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30 April 2011 - Saturday

Work: I'm glad I'm not the one on call this weekend!

Gaming: We tried the clever new plan of going over to Ayse and Ken's for brunch and then gaming while the babby napped, instead of going over for dinner and not gaming while everyone fell asleep. Marith still fell asleep, but otherwise it worked okay. Ken made us make Vampire characters for a game to play when Marith can't make it. We have a computer geek who was turned into a Gangrel by people who envied his brain, a Mekhet podcaster (who is probably not at all like the zombie-fighting bloggers from Feed), and Carmilla as a trust-fund socialist Venture. Combat abilities range from negligible to none, but they have personality, and that's what Vampire is all about, right?

Visual Entertainments: I started watching Moribito, which is about a female warrior in feudal Japan. No fantasy elements so far Only one obviously magical occurance so far, and the derring-do is not too over-the-top.

Cats: Miau! Miau! Miau!

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29 April 2011 - Friday

Work: Had to stay late because customers.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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28 April 2011 - Thursday

Work: Check.

Textual Entertainments: The Bone Palace is the sequel to The Drowning City (Amanda Downum), the adventures of an intrepid necromancer in a fantasy world that draws from sources other than medieval England. Intrigue, blood magic, more intrigue, broken oaths, socially-accepted transsexuals(!), and more blood magic, woot!

Visual Entertainments: Wow, Eddie Izzard was young in 1994. But some of the material in "Unrepeatable" is clearly a less-evolved version of parts of "Dressed to Kill". Also, silly.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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27 April 2011 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

My, the Internet really is full of things: It's not pretty when web servers cry.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: I meant to go to bed early but Zmorcia ended up flying back and forth between Telaar and some other place about three times and eventually failing an escort quest. Bah.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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26 April 2011 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

My, the Internet really is full of things: My library card doesn't look like that, but I bet it knows the feeling.

Gaming: What I most want from a D&D4e GMing app is tracking of statuses and power recharges, but none of the ones I've found handle recharge powers at all, and the ones that handle statuses only have a list of the very basic ones to pick from. Since PCs have all kinds of wacky powers that put all kinds of wacky statuses on monsters, that's not very useful.

Textual Entertainments: The Best of C L Moore was published in 1975, but the stories were written between 1933 and 1946. The prose is a bit purple, but this is the time and editors that gave us Lovecraft, so that's not unexpected. I think the Northwest Smith stories ("Shambleau" and "Black Thirst") are near to the genre I'm interested in, although they have more horror elements than I was thinking of.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Clannad 8-9: That's more or less the resolution I expected for that plotline. I wonder if it or its implications will ever come up again.
  • Death Note 15: Wait, I thought L was supposed to be the good guy.
  • Umineko 7-8: Yah, that's totally fair.
  • Durarara!! 3: Flee! Flee while you still can!

Cats: Twelve paws!

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25 April 2011 - Monday

Work: Check.

Modern Medicine: Check.

Sequential Entertainments: Someone — Dave? — turned me on to Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, which is pretty swell, at least up through strip 600 or so. (I have no reason to expect it not swell all the way through #1700 or wherever it is now, but I haven't personally verified it yet.) It's pretty much the same genre as Yamara, but less safe for work.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Gah every quest still leads to another quest! And there are more quests lying around the landscape, which also lead to more quests!

I'm not sure about the hunting quests from the Nesingway Safari. "Go kill 8 Xs because they're rabid" or "Go kill 17 Ys because they're eating our crops" is one thing, but "Go kill 12 Zs to show how manly you are" is entirely different.

(But we already know I fail at manliness.)

Cats: Twelve adorable, if somewhat smelly, paws!

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24 April 2011 - Sunday

Work: Good customers! Keep not breaking your clusters on the weekend and you shall have extra biscuits!

Spawn: Ayse and Ken have a pretty good offspring.

Food: It is Easter, so Ken fed us brunch (French toast made with cinnamon bread, slab bacon, eggs, festivity). W00t!

Gaming: This time, I won Dominion with Barons and Mines. That's two wins in a row, so now no one will give me any sympathy when I lose the next twenty games.

No Gaming: No Palo Alto D&D, because Adam is doing things with family. But make-up PAD&D next week, and there is discussion of moving Mountain View gaming to Saturday afternoon during the baby's nap. This might mean the Rotating-GM All-Catgirl Dark Sun campaign is go.

Textual Entertainments: Threshold (Eric Flint, Ryk E Spoor) is a sequel to their earlier Boundary, but has almost no cool alien stuff in it. There are some neat tech bits, and they do get credit for not having Stealth In Spaaaaace, but it's not really enough to support a whole book.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Gah, the quests just keep coming and coming! Undead and evil bird people and treant-controlling bugs and more undead! Also, adamantite ore.

Level 68! Technically, Zmorcia could blow off the Outlands and go to Northrend, where she might be slightly less overpowered, but I don't want to quit in the middle. But if I don't, she'll probably be too overpowered in Northrend as well.

Visual Entertainments: Princess Resurrection 16: another episode that's not from the manga, and doesn't feel quite right. But shark monsters are good.

Cats: I meant to taunt them with the Red Spot of Uncatchability, but forgot.

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23 April 2011 - Saturday

I really should update my list of pages I visit.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Man, Terokkar forest sure has a lot of quests (many involving evil bird people). At least it has a draenai city with a jewelcrafting trainer, even if it also has unjustifiably many blood elves.

Level 67!

Gaming: Coppersmiths + Villages + Council Rooms = GREAT VICTORY! I didn't think ahead enough to buy an extra Copper, though, so when I got my entire money supply into my hand and tripled it with double Coppersmith action, I could only buy 2 Provinces and a Duchy.

Visual Entertainments: Netflix delivered to me a disc of Eddie Izzard hilarity ("Unrepeatable"), so people who have never seen any Izzard except Youtube clips made me come over and show it to them while they got tipsy. Unfortunately, when we got it out of the envelope, we discovered the disc was broken nearly in half. Bah! But the local Videoscope saved us with a copy of "Dressed to Kill", and much inebriated cackling was had.

Sequential Entertainments: Stayed up too late reading webcomics in bed, because I can.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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22 April 2011 - Friday

Work: D&D for Sunday fell through, so I volunteered to cover for Cow Orker M when he's busy with family. Luckily, the big operation that Big Customer X had scheduled for this weekend has been postponed.

Rampant Consumerism: I finally got my iPad all configured and started filling it with apps. It is shiny.

Textual Entertainments: Heaven's Spite (Lilith Saintcrow), the fifth(?) and apparently penultimate book in the "Jill Kismet" series, has a whole bunch of doom. Since it's firmly in the "disaffected female monster-hunter" genre, that's not too surprising.

Visual Entertainments: The Familiar of Zero 12-13: As is common with half-season shows that are adpated from another medium, the ending was kind of abrupt, but it wasn't bad.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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21 April 2011 - Thursday

Work: Check.

My, the Internet really is full of things: Everyone needs a Trebuchet!

Visual Entertainments: Slayers Try 21: Oh the historical doom.

Food: The nice people at Chef Liu gave Ayse and I tea and little orange citrus guys (satsumas?) while we waited for the immense pile of take-out. Yay crispy eggplant in garlic sauce!

Cats: Twelve paws!

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20 April 2011 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Textual Entertainments: Late Eclipses is the fourth in Seanan McGuire's series about a half-fey private eye/troublemaker in modern San Francisco and the associated faerie lands. This setting would totally make a good RP MUD.

Visual Entertainments: The Familiar of Zero 11. The plot, it thickens! (No, Kirche, you don't want that one, he's a rat bastard.)

Cats: Twelve paws!

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19 April 2011 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Textual Entertainments: Zoo City (Lauren Beukes) should be read by everyone who's played in any of Carl's Shadowrun games. Criminal magicians, decaying infrastructure, high tech level, what's to not like?

More importantly, it's an SF book not from or about rich white Americans.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Death Note 13-14: Oh look, a new pawn! But wasn't that the premise of Remington Steele back in the mumbleties?
  • Clannad 7: My thought was to pick up the more portable one of the two and throw her at the other, which shows that I'm really not from that genre.
  • Durarara! 1-2: The art style and opening credits leave no doubt that this is from the people who did Baccano!. I think the Black Biker may be scarier than anything from Baccano!, though.
  • Umineko 7: I wonder if the backstory that's being filled in existed before episode 6. This is from the same people who did Higurashi, after all.

Food: Marith brought sushi! I was kind of mean to her about the unagi, but that is because I am a terrible person, not because she isn't wonderful.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws of kittitude!

the inevitability of tofu sushi by marith (Thu Apr 21 16:28:19 2011)

Being concerned about overfishing is not mean or terrible! However, hm. According to the guide you link to, hamachi is also on the avoid list. So is most other tuna, and a lot of shrimp and salmon.

"Do you know the natal nexus of your nigiri?"

Re: the inevitability of tofu sushi by Trip (Thu Apr 21 16:58:42 2011)

"Natal nexus" sounds like astrology. But we already know the fate of these fish!

I wonder if tilapia makes good sushi. Or maybe in the future we'll make sushi out of compacted fungus, like the yummy food at Garden Fresh.

Awesome things are awesome by Carl (Fri Apr 22 08:39:22 2011)

Zoo City is awesome and I heartily endorse your endorsement. I didn't like Moxyland (her first book, although it had some nice bits) as much as Zoo City (her second), and therefore eagerly look forward to her third book when it comes out.

The Black Biker is awesome! And scary. Scary awesome. I like Durarara more than Baccano, and I like Baccano a lot. Durarara has a very Earl character later on. Oh. Possibly two.

On the drive home from running Leveraged Shadowrun at Endgame's Go Play SF Bay 3rd Thursday, I had an idea for a better Shadowrun, with the hiring spiel starting "Normally we'd get the Barada Brothers for this, but they're busy in Hollywood, so we hope you can save Seattle."

Awesome things by Trip (Fri Apr 22 10:04:00 2011)

I have Moxyland but haven't read it. The official Moxyland fanfic (what else would you call it?) in the back of the paperback edition of Zoo City made it look like fairly undistinguished cyberpunk, so I moved it down in the queue.

My big worry about Durarara!! is that I will go mad from trying to keep all the characters straight, but obviously that's a flaw in me and not in the work.

Are you back to running Carl-Shadowrun? Using the Apocalypse World system?

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18 April 2011 - Monday

Work: It's weird to have someone else from Support in the office.

Visual Entertainments:The Familiar of Zero 9-10: I guess it's time the plot showed up, we're ¾ of the way through the season.

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws!

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17 April 2011 - Sunday

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Finally, Zmorcia has no quests with endpoints in Zangarmarsh. Still no idea what's up with the giant glowing cone of light in the middle of the zone, but oh well. That's probably something for level 85 characters who like raiding.

No level-up, but A—n, gnome-about-town, guided Zmo through Underbog, so she's getting close. She got embarrassingly lost (which I will blame on so many of the monsters there completely filling the corridor with their corpses) but apparently out-DPSed the mage.

Visual Entertainments: The Familiar of Zero 8. I guess that sort of thing is inevitable in any society that lets teenagers have access to magic.

Food: Marith and Dave didn't show up for extra bonus gaming, so Ken and Ayse and their kid and me went to Sushitomi without them. Neener!

Cats: So very opaque!

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16 April 2011 - Saturday

Planned Encounters: Gretchen and Brad are not dead! They came over the hill ostensibly to give Marith some craft stuff that Gretchen bought just before losing all her spoons and therefore never used, but apparently also to taunt her with the idea of a company that has a team devoted to making sure software gets tested and the bugs fixed before it ships (one of the many differences between the established company that Brad works for and the Internet startup Marith works for.)

Gaming: No Thrace. Ken and Ayse forgot it was a Thrace weekend because I didn't send email reminding them.

Textual Entertainments: The Last Six Million Seconds is an earlier work by John Burdett (the guy who wrote the mysteries about the crazed Thai detective), set in Hong Kong about six megaseconds before the Chinese takeover in 1997 and built around the view that the Chinese army is the largest criminal organization in the world. The rest follows naturally from there. Or maybe unnaturally.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Every time I thought Zmorcia was almost done with the zone, she found someone to give her more quests, but that seems to be winding down. She has explored the entire zone, too, including the parts next to the mountains with spikes on them.

Level 66!

Visual Entertainments: The Familiar of Zero 6-7. I was right about the stolen artifact, although it wasn't exactly what I expected.

This show is disqualified from being harem anime by virtue of the male lead apparently actually being popular with girls.

Cats: Gretchen admired Marmalade, Ghirardelli, and Aspen greatly, as is their rightful due!

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15 April 2011 - Friday

Work: Check.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Zmorcia finished up most of the quests in the southeastern part of Zangarmarsh and found the town built on top of a giant mushroom (by draenai, of course, as no one else would be that cool). Level 65!

Cats: Miau and miau and also miau!

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14 April 2011 - Thursday

Work: Immediately after we told our cow orker in Philadelpha that he could take off early to ride his motorcycle in the beautiful weather, customers and potential customers started breaking our product. However, there were not more problems than we had spoons to handle, so it all worked out.

Is it really a good idea to base business-critical infrastructure on imaginary computers running on someone else's hardware? Signs point to "no". (But I'm glad some people do it anyway, because I think after a decade or so, this cloud thing could become useful.)

Textual Entertainments: Bloodshot (Cherie Priest) is a pretty good story of vampires vs [SPOILER]. It's in first person from a vampire's point of view, which I don't think I've seen very often, and I think Priest did a good job of portraying the protagonist as having super-powers but being aware of her lack of invulnerability. Also as being kind of crazy. And did you know that vampires kill people?

It looks like there's a sequel coming later this year. I'll probably read it when it gets to the library.

Theatrical Entertainments: Ayse lured us to see a student production of Sweeney Todd (Ken stayed at home to watch the baby, because he wasn't really up for a show about a father losing his daughter.) The orchestra needed a sound-absorbing lid over their pit, and most of the performers needed diction lessons, but they did manage to tell the story with all its DOOOOOM. (Ayse and Marith actually have theatre theory, so they had a much more extensive understanding of the show's faults, but apparently it did not sink to the level of the Fabled Davis Production.)

If an anime version of the The Count of Monte Cristo can work, why not an anime version of Sweeney Todd? (Other than because it's not in the public domain, I mean.)

Cats: I know it's late, but I did come back to you, kitties, just like I said I would!

Look, a comment! by Flit (Sat Apr 16 13:06:23 2011)


Wow, it's a Flit! by Trip (Sat Apr 16 13:47:37 2011)

A Flit who properly admires the kitties, even!

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13 April 2011 - Wednesday

Work: Check.

Sequential Entertainments: Caltrain tried to stop me from getting my comics today, but they failed by about thirty seconds. neener!

Silly Computer Games: Check.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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12 April 2011 - Tuesday

Work: Check.

Textual Entertainments: The Better Part of Darkness (Kelly Gay) is a undistiguished example of the kickass-monster-hunting-female-protagonist subgenre of urban fantasy. That sounds bad, but it's not distinguished by being unusually horrible either. The style reminds me a lot of someone, probably Kim Harrison.

Sequential Entertainments: Alien Nine (Hitoshi Tomizawa) is so very freaky. I wish there were more of it.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Haruhi II 13-14: Maybe the entire 28 episodes form a larger loop around the 8-episode loop in the middle? It's The Epicycles of Haruhi Suzumiya!
  • Death Note 12: I wonder if any part of that story was true.
  • Umineko 4-5: I totally wasn't expecting that.
  • Clannad 6: I was kind of expecting that.

Next week, Durarara!

Cats: Miau miau miau!

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11 April 2011 - Monday

Work: Oh look, it's Monday. But at least I can update a bunch of cases to Fix Available now.

Visual Entertainments: I wonder if the artifact the thief stole was like Louise's familiar and Kirche's heirloom book.

Silly Computer Games: Bleargh.

Cats: This time when I gave Aspen the snuggles, she escaped.

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10 April 2011 - Sunday

Work: Not so much work today.

Gaming: Our protagonists successfully escaped the zombie dryad and then went back with a scroll of the illegal Shadow Passage ritual to give her. Surely there is no way in which this can have gone awry.

Then, off to beat up the gnoll shaman and take their stuff, interrupted by an attack of burning dwarven zombies and a giant's tomb that might be full of treasure. And DOOOOOM.

Textual Entertainments: The conceit of Mob Rules (Cameron Haley) is that organized crime is run by sorcerers, who suck up the magic generated by the emotions of people doing the sorts of things organized crime sells. It was entertaining.

Visual Entertainments: Finally finished the first disc of The Familiar of Zero, since I don't seem to be able to watch more than half an hour of videos per night. Saito really is going to have to revolutionize this world.

Cats: I gave Aspen the snuggles and she hardly ran away at all for several minutes!

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9 April 2011 - Saturday

Work: Blargh, customers! Customers who interfere with my dim sum invitation!

Gaming: I guess that's like being prepared, if they do the thing I prepared for.

Food: Despite work, I managed to show up at Ayse and Ken's in time to admire the baby and eat pasta of the type known as "curly guys" with tomato-sausage sauce.

Silly Computer Games: I spent most of the day that wasn't spent working playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and not doing anything useful.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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8 April 2011 - Friday

Work: Why did I volunteer to be on-call this weekend? (Because of everyone on this continent, I have the lowest n00b rating by a small margin.)

My, the Internet really is full of things: Can't really argue.

Sequential Entertainments: My extra uselessness the past couple of days resulted in rereading the entire Bonobo Conspiracy archives. Backwards.

I am very sad that BoCon is defunct. It was awesome.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Zmo beat up a few plant monsters, but although they lived in a cave, there wasn't any ore. Also, the king monster never appeared in the place marked on the map even though she rampaged around killing various monsters there.

Visual Entertainments: Another episode of The Familiar of Zero. Huh, maybe it will be haremtastic after all.

I think we can map this to Amber High School. Louise is Justice, Kirche is Tia, Kirche's friend with the dragon is Cloud, Guiche is Jim's character whose name I forget, Saito is Chloe (raised by Platonic solids, raised in a post-Enlightnement democracy, close enough), ...

Cats: Twelve adorable paws!

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7 April 2011 - Thursday

Work: Even compared to my usual standard, I was exceptionally useless today.

Textual Educations: I was reading a book on how the AK-47 revolutionized warfare worldwide, but the library made me give it back so someone else could read it. I will get it back when they're done with it, though (unless the requests system betrays me).

Visual Entertainments: Slayers Try 19-20: back to the plot! It's pretty much never good to have creatures from a higher plane visit your world, is it?

Food: Sausage + sauerkraut + potatoes + kale + rahb + Ken = dinner!

Cats: Aspen still seems to be holding a grudge from when I picked her up and put her in a box to go to the vet. Sigh.

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6 April 2011 - Wednesday

Work: Today it was announced that the merger had been consummated. A sales-oriented webcast and a party followed, neither of which was really consistent with finishing the training.

Gaming: I got as far as putting in my notes, "add list of monsters here".

Visual Entertainments: Second episode of The Familiar of Zero. The male lead isn't that hapless, although perhaps not very survival-oriented.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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5 April 2011 - Tuesday

Work: Aster Data is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teradata. Whee!

My presentation lasted 17 minutes. I was not booed out of the room. It wasn't great, but at least I didn't just read off the text on the slides. Maybe the new overlords will get people some training in how to present training material.

Textual Educations: Even in his first book, Oxygen, which dates back all the way to 2002, Nick Lane was interested in eukaryotes, mitochondria, respiration, aging, and the evolution of sex, but it's interesting to see how much less was known even those few years ago.

I did not know that radiation damage works by creating free radicals from water, the same mechanism by which mitochondria do themselves in and cause aging, but it makes perfect sense.

Visual Entertainments:

  • Clannad 4-5: This main character has a surprising amount of personality for someone in his position.
  • Haruhi II 12: It's a great tribute to the chewiness resilience of the human brain that future Mikuru can do anything except huddle in the corner of a padded cell muttering, "My clothes, give me back my clothes".
  • Death Note 10-11: The plot thickens! Like a tasty gumbo of mass murder and DOOOOOM!
  • Umineko 3: Battler is no L, but at least he's not a complete idiot.

Food: The Fort Point is pretty good, but not as good as the Watsonville Apple.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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4 April 2011 - Monday

Work: No one said, "OMG why did you not deal with the 37 customer down incidents over the weekend?!?!" so I guess it really was that quiet. But there's a new release coming out sometime in the nearish future (probably), so that's not going to last.

By the end of the day training was about two hours behind, so cow-orker M and I did not give our presentations.

My, the Internet really is full of things: I spent all evening reading Lunar Quest instead of doing anything useful. But it's orchestrated by the creator of Keychain of Creation!

Gaming should be more like that (except for the bits with people from the internets).

Also, I must confess that I found the all-caps for significant phrases inexplicably charming.

Cats: Oh no! I have not fed these cats in days! Weeks, even! They were forced to deposit rubber bands to shame me!

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3 April 2011 - Sunday

Work: Still no customers calling! How unprecedented!

Textual Entertainments: A Circus of Hells (Poul Anderson) is a Flandry novel that I may not have read before. It seemed more like two stories cobbled together into one short book, but maybe that's just because Flandry got into trouble primarily on two planets.

Remember the days when interstellar adventure seemed only moderately ridiculous?

Textual Entertainments, Cont'd: Nell Gwynne's Scarlet Spy is clearly set in the late Kage Baker's "Company" world, a little before the time of Edward Bell-Fairfax. Someone who wasn't familiar with the setting could still enjoy the stories as steampunk, but there are bits that wouldn't make sense.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Zmo ran around Zangarmarsh exploding frog-people and nagas, and admiring the naga's giant marsh-draining pumps. I wonder what their fiendish plan is.

Level 2^6!

Visual Entertainments: First episode of The Familiar of Zero. The opening credits suggest that it's going to be a harem comedy, but so far there is at most one possible romantic interest for the hapless Japanese kid abducted into a world of sorcery.

(Further evidence against it being harem comedy: the female character with the most visible sex appeal appears to actually sleep around. Unlike in say Love Hina.)

Cats: Twelve fuzzy paws!

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2 April 2011 - Saturday

Work: I am on-call, but no customers have exploded since Friday! Were it not for the occasional spam, I might wonder if email were broken.

Gaming: No Thrace. Additional germs instead.

Textual Educations: As a bachelor, I feel qualified to read Solitary Sex, by Thomas W Laqueur, although since the subtitle is A Cultural History of Masturbation, I may not be qualified to comment on it.

Laqueur concentrates on the period from the start of the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century, because that's when masturbation was a big deal. Today (well, okay, thirty years ago) we made jokes about it making you blind and crazy and causing hair to grow on your palms, but for that 250-year stretch, real doctors thought it really did physical harm to your body, and told that to people who really believed them, and became miserable as a result.

Once the idea caught on, there were plenty of proposed mechanisms based on the feeble medical knowledge of the time, but why did people buy it to begin with? Laqueur's theory is sort of vague (this is cultural history, after all), but goes something like this: masturbation, being solitary, is a refusal to engage with society, and being based on imagination, is a refusal to engage with reality. These two attributes undermine the entire point of the Enlightenment, making masturbation as bad as stock bubbles.

As medical knowledge advanced, people figured out that wanking doesn't cause tuberculosis, but the ill effects were easily moved to the moral realm (thanks, Freud) until finally sometime in the mid-twentieth century it stopped being tenable to believe it was that much worse than partnered sex. In fact, some people even started to think masturbation might be a positive thing!

(Before 1700, masturbation was more or less a non-issue. It was alluded to in Catholic denigrations of teh sexx0rs, and before that mentioned occasionally as showing a regrettable lack of self-control but still better than leaping on young boys. Despite the term "onanism", scholars of the Torah didn't seem to think about it much at all, being much more concerned with spiritual pollution than sexuality per se.)

Obviously Laqueur provides copious details and evidence and stuff, but I'm not sure there was really 400+ pages of insight there. (I told you I'm not qualified to comment on works of culture or history.)

Sequential Entertainments: Oh, Biomega actually is by the same guy who did Blame!! That would explain why it is so similar.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: Zmorcia has finished with Hellfire Peninsula! (Well, except the PvP quest. Her sempai G—e helped her with the dungeon quests, and the second time she tried to take down the huge demon boss she met another PC and they ganged up on it for victorious victory. He wasn't even creepy!) Zangarmarsh has many very large mushrooms, and about eight or ten quests right off the bat, but it was time to watch videos.

Visual Entertainments: At some point in the near past I was seized by a desire to see Flash Gordon again. I had not remembered just how absurdly cheesy and cheesily absurd it was. Perhaps my standards were lower thirty years ago.

Because they could, they included the first episode of the original 1936 Flash Gordon serial on the disc. Truly, that was an age before special effects.

Visual SF is always lamer and cheesier than written SF produced at the same time, but I think I may not want 30s space adventure after all. 70s is definitely later than I'm thinking, and 60s probably is, so 40s or 50s, I guess. Or something.

(Yah, like I could game to begin with.)

Food: I am trying to eat more vegetables and less meat, but I'm not sure vegetarian egg rolls are actually healthy. Shiitake mushrooms and hearts of baby bok choy probably are, though.

Cats: Twelve very adorable paws!

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1 April 2011 - Friday

Work: I am on call this weekend, but the major project at Big Customer X has been postponed until next weekend, so I kind of win, in the sense that I don't lose as much as I was scheduled to.

My, the Internet really is full of things: I also suck at this game, but at least I use ASCII graphics.

Textual Entertainments: The Godfather of Kathmandu is the fourth in John Burdett's mystery series about the only honest detective in the Bangkok police (for a suitable definition of "honest"). It is probably only the second most wacked-out, though.

Massively-Multiplayer Online Entertainments: ...why is this mine full of dominatrix succubi? I understand that they have to be somewhere, but a mine full of freaky little pick-axe wielding freaks in the middle of a devastated warzone seems odd.

Level 63! And definitely getting near the end of the Hellfire Peninsula quests.

Cats: Twelve paws!

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