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31 March 2010 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Textual Entertainments: The Ruling Sea (Robert V S Redick) ends with some doom that I don't think I've ever seen in a fantasy novel. Also, plenty of more traditional doom, plus an epic ocean voyage (which is probably doom all by itself)!

Bah, the next book isn't out until next year!

Cats: Check!

The Ruling Sea by Jeremy (Fri Apr 9 22:13:32 2010)

It's out? I wonder how I missed it. Book-shaped holes in my visual cortex, no doubt.

Re: The Ruling Sea by Trip (Sat Apr 10 10:03:20 2010)

I think it's only been out for a few weeks.

The book I'm really waiting for, the sequel to Harry Connolly's Child of Fire, isn't out until the end of August. Bah!

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30 March 2010 - Tuesday

Work: I did some work. Some of it made customers happy.

Sequential Entertainments: Volume 2 of Gunnerkrig Court is just as awesome as volume 1, plus extra bonus pigeons in the back.

(These pigeons should under no circumstances be allowed to drive the internet.)

Visual Entertainments:

  • Spice and Wolf 2.11-2.12: Indeed, that was not a definitive ending in terms of plot. In terms of relationship, though, it would not be complete fail for the show to end there. Which is not to say we don't all hope for a third season!
  • Natsume's Book of Friends 4: Hm, so [SPOILER]-sensei can turn into a [SPOILER]. I don't think this is the kind of show that has that kind of doom, though. Plus, there's already a human [SPOILER] in the cast.
  • Soul Eater 9-10: There's a weapon that deserves to be lost to history, indeed. Completely unrelatedly, I think I'm pleased that the meisters and their weapons are shown as having close relationships without any romance, despite all the PCs being in opposite-sex pairs.
  • Darker Than Black 26 (bonus springtime romance episode): That was remarkably silly, but it does offer the important lesson, "Never underestimate the power of Fangirl".

Next week, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni!

Cats: Did you know that I have twelve paws' worth of extremely fine cats?

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29 March 2010 - Monday

Work: I'm not sure I will ever really get used to getting up this early, but limiting the amount I sleep in on weekends helps a bit.

Sequential Entertainments: I started volume 2, but realized I had to go back and reread volume 1 of Gunnerkrig Court (Thomas Siddell). It is still so awesome.

Visual Entertainments: How could I have forgotten the "vm... vm..." noise the footfalls of the [SPOILER]s in Noein make? (Also, more angst!)

Cats: Ghirardelli is so plush not even people who are allergic to cats can resist snorfling him!

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28 March 2010 - Sunday

Work: Yay, no customers today!

Gaming: Bah, now I want to game more.

Rachel was threatening to make Jeremy start a D&D campaign, because there isn't enough gaming, but I have no idea if he actually will.

Visual Entertainments: I watched another couple of episodes of Noein and it picked up a bit. I guess I won't decide whether to abandon it until the end of the disc, at least.


More gaming by Rachel (Mon Mar 29 21:41:51 2010)

Well, we talked more about it today. He's still not sure, but I'm hopeful. :)

Re: More gaming by Trip (Tue Mar 30 03:27:55 2010)

Tell him it builds character?

Gaming and anime, as always by Carl (Tue Mar 30 19:32:15 2010)

I liked Noein but my judgement is not always of the finestkind. It is not lacking in doom.

I am eager to run Vincent Baker's new game Apocalypse World but it only takes 3-4 players. It has a very Firefly vibe from what I saw at Gamestorm.

Re: Gaming and anime by Trip (Wed Mar 31 07:42:31 2010)

I don't dislike Noein. I'm just not sure I like it more than other things I could be watching. (But that way lies madness.)

I'll print out Apocalypse World, but I suspect it will have to go into the lurking folder of "Things Too Cool For Me To Actually Run" along with Lady Blackbird and er everything more indie than D&D.

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27 March 2010 - Saturday

Work: My boss thought I should respond to one case even though it was filed as severity 2 (next to lowest). I couldn't see what the customer was talking about, but he never responded when I asked for more details, so I guess it really was severity 2. Oh well, it only delayed gaming by by about twenty minutes.

Gaming: Despite Dave's predictions that the gnoll hunters would trash the PCs, the PCs won handily, possibly because they aren't gnolls. The PCs were properly magnanimous in victory, though, and ended up keeping just about the right amount of the gnoll loot to finish off their level 8 quota (a level 12 magic item in place of a level 11 item, but 1000gp less in cash).

Level UP!

Then it was time to open the Mysterious Box of Gnollery, which turned out to contain two shadow demons. The PCs did drive the demons off, or at least manage to survive their escape, but now two level 12 elites who want to destroy the world are lurking around Goattown. On the other hand, they rescued(?) a meek slug-like creature that might be induced to give them residuum every day.

No sign of the eladrin babe and goliath bruisers who were looking for Naled... yet.

I wonder if there are any subplots I'm forgetting.

Sequential Entertainments: Bunny Drop (Yumi Unita) is the story of a thirty-year-old bachelor (Daikichi) who ends up responsible a six-year-old girl (Rin) when none of his relatives want to take in grampa's surprise love child. They seem to be frequently compared, but despite the superficial similarity in premise, Bunny Drop isn't much like Yotsuba&. The story is from Daikichi's point of view, and (as of the first volume) is mostly about his struggles to adapt to being a father. Rin is not as wacky as Yotsuba (but who is?), but she's awfully cute.

Cats: So furry! With extra furriness!

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26 March 2010 - Friday

Work: Yay, not too much doom!

The cow orker who is out has finally had his baby (okay, I expect his wife did most of the work, but you know what I mean) so will hopefully be back in a week or so.

Gaming: I wrote down some extra oppression for tomorrow, in case the previously-scheduled oppression runs out too soon.

Cats: Twelve paws is still the new orange!

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25 March 2010 - Thursday

Work: Although things often get more horrible toward the end of the week, today has been pretty light. I hope they aren't just saving everything up for tomorrow (or worse, for Saturday).

Gaming: I wrote down some stuff to taunt the PCs with on Saturday. I suppose I should write down some more stuff to oppress them with, too. Just in case.

Cats: By climbing up on the cat tree to get to the food, Aspen exposes herself to ferocious snuggling attack! Perhaps someday this will lead her to associate snuggles with yummy food! But perhaps not.

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24 March 2010 - Wednesday

Work: Blargh. Gronk. At least my cow orker has finally gone to the hospital with his about-to-pop wife.

Textual Entertainments: The Red Wolf Conspiracy (Robert V S Redick) doesn't stretch the boundaries of the modern fantasy genre, but it has some elements that give it a more fairy-tale feel, plus lots of sea adventure with tyrannical captains and such.

Cats: Paw count holding steady at twelve!

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23 March 2010 - Tuesday

Work: Not dead yet! The guy who's supposed to be out is again not out, because he's nuts.

Apparently my manager thinks I'm doing fine, but her manager thinks I'm a freak. Somehow I fail to be emotionally affected by the disdain of a suit-wearing corporate zombie.

Random Encounters: On the way to the train station this evening, I passed a bicyclist stopped by the side of the road to fiddle with his cell phone or something, who had a big blue-and-yellow parrot riding on his shoulder!

It's not every day one encounters the Bicycle Pirates of San Carlos and escapes to tell the tale!

Gaming: The Player's Handbook 3 is definitely a mixed bag full of assorted things.

New races: Minotaurs: sure, you have to lure in all those WoWers who like playing Tauren. Githzerai: well, okay, although it seems like there are plenty of races from the Prime Material Plane World that would more plausibly be PC material. Fey plant creatures (wilden): again, well okay, although it might just be my fondness for plant people speaking. But walking piles of psionic rubble (shardminds)? Dude, that's just silly. (What's even sillier is that walking piles of psionic rubble have to wear pants, and if they happen to have bulges on the front of the thorax, have to wear shirts too.)

New power source: Psionics being the immune response of reality to incursions by aberrations/the Far Realm is a nice idea. The stuff about the Far Realm becoming more incursive so new psionic-based races (wilden, shardminds) appear has the odor of metaplot, but I wave dismissively at such things, thus: <wave style="dismissive">

New classes: Ardents (psionic leaders), battleminds (psionic defenders), and psions (psionic controllers) all use the new rules for augmentable powers. Instead of encounter powers, they get to replace their 1st-level at-will powers with higher level at-wills, and their at-wills can be made more powerful by spending power points (which refresh after a short rest). Overall this doesn't seem too bad, although multiclassing and the like require a lot of special language to accomodate it. The changes a power gets from being augmented are sometimes kind of strange, especially when comparing the two levels of augment that most of the at-wills have. Like, a power that gives your adjacent allies a small bonus to attack the target might, if augmented with 1 power point, give them a bigger bonus but only to attack the target's Will defense, while augmenting it with 4 power points gives all your allies the larger bonus for any attack against any enemy.

Like some of the powers of PHB2 classes, some powers of the ardent and battlemind feel like a collection of effects with no special effect. Possibly this is because all the simple powers for leaders and defenders have been used. For whatever reason, the psion powers don't give me that impression; I think I could play a psion without constantly wondering what the heck my powers were really doing.

Monks (psionic strikers) do get encounter powers as usual, and their at-wills aren't augmentable, but their at-will and encounter attack powers each give them both an attack and a special movement, which they can use either or both of in place of a basic attack and normal move action for that turn. The move powers range from more speed than anyone else to shifting multiple squares to flying; pretty much everything skirmisher-type monsters annoy players by doing. I suppose turn-about is fair play, and monks do look like they'd be fun.

Besides the psionic classes, PHB3 provides a new divine leader, the runepriest, and a new primal controller, the seeker. The runepriest definitely suffers from overcomplication, in that every at-will and encounter power has two variants and which variant you use produces another ongoing effect — but only until the next time you use a power, when the ongoing effect could change. The seeker is archery-based, which is cool, and has reasonably intuitive powers, but gets bonus damage on a lot of attacks so might compete for the ranger's striker role.

Hybrid Classes: When multiclassing isn't enough, or you want to start out with more than one class, or you're a huge freak, you can make your own patchwork class. Each regular class is cut down by half (literally for hit points and healing surges, metaphorically for class features), and you can put any two cut-down classes together to form a new hybrid class. You can also get some of the discarded halves of the two classes back by spending feats. You can choose powers from either class, but as soon as you have two or more powers in one category (at-will, encounter, daily) you have to have at least one from each class.

The designers do make it clear that while the regular classes have been tested and designed so that they're always at least minimally effective, you can completely screw yourself with a bad hybrid. They do suggest a bunch of reasonable possibilities, but the important rule mostly seems to be to pick classes that have the same primary attributes, or at least have each other's primary as secondary.

There are something like 24 regular classes, so even with only pairwise combinations allowed, it should keep the minmaxers entertained for a week or two.

New stuff: There's the usual batch of feats for the new classes, plus some for general use. One of them will get you a minor power based on a skill you have trained (you can also swap a regular utility power for a skill power of that level), like using the skill in place of another for sone specific thing, getting or avoiding combat advantage for a round with a successful roll, standing up as a minor action, etc.

New loots: There's the usual batch of new magic items for the new power source, with powers that are augmentable or go off when the user uses a psionic power or restore power points or whatever, similar to the new batch in PHB2 for primal-based characters, but otherwise the only new stuff is a small collection of superior implements, which require a feat to be proficient with but give you a few more plusses, analogous to superior weapons: +1 damage, +2 damage with a specific damage type, +1 attack against a specific defense, +1 square forced movement, +2 range, stuff like that. It's probably worth a feat, although superior implements have the same problem with plausible treasure awards that superior weapons do.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Natsume's Book of Friends 3: Natsume really needs to establish regular office hours.
  • Spice and Wolf 2.9-2.10: So cute! Also, the plot thickens! But it thickens in a way that doesn't seem to lead to the end of their quest, so perhaps we will get a third season!
  • Soul Eater 8: Maka is very strange for an anime heroine. Also, this plot thickens too!
  • Darker Than Black 25-26: Earl warned us nothing would be explained!

Cats: It's a good thing I have cats to help me sleep, or I would be in danger of hearing my alarm go off.

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22 March 2010 - Monday

Work: Gack, Monday, gack. At least the guy who knows stuff is working from home today, but eventually his baby will appear and then he'll really be out.

Visual Entertainments: When I watched the first two discs in quick succession, Noein had a leisurely pace, but after a break of however many months, it seems almost stationary. Also their exposition of QM is lumpy and dubious. Sniff.

Cats: Oh yah, that's why I don't brush Ghirardelli more: he doesn't like it much.

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21 March 2010 - Sunday

Decrepitude Milestone: Check. But I got some Chef Chu's out of it!

I suppose it's for the best I'm not likely to have any midlife crises involving red sports cars or blond(e)s young enough to be my offspring.

Gaming: No Thrace for us! Ken has been too sick to prepare anything and then today he lost his voice. Also Ayse is kind of sick. But on the other hand, Julia is very wiggly!

Cats: I really need to brush Ghirardelli more. But he is still very plush!

dates by cat (Mon Mar 22 10:13:03 2010)

Very happy late Trip-Day! I said "oooh, it's Trip's birthday, we should take him out to dinner," when i got up yesterday. Then I opened up and filed 6 month's worth of mail, did taxes, and snorgled kittehs instead. headdesk

Re: dates by Trip (Mon Mar 22 11:47:28 2010)

Thanks! I wouldn't want to celebrate my birthday by denying kittehs their snorgling, though.

There might be some sort of expedition to Santa Cruz for sushi and fun. Or not. The portents are unclear.

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20 March 2010 - Saturday

Work: Weekend!

My, the Internet really is full of things: The Master Flowchart for dealing with zombies.

Textual Entertainments: The Sons of Heaven really is the end of the Company plot arc, and does resolve most subplots. <rot13> V'z ernyyl abg fher jung V guvax nobhg "naq gura gurl tbg vasvavgr cbjre naq znqr rirelbar yvir unccvyl rire nsgre". Vg'f pregnvayl n zhpu unccvre raqvat guna gur svefg srj obbxf zvtug unir yrq bar gb oryvrir, ohg vg'f zber guna n yvggyr qrhf rk znpuvan. Zraqbmn nyfb unq zhpu yrff vachg vagb gur raqvat guna V jnf ubcvat sbe. </rot13>

Visual Entertainments: Finished Karin. That was quite some genre zig-zag. Also, quite some ceremonial garb. However, none of it was anything like the ending of the manga. (Whether that's good or bad is another question.)

Cats: Miaumiaumiau!

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19 March 2010 - Friday

Work: Yay, Friday! I sort of did some work, but I still don't know anything.

Germ count much reduced.

Visual Entertainments: Still creeping toward the final doom of Karin

Cats: Twelve cute paws!

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18 March 2010 - Thursday

Work: I still don't know anything useful about the product. We will all be very doomed next week when the remaining person who does know stuff is out on paternity leave.

Gaming: Looking at APOD makes me want to play a space adventure game. The more we see of the future, the more it looks like fiction with large-scale human spaceflight (never mind planets humans can live on or aliens humans can talk to) has to be counted in the fantasy genre, but that's okay for gaming.

Visual Entertainments: Still slowly working my way through Karin. The preantepenultimate episode doesn't directly address the plot, but at least they do remember they have one.

Laundry: Victory! I did four washer-loads of laundry and they all worked the first time! Perhaps the answer really is to only fill the washers halfway! (Taking up four of the six working washers inconvenienced other residents, but at least I was out in half an hour, instead of having to redo most of them to get the soap scum out.)

Cats: Miau! Miau! Miau!

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17 March 2010 - Wednesday

Work: Sore throat. Tiny brain.

My, the Internet really is full of things: Grim Dystopian Mazurkas. (We spurns them!)

Gaming: Today's mechanics idea is inspired by a line from (but hardly not unique to) Sword and Sorcerer, about how the question is generally not whether the PCs will succeed, but what sacrifices they'll have to make for that success.

Figure out some kinds of bad things that could happen to characters — get wounded, lose equipment/money, slip closer to the bring of sanity, make moral compromises, get cursed by the gods, gain a bad reputation, whatever fits the themes and genre — and assign each a color of die. Put a pile of dice of those colors in the middle of the table.

Whether you win a conflict depends on whether your skill+dice beats the target number. If you fall short, you can take one of the color-coded dice from the pile, roll it, and add it in to your total. If you're still short, you can do it again, until either you win, or decide it's not worth it. Either way, you then suffer the consequence for each die you used from the pile.

Things to consider besides the set of consequences:

  • Is there a limit to how many consequences you can take per roll? Too many can bog down play, and the 10th consequence isn't much more interesting than the 9th, so there probably should be.
  • Related to that, how "big" is a consequence? A game where one or two Wounded consequences take you out of the action will play a lot differently than one where it takes ten.
  • Is there a limit to how many consequences of any one type you can take? Is there a limit on what everyone together can take — that is, is the pile in the middle of the table finite? Does this change depending on the scene? (If the GM plunks down a bunch of Wounded dice at the start of the Royal Ball scene, you know the ninjas are going to bust in!) Is it different for different characters? (You have the Villainous Eyebrows trait, so you have one more Bad Reputation consequence die than everyone else in every scene.)
  • Are the dice different sizes? (Getting wounded only gets you +1d4 to your total; to get +1d12, you have to slide toward insanity.)

Sequential Entertainments: Buck Godot: The Gallimaufry.

I wouldn't want Phil Foglio to stop working on Girl Genius, but maybe we could clone him a few times?

Textual Entertainments: The Machine's Child (Kage Baker) finally brings Mendoza back into the story, although she doesn't have much agency for most of the book. We also get more Joseph, who is doing about as well as you might expect after the end of The Graveyard Game. I thought this was going to be the final book, but no, apparently it's next book that they cross the streams (of DOOOM)!

Visual Entertainments: Finished the penultimate disc of Karin. Oh, there's a plot. Doesn't sound like the manga plot, though, and they've only got about four episodes for it. I wonder what they'll do.

Cats: I point out to Aspen that I haven't ever eaten her ever, but she maintains that it takes only once. Hmph.

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16 March 2010 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Germs: Sore throat. :(

Visual Entertainments:

  • Natsume's Book of Friends 1-2: I've read the first volume of the manga and Dave previewed the first episode, so we knew what to expect, but Marith seemed to like it.
  • Spice and Wolf 2.8: Oh, I'm sure nothing can go wrong with that!
  • Soul Eater 6-7: Actual villains are starting to show up! (Although I'm not sure by what standard Dr Stein isn't a villain.)
  • Darker Than Black 23: Aw, they're so cute! But so very very doomed.

Cats: I really need to brush Ghirardelli. Also, hugs might be called for in more than one case.

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15 March 2010 - Monday

Work: Bah, first Monday after DST. Bah, I say!

We had the going-away lunch for half of the people who know how to support the product. We couldn't get him to make a speech, though.

Visual Entertainments: Hm. There's only about five episodes left, and no sign of the major plot from the manga. I wonder what they're going to do?

Food: I think this is where we went for lunch, although the web page is shinier than the restaurant. The specialty of the place seems to be dosa, which is kind of like a crepe but about half a meter across and typically wrapped around lumps curried potatoes or some other kind of filling. It is so very large and flat that I have to wonder if it's related to the injera of Ethiopian cuisine, although I suppose it's not so strange of an idea that it couldn't be invented multiple times.

I had the palak paneer, which was good, but spicy enough to have killed Marith instantly.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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14 March 2010 - Sunday

Clock Reform: Badly needed, to get rid of the horror that is Daylight Savings Time!

Gaming: Okay, that's it, no more hordes of lower-level monsters. From now on, it's hordes of higher-level monsters and half XP. Fortunately, I have two weeks to upgrade the next encounter (unless all my players drop out from boredom).

Textual Entertainments: The Children of the Company is not so much OMGWTF, since it mostly just fills in details of events we already knew something about. Also, the master villains in this book aren't gormless, they're just plain mean.

Soon, everything will come crashing together in a swirling maelstrom of DOOOOOOM!

Food: I still like Chef Chu's mushu a lot, and the cream corn soup is good, but the steamed sea bass in black bean sauce is not really my thing. Oh, well, what Meatloaf said!

Fortune-Telling: "A new relationship will blossom soon. You will be blessed." (Paraphrased due to having lost the original slip.)

Random Encounters: At Chef Chu's Marith and I ran into Chrisber, Christy, and some sort of small primate that walks upright and uses language! They said it was Teo, but I distinctly remember him as being smaller and less bipedal, so I have my doubts.

Cats: Miau miau MIAU!

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13 March 2010 - Saturday

Work: Logged in from home and finished up a script I was working on yesterday afternoon just before leaving. Now it works, although I have no idea whether it will be useful in practice.

Connectivity: On my way down to ask the weekend manager if he knew anything about the phones being out, I encountered a gentleman working at the phone box. It took a few hours, but he did get service restored!

Textual Entertainments: The Life of the World to Come (Kage Baker) is even more OMGTWFBBQ! With, as a special bonus, the most gormless evil masterminds ever seen! Also a plot twist not seen since Emily Devenport!

Visual Entertainments: I don't think that's quite the version of Ren's backstory given in the manga, but maybe I'm misremembering. Also, they're working on living up to the promise of the opening credits.

Textual Educations: Perl Best Practices (Damian Conway) is a mix of simple code-readability guidelines (put the most important keyword at the start of the line, use four-space indents, give your variable descriptive names), accepted programming practice (write your unit tests first, benchmark and profile before you leap into optimizing, don't directly expose instance variables as part of an object's interface), and Perl-specific stuff (use bareword filehandles, don't use subroutine prototypes, use inside-out objects to avoid some perils of Perl's crappy fake OO). It's much more what I expect from a best practices guide than what I found in Ruby Best Practices, and they do all seem to be at least pretty good practices.

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

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12 March 2010 - Friday

Work: Last day in the department for half of the people who know what the heck they're doing around here! Anything we haven't already extracted from his brain, we're not going to get!

Also interviewed more people. Sheesh.

Connectivity: Well, at least this time it's not Aeriodisconnect's fault I have no internet: the phone is out, which means my DSL is also out. Bah!

Cats: Finally finished the fourth disc of Karin. The character from the light novels who showed up early on has been relegated to a minor role, and the plot seems to mostly be following the manga again.

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11 March 2010 - Thursday

Work: Phone-screened two people (one not bad, one not so good), and then tried to phone-screen another from home but only got his voicemail.

Visual Entertainments: I have so many DVDs to watch! But only enough brain to watch about ¼ of a DVD per night.

Cats: So fuzzy! And sometimes pointy!

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10 March 2010 - Wednesday

Work: I really would rather have been sleeping than participating in a conference call.

Textual Entertainments: Finished The Graveyard Game (Kage Baker). OMGWTFBBQ? Also: poor Lewis! Also also: fugue or no fugue, that can't possibly turn out well, and Joseph should know it, but as previously stated he's good at not knowing things that would upset him.

If the pattern holds, the next book will be Mendoza again.

Visual Entertainments: I creep so slowly through disc 4 of Karin.

Cats: Twelve paws with associated miaus!

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9 March 2010 - Tuesday

Work: Learned more stuff, told customers things they probably didn't want to hear, interviewed somebody who claimed to have been a DBA for ten years but didn't know what an index on a table was.

Apparently I must dress like a corporate drone grownup for the rest of the week.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Oh! Edo Rocket 25-26: BOOM! The end. <rot13>Fnqyl, gur raq znqr zhpu bs gur erfg bs gur frevrf frrz cbvagyrff. V zrna, vs gur Ergverq Erfvqrag unq n fcnprfuvc cnexrq va gur onfrzrag, zbfg bs gur cybg pbhyq unir orra pvephziragrq, juvpu jbhyq unir orra yrff sha sbe uvz gb jngpu ohg jbhyq unir tbggra n ybg srjre crbcyr xvyyrq. Naq vs gur nyvraf unq gung zhpu va gur jnl bs erfbheprf ba gur zbba, jul qvqa'g Fben whfg unir fbzrbar ohvyq n enqvb genafzvggre? Onu.</rot13>
  • Spice and Wolf 2.7: Aww! They're so cute!
  • Soul Eater 5: Now I want to make an indie RPG in which a major element of the character sheet is a faint circle which you use as a guide to draw a picture of YOUR CHARACTER'S SOUL.
  • Darker Than Black 21-22: Hey, look, it's a plot!

Cats: Apparently Marmalade kept playing after I went to bed, because in the morning I found the toy drowned in the water dish, as is the custom of Turkish Angoras!

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8 March 2010 - Monday

Work: Today I went to some meetings and learned some things and sent messages to a couple of customers.

Visual Entertainments: I finally called Netflix customer service to mention that I really had sent back Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki disc 2 on like the 26th of last month, even though they hadn't received it. The alarmingly perky lady who answered (after just about the three minutes predicted by their web site) seemed to think it was completely unacceptable that the vagaries of the postal system had prevented me from fully enjoying the service for which I had paid and not only marked that disc as lost in the mail so my queue could move forward, but sent me three extra discs to make up for the lost time. Wow.

Also started watching the disc that arrived in my working slot, disc 4 of Karin. The opening credits still contain far more fanservice than has appeared in the actual episodes. Also, Karin is still a doof, but one really can't blame her for being angstful and self-conscious about being not just a vampire, but a mutant vampire.

Cats: Marmalade tussles so fiercely with the little ball of fluzz! (Or maybe it's fuff.) I guess it sat around so long it became a New Toy again, or maybe he's just feeling extra-playful.

I'm sure all you other people have very cute cats, but my cats are cutest!

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7 March 2010 - Sunday

Work: I meant to run errands and stuff, but instead a customer exploded and I had to try to push some of the pieces back toward the center until someone competent arrived. Bah.

You know, after Netcom, no tech support should be hard. On the other hand, although Netcom customers often swore up and down they would sue for every penny any of us would ever see, they couldn't actually do it.

Gaming: Tonight's Thrace session was combat! Having found a library or study or something left by Resi's ancestor, we had to defeat the horrible librarian monsters. Some of them were undead, which was okay since we have both a cleric and a paladin lamashta, but some were something else (demon? construct? spirit?) and gave us more trouble. Lycoris used one of her new 5th-level dailies, which didn't do any damage but did drag a bunch of the enemy to the middle of the room where Aesculpius could go wild on them, and also got to use both of her defensive powers in one combat. Toward the end it started to drag out and then Ayse had to go to bed, but Aesculpius' life was saved (possibly not by who he thought saved it) and all the monsters were defeated, with only one monster-round of damage done to the library!

Textual Entertainments: Ayse had a copy of the next Company book, The Graveyard Game, to lend!

Cats: Ghirardelli and Marmalade think that when I'm trying to do work is the best time to try to play with me. This is because they are cats.

wow, that's a thorough strike by marith (Sun Mar 7 23:09:17 2010)

Even my comment is stricken out as I write it! The bowling score of your entry must be tremendous! :)

Lycoris' player is not allowed to claim she is not useful or cool in combat, neener neener. The GM even said she prevented him from his strategy of Demonic Hopping Skulls on Bookcases!

Re: wow, that's a thorough strike by Trip (Mon Mar 8 08:21:06 2010)

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

(Foiling the GM's planned glee is almost certainly its own punishment.)

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6 March 2010 - Saturday

Work: One customer exploded while I was on my way in to the office, but while I was trying to get the VPN to their site working, someone with skillz showed up and fixed everything.

After that, we more or less accomplished our goal of converting a pile of draft knowledge base entries into real entries, where by "we" I pretty much mean everyone else. I can compulsively rewrite text to be more grammaricious, but that's not really a major contribution.

Cats: Twelve paws!

Writing: Double check, but I'm still a month behind. More, if you adjust for quality.

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5 March 2010 - Friday

Work: The doom of on-call! But's not as doomed as it could be, since there is someone twelve hours offset to cover while I am sleeping and sleep while I am covering.

Cats: Aargh, stupid dropped pill hiding under the fridge! Oh well, it got me to clean up the kitchen floor enough to be sure it wasn't hiding there waiting for a cat to eat it. (I still worry that's what happened to poor Benny, although I don't really know and at this point probably never will.)

Writing: Met a cow orker who's been doing NaNoWriMo for three years straight. I'm such a slacker.

for three YEARS?! by kit (Wed Mar 10 08:47:06 2010)

...only after I was clicking through to leave a comment did it occur to me that perhaps "doing NNWM for 3 years straight" meant "had succeeded in writing 50K in November 3 years in a row" rather than "has written 50K a month every month for 3 years", which, as my initial interpretation, caused me to squack. SQUACK!

Re: three YEARS by Trip (Wed Mar 10 09:06:51 2010)

I am pretty sure he meant 50k for each of three successive Novembers. :)

whew by kit (Thu Mar 11 13:17:14 2010)

Thank goodness. o.O

But really... by Trip (Fri Mar 12 09:31:45 2010)

...that would be only 600 000 words a year! Hardly anything!

only 600K... by kit (Sat Mar 13 13:34:41 2010)

*whimpers like a whimpering thing*

Re: only 600K... by Trip (Mon Mar 15 08:54:13 2010)

No Dying!

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4 March 2010 - Thursday

Work: Still no training. Tickets instead. But I successfully supported my position despite a customer being certain that something, somewhere, was dreadfully wrong.

I don't have to be at work until 11:00 on Saturday. Yay.

Textual Entertainments: Mendoza in Hollywood, by Kage Baker. For a while I thought Mendoza was going to be revealed as a n00b at being doomed with humans, but she rallied to regain her title in the last chapters. Also, mysteries and more mysteries!

Note to self: The order of the series seems to be

  1. In the Garden of Iden
  2. Sky Coyote
  3. Mendoza in Hollywood
  4. The Graveyard Game
  5. The Life of the World to Come
  6. The Children of the Company
  7. The Machine's Child
  8. The Sons of Heaven
  9. Not Less than Gods

Visual Entertainments: The live-action special and radio drama on the last Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki DVD were quite meh. Meh.

Cats: Being purrbucketed is not like getting anything done, but that's okay!

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3 March 2010 - Wednesday

Work: I have no idea what I could possibly do when Big Customer M calls at three in the morning and says they'll stop doing business with Aster if all their problems aren't fixed within ten minutes, but apparently I will be on-call this weekend anyway. Also, I will be working on Saturday.

Cats: Someday I will successfully give Aspen a kittytreat! No, really!

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2 March 2010 - Tuesday

Work: Oh, look, it's a severity 0 customer case. I should probably do something with it.

In theory I now know more about what the hell I'm doing. In practice, maybe not so much.

Visual Entertainments: HUGE FAIL. I don't think 17:30 to 18:30 is the best time to schedule a demo of new product features, but apparently I am in the minority.

Cats: Still very fuzzy!

Writing: Splah FAIL.

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1 March 2010 - Monday

Work: Wum. Blargh. Monday.

Today I learned some things, although my cow orkers despair of us new guys learning enough before we have to take over.

Cats: So fuzzy!

Writing: Extravagant FAIL.

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