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30 June 2012 - Saturday

Kashimashi (Satoru Akahori, Yukimaru Katsura, Sukune Inugami) is still very cute, but the plot makes me argh.

Ja Baby came over in the morning to visit the kitties ("Ghirardelli so big! Marmalade so soft!") and then we went to Dana Street to hang out and drink excessive quantities of chai.

Blackout is the conclusion of Mira Grant's "Newsflesh" trilogy. Although perfectly good by absolute standards, I found it a little disappointing because there isn't enough escalation from where the second book left things. We needed even more horrible plots behind the horrible plots, or even more agonizing decisions for the PCs to make, and we didn't really get that.

Caliban's War (James S A Corey) continues from where Leviathan Wakes left off, with political intrigue and human stupidity, occasionally derailed by the PCs from the first book and the weirdos they pick up. At the end, the Solar System is even more messed up than when it started, so it looks like this series has legs.

BookBuyers returned only two books out of two bags, which is okay, I guess.

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29 June 2012 - Friday

I survived today! This means I get to be on vacation!

The Monster Vault (Rodney Thompson, Logan Bonner, Matthew Sernett) is pretty much the D&D 4.1 (post MM3, "Essentials"-era) Monster Manual. As seems to be typical of 4.1, it focuses on the lower levels, although there are a few monsters up to the mid-20s in level. Monsters is monsters, pretty much, but the slight innovation is in the flavor text. Each kind of monster gets 2-5 phrases that would be Aspects in a different game, like "Servants to the Divine Msters", "Honor Bound", "Living by Their Own Laws", or "Fodder for Experiments", and the paragraph of explanation that's usually implicit in Aspects, which is usefully more game-oriented than the usual quasi-academic attempt to describe a monster. (Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale also did this, I just didn't write about it then.)

Twelve paws!

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28 June 2012 - Thursday

The customer who never responds finally responded and said we could close a bunch of incidents. Now my queue is below 100!

Finally, after many travails, we successfully obtained food from Chaat Paradise (better menu) and ate it at Earthdawn.

The PCs wandered through a twisty maze of little passages, all alike, found an altar to the Mad Passion of disease and revenge next to a major reservoir, stole and disinfected the money (as required by their contract with the Honorable Brotherhood of Scavengers, Recyclers, and Waste Remediation Technicians), notified the proper authorities, and learned that one of the bug-infested bodies from last session belonged to a senator, who had been seen in public that very morning. Will they save Throal before being exiled from Throal forever?

Twelve paws!

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27 June 2012 - Wednesday

All Ja Baby, all the time! Okay, not really, but I did go over for a few hours in the afternoon to play with her while her mom and dad went to the doctor to see about the next member of the clan. We played looking-at-things-on-the-iPad and play-doh-sculpture and pretending-Ja-Baby-is-napping and stuffed-animal-catch and a little flying-into-the-air. Then Ayse and Ken got back and we had dinner and stories-about-Marmalade and even less flying-into-the-air and bedtime.

Oh NO! I have caught up on the archives of The Watcher of Yaathagggu and now will only get new material in tiny increments as it comes out!

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26 June 2012 - Tuesday

I took one book back to the library and got zero new ones. This is an alarming trend.

  • Kara no Kyoukai 5: Double double-length episode, full of Magi who are bastards. I liked the balance between mysticism and magic powers.
  • Yozakura Quartet 1-2: It has the same characters and the same plot elements as the manga, just arranged differently and faster. So far, I like the manga pacing better.

Twelve paws!

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25 June 2012 - Monday

Even though I woke up perilously close to beeping time to use the facilities, Ghirardelli did not oppress me with demands for gooshy breakfast. What a good cat!

Realms of Cthulhu (Sean Preston) is the Cthulhu Mythos investigation supplement for Savage Worlds, but unfortunately it's pretty much just CoC with system conversions. And it's the wimpy version of the Mythos, with Elder Gods that notice humanity.

Achtung! Cthulhu: Three Kings (Sarah Newton, Dim Martin) is the first adventure of a Realms of Cthulhu campaign set in WWII. The PCs have to parachute into occupied Czechoslovakia, make contact with the resistance, and document Nazi atrocities (not yet widely known, since it's early '39). Oh, and maybe rescue some kids. This goes about as well as you'd expect, only maybe with more shoggoths.

I don't think it's possible to actually defame Nazis, but making them all sneering gloaters with the Ugly and Mean disads makes them less interesting as villains.

<sound effect of staring blankly into space>

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24 June 2012 - Sunday

Today I managed to go grocery shopping, but that's about the extent of my accomplishments. (I petted cats, but that's basic survival.)

The D&D4 version of The Book of Vile Darkness (Robert J Schwalb) is kind of meh. I guess if you're going to have an alignment system, you've already given up on moral ambiguity, but that doesn't make black-and-white any more interesting. The magic items with downsides are pretty cool, but other than that, meh.

Volume 1 of Young Lovecraft (Jose Oliver, Bartolo Torres) attacked me from beneath a pile of comics! It is still funnier than volume 2, so I guess it wasn't just the novelty. But of course rereads are different.

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23 June 2012 - Saturday

Marith was able to come to brunch, although Ja Baby had many questions about why she wasn't able to bend down. There was lizard-hugging.

Dave determined that he was unable to continue running Academy of Science due to both the system and the setting, even though they seemed like good ideas at the time. This was sad, but better than doing something that's no fun. Perhaps we will try playing something else, perhaps we will just play Dominion a lot.

Ayse made Provençal chicken, which was very successful despite having to be made from a Frankensteinian assortment of chicken parts.

After dinner, Mike came over. Ayse was very sleepy, and we didn't want to make Erin sit in the corner (the dog can fend for herself), so there was no Earthdawn, only Bohnanza. It took a very long time because everyone wanted to make the optimum trades, but I snivelled my way to an unearned victory. This makes Bohnanza better than Race for the Galaxy, but it's still not my favorite game.

While I was sitting on the couch doing nothing at Ayse and Ken's, I reread volume 5 of Yotsuba&! (Kiyohiko Azuma). It is still super-cute.

So many fuzzy paws!

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22 June 2012 - Friday

It's Friday! I can put off dealing with the broken customers until Monday!

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (the third? fourth? twelfth? official Marvel superhero RPG) is a strange combination of Dogs in the Vineyard (get a bunch of different-sized dice from various things on your character sheet, roll them all together, and pick the best two), In Nomine (those two dice just determine success or failure, you need to pick a third die for the quality of the success), FATE (they call them distinctions, but they're totally aspects; they can even be on scenes or locations as well as characters), and The Shadow of Yesterday (get 1 XP for a personal issue coming into play, get 3 XP for making an important decision based on it, get 10 XP and a new issue for resolving it one way or the other) but it seems like it should work.

MHR is pretty much the anti-Champions. Time and space are completely narrative: if your cool stunt involves flying around, you can roll in your die for Flight and narrate accordingly, but there's no counting of hexes or calculation of move-by damage. The heroes act in whatever order seems best to them each turn, with the GM coughing up dice from the Doom Pool to have villains step in instead of all waiting to the end of the turn. There's nothing like a situational modifier or battle map: if you want an object or a situation, narrate it in, and pay a Plot Point if you want an extra die for it.

The defaults seem to be that PCs will be established Marvel characters, whose writeups will be provided with the published Event (a long adventure, or maybe a plot arc — I don't have a good feel for how long it would take to play one), and that each Event will have new writeups provided for the heroes at the appropriate point in their careers. That said, there are rules for making up your own events, and for making up your own heroes. There is even that staple of superhero RPGS, the random hero/villain generator (no single-celled organism powers included).

It looks like fun, but I'm almost certainly too lame to run it.

Apparently Aspen is still holding the introduction to Apartment Manager Hope against me.

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21 June 2012 - Thursday

Blah, so many broken customers.

Being a horrible person, I downloaded issue 1 of Autopsy (James Desborough's gaming "magazine" (does it count as a magazine if it's all by one author, on one subject?)) because Seeeeex... innnn... Gaminnnng! Enh. Desborough is not what I'd call enlightened. Also, did you know people talk about sex on the Internets?

D&D3 mechanics look so clunky now! The Book of Unremitting Horror (Dave Allsop, Adrian Bott) has many horrific monsters, a few horrific artifacts, and a doomed adventure for d20 Modern horror campaigns, but trying to fit the horror into D&D3-style stat blocks definitely detracts from the atmosphere.

Despite some bozo deliberately going around the safety gates at the San Mateo station, in a wheelchair, in order to get run over by a train, I did eventually make it to Monkeycatland for Earthdawn.

As usual, Isidari got sent to talk to people, and as usual, she completely forgot the plan. It did get them into the dungeon legally, though, and surely Tom will not suffer any long-term ill effects from mopping up the poison dust. Then, giant bugs wearing dwarf bodies! They were wimpy, which was good in one respect, but they weren't worth much in the way of Legend Points ("We killed some bugs! No, really big bugs! Underground!") and the GM cruelly nerfed the treasure. We're 5th circle now; shouldn't we be getting lots more loot than we were at 1st circle? Or did Tobin's magic items use up all our loot allotment for the rest of our careers?

Isidari hit one bug for 40 damage, with the sword she used to try to stab the avatar of Raggok earlier. Maybe she needs to be giving the sword a name and weaving a thread to it. That way, some future person can have a magic sword.

Oh NO! The crunchyfood bowl is empty again! Something must be done!

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20 June 2012 - Wednesday

The Night Sessions (Ken Macleod) is about the intersection of robots and religion, where by "intersection" we mean "collision". The robots are mentally very human, but then they were made by humans, even if the self-awareness was unplanned.

The robots mostly come off pretty well, with some exceptions.

No more loud blower!

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19 June 2012 - Tuesday

Now Ghirardelli only gets medicinal yummies every other day.

Blueprints of the Afterlife (Ryan Boudinot) is drug-trip SF written by a literary author.

Marith came back to us!

  • Kara no Kyoukai 4: Back to Shiki's origin story. That pretty much always happens to people who get the power to kill abstractions, doesn't it?
  • Penguindrum 20: Himari's origin story, which is just as sad as you might expect.
  • Kimi ni Todoke II 11-12: Happy ending!
  • Nodame Cantabile 4: Look, it's Sexual Harassment Man. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be the kind of show in which he could get dissected by space penguins.

Next week, Yozakura Quartet.

The loud blower is still there, but the cats seem to be used to it.

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18 June 2012 - Monday

Now there is a loud blower thing sitting in front of my water heater to dry out the carpet. This means it's sitting right outside the primary cat bathroom, but at least some cats seem to be willing to run past it, and there is a secondary litterbox.

Random webcomics I started reading, because they randomly had ads on other random webcomics:

Reading random webcomics is not like getting anything done.

This Internet thing would work better if they didn't let all those vertebrates in.

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17 June 2012 - Sunday

Once again Adam has shunned us in favor of being a productive and well-adjusted member of society! I guess his character will have to remain encysted for another fortnight.

This time I remembered to have the PCs run into the librarian. As expected, someone finally said, "You want secrets? I'll give you the secret of casting Wall of Fire," and a big fight ensued. It took a few rounds, but this secret was eventually judged unworthy and the PCs had to cough up a better secret.

Then they set up Lu Kang to run a flag rally through the empty city against the satyr champion to distract the satyrs while the casters snuck in to do technical stuff to the mellified king. I should have played up the contest more, and thrown more obstacles in the way of the sneakers, but it all worked out in the end.

When I got home, I found Apartment Manager Hope looking worried outside my apartment, because my water heater had lost structural integrity and was leaking all over the downstairs neighbors. This was deemed an emergency, so the plumbers showed up right away to tromp back and forth through my apartment and make loud noises and generally disturb things. Marmalade and Ghirardelli were slightly alarmed but mostly wanted to escape out the open front door to the promised land of the All-You-Can-Eat Bird Buffet. Eventually keeping them inside got to be too much of a pain and they were sent to the gulag, but not before being extensively admired by Hope.

Aspen was very alarmed, but I cruelly chased her down and carried her out to be admired like the boy cats. She was agreed to be very admirable, until she demonstrated her new anti-devourment technique. Then she was permitted to return to her secret lair and plot revenge while we cleaned up the mess. I can't really blame her, since meeting new looming cat-eating monsters is obviously very stressful.

Eventually the water heater was replaced and the apartment emptied out again, but someone will have to come in tomorrow to set up a blower for where the carpet got soaked when the old water heater was being carted out, so the cats are not free of oppression just yet.

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16 June 2012 - Saturday

I had to cover on-call for cow orker M while he went to some kind of family obligation, but not a whole lot happened. The customer with explosions was in a holding pattern, and the customer that thinks we're their sysadmin team only wanted one status report. However, it meant that I didn't get much done today because I had to be home. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Using Jeremy's halfling masochism build in Dungeon Raid, I got up to about 95% of my high score using Dave's double armor/skill potion build, so I conclude they are about equally effective.

Those are like monsters for tomorrow. Kinda. They seem overwhelming on paper, but surely the PCs will be able to overcome anything I throw at them.

The Thor movie did not make an overwhelming amount of sense, but it was definitely a Thor movie.

The cats would register a complaint about the heat, but it would take too much energy.

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15 June 2012 - Friday

Too many broken customers again, but at least I don't have to fix them over the weekend. Much.

The Killing Moon (N K Jemisin) is Egyptastic fantasy with dream magic based on Jung and Freud. Also unrequited love, international intrigue, and ninjas.

Bokurano (Mohiro Kitoh) vol 6 doesn't build much on the big revelation of the previous volume, but the doom is piled higher and deeper. Plus, teleportation that is not either Star Trek or wormholes.

Twelve paws!

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14 June 2012 - Thursday

The customers are all broken. But we can fix the ones that are not too obnoxious.

There is no anime or Lucifer on Thursday because it is Earthdawn season (defined as the time when Mike is not busy every evening making sure his kids grow up to be productive and happy members of society).

Last season ended with our heroes having inadvertantly foiled vigilante justice against cultists of the Mad Passion of Pestilence and Revenge, leaving the vigilante imprisoned and without a name. They still feel bad about this, so they gained access to the site of the battle and discovered the secret temple to ickiness, complete with poison dust trap. Fortunately a reputable civil servant fell through the ceiling for them to rescue in an upright manner, making it less likely that they will be convicted of themselves being the cultists.

There was no fighting, but after rolling terribly all session, Isidari got to save the dwarven surveyor by dancing nimbly across the poison-covered floor without breathing in anything more toxic than usual.

I really need to recopy Isidari's character sheet. Pencil does not last long when carried around. (Sadly, there does not appear to be an Earthdawn character sheet app for iOS, although there is one (of unknown quality) for MacOS, which might export to PDF.)

GM says threads to a person do not cost more when the person already has threads. W00t!

I didn't like Empowered (Adam Warren) vol 7 as much as the previous volumes, because it had too much of Ninjette's ninja battles and not enough mysterious hints about Emp's supersuit. Also, not enough of either Maid Man or Mindf##k.

Twelve paws!

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13 June 2012 - Wednesday

Yay! Cow orker M is back! Boo! Customers are having problems! Boo! Different cow orker (not in Support) caused the customer more problems!

The Drowning Girl (Caitlin R Kiernan) is the sort of fantasy where it's entirely unclear anything is happening outside the protagonist's mind. It's not much like Kiernan's earlier Lovecraft-inspired work, although it is the memoir — and some of the work — of a fictional artist of doubtful sanity, and there is mention of an ocean-based cult.

It was not entirely my cup of tea, but it seemed well-done.

The problem with buying new clothes is that now I can go longer without doing laundry, so when I finally have to, I have a very large pile of clothes to wrangle. But Marmalade has an exceptionally elevated throne upon which to recline splendiferously!

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12 June 2012 - Tuesday

Cow orker M has extended his non-returning for another day. Probably we will not actually die.

Now it's Marith's brain that won't let her come to anime!

  • Kara no Kyoukai 3: Now we know how Shiki got that character aspect. Also, being in the horror genre sucks.
  • Nodame Cantabile 3: That was very silly. (I suspect this statement will be true no matter what episode I'm talking about.)
  • Penguindrum 18-19: And now, it's Pick on Himari time! But at least we know where Kanba gets his money.
  • Kimi ni Todoke II 10: What are they going to do with two more episodes?

Hello, kitty who is very opaque when I want to look up a couple of things real quick!

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11 June 2012 - Monday

Thank you for waking me up, Ghirardelli. Without an HOUR AND A HALF of advance notice, I might not have been ready to get up when the beeping happened.

Cow orker M is out, which means the customers sense our weakness and attack.

The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier: Invincible: Enough Colons to Choke a Cow-Bear (Jack Campbell) is second and possibly last in the series about the great hero from the first series getting sent off to investigate alien doom and not come back. Spoiler: <rot13>ur pbzrf onpx, jvgu nyvraf naq cebonoyl arg artngvir qbbz</rot13>. I say "possibly last" because the blurb at the end is for another series about the aftermath of the enormous war seen from the other side.

<rot13>Nqzvggrqyl, nal fhzznel bs na ragver fcrpvrf gung svgf vagb n obbx vf tbvat gb or yrnivat bhg nyy gur qrgnvy, ohg gur nyvra cflpubybtvrf frrzrq snveyl fvzcyvfgvp. Nyfb, gur "ureq-onfrq ureovibebhf nyvraf jub ungr naq srne nyy pneaviberf" guvat jnf qbar rneyvre naq zhpu orggre ol Geniryyre.</rot13>

I meant to do all kinds of useful stuff tonight, like laundry or shopping or writing, but instead stared blankly into space until bedtime.

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10 June 2012 - Sunday

Marith is mobile enough that she could come to Ja Baby's gymnastics show with us. Hurray for Ja Baby, Super-Gymnastic Bunny!

Hanamaru sushi. Om nom nom.

Finally finished watching Captain America. It was not bad, although it did not have what I'd call a complex plot. Also, I am not sure why they didn't just the Nazis the villains. I guess to set up Hydra for later movies?

Twelve paws!

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9 June 2012 - Saturday

No brunch or Academy of Science today, since Ja Baby and her progenitors will be busy with the preschool graduation party or sleep all day.

I really need to do something about my web site, since I never update gaming pages or friend pages or anything any more.

Volume 34 of Negima! (Ken Akamatsu) continues the great final battle, which could easily go on for several more volumes of reverses and re-reverses. At the moment, though, it looks pretty bad for the good guys!

Flora's Fury (Ysabeau S Wilce) has a much more serious tone than the previous two books. Flora is in a lot more real danger, more people die or get messed up on-screen, and not all the problems can be resolved. It's almost as though Flora is growing up. Hopefully she will not become completely embittered (beyond the normal teenage bitterness), but I couldn't really blame her if she did.

BookBuyers returned approximately half a book per bag this time, which is a good uptake rate, but not as glorious as before. I guess I'm starting to scrape the bottom, which seems weird since these are books I was less eager to give up.

I managed to go grocery shopping and take out the trash, but that was about the extent of my accomplishments today.

Oh, and I fed the cats. I guess I have to count today as a success, then.

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8 June 2012 - Friday

Look, I'm not on call! Although cow orker A may call me for advice if the big thing this weekend runs into trouble.

Flora's Fury (Ysabeau S Wilce) is out, so I had to reread Flora's Dare. It is not quite as awesome as the first time I read it, but still pretty cool. "Tiny Doom" FTW!

Twelve paws!

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7 June 2012 - Thursday

Aspen let me pick her up to carry her to Durance Vile, but I was too slow about it because I was trying to herd Mamalade as well, so she became a little pointy. It all worked out in the end, though.

Apparently my ultimate foosball technique of always teaming up with Engineering Manager I is still ultimate.

  • Nodame Cantabile 1-2: Comedy, with music lessons and maybe some romance. Also, the female lead's apartment is worse than mine.
  • Penguindrum 17: Showdown! Also, Himari + yarn store.
  • Kara no Kyoukai 2: Now we're getting backstory on Knife Girl and Nebbish Guy. Dave thinks his theory was wrong, but I think it's too soon to tell.
  • Kimi ni Todoke II 9: Sawako's friends try their best to help, but there are just more idiots than the two of them can squelch.

Every time Marith starts to get better, she disintegrates a little more.

Apparently no one messed with my door today either, but the notice said that inspections would only be yesterday and today, and did not actually say pets needed to be sequestered, so I think that's it for cat imprisonment for this week.

Aspen let me pet her and fuzzle her undercattage for a bit, but only for a bit.

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6 June 2012 - Wednesday

Marmalade woke me with pointy claws in the middle of the night. I'm not sure, since I was asleep, but I think he tried to leap onto the nightstand/headboard next to my arm and failed. He has seemed a little clumsier recently, which makes me worry. It's probably just age creeping up on him, but I don't see how a Marmalade who cannot leap mightily can be the happiest sort of Marmalade.

The notice about our apartments being inspected again (did the owners piss off the fire inspector's office somehow?) did not tell us to sequester our cats, but I better anyway. Sorry, kitties! Hopefully the strange beasts will stomp through the apartment today and you can run free tomorrow!

The Steel Seraglio (Mike Carey, Linda Carey, Louise Carey) is Arabic-themed (Arab-esque?) low-magic fantasy, about the heroic women of a deposed sultan's seraglio who not only survive but make the world a better place, for as long as they can manage to keep the hereditary aristocracy out. Plus, assassins (who were pretty much the ninjas of their time and place), and heroic librarian!

Ideas of what makes for a good game have changed substantially in the past 30-40 years, so naturally the D&D4 version of Tomb of Horrors (Ari Marmell, Scott Fitzgerald Gray) is not much like the original. It is full of references to the original, however, to terrorize players who remember it, and one of the four linked adventures is set in the (now deserted) ToH. The four parts of the new ToH range from 10th to 22nd level, as the PCs come across various parts of Acererak's all-new, all-horrible plan across the planes throughout their careers, and eventually have to crush him before he gains a dozen times infinite power. They seem like perfectly viable adventures, although they do have the "consistent worldbuilding is for pansies" approach to NPC magic.

Looks like my apartment wasn't inspected today (they probably started at the front of the complex), so the kitties will have to be locked up tomorrow too. At least Aspen isn't hiding under the futon in a traumatized lump.

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5 June 2012 - Tuesday

Uh oh, cow orker A's foos skills seem to have deteriorated less than mine while he was on vacation.

Ayse made soup! With lentils and rice and vegetable stock she made herself and Unexplained Italian Tomatoes! She did not make 9075376 kinds of cheese, but provided them for our delectation anyway.

Danger 5 continues to be almost completely nonsensical.

Marith seems a little more mobile, but still must send minions to fetch her caffeine.

Twelve paws!

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4 June 2012 - Monday

Apparently the customers were saving all their issues for Monday.

Until Death Do Us Part (Hiroshi Takashige, DOUBLE-S) is nominally a modern setting, but it feels a lot like cyberpunk to me. You've got the street samurai with the cybernetic vision and the molecular-edge katana, the decker who drives around in a van with an EMP cannon, the little girl with mysterious powers, and shadowy backers who provide cutting-edge gear and only communicate over encrypted comm links. They fight crime, in the form of an international conspiracy that pillages the newest technology from corporations around the world.

If I had spent less time being lame, or less time being purrbucketed, or less time giving aid and succor to the invalid, I might have had time to watch all of Captain America, but as it was, I had to stop sometime between him gaining superpowers and getting his shield.

I might need a new TV. This one seems very small (especially for letterboxed video).

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3 June 2012 - Sunday

The manga of Puella Magi Madoka Magica vol 1 (Magica Quartet, Hanokage) mostly follows the anime, although I think some details are different. The end of the first, fairly slim, manga volume is already past the big event of anime episode 4, so either this is going to be a short run, or the story will have to take off in a different direction.

The bramble dragon did not prevent the PCs from making friendly contact with the lost city of lonely satyrs. (It even let them go back to the teleport circle, for all the good that did them.) They did not get eaten by the mysterious thing in the canels, but it did scare them into spending residuum on magic eagles, and the library baboons scared them even more until they found the password. I forgot some things I wanted to do with the library, but I'm sure they'll go back in soon enough. And next time, maybe Adam's character will no longer be a red crystal orb that Lu Kang soccer-dribbles everywhere.

I don't think the satyrs caused any trauma to bystanders, although perhaps I should have thought of that ahead of time.

Still no customers! Yay!

Still no productivity. Boo.

Twelve paws of cuteness!

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2 June 2012 - Saturday

Marith is still immobile, so I had to entertain Ja Baby in her place. This involved a lot of inversion and elevation. Also shrieking and occasional dinosaur puzzles.

With Marith absent, there was no Academy of Science, but there was Starfarers of Catan, which I managed to win by being extremely lucky. Ken was extremely unlucky, and languished in the subsidy zone forever.

I tried to prioritize the entities I expect the PCs to run into first, but I'm not sure how successful it will turn out to be.

Ghirardelli likes to lie in front of the fan. I wonder if it would be okay to leave a fan running during the day while I'm out, so he doesn't melt.

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1 June 2012 - Friday

I seem to be on call again. Oh well, I hear it builds character.

I didn't actually accomplish anything today, but I played a lot of Dungeon Raid. Badly.

Poor Marith is still disabled due to acute bipedalism. It doesn't look like much fun at all.

Please do not help me with the iPad, highly conductive cats!

acute bipedalism? by Graydon (Mon Jun 4 11:22:43 2012)

In an obligate biped, this seems like a strange thing to find problematic?

Re: acute bipedalism by Trip (Mon Jun 4 12:07:09 2012)

When designing an obligate biped, one should always use a spine rated for bipedalism. Quadruped spines may be more readily available, but you just don't get the same results.

oh, yeah, that by Graydon (Tue Jun 5 10:10:56 2012)

That sucks; I hope it manages to succumb to Science! promptly-ish.

acute bipedalism by marith (Wed Jun 6 00:31:50 2012)

Thank you! I hope so too, though chiropracty does not appear to be exactly Science and so it takes time. In case anyone is wondering, I can confirm that being flat on one's back near the computer and Internet but unable to reach it for days is infuriating.

Re: acute bipedalism by Trip (Wed Jun 6 08:28:42 2012)

Doesn't your Kindle thing do Internets?

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