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30 September 2012 - Sunday

I'm really not sure what to think about Ghirardelli and Marmalade's relationship. It seems like G tussles M excessively, but this morning I found them sitting perfectly calmly side by side on the folded blanket that is one of Marmalade's spots (sometimes shared with Aspen). So I guess they don't hate each other? Maybe?

Today, I accomplished nothing useful!

We did successfully have anime night, but I didn't get home until almost 22:30, which is not generally going to work on nights when I have to get up in the morning.

  • Shrine of the Morning Mist 19-22: Looks like evil is hard on the villains too. Probably next week there will be a mass defection to the side of not getting cored out.
  • Nodame Cantabile 20: Nodame is such a loon.
  • Mouretsu Pirates 4-5: I withdraw my objection about the solar sails; apparently the umbrella things are just projectors of some kind. And that's like a heat track, but they have ansibles (and probably hyperdrive, based on the preview) so it might be wrong to use Diaspora.
  • Welcome to the NHK 13: Is that a win or a loss for Sato?

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29 September 2012 - Saturday

Today was a day of plans that did not entirely succeed. Ayse's plan to roast a Michaelmas goose was thwarted by the lack of goose availability, but a roasting chicken was deemed suitable. However, the chicken took much longer than expected to finish roasting (as determined by internal temperature) and ended up quite tough. The apples and onions it was roasted with were yummy, though!

Having anime on the same day that we make our weekly visit to Ayse and Ken and Dave and Ja Baby and the same day that Austrians come over for Ayse's dinner party is not a good plan, so it's not surprising that it didn't succeed. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe the space penguins will come.

We did successfully view the last episode of Lucifer, which has an entirely fanficcable ending. Also, doom. And additional doom.

Twelve paws!

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28 September 2012 - Friday

Hurray, it's Friday!

Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan individually write pretty swell books, so Team Human must be at least √2 times as swell, and in fact it is! The protagonist is full of character (the kind that builds character in her friends) and gets into trouble in the best tradition of teenage protagonists.

Not on call!

Twelve paws!

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27 September 2012 - Thursday

Hurray, the thing finally finished! I only had to stay two hours late, while Cow Orker A skived off.

The future of Metagame (Sam Landstrom) is just like the Internet of 2010, only all over. With bonus Fractale system depravity, genetically-engineered slaves, and exposition.

Slow Apocalypse (John Varley) is a disaster/California road trip book, which reminded me a little of Devil's Wake but with no zombies. Humans are bad enough, especially when deprived of their oil.

There is a strong element of being glad for the return of the Good Old Days when people made their living by sweating and their entertainment by harvest festivals, but it's not like you could have anything except a bummer ending without that.

Twelve paws!

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26 September 2012 - Wednesday

Workingu workingu la la la.

Timeless (Gail Carriger) is the fifth and probably last of the somewhat silly steampunk "Parasol Protectorate" series. Carriger's next series looks like it will be modern with vampires rather than Victorian with vampires.

Hurray! There's new Yotsuba&! (Kiyohiko Azuma)!

Twelve paws!

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25 September 2012 - Tuesday

Wow, this thing at Big Customer X is even more hosed than we thought. Go O(N²) behavior!

As Gary Larson wouldn't have said, "Welcome to Hell. Before we can issue you an accordion, we must perform a complete accordion inventory."

The King's Blood (Daniel Abraham) is the second book of "The Dagger and the Coin", so it has a relative shortage of new elements being introduced and old elements being resolved, but plenty still happens.

An expectation for what will happen to Kit and Marcus has been set, but I expect it will be completely subverted.

No more anime on Tuesdays. Only sitting at home. With my twelve paws.

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24 September 2012 - Monday

Back to the answer mines.

Out of the Dark (David Weber) is just dumb. Even if you normally like Weber, don't read it.

Hm, the apartment management seems to have put a note on my door, dated April, informing me that my rent will increase as of June, and demanding that I pay the difference between what they say they wanted to have billed me for the past few monthes and what they actually billed me.

The cats don't like the management anyway, ever since they took away the balcony. I wonder if this means I should move to San Jose.

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23 September 2012 - Sunday

Diaspora Effect!

Despite Earl's offer of many other exotic locations full of violent lunatics adventure, the PCs implemented their plan to visit Omega Station. After discovering a geth infiltrator[1], they quickly found Bie, the one known survivor of the Carlsson expedition, who was being hunted by old pirate buddies of Siless for having stolen a valuable artifact from them, and persuaded her to tell the story of the expedition in which no one actually died[2]. However, Carlsson was brain-fried by repeated exposure to some kind of rotating datastore of the Old Machines[3] that a drell by the name of Mimi tempted him with, so Bie dragged him out and stashed him on Omega station and has been trying to get money for his medical care. Fortunately, Harnu Ers has some of that.

[1] Disguised as a volus who sold information about the nearby geth system, and full of exposition about the civil war between the orthodox and heretical geth and the heretics' alliance with the squid-spider ship.

[2] The story included an interlude involving the expedition being shown to an ancient spaceship on the batarian homeworld and a two-eyed batarian being plugged into the command throne while Carlsson's asari friend melded with it[4], which may all have been a batarian scam.

[3] For obvious reasons, Bie did not want to examine it closely, but it seemed to show densorans making unsavory deals with the Old Machines. This was not unexpected to the PCs.

[4] Non-volus are gross.

There was some excitement when Siless's pirate buddies decided that not handing over Bie for bloody vengeance constituted betrayal, but the elcor-style martial artists (even the ones who were actually elcor) were no match for Norbert's computation fist style.

The ship fingered by the dead reporter, Dark Mistress, was in port, captained by the archaeologist Carlsson had hired to lend an air of legitimacy and allegedly gotten eaten by feral drell. The team snuck on board via EVA to investigate, which led directly to them being carried off in the direction of the nearby geth system, where her scurvy crew had previously had their hearts replaced with creepy alien cyberware.

Earl spilled the dark secret behind the campaign, which is that it's Masks of Nyarlathotep in disguise. Fortunately I only know that work by reputation.

Twelve paws!

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22 September 2012 - Saturday

I let the boy cats out on the balcony for a while, which they seemed to enjoy, but eventually I had to send Ghirardelli in because he kept trying to jump onto the railing. (I would have let Aspen go out too, but she knew I was just trying to lure her to someplace with no cover so I could scoop her up and eat her.)

I finally reached volume 14 in my reread of Kurohime (Masanori * Ookamigumi * Katakura), which is still a wacky mix of Western, European mythology, Asian mythology, and more cheesecake than you can shake a stick at. However, since I last read it, I have become aware of the possibilities of scanlations, and indeed the rest of it appears to be available online (unless the chapter titled "THE END" is fibbing to me).

The Restoration Game (Ken MacLeod) appears to be mostly political intrigue and multiplayer games, like This is Not a Game by Williams or Halting State by Stross, but it has a framing story that makes it quite different.

When I look at Ken MacLeod books, I often think they don't seem very interesting, but I almost always enjoy them when I do finally get around to reading them. I think the cover blurb writers are failing me.

Dave's new place is finally unpacked enough to make watching TV possible, although not before Ja Baby o'clock. We tried to arrive early so that we could get the socializing out of the way and still start at a reasonable time, but were foiled by Marith having to sleep all day and then queue for Ayse-socialization behind the Austrians. (But she entertained Ja Baby and Jo Baby immensely!)

  • Shrine of the Morning Mist 17-18: When someone has a secret ID, it's important to bond with the enemy in one ID and fight them in the other.
  • Nodame Cantabile 18-19: That was unanticipatedly competent of Nodame, but she is still Nodame.
  • Mouretsu Pirates 3: Sounds like ships have a data track, so we can totally run this in Diaspora. But, although this future may have highly advanced miniskirt technology, there is no way to change into a skinsuit without fan service. Ah well.
  • Welcome to the NHK 11-12: That's a bit socially awkward.

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21 September 2012 - Friday

Potential Big Customer X finally decided that they wanted us to do a bunch more stuff than we had signed on for, none of which Cow Orker A was qualified to handle, so he went to lunch in NYC while the rest of us did the work via Webex. Then he decided not to do the work we had actually sent him there to do, so we ended up doing that too. (Boo RHEL 6.2 ssh keys!)

At least it's done now. And I'm not on call this weekend.

The Uncertain Places (Lisa Goldstein) is a story of what a bad idea it is to deal with the fey, and why people would do it anyway, even in North California in the 1970s. These fey are pretty obnoxious, but they don't quite make it into the horror genre.

12 fuzzy paws!

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20 September 2012 - Thursday

Cow Orker A is still trapped in NYC while Potential Big Customer X tries to figure out what they want. Boss G had so many meetings today he never had a chance to drive in to the office. Cow Orker M did not actually explode, but it was a near thing. Future Cow Orker D (coming next week!) was invaluable.

I tried to write up some of the last Diaspora Effect session before the next one, but Marmalade was too friendly for me to get very far.

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19 September 2012 - Wednesday

It never rains but it rains fish and frogs. Probably because Cow Orker A has been sent to NYC to do the work of another department.

Never Knew Another and When We Were Executioners (JM McDermott) are about the life of a cursed demonspawn, as recalled by the werewolf priestess who took his memories from his corpse in order to burn down every building he ever slept in. The second book suffers from middle-itis, but the third book (not out yet) could redeem it.

Range of Ghosts (Elizabeth Bear) is fantasy based on Western Asia, with conquering horse nomads, monotheist killers in impregnable mountain fortresses, martial artist monks, etc. It does not stretch the boundaries of the genre much, except maybe by being non-honky-tastic, but it is good. Also, I don't think I have ever seen a fantasy setting where what you see in the sky depends on who rules the ground you're observing from.

Bonus points also awarded for the tiger-people and the <rot13>Zbatbyvna Qrngu Jbez</rot13>.

Office Despot had several types of backpacks, some of them fairly nice, but the one that was nice and big didn't have a large enough laptop compartment for my work laptop. My laptop is supposedly going to be replaced in the next month or so; maybe I should just suck it up until then?

I attached the food dish to the food tree with duct tape again, but I did it more cleverly. I'm not sure the cats approve, but if they don't seem to be eating from it I can change it again.

I meant to go to bed early, but I was foiled by sudoko and work.

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18 September 2012 - Tuesday

Despite all that, the upgrade went okay. There was one bit where even the engineer who wrote the code couldn't figure out why it did what it did, but we got around it.

Dave has moved all his stuff, including the TV, to San Jose. No anime for us.

I read several short stories by Harry Connolly (Child of Fire, etc) and they were all pretty swell. Hopefully he will continue to write despite the despicable failure of the world to appreciate his earlier works.

Spray-on olive oil worked to get rid of the duct tape residue on the food dish, but I think I will try to find another way to attach it to the food tree. And maybe move the food tree, although it's kind of messy so I probably don't want to put it on carpet. I must consider.

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17 September 2012 - Monday

Hm, my backpack seems to have lost the strap that keeps the shoulder straps together. I guess it's time for a new backpack. I wonder where a good place to get one is?

"We have to upgrade today! Everything depends on it!"

"Okay, do we have access to the system?"

"Uh, kinda."

"Okay, close enough. Do you have a recent backup in case something goes horribly wrong?"

"Uh, maybe? It's after business hours here, all the customer people who would know have gone home."

Twelve opaque paws!

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16 September 2012 - Sunday

Today, I accomplished the things meant to accomplish yesterday.

Laundry is done to Marmalade's satisfaction (although it will be even more satisfactory when the weather cools off a bit more).

Grocery shopping is complete.

My stupid python project has part of the easiest section working in a basic test mode.

My Angband character has obtained one of the non-basic spell books (although it's the resistances one which overlaps with the cloak that can be activated for the five basic resists).

However, my leftover sushi is unappetizing.

Good Luck, Yukikaze (Chouhei Kambayashi) is the sequel to Yukikaze, in which the aliens appear on-screen a bit more but are not any less mysterious or alien or philosophical.

Devil's Wake (Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due) is a zombie book, but although the zombies are interesting, they aren't explored much. Really it's a post-apocalypse road trip story, with romance.

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15 September 2012 - Saturday

I meant to do things today but was too slow getting and started and got derailed by going to visit Ayse and Ken and Ja Baby in their new house in San Jose. It is still a very nice house, although it is kind of old and also full of boxes, but it is in San Jose.

No one was able to make a decision, so I made people get sushi for dinner. It turns out this was the second sushi in two days, but no one was able to decide to object, so it worked out.

So much sushi!

I took pictures of Aspen sitting on the back of the couch, so I can prove to other people that she does come out from under the front library futon.

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14 September 2012 - Friday

Yay Friday! Yay not on call!

JF Lewis apparently got kicked out of his church for writing books full of vampiric sex and violence, and Crossed does not deviate from that course. Many people die in a variety of ways, some of them permanently, some of them deservedly.

Virtual Virgin (Carole Nelson Douglas) is the fifth book in the series, and is getting more epic than may be interesting. Also, doom.

Twelve paws!

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13 September 2012 - Thursday

Thursday the 13th is more alliterative but less scary.

No gathering to watch Lucifer because Dave is still out of town. Also I haven't heard from Monkeycats in days. Probably they're exploding from moving stress.

I forgot to lock the cats up for the last fire alarm inspection, but I thought it didn't matter. It turns out it did matter, because when Apartment Manager Hope tried to do the inspection, Ghirardelli attacked (or at least threatened) her. WTF, cat? Anyway, I have to lock him up tomorrow.

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12 September 2012 - Wednesday

Meetings at 13:30 put me to sleep even if it's not hot and I haven't had lunch. Bleah.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines Flow as being completely wrapped up in what you're doing, which requires challenges appropriate to your skills where you can constantly take action and get immediate feedback as to whether that action helped. He also calls this "optimal experience", on the grounds that such experiences might not be ecstatic or joyous at the time, but according to his research people find them satisfying and fulfilling and want to do more of them.

This seems reasonable, but I'm a bit dubious about C14i's ideas for living a more flow-filled existence. He seems to be pretty much in favor of the "simple life" over modernity, anti-leisure, especially anti-television (okay, can't argue too much with that), and definitely pro-religion. The book is from 1990, so I can only imagine what he would have to say about the Internet. (Or I suppose I could find one of his more recent books.)

The Mammoth Book of Steampunk (ed Sean Wallace) is what it says on the tin: thirty short stories that can be classified as steampunk by some standard. Each story is by a different author, so some have more punk, some have more steam, some are weird and only qualify based on including at least one of the essential steampunk tropes (judging by this collection, those are airships, gears, airships, and girl-smooches).

Not all of the stories were to my taste, but none of them were actively bad, which is pretty good for a sample this large.

Duh. To make a 1-bit change in the input string change multiple bits in the output string, all I have to do is take all the bitstrings of length N and put them antisortedly into an array, so that bitstring[N] and bitstring[N+1] don't particularly resemble each other. I can't do this with the entire 72-bit input string, but 12-bit blocks should be entirely doable and I can interleave them so changes appear throughout the string.

This is entirely trivial, and probably won't even be noticed in the end result, but at least it kind of works.

Twelve paws!

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11 September 2012 - Tuesday

Customers remain fairly quiet, but cow orkers are succumbing to the plague in droves! (Relative to the number of people in the team, anyway.)

Apparently I'm reading a lot of steampunk these days. Some of it even doesn't involve zombies, if you can believe it!

All Men of Genius (Lev AC Rosen) might allude to zombies, but mostly it's romance, killer robots, girls disguised as boys, romance, technodictators, spaceships, and more romance. Bonus points for the girl suddenly deciding to diguise herself as a boy practicing a little but still not being all that great at it. Additional bonus points for the cool Jewish chick.

A kind person on Logrus pointed me to the bitstring package on, which lets me remix and mutilate my three 24-bit coordinates into a 72-bit string, but a 1-bit change (incrementing or decrementing one coordinate) still only results in a 1-bit change in the output. If I'm willing to let the output string be a bit longer, maybe I could do something with ECC?

Twelve fliffy paws of opacity!

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10 September 2012 - Monday

No customers called in over the weekend! And hardly any customers called in today! Hurray!

Possibly for the first time in the series, Ashes of Honor (Seanan McGuire) does not end with the main character obviously more doomed than when she started (unless you count realizing she has yet another hostage to fortune).

Marmalade burrowed in among the plush animals and reclined cozily, occasionally kittybreading Violetta. I am ded of teh cute.

I have pictures.

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9 September 2012 - Sunday

Dave is still in Workville, but we played Diaspora Effect anyway!

The ancient alien we dug up in the last session was taken away to be studied by Top Sophonts (which includes some of us, so if they decide to mulch him, we'll probably know) but will probably cause more trouble later. In the meantime, trouble is afoot on Citadel! Our brain-sucking tree squid asari was contacted by a reporter looking to meet up, but when we showed up to the seedy hotel, the reporter had been burned to death by crazies in flaming holomasks. This lead by simple and obvious steps to the discovery of the reporter's mysterious journey to the batarian homeworld and the borders of geth space, her faked mental breakdown, smugglers, more burned corpses, a nest of Enkindler fanatics, and the tower of faces they kept in their basement with a single comm line out to let it hack the station's network.

Next session, we will no doubt end up going to the horrible space station on the borders of geth space to get turned into zombies.

Twelve paws!

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8 September 2012 - Saturday

All Ja Baby all the time! Well, maybe not all the time, but her mom brought her over to visit my kitties and plush animals, then we collected Marith and all went to the library to return books and to Ja Baby's House for brunch!

In the evening, Marith remained dormant, but I went with Ja Baby and her mom and dad to the street fair to look at many different things and eat crepes until they ran out of crepe batter and had to stop feeding us.

I don't know why I'm working on this thing when no one will ever want it, but at least I'm practicing writing Python with three-space indentation.

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7 September 2012 - Friday

More Hadoop training! I still get work email (I haven't changed the email configuration on my company-issued laptop, so presumably the company is okay with my receiving and sending work email while not on the VPN) and it looks my my cow orkers are not dead. Yet.

Hadoop administration seems very primitive. There are only commands to perform the most basic functions, so to do something on multiple nodes, you have to log in to each node, su to an appropriate user, and manually type some commands. Also, all config files are in XML, which is just wrong.

People better not come to us with questions about Hadoop clients/ecosystem, because we only had time to glance at that.

We missed the company barbecue for Hadoop training. Oh well.

Nobody likes on-call, not even other on-calls.

The Constantine Affliction (T Aaron Payton) is rollicking steampunk adventure with sex-changing plagues, zombies, sexbots, intrepid detectives, intrepid reporters, crime bosses, mad inventors, and Things That Should Not Be.

Twelve paws!

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6 September 2012 - Thursday

Hadoop training! I failed to escape the bus quickly enough and ended up having to walk from a stop much further away, but it worked out okay. (The Hortonworks place is just down the street from where I get my eyestalks checked, so I had some idea where I was going.)

In the past I have not been favorably impressed with corporate training, possibly because of the extremely common belief that reading directly from the slides is in any way useful, but this course is pretty good. I definitely know more about Hadoop architecture than I did, and some about Hadoop administration. The lab exercises are a little canned, but there's only so much you can do with a two-day course and they definitely build confidence.

Silver Zombie (Carole Nelson Douglas) is the fourth book of the series, in which the main character finally confronts her traumatic past (which is in fact legitimately traumatic, although not what any of the preceding three books might have lead one to believe), and her squeeze's traumatic past catches up with him.

After a long hiatus, we managed to gather everyone for the penultimate episode of Lucifer. The collision and subsequent explosion are now inevitable.

Oreimo (Tsukasa Fushimi, Sakura Ikeda, Hiro Kanzaki) is an entry in the "otaku life" (or "Laughing with otaku for dummies") subgenre. Its gimmick is that it's not the high school student but his beautiful, talented, popular, athletic, cute little sister who's the secret otaku freak with a hidden stash of little-sister eroge. The big brother is still more competent at some things, or maybe just feels an obligation to not have his sister disowned, so hilarity ensues.

Twelve paws!

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5 September 2012 - Wednesday

Oh yah, tomorrow and Friday Cow Orker A and I have to go to Hadoop training. Our remaining coworkers will be fine without us, right?

I didn't like The Space Between (Brenna Yovanoff) quite as much as The Replacement, possibly because faerie mythology is more interesting than Christian mythology, but it was still pretty swell.

Twelve paws!

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4 September 2012 - Tuesday

A mere three straight hours of meetings made me zone out. Clearly I am not cut out for management.

People who don't suck use Link+ to get old and/or scholarly books, not generic paranormal romance (Vampire Sunrise, Carole Nelson Douglas).

  • Shrine of the Morning Mist 13-16: I don't know what she's complaining about. They totally would have put out.
  • Nodame Cantabile 17: No one is so obviously crazy that you can't find someone to hold romantic delusions about them.
  • Mouretsu Pirates 1-2: As advertised, miniskirt + microgravity = 0 fanservice. But, space pirates! Cute space pirates! With lasers!
  • Welcome to the NHK 10: Does voluntarily leaving one's apartment to stalk people count against being hikikomori?

No anime next week. No idea what happens after that, since at some point probably before the end of the month, Dave and his TV and his anime will be in Willow Glen. (His no cats will not be in Willow Glen, but hopefully Jinian and Aime are not too much for Marith.)

Hey, look, I'm finally caught up!

Twelve paws!

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3 September 2012 - Monday

Back from Roseville! Ja Baby was cantankerous about our failure to teleport the car to the windmills, but not too much.

Cats are still fuzzy.

Trader Joe's and Milk Pail are both open on Labor Day, so I will not die from lack of groceries. Yay!

Braining is hard.

Measuring tape suggests that my apartment is about 800 square feet (maybe a little more), so I cleaned at most 0.25% of it today. However, it was a bit that I use pretty often, so having it clean does make me feel better.

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2 September 2012 - Sunday

Continued Roseville visit! There is a new couch, which is plenty comfy, so I did not die while trying to sleep (although I may have traumatized others by being present in their living space).

More D&D! This time, the undead came up on the boat so we could clobber them properly, although Dave's character still could not make a save if our lives depended on it. We might have crushed the monsters more efficiently if I had remembered to use Elven Accuracy and maybe not miss with the big radiant attack.

More swimming! Ja Baby likes splashing people in the pool, but not being splashed. Even though she is human, she will probably grasp the connection between them.

Ja Baby performed "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and accompanied herself on the piano. I took video, but the iPhone doesn't seem to record sound.

Marith reports that the paw count is within expected variation.

We saw a big black cat wandering along the edge of the pool, but it wandered away before we could find out if it was friendly.

Outdoors cats seem pretty happy, but I want my cats to live to a ripe old age full of pettins. :(

Cats by Al (Mon Oct 8 21:40:19 2012)

I approve of your preference for indoorscats. But I am pleased to report that there are at least three neighborhood cats that frequent our backyard, one of which is the black cat you mention, and all three of whom can be convinced that we will not fling them into the pool or otherwise cause bodily harm.

Re: Cats by Trip (Tue Oct 9 08:21:15 2012)

Obviously they have not been reading Aspen's newsletter about the perfidy of the grabby-handed bipeds!

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1 September 2012 - Saturday

Roseville visit! We didn't set off until late in the morning and arrived too late for Ja Baby to sleep in the afternoon, but no one actually died (except maybe Marith, who was too dead from work to come at all).

It's a little late in the year for swimming, but the pool being in shade from the time Ja Baby got up didn't stop us. Flies didn't stop us (although they annoyed us during barbecue dinner). Ja Baby has a new swimsuit that includes floatation units, but they aren't quite floaty enough to keep her head entirely out of the water.

We played one game of Small World Underground, which Sherilyn won by one point, probably because we all kept saying Ken and Dave and Al were threats (which Dave thinks is poor behavior, so maybe I should just always say I'm the threat if anyone asks). Then, shockingly, we played D&D! The PCs from the previous Infinite Archipelago adventure, now in possession of a bona fide treasure map, managed to scam a moderately-seaworthy ship with about half a crew and sail off to the back end of nowhere, further from civilization than their crew found at all reasonable when they actually got there, and almost got their ship stolen by fish-faced merfolk and their giant draft octopus. Fortunately the hijackers had low morale, because even with Kate and Josh joining in the PCs had a severe shortage of ranged attackers. Maybe they should have just jumped in and sucked up the -2.

Marith reports that the cats are still fuzzy, and also that she has eaten my snacks.

The young grey-and-white cat who visited us after dinner was sleek instead of fuzzy, but quite friendly.

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