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29 February 2012 - Wednesday

Should I leave my code uncommented and without docstrings to fit in with the other code, or make it incongruous but somewhat documented?

Piracy Report: It turns out the cheesy GUI ebook-liberator just calls a script that can be run from the command line, so that's okay. I can even hack the second script to extract the title so it doesn't matter that the original files have gibberish names.

However, I can't find an ebook version of the O'Neill Essential Kanji. One site said that it had a PDF, but the file was a lie. I can't complain too much, since it would have had to have been scanned illegally, but physical objects are a huge pain.

Aspen still hates and fears me. Sniff.

Hey, look! I'm going to bed not late! I wonder if it will make the slightest bit of difference?

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28 February 2012 - Tuesday

I finished vol 6 of Sakura Hime (Arina Tanemura) this morning. I only like it okay, but manga is totally more important than shaving, right?

Maybe if I read enough shoujo manga, I won't need to shave any more. It's not like I count as a guy to begin with.

You know, most of this stuff would be easier, better, or both if I used the existing command-line framework.

Apparently I only eat meat socially, or something.

Lucifer 11 is full of drama and doom and twists and doom! Someone has figured out a character's dark secret, but it doesn't look like it's going to slow him down any.

Yay Marmasnuggles!

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27 February 2012 - Monday

Cow Orker A recommends Zeni for Ethiopian nomming. Southern San Jose is pretty inconvenient, but maybe people will be up for an expedition sometime.

Apparently I inadvertantly exploded a customer on Friday by using the wrong option. Fortunately we were able to find all the pieces, but I guess I see the utility of GNU_style options: you have to look at the man page every time you use the command, to find out what the long option is called and where it has hypens.

Despite the title, Naked City (ed Ellen Datlow) is not an anthology of smut, but of urban fantasy. Some of the pieces are in the genre commonly known as "urban fantasy", like the Dresden Files story; some are fantasy about cities; some are fantasy in proximity to cities (C19 mining is pretty synonymous with "delving too deep"); and some are only arguably fantasy. None of the stories was amazing, but I don't demand those hours of my life back.

Cat Report: Apparently the front library has gotten boring (or maybe it's just too popular with towering grabby monsters), because Aspen has taken to lurking in the back library.

Why do I have so many books? I wonder if it's worth buying some of them again in order to cut down on physical objects.

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26 February 2012 - Sunday

Negima! (Ken Akamatsu) is clearly getting toward the end (I think we now know the origin of every girl in the class), but there could easily be another couple of volumes of twists in the final battle, and then some denouement. My guess is that it will end somewhere between volume 35 and volume 40.

In volume 8 of Tegami Bachi (Hiroyuki Asada), the anti-government conspiracy has finally revealed its goal, so hopefully soon we will find out why that's their goal. Or maybe everyone (except Niche) will be eaten by giant hollow metal bugs.

Giving all the monsters two-thirds the hit points and half again the damage seemed to work pretty well. Against an equal number of slightly lower-level opponents, you'd expect the defenders to get beaten up some but the PCs to win handily over, and that's what happened, but in less time.

It looks like for an actual formula that scales smoothly with level, it should be something like subtracting 2.5, 3, or 4 times the monster's level from its book hit points depending on whether it's a low-, medium-, or high-hit point opponent. Damage is more complicated, especially if you want to increase both average and crit damage by the same factor, but I can probably put together some kind of table or something. Right after I put together the one for converting from MM1 damage levels to MM3 damage levels.

Maybe I should just add plusses to bring the average damage up, rather than changing the dice, and then give more plusses on a crit to bring that damage up to the desired multiple. PCs do extra damage (above just the maximum roll) on crits, so there's no reason monsters can't as well, especially if it would make things easier on the GM.

Minions don't get fewer hit points, so strictly speaking they shouldn't get their damage increased, but as it stands, even in MM3 they're pretty ignorable, which is no fun. Maybe add level to the book damage, and give 50% extra damage on crit? The average minion only gets to make one attack anyway, so it should be worth the trouble of placing it on the battlefield.

Ghirardelli liked the small bit of salmon I gave him, but although Marmalade sniffed his, he did not deign to eat it.

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25 February 2012 - Saturday

Dawn of the Arcana vol 2 (Rei Toma) is at least as shoujo as Blue Exorcist is shounen: Traumatic pasts! Forced relationships that threaten to turn into love! Conflicts between hot childhood friends and hot new love interests! Superpowers that cause even more trouble!

In volume 11 of Natsume's Book of Friends (Yuki Midorikawa), the main character is finally starting to seriously confront his past. But he is too nice to say "neener" to people who did not understand how cute he was going to grow up to be.

Apparently there is going to be[*] a third season of the anime, and an anime of one of the manga-ka's other works, Hotarubi no Mori e.

[*]Future tense at the time volume 11 was released in Japan, anyway.

Cat Report: Twelve paws!

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24 February 2012 - Friday

Yay Friday!

Blue Exorcist vol 6 (Kazue Kato) is still so completely shounen I was surprised to find out the manga-ka is a woman.

Cats are so fuzzy!

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23 February 2012 - Thursday

Cow Orker A is out with the brain explodings, so no foosball.

The Folded World (Catherynne M Valente) is definitely a middle book, in which the doom piles higher and higher. I can't believe I didn't figure out who X were, though. Sometimes I think I'm not a very good reader.

  • Red Garden 7: The girls must be adapting to their new lifestyle: this time they all brought sticks!
  • Rocket Girls 11-12 (end): Apparently magic is a vital component of a successful space program.
  • Madoka Magica 4: The only place the phrase "breeding ground" is not a bad sign is in an actual biology paper.
  • Katanagatari 1: The art style seems wacky, but I think it's actually not unlike American cartoons. The characters are unquestionably wacky, but cute.

Cat Report: Fuzzy! Also, fuzzy!

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22 February 2012 - Wednesday

Cats are so fuzzy! But Marmalade seems disgruntled. I should probably stop reading this terrible stuff on the web and play with him. Right after the next page.

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21 February 2012 - Tuesday

Surprisingly, my new level shows the foosball table isn't out of whack! It seems better than it did last week, though, so maybe all the dragging has evened out for the moment. But maybe also my level is pretty cheap.

Random Encounter: JHart and his (ex-?) wife and their small kid, on Castro, going to Ephesus for birthday celebration. (I think the (ex-?) wife's name is Sasha, but I've only met her like three times total. Anyway, it was her birthday.)

No Lucifer this week, as Ayse and Ken are feeling under the weather and Marith is being oppressed by work. I could do something productive with my suddenly-available evening, but probably won't.

The Habitation of the Blessed (Catherynne M Valente) is the first book of the "A Dirge for Prester John" trilogy(?). It is very much in the same line as the "Orphan's Tales" books, but this time drawing on the medieval stories of Prester John and his magical kingdom full of bizarre creatures. THotB only has three stories inside one frame story, but they do intertwine suitably. The prose is still opulent and poetic, and the world full of loss and misery but also love and occasional triumph.

I haven't finished Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima), but I've read as far as I can find hardcopy in the library (volume 12) so I might as well say something about it now.

Fairy Tail is very shounen, even though the main character is a girl, and not the one actually overcoming her tragic past through sheer guts. (Arguably, one of the guys she hangs out with is the main character, and she's only the viewpoint character.) There are lots of fight scenes, a fair number of tragic pasts, and plenty of cleavage. Lucy does contract with and summon constellation spirits to do magic, but everyone has pretty much one magic power and few if any books are involved, so it's of limited applicability to Dave's game. :)

Hello, cats! Hello! Hello! I am glad to see you too! And all your opaque tails!

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20 February 2012 - Monday

Everyone else gets a holiday, but I get to work. I even get a different train schedule to confuse me.

Okay, at least one of our customers also doesn't get a holiday. Instead, they get a major outage, albeit one that we can't reasonably be blamed for.

Cats are so opaque! And full of purrs! And helpful with browsing the web!

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19 February 2012 - Sunday

Marmalade was so happy with his laundry throne!

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18 February 2012 - Saturday

Brunch! English muffins, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and kimchee (except for Marith), leftover curry, avocado, boursin cheese, salad, and bacon!

Ja Baby is friends with all of the stuffed animals. She even asked to have Lucky Fourteen visit, despite having met him only once at Pettersonland, and can reliably distinguish him from Horseshoe. (Lucky Fourteen is popular with all the girls!)

While Ja Baby recharged, Dave made us make characters for his fantasy game. We are using some subset or variant of Legends of Anglerre, with fiddly bits removed. Apparently I have been cast as the Adult Supervision. But I will have antimagic powers to keep the other PCs in line!

iPad PDF viewers render so slowly it is a pain to use them for looking stuff up. GoodReader lets you set bookmarks, at least.

Ayse and Ken were able to get a monitor-sitter for Ja Baby, so they zoomed to Tobang and drank soju at us. But we fed upon the foods of Korea, and the other foods of Korea, and the side dishes of Korea, and then we were sated.

Fortunately, Dave has driving powers.

I did not see the kitties until a million o'clock at night, but they had not pawned my manga.

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17 February 2012 - Friday

It's Friday! And I'm not on call! I may even really not be on call!

The Bride Wore Black Leather is the eleventeenth installment in Simon R Green's "Nightside" series, in which the fortunes of former magic private John Taylor continue to shift alarmingly. Sometimes, very alarmingly.

Cat Report: Twelve paws of extensive fuzzability!

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16 February 2012 - Thursday

It seems obvious to me that language, like other biological faculties, is cobbled together from pre-existing abilities. Apparently it hasn't always been obvious to everyone, though, even fairly recently. The First Word (Christine Kenneally) covers both the progress of the idea that it's possible to learn about the origins of language, from the 19th-century ban on discussing it in the French linguistics society, through the 20th century when Chomsky dragged all of linguistics into a search for pure mathematical beauty and denied that language could have been selected for, up to the recent decade or two when people are finally addressing the question.

The second part of the book examines what's been found out (as of 2007 or so), which is by no means conclusive on any major point, but pretty interesting nonetheless. Now that the view of language as a single monolithic structure unsullied by brute flesh is falling apart, people are more willing to see aspects and components of language in other species, and consider how evolution could expand on those. In the wild there are animals that mean different things when they put sounds in a different order, which is like pre-protosyntax, and apes do pretty well with gesture and body language. At least one dog has a vocabulary of a couple of hundred words, and can figure out that when he's asked to get a $new_noun from the other room, it means the thing he doesn't already know the name of. Even the teaching of human language to apes and parrots is looking more legit now that the notion is no longer viewed as an affront to God and Chomsky.

Definite bonus points for making it clear that no brain, animal or human, is a general-purpose learning machine. More points for mentioning in the end notes where findings are in dispute.

New Caledonian crows don't seem to have a lot of language, but they continue to rock.

The Legends of Anglerre Companion is pretty much just random extra stuff that didn't make it into the already-huge Legends of Anglerre main book. It includes detailed writeups and stat blocks for several cities in the default setting, two complete adventures, items ranging from magic poison to sailing ships, some monsters, rules for playing with only aspects, and the all-important Random Adventure Generator.

It turns out the place we ordered Chinese from on last Mystery Sailor Moon Theater 3000 night, First Wok, delivers to Mountain View, so for almost the first time since Neil stopped liking us we got something that wasn't pizza! (Dave-provided food is in a different category.) The $30 minimum order for delivery is way too much food, though, so we should probably find someplace else.

  • Rocket Girls 10: Poor American astronauts, they don't realize what genre they're in.
  • Baccano! 16: I had completely forgotten about that! But no one else recognized that guy either, and usually at least one of Marith or Dave knows who any random character is.
  • Baccano! 1: Now we recognize almost all of those people!
  • Madoka Magica 3: Well, they said it was dangerous!
  • Red Garden 5-6: Everyone who thinks she's telling the truth, raise a tentacle. Yah, that's what I thought.

Cat Report: Twelve fliffy paws!

way too much food by marith (Fri Feb 17 20:44:40 2012)

I dunno, actually I ate the leftovers for once, and they were tasty!

Re: way too much food by Trip (Mon Feb 20 16:37:34 2012)

Okay, if we really are ordering three or four person-meals of food instead of two, that's not so bad.

You should tell me what you will eat besides cashew chicken and garlic string beans and egg rolls, so that we do not order the same thing every time!

Also we can order pizza sometimes. Or I could look at the website Ayse pointed me to see if there is anything else good that delivers.

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15 February 2012 - Wednesday

Cat Report: Marmalade is Mighty Vs Little Colorful Fuzzies! Of all the cats I've had, he is the most playful with inanimate objects. And, if I had cat treats he liked, I could probably have gotten him to fetch the little colorful fuzzy

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14 February 2012 - Tuesday

I guess I see why this guy opened an internal incident with Support, but I'm pretty sure we have no knowledge whatsoever about that.

Although Dave's Very Clever Strategy of Gardens + extra buys + all the Copper you can eat was very clever, Ayse crushed him beneath the sheer weight of her Colonies. Dave didn't say, "No winning while my winning!" but he could have!

Cat Report: Miau! Miau! Miau!

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13 February 2012 - Monday

Big Customer X's thing in fact finished last night. This did not appear to make them much happier.

Awesome Adventures (Willow Palecek) is another FATE implementation, similar to Spirit of the Century but more streamlined: no stunts, just invocations of aspects to do extraordinary things, and no stress track, just straight to consequences. I would be okay with using aspects in place of SotC-type stunts, which mostly just give you bonuses or let you use one skill in place of another, or otherwise get more plusses, but I'm not so sure about using it for magic or cyberware or what-have-you, and various flavors of fantasy and space fantasy are explicitly in the list of possible settings.

I am also dubious about telling GMs that they should go for whatever is flashiest and not worry about whether it makes sense, but that probably just means I should have stopped gaming by 1990.

Broken Time (Maggy Thomas) was published in 2000, but it feels very much like an 80s not-too-hard-SF novel, maybe near the subgenre of early Lois McMaster Bujold. The protagonist gets into a lot of trouble, but she is very not action-oriented. She spends the first half of the book working as a janitor, and not as an undercover operation!

Cat Report: Twelve paws!

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12 February 2012 - Sunday

The inevitable problems have occurred and now the customer is spazzing out.

I'm pretty sure that "it is almost done on Sunday evening" does not logically lead to "it will not be finished by Monday morning", but what do I know?

Gaming was only moderately terrible. The fight with the forced movement and the steel maw trap was deemed interesting, although it might have gone better if Earl's character hadn't dropped a web spell on everyone while they were clustered around the trapped squares. (It seemed like a good idea at the time!) The old ladies having a tea party in the city that had been buried for a thousand years were insufficiently creepy, though.

Level 14 monsters have about five times the hit points of level 1 monsters, maybe more, but I don't think level 14 PCs do more than about twice or three times the damage of firsties. This implies that I should always be halving the hit points of monsters, but leaving their damage as-is (or maybe even increasing it).

Next session: living opponents for sure!

Cat Report: Twelve paws!

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11 February 2012 - Saturday

The operation went pretty smoothly today, now that the nodes have proper networking set up. It's not done yet, but perhaps eventually it will be done.

What? It could happen!

Ja Baby had been looking forward to going to a Valentine's Day party at one of the kid things she goes to, but she napped so vigorously on that day that she slept right through it. It wouldn't do to not have a party at all, so the party was secretly replaced with Marith and I coming over and receiving cards Ja Baby made and giving her cards from us and the cats and all the stuffed animals. (There may also have been a double ration of cookies.) Having no preconceived notions of what a Valentine's Day party should be, Ja Baby was entirely satisfied!

Marmalade is such an iconic orange cat that Ja Baby recognized the sketch of him on the card instantly!

King's Court + Expand + 3 Platinums = 30 victory points in one turn. That was 3/4 of the total victory points Dave got that game, but it was enough to crush our morale utterly.

I should have been preparing D&D instead of giving Ja Baby cards and playing Dominion with her mom and dad. Oh well, my players' expectations should be pretty low by now.

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10 February 2012 - Friday

Looks like Big Customer X will in fact be spazzing out all weekend. They have some grounds for this, as the operation has failed pathetically on many previous weekends, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

More live-action Sailor Moon! Makoto is cool in this version too. But Rei, could you be a little more obvious about checking her out? I don't think the subtext is surfacing quite fast enough.

Cute cats are cute!

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9 February 2012 - Thursday

Today work was not super-annoying, but I will have extra time to be annoyed when I'm on call this weekend and Big Customer X is spazzing out.

Mapping It Out is by the same guy who did How To Lie With Maps, Mark Monmonier, but is more like "How to accurately express your data and findings with maps" for social scientists. From my perspective, it did not add much that I didn't already know from the other book, but I'm not really the target audience.

  • Rocket Girls 9: Even people who run a space program can have a heart (although they probably have to share it among them).
  • Baccano! 14-15: I had completely forgotten about that guy. He's such a named villain. But his quality is several steps below Vino's.
  • Red Garden 4: SAN loss for everyone! But everyone reacts in their own way, some less destructive than others.
  • Madoka Magica 1-2: Wacky visuals! The real world is bright and futuristic and reminds me Star Driver in its use of color, but the false worlds are animated collages. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it in anime before.

Cat Report: Twelve paws!

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8 February 2012 - Wednesday

Performance complaints are the worst.

I've been reading Fairy Tail as scanlations because they were there, but the library had it in now so I got everything they had after the point I'd read to. I wonder which is worse from the publisher's point of view? (Filthy hippie commies vs vicious pirates!)

Speaking of which, I finished preserving my ebooks. The plugin for the elibrary software that was recommended apparently doesn't work anymore, but there was also a standalone program to do one book at a time, and I don't have all that many books. I need to come up with a procedure for when I get more books, though, so I can avoid reconverting any (the filenames are opaque random strings, so I can't tell that way). This may involve rewriting the converter to work from the command line on a list of files.

Cat Report: Twelve paws of fuzziness!

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7 February 2012 - Tuesday

Today the apartments are being inspected for termites, so I have to lock the cats in the back room to keep them from mugging the inspectors and pawning their termite detectors for gooshyfood. They have plenty of water and food, a litterbox, and many things to sleep on, but I worry about them anyway.

It seemed warm when I opened the window, but on the way to work it was pretty windy. Well, Ghirardelli has fur suited for arctic conditions, and Aspen and Marmalade have advanced snuggling technology, so they'll be fine. I hope.

I did lots at work today, but it doesn't seem like I accomplished very much, possibly because it was all in the middle of on-going issues. I did get to expunge all the tickets from Former Customer X, though.

Ayse had coupons, so we ordered from zPizza (almost as expensive as Pizza My Heart, but possibly healthier) and watched Lucifer 10. The doom grows and grows! But the lawyer who perfidiously works in the soup kitchen and reads stories to small children displayed human-level cunning, so maybe he's not the mastermind? But we're only halfway through, so who knows!

The cats are just fine, of course. Aspen even let me pick her up, although possibly because she didn't realize I was going to until it was TOO LATE MUAHAHAHAHA! (Once again, I inexplicably failed to devour her.)

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6 February 2012 - Monday

Who are all these people, and why do they think we should help them with their databases?

Health Agent was published last, but written first, of the Jeffrey Thomas's Punktown novels. At least, of the ones that the library has, but I didn't see any others in Link+, so that's probably all there currently are. It has even less of a horror element than Everybody Scream!, just bastards with too much biotech and warped senses of aesthetics.

I stayed up too late figuring out how to make less-fragile copies of my ebooks, but I think I finally know how. Even if there are still more obstacles to getting them into a sane format, I at least managed to get them out of the iPad backup and into the filesystem, so I can work on them at my leisure.

Cat Report: I gave Aspen extra snugglins and pettins while she was too comfortable on the Folded Blanket of Loafing to escape. I don't think she appreciated the way in which I completely failed to devour her. :(

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5 February 2012 - Sunday

Today I did things that were necessary, like laundry and grocery shopping, but very little that is actually worth writing about.

Blue War (Jeffrey Thomas) is a direct sequel to Deadstock but much more action and conspiracy genre than horror (though there are some creepy and awful bits because it wouldn't be Thomas without them). The war-on-alien planet seems suspiciously similar to the Vietnam war, but it is lampshaded, and it has bonus freakiness.

Cat Report: King Marmalade once again rules from his laundry throne!

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4 February 2012 - Saturday

Yep, I'm on call. But when Boss G (who is actually on call) offered me the choice of the two incidents, I chose correctly. My incident was cleaned up in about an hour, while his turned into a multigenerational saga of bad hard drives. Victory!

It is the Saturday of eating French toast and playing with Ja Baby and talking about Dave's game and playing Dominion. I definitely came in last for character ideas, but I came in second in Dominion, with just barely more than half of Dave's score. I won pasta-eating!

Ayse told Ja Baby how when Marmalade was a small kitten and lived with her, he wasn't very good at using potty, but then Jinian taught him how to do it right, and when he did it right, he meowed triumphantly. (He no longer meows triumphantly, but he is definitely better than Ghirardelli at using the litterbox.) I guess he's a role model now!

I had pictures of Aspen and Marmalade to show Ja Baby, but no good ones of Ghirardelli, so I took some when I got home.

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3 February 2012 - Friday

I am not on-call this weekend, except customers are threatening to blow up, so I probably really am.

Besides the full-scale supplements, Eclipse Phase has a couple of 16-page minisupplements. NPC File 1 is just the stats for thirty kinds of people Eclipse Phase PCs might need to use mechanics on: security guards, ego hunters, corporate minions, etc. The Stars Our Destination is a writeup of a scum swarm (travelling autonomist fleet) with some colorful NPCs.

I think that's it for Eclipse Phase material except for adventures, which I am meh about.

I let Marith lure me into going to the The Fish Market even though they are the animal protein channel, because smoked salmon is so good. But I am a terrible and forgetful cat-dad, so I didn't take any home!

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2 February 2012 - Thursday

Eclipse Phase: Panopticon does talk about the panopticon society, surveillance, sousveillance, and how to defeat them, but it's labelled "volume one" and it also has a section on life in a habitat and a section on uplifted animals, so I think the title means more "looking at all aspects of the Eclipse Phase setting". I already know most of what they said, but someone with more of a life might not.

Bonus points for admitting that the uplift process involves experimenting on sophonts, and experimentation by definition runs the risk of bad outcomes.

The events of Deadstock (Jeffrey Thomas) follow directly from Monstrocity, but I'm not sure it's really a sequel because there aren't any characters who were onscreen in both. Despite the genre, many people fail to suck, or at least suck less than they could have, so it was surprisingly hopeful for a horror book.

Dave has been keeping track of the leftover pizza he gets from anime night, and apparently it passed a threshhold because he made us dinner! Pan-broiled steak, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, and something involving orange, grapefruit, kiwi (which the Internets tell us is related to the plum although many people think it is a citrus), and wine which could possibly be described as chilled fruit soup. It was completely unlike Dave Chow, but good!

  • Rocket Girls 7-8: Yet another hapless teenage girl sucked into the gruesome clutches of the SSA!
  • Red Garden 3: She told them they're dead!
  • Fractale 10-11: That was probably the happiest ending they could reasonably have achieved, especially given what their system was built on.
  • Baccano! 13: That looked like the end, but we know there are three more episodes to fill in the blanks.

Cat Report: Marlamade drowned some things in the water dish today, which he hasn't done in a while. It was soggy and gross, but I'm glad he's still Marmaladacious!

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1 February 2012 - Wednesday

I was afraid I was going to have to return Leviathan Wakes to the library before I had finished reading it (no renewals because it's new and people have holds on it), but I made it with hours to spare! It is pretty swell solar-system space opera, not too far in genre from all the Eclipse Phase stuff I've been reading, although with a lower transhumanity quotient, and when I got to the end, I found out why it is swell. "James S A Corey" is a nom de plume for some guy named Ty Franck and... Daniel Abraham!

(Apparently "M L N Hanover" is one of Daniel Abraham's aliases, for when he does business in the urban fantasy genre. I have a dim memory of having known that once before, but I must not have remembered it long enough to get any books.)

I specifically think Leviathan Wakes was extra-swell because one of the central character conflicts is an argument I have had with Marith before.

Instead of reading library books and ebooks, I should probably do like Ayse and try to read some of the huge number of paper books I have cluttering up my apartment, so I can get rid of the ones which only need to be read once.

Cat Report: I randomly encountered Lucy, who fostered Aspen and Ghirardelli while they were in the rescue system, at a bus stop on my way home. She asked after the kitties and I was able to assure her that they are all splendid. Because they are.

Now I am curious! by marith (Fri Feb 3 10:27:15 2012)

What argument? :)

Now Marith is curious! by Trip (Mon Feb 6 09:06:26 2012)

What to do with dangerous information.

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