 12:44:19 2009)

Probably not 24/7. I think you'll have to duct-tape your kids to the monitor.

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25 November 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Indeed, no word from either company before the holidays.

Holiday: Off to Roseville for Thanksgiving with Al and Sherilyn and the Weasels and perhaps other people! No Ayse or Ken though, because Julia is not yet cleared for travel.

Gaming: Marith made me pack a selection of my D&D4 books in case Roseville is suddently afflicted with a severe gaming shortage.

Cats: I set out three different bowls of food, and three different bowls of water (not counting Marmalade's cup in the bathroom), so hopefully they will be okay for a few days!

Writing: FAIL. I meant to get some words in before going off to Roseville, but Marmalade demanded the snuggles.

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24 November 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Still waiting for corporations to make up their minds. It's a holiday week, though, so I don't really expect anything to happen until next week.

Visual Entertainments: Marith was too busy being oppressed by her workplace's failure to have grasped any part of the last fifty years' progress in software releases to come to anime, but Dave and I watched anyway, because we are mean like that.

  • Oh! Edo Rocket 6: Break the fourth wall? We can't even find the fourth wall! Also, new character.
  • Code Geass 14-15: Buh! Also, WTF?
  • Darker Than Black 3: Still in the process of digging the hole, but looks like it will strike a vein of high-grade DOOM next episode.
  • Avatar 5-6: Why yes, yes the villains are still villainous.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: Check.

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23 November 2009 - Monday

Work: Still awaiting offers or rejections or space penguin attacks!

Gaming: The D&D 3.5 Heroes of Horror supplement contains much doom, including a full page list of horrible things to happen to PCs, another page of horrible traits NPCs can display, advice on making horror encounters in heroic fantasy adventures, advice on making horror adventures in a heroic fantasy campaign, advice on running a horror campaign, the taint mechanic (first seen in 3.x Legend of the Five Oriental Adventures) for horror-genre evil (madness and deformity) instead of fantasy-genre evil (ravening teeth but shiny scales), new character classes for when a standard necromancy-specialized wizard isn't creepy enough, new prestige classes for either fighting or revelling in taint, and some monsters including the superset of kappas (not really).

Two malformed digits up, and a depraved cackle!

Textual Entertainments: Fire (Kristin Cashore) addresses the question of whether it's possible to be a mind-controller and not evil, but not with an excess of angst.

The way the protagonist's superhuman beauty is portrayed as almost entirely negative is interesting. Someone who knows more feminist theory than I could probably explain in detail.

Is the difference between horror mind-control and adventure mind-control whether a roll to hit ECV has to be made?

Visual Entertainments: Finally I could get to mail and pick up the last disc of Samurai 7! Hm, that wasn't the survival rate I expected at all, although perhaps that's because I haven't seen the original.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL. Because I suck.

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22 November 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: The first orcish river pirates were easily defeated, because they were lame, but the ecounter with the second group was cut short by some kind of child-related explosion that Jeremy had to go deal with. Dave and Earl recorded the state of the battlefield with their iPhones, so hopefully we will be able to pick up where we left off next fortnight.

If I were not made of complete fail, I would have an overarching plot, and recurring NPCs, and stuff, but that is obviously not the case.

Visual Entertainments: For all I know, I have Netflix discs languishing in my mailbox, but the Faceless Real Estate Mogul Corporation (or whatever they call themselves) have cut off all access to the mailboxes since last Friday, or maybe Thursday. However, I have Hyper Police that I haven't yet rewatched.


Now I have finished Hyper Police again. It's entertaining, but not really very coherent. Like many RPG campaigns, I guess.

Cats: Aspen and Marmalade spent all day curled up together on the bed, hugging each other or yin-yangity or otherwise adorable!

Writing: Check.

Child-related explosions by Jeremy (Mon Nov 23 18:34:15 2009)

No fortnightliness for us, alas. The ultimate explosion, toward which Miriam has worked so assiduously, takes place that day complete with music and grandparents.

We could try fortnight--, if the rest of the gang is available that Saturday...?

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21 November 2009 - Saturday

Additional Suckage: The allegedly hyper-flexible and unbreakable frame of my glasses randomly broke while I was cleaning them. Fortunately the previous pair are almost identical in prescription and not significantly broken, but still. Bah!

Gaming: The complicated and clever adventure I was thinking of was too complicted and clever to actually run. Instead, orcish river pirates for all!

Food: Ken fed us braised beef in yummy tomatoey sauce over wild rice, and also SQUASH! Some people did not eat their squash fast enough, so I mugged them and stole what was left.

Additional Gaming: I won Dominion the last two times I played, but this time I lost by a huge margin. Apparently I needed to buy more Mines or Moneylenders to get the copper out of my deck.

Cats: Oh no! Poor Jinian has a very unhealthy tooth, with swelling and yuckiness, but her servitors have taken her to the vet and gotten her good drugs and an appointment with the dentist next week, so hopefully it will all be okay. I petted her a lot and she purred a lot, which is as it should be, even if the rest isn't.

Writing: Check.

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20 November 2009 - Friday

Work: I successfully interviewed with the CEO of the company in SF, which is the last interview necessary before they decide what to do about me.

Also, the company in Sunnyvale wants to "move forward", which I think means make me an offer. The job is probably not as interesting, but also not as stressful or as distant, so if they both offer, I will have to make a decision.

Random Encounters: Ayse! And Susan! On Castro Street!

Gaming: Ow. My brain.

Textual Entertainments: Bauchelain and Korbal Broach follows two minor and exceptionally horrible characters from Steven Erikson's immense fantasy series, from the viewpoint of their slightly less horrible, but much more drug-addled manservant. The events are so horrible they're ridiculous, but not any less horrible for it.

Foundling and Lamplighter (D M Cornish) are the first two books of the "Monster-Blood Tattoo" series, which follow the adventures of the unfortunately-named young lad Rossamünd through a world that's like steampunk if you replaced all the steam with martial chemistry and creepy biotech. Also: monsters which may or may not be completely inimical to humanity.

Some names from the history of the setting are from our world's history or myth (Dido, Idaho), and, despite the occasional ten-meter-plus humanoids, realism is not entirely lacking (if you get your body stuffed full of vat-grown organs to give you superpowers, you will also take anti-rejection drugs every single day for the rest of your life), so this might be SF. It remains unclear.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: FAIL.

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19 November 2009 - Thursday

Work: Successful phone interview at last! Sadly, I am all blearghy so I don't think I sounded super-intelligent, but hopefully I did okay anyway.

Gaming: If I had a brain, I would prepare for Sunday. But I don't.

Cats: So very furry!

Writing: FAIL. No brain.

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18 November 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Rescheduling of phone interview and second in-person interview with various people at company with scary job in San Francisco: ...

Gaming: Maybe reading the genre supplement that I borrowed from Ken will make me smart enough to have a non-suckful adventure for this weekend.

What? It could happen!

Textual Entertainments: What the Dog Saw is a collection of Malcolm Gladwell's columns from The New Yorker over the past few years, mostly about human cognition and how humans don't understand it, but with digressions into reproductive biology and also ketchup. Having read Gladwell's previous books and assorted other works on tasty tasty brains, I wasn't surprised by the conclusions he reaches, but I was entertained by the character studies. Also, ketchup!

Visual Entertainments: Finished disc 6 of Samurai 7. They only have like three more episodes to wrap all this up!

Cats: Marmalade is snuggle-beast today!

Writing: Double check.

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17 November 2009 - Tuesday

Work: I got up early, but the phone interview never materialized. However, I successfully completed an in-person interview for a different job, in Sunnyvale. This job is also systems administration, but as part of a team. They all seem like good guys.

I obviously* need to get a video camera and record myself explaining the life and times of an HTTP request, so I can just point every interviewer to youtube.

*That is to say, not really.

Gaming: I have the horrible feeling that all the stuff I've thought about so far is actually wrong and stupid and must be replaced by something more cliched.

Textual Entertainments: The third and last C L Moore book I picked up at Know Knew Books is Jirel of Joiry, a collection of stories about the eponymous medieval French swordswoman getting mixed up with horrible magic. These stories definitely come from the same culture that produced Conan and numerous doomed Lovecraft narrators, but on the other hand, strong but imperfect female character who gets some (off-screen) action. Many writers today aren't that progressive.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Oh! Edo Rocket 4-5: Wacky ninjas! Wacky rocketeers! Wacky secondary characters! Giant explosions!
  • Code Geass R2 13: Augh! That bastard! He killed [SPOILER]!
  • Darker Than Black 1-2: Speculation abounds!
  • Avatar 3.4: Yay, Xander Sokka gets to be cool! (But we all know Toph still rules.)

Cats: Aspen still hasn't forgiven me for Saturday.

Writing: Check.

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16 November 2009 - Monday

Work: Scheduled phone interview with out-of-town person from the company I interviewed at on Friday for early tomorrow morning.

Textual Entertainments: Judgment Night is a collection of shorter works by C L Moore, which are interesting but still quite dated. Ah, for the days when it seemed possible that humans would ever live anywhere except Earth!

Visual Entertainments: Started 6th disc of Samurai 7, in which evil plots move forward.

Cats: Twelve furry paws!

Writing: Check.

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15 November 2009 - Sunday

Gaming: Thrace fail! Instead we admired Julia while people geeked about MMOGs and literature. Also, there was pizza.

Textual Entertainments: Ballad follows one of the secondary characters of Lament, who also gets doom and hot faeries and music and doom. But it's different doom!

Earth's Last Citadel (C L Moore and Henry Kuttner) is very much a product of its time in its treatment of race and sex and stellar evolution, but you can only expect so much from 1943, and it's got entertaining far-future doom.

I would not be surprised to learn that Gene Wolfe had read ELC many years before he wrote the Severian books.

Cats: Possibly as many as nine out of twelve paws have forgiven me for yesterday!

Writing: Check.

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14 November 2009 - Saturday

Food: Yay Chef Chu's mu shu! I wondered why I didn't appreciate mu shu this much before, and I think it's because I was slowest parasite ever at figuring out the correct way to wrap a burrito, so mu shu used to be extra-messy and that conflicted with reading. Food that conflicts with reading makes me sad.

Visual Entertainments: Finished disc 5 of Samurai 7.

Cats: Today was the day of lamentations in kitty-land, because today was the day when kitties get squished into little tiny boxes and shaken around and exposed to frightening new smells and poked and prodded and put back in the little tiny boxes and shaken around more before being allowed to hide under the couch!

All three kitties have now been certified as splendid!

Marith is a Hero of the Revolution Cruel Cruel Oppression for driving the kitties to their doom.

Writing: Double check. Usual disclaimer.

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13 November 2009 - Friday

Work: I trundled up to San Francisco and was serially interviewed, as scheduled. They generally seemed pretty positive, or at least refrained from pointing and laughing. I tried to be up-front about not knowing a bunch of this stuff, but being willing to learn, which they were all cool with. (This may have been partly because their previous IT guy did know everything, so ended up leaving to make a jillion bucks running everything at a much larger company.) The interviewer I hit it off worst with was, unfortunately, the other sysadmin (who will soon be leaving for India to cover the other half of the diurnal cycle). Some of it was that I had trouble with his accent, which wouldn't be an issue if we were communicating via email or IM, so I remain optimistic.

This job still scares me, but not much more now than when it was first described, and it's not like I'm likely to find many more chances to do anything other than what I have been doing.

Textual Entertainments: Lament (Maggie Stiefvater) is about music, doom, faeries, love, and more doom.

Visual Entertainments: More Samurai 7. Kanbe is being heroic, with only limited success.

Food: The burger joint across from where I interviewed is called The Holy Grill. I had a Pagan Burger, which was pretty good even though it wasn't made from real pagans.

Cats: Wow! Did you know that all of these cats are covered in PROTEIN FILAMENTS?!

Writing: Double check.

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12 November 2009 - Thursday

Work: The job I interviewed with second yesterday also wants to interview me in person, but not until next week sometime.

The interview process tomorrow is scheduled to take 4½ hours. Gah.

Visual Entertainments: Finished the disc of Samurai 7. Looks like they're not finished yet!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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11 November 2009 - Wednesday

Work: Phone interviews successfully completed: 2. However, back-to-back is not the way to do phone interview. I used up most of my brain in the first interview, leaving me with not really enough for the second interview and hardly anything after that. It's probably for the best that the first interview was for the more challenging job.

In fact, I fear that job, because it is bigger than anything I've done before, and also for a startup in SF proper, but I should probably try something outside my comfort zone once in a while (ie, whenever I've forgotten the horror of the last time I did it).

Update: The first job wants me to interview in person on Friday. Aieeee.

Gaming: Trying to make the NPC motivations work out properly in a D&D4 adventure is a waste of my precious remaining brain cells, isn't it?

Textual Entertainments: Magic in the Shadows is the third book in Devon Monk's series, but the crucial pattern of the main character getting in even further over her head each book is still holding up.

Visual Entertainments: Finally, I get to watch the fourth disc of Samurai 7!

Cats: Ghirardelli thinks yogurt is tasty. Marmalade thinks yogurt is boring. Aspen thinks I'm not getting anywhere near her with that horrible grasping paw.

Writing: FAIL. No brain.

jobs in san francisco by kit (Sat Nov 14 13:50:59 2009)

Are jobs in San Francisco proper inherently bad, or just a long bit of travelling?

Re; jobs in san francisco by Trip (Sat Nov 14 14:06:25 2009)

Time spent commuting is time not spent doing things I want to do, but it doesn't count as work time either.

If I get this job, I think my ability to do things in the evenings will become non-existent, which makes me sad.

Commuting by Dave (Mon Nov 16 10:52:49 2009)

If you work at it, you might find ways to use the commute time for things in addition to commuting. Possibly grabbing take-out for the trip south, say, and reading or whatnot going north. NPC motivations can be useful if they give you ideas for future encounters.

Re: Commuting by Trip (Mon Nov 16 15:14:17 2009)

There are definitely things I want to do, that I can do during the commute. However, there are many things I want to do that I can't do during the commute, like all the ones that require being in a particular place at a particular time (Tuesday Night Anime, Earthdawn, Wednesday Night Whatever, ...). If I end up having to normally be on a train that those times, I will be sad.

I have to keep track of NPC motivations after they meet the PCs, so I know which ones will eventually band together and return to wreak a horrible vengeance!

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10 November 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Ratio of recruiters who promised phone interviews yesterday to recruiters who came through today: a superposition of 100% and 0% (the interview fell through, but it doesn't seem to have been the recruiter's fault).

Visual Entertainments:

  • Oh! Edo Rocket 3: Look, additional wackiness!
  • Code Geass 11-12: Of course all that doom wasn't averted by use of superpowers! It was just being stored up!
  • Avatar 3.3: I wonder if the consequences of this moral choice will hose them later.
  • Bleach 166-167: We didn't see how they could have wrapped it up in those two episodes, but that was definitely the end of the arc!

Next week: Darker Than Black!

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

Writing: Check.

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9 November 2009 - Monday

Work: Recruiters communicated with: 3. Recruiters who are certain they can get me at least a phone interview: 1.

Textual Entertainments: The Other Lands is the middle book of David Anthony Durham's "Acacia" trilogy. It's not amazing fantasy, but the wonders and horrors seem to be on a scale that I find pleasing. Also, no one noble or pure-hearted ever gets near a throne except by complete accident.

Visual Entertainments: Conclusion of Full Metal Panic. Villains defeated, heroes victorious, world hardly destroyed at all.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Check.

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8 November 2009 - Sunday

Food: Marith gave me salmon scramble and bacon, so I became quite bloated.

Silly Computer Games: Way too much NPPAngband. But I defeated the level of Horned Reapers, even though I will always read that as "Horned Leapers"!

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check.

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7 November 2009 - Saturday

Textual Entertainments: Ice (Sarah Beth Durst) is the modern retelling of the fairy tale "The Polar Bear King", which I'd never heard of but which seems to be a near relative of "Beauty and the Beast" only with more snow and, well, polar bears.

Sometimes, you don't even have to look up your GPS coordinates on a map to know you're in trouble.

Ground Zero is allegedly the third-to-last of F Paul Wilson's "Repairman Jack" novels, so only two more until the end of the world! By this point, there is very little episodicity left in the books, so if you aren't caught up on the rest, don't bother.

Cats: Twelve paws is still the new orange!

Writing: Check.

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6 November 2009 - Friday

Work: Recruiters who said they'd call me this afternoon: 1. Recruiters who actually called me this afternoon: 0.

Textual Entertainments: Rampant (Diana Peterfreund) is sort of like Buffy vs unicorns, but with much more coherent world-building. Also, inescapable doom!

A sequel is apparently planned for next year, which is good because there were many plot threads unresolved.

Encounters and Random Food: Marith lured me to dinner with a guy she knows from the coffee shop, Mike, who works in mental health and his wife Sharra who teaches elementary(?) school. We met up at Know Knew Books and then started looking around for somewhere to eat. We settled on , because everybody likes Thai food. It turns out they have pumpkin curry! VICTORY! (Also I conversed with people I didn't know, and no one actually died, possibly because Mike and Sharra are both extremely nice.)

Cats: Twelve paws and three snorfly noses!

Writing: Check.

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5 November 2009 - Thursday

Work: Recruiters prodded: 3. Recruiters responding to prod: 1.

Visual Entertainments: Bah, this disc Netflix has sent me is kind of scuffed. This saddens me, of course, but even if it were so scuffed I couldn't extract any entertainment from it, it would still be a lot quicker to get a replacement than it would from Greencine. (At least at the moment; for all I know Netflix might have an "improved service" flag on my account that will be unset once they have hold of my money.)

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check. Kinda.

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4 November 2009 - Wednesday

Work: FAIL.

Gaming: Muahahahahahaha!

(Well, okay, they seem like good ideas now, but the real test is whether I can combine them into an adventure that interests the PCs and doesn't make the players roll their eyes. I need more [SPOILER].)

Textual Entertainments: The Third Claw of God (Adam-Troy Castro) is more melodramatic than the preceding Emissaries From The Dead, but how can you go wrong with a murder mystery aboard a train and nanotech atrocities?

Visual Entertainments: Characters in Full Metal Panic still disagree about what genre they're in.

Netflix is still being efficient: I sent back one disc yesterday and today they acknowledged receipt and sent me a new one. Wheee!

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws of cuteness!

Writing: Double check.

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3 November 2009 - Tuesday

Work: Rejections from recruiters talked to last week: 1. It was kind of a marginal fit anyway.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Oh! Edo Rocket 1-2: That was considerably wackier than I expected.
  • Code Geass 10: Extra doom for all!
  • Avatar 3.1-3.2: "You're so cute when you hate the world."
  • Bleach 165: Well, at least Orihime was on screen, even if she didn't get to do a whole lot.

Cats: Paws: twelve!

Writing: Check.

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2 November 2009 - Monday

Perfidy: After languishing on hold for extended periods, I finally got someone at aerioconnect to hassle someone at Covad to fix their screwed-up routing. Yay, I have the internets again!

Work: No word back from the people I interviewed with, or indeed from anyone else. Bah.

Gaming: Dave will be out of town this weekend, so no D&D for us!

I will have to be extra-cruel in devising the next encounters.

Textual Entertainments: Makers is definitely a Cory Doctorow book. Near-future, crazed entrepreneurs, Disney, 3D printing, the imminent death of the current copyright regime, you know the deal. If you like Cory Doctorow, you'll like this.

Emissaries From the Dead (Adam-Troy Castro) feels similar to the Jani Kilian books by Kristine Smith, although the plots and settings are not particularly alike aside from being mysteries with extremely screwed-up heroines. The protagonist of EFtD in fact has just about the most impressively doom-filled backstory I've ever seen. But she still kicks ass extensively.

Visual Entertainments: Yay, at least one of the discs Netflix sent me is not defective! Also, although Netflix doesn't have some stuff that Greencine does, they also have some stuff that Greencine doesn't. I think it is time to dump Greencine.

Cats: Ghirardelli continues to contribute to the twelve ambient paws!

Writing: Check.

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1 November 2009 - Sunday

Perfidy: I got my end of the PPPoE crap sorted, but now my packets go a couple of hops past the other end of the DSL line and fall into a hole. aeriodisconnect doesn't have tech support on Sundays, so I'll have to hassle them tomorrow. Bah.

Gaming: Julia did not disrupt Thrace much at all! However, brains were in short supply, so we just went down into the ruins of the old city to pillage a cache of money and equipment that Marith's character's demonic minion told us about. Of course it was trapped and guarded (or maybe the guards were part of the traps), but Lycoris saved the day repeatedly and loot was obtained.

Someday we might level! Unless the black galley decides to raze our town.

Cats: Marith helped me cart Ghirardelli to the vet, where it was determined that the lesion (medicalese for "icky bit") on the back of his tongue was acting up again. I opted to have him given the injected even though it has slightly higher risk of side-effects, because pilling a cat with a hurty tongue seems like guaranteed fail. Anyway, when he was treated for this same thing before I got him, they used the injection then too, and he didn't explode even a little!

He seems much happier and more active this afternoon, so either the injection was good stuff or the problem was already fading on its own. Either way, I am glad he is happier!

Writing: Check.

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