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31 December 2012 - Monday

I tried using the Yen Plus app to buy and read volume 2 of Soulless (Gail Carriger, Rem), and it seemed to work okay. I need to figure out how stupidly DRMed my purchase is before I go any further down this path.

Since we must transmit our memes to the next generation, I have some interest in RPGs for younger players, so I picked up Witch Girls Adventures.

It failed me.

I can't say anything about the web comic or whatever that it's based on, but as the game is pretty uninspired. They would have done much better to take something like The Princes' Kingdom and adapt it instead of creating another pile of arbitrary spell lists and magic items.

And guys? If you're going to charge money for something, you should proofread it first. Even a spell checker would be better than nothing.

Ayse and Ken are not easily able to go to parties at other places because Ta Baby, but Earl and Cat were willing to do New Year's Fondue at Monkeycat Towers even though we had no Marith (and only half a Dave, the other half having been replaced by mucus — hopefully he will get it pruned down to carry-on size in time to go to Hawaii with his family). I should still stay in a hole under a rock full of bugs and worms forever, but the fondue was very good.

Now it's 2013, but I still do not have a robot army to call down from orbit. This timeline is defective, and I wish to return it for full credit!

Hello, cats! Do you know that it is 2013? You do not, because you have no use for numbers larger than $GOOSHYFOOD.

Still too much mucus for brain inflation. Bah.

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30 December 2012 - Sunday

More Diaspora Effect! But without Dave, who is too sick to want to travel that far. >:(

First the PCs wandered around inside the time-distorted veins of the Leviathan of Dis, interacting with the future team they met last session and a past team (protheon, oravore, densoran) that was also trying to avoid the doom that came to all. The PCs allied with the future team against the past team, since if the past team changed their history, both present and future would never happen, and managed to prevent the past team from having any effect on the world by hijacking their ship and sending it into a cometary orbit. However, the future team then betrayed them by making a deal with the representative of the Old Machines for all the extinction events in their own history to come to pass, so the PCs and the past team had to beat feet back to the present, lay scuttling charges in the Leviathan, and skip out of batarian space just ahead of the inevitable retribution squads. The Department of Precambrian Affairs's collection of extinct species is growing, but the oravores don't seem to be forming a breeding pair. ("Not if you were the last male oravore in the galaxy" takes on new meaning when there is in fact only one living male oravore in the galaxy.)

Then, it was time to take down the Mays Foundation, who are clearly doing too much Bad Archaeology. Harnu Ers bought the company they had subcontracted the parts for the suntap to (there's more than one way to use Assets to gather intel). Since that gig, they have been making strange tentacle-helmets full of eezo, which the Foundatation has apparently been selling to louche young asari to enhance their creativity by reducing their inhibitions. Surely the sudden upsurge in souleating injuries cannot be related.

Aylira's evil sister, thought dead these past thousand years, was returning from Khar'shan with a load of dodgy artifacts and probably secret knowledge, so Siless called up some of his old pirate buddies and arranged to have the Mays Foundation ship assaulted. There turned out to be a couple of geth lurking in the cargo bay, but Norbert got to the cargo loader and Aylira got to the krogan bodyguard. Victory!

Aylira's sister naturally had one of the helmets, and gave an impassioned rant about how it restores the free will that the protheons stole from the asari 50 000 years ago. With the helmet, normal asari have the option to eat souls when necessary, and ardat yakshi have the option to get laid without eating souls. All right-thinking asari should support this! (Next session, we'll see if there are any right-thinking asari to be found.)

We were already kind of prone to abstracting things, instead of gaming through concrete actions at the level of the characters, and Diaspora's social/fiscal/etc combat mechanics only exacerbate that. Clearly we should be doing something differently, but what?

Twelve fuzzy paws!

I have too much mucus to use the brain inflator. This doesn't seem to make me much sleepier during the day, but it does make me wake up several times during the night, with strange dreams.

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29 December 2012 - Saturday

Skies of Dawn, the fourth (and last?) "Twelve Kingdoms" novel, pretty much covers the same territory as the last plot arc of the anime, and was even more confusing because there was more stuff going on and no visual cues to keep the princess and maid separate. But, good triumphed in the end, more or less!

I went over to help Ken take Ja Baby to the Baby Museum, but she ended up sleeping forever so instead we did a lot of prequel for Vampire which may or may not ever be an actual game. I cannot roll d10s worth beans, which may be why my poor protovampire is stranded on the shoulder of the 280 while crazy people shoot at her with guns.

When Ja Baby finally woke up, we went to their local used book store and admired the very soft black cat named Emma. It seems like a perfectly reasonable used book store, but of course pales next to Powell's or even BookBuyers. But the cat is very soft!

Then, sushi! This time we sat at the bar and pillaged the boats, which was made much easier by the degenerate Western habit of putting labels on the boats so we could tell what they held (especially appreciated by non-soy-consuming Ayse).

All sushi waitresses adore Ja Baby!

Finally, Life on Mars 4. Although I approve of Tyler getting his boss to stop treating with suckweasels, that doesn't make torture okay.

Hello, kitties! I go tud.

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28 December 2012 - Friday

I had not previously read volume three of "The Twelve Kingdoms", The Vast Spread of the Seas (Fuyumi Ono)! But now I have read it and know about the history of Enki and the Ever-King (who really is an obnoxious git, despite being a good king).

My pile of library books does not seem to be decreasing. Hm.

Twelve paws!

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27 December 2012 - Thursday

Volume two of "The Twelve Kingdoms", Sea of Wind (Fuyumi Ono), is the story of the kirin of Tai, who is another taika, and the problems of not having a manual to your superpowers. I had also previously read it.

I went over to Monkeycat Towers, but no one had any brain, so we watched episodes 2-3 of Life on Mars. It is still unclear whether he thinks he's back in time due to SAN loss, or has SAN loss due to being back in time.

That's a pretty creepy dead-air pattern even when it's not invading your dreams.

Twelve paws that think it should be warmer!

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26 December 2012 - Wednesday

To celebrate Boxing Day, I did laundry. Maybe that counted as Marmalade's present.

Marith has been kidnapped by her horrible parents (or perhaps told to kidnap herself on their behalf), but on the other hand she's stranded in DFW due to weather so she isn't actually near them at the moment. I guess that's good?

Dave lent me the "The Twelve Kingdoms" light novels (Fuyumi Ono), so I read the first one, Sea of Shadow, this morning while not doing anything useful. It is such a weird setting. I guess it must be a secondary world based on Earth within the fiction, or else why would they have male and female creatures?

The worldbuilding in the stories in At the Edge of Waking (Holly Phillips) stays in the background, behind the literary fantasy descriptions and numinousosity. I found this made them a little floaty and disconnected, but other people might like it very much.

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25 December 2012 - Tuesday

A nifty Newtonmas to all! (Not that Newton would get a mass, having been not only a Protestant but some kind of deviant non-Trinitarian. (Darn that Johannine Comma for not being visible until the fourth century!))

For Christmas, we mostly just hung out at Monkeycat Towers and watched Ja Baby squee at her presents.

Ayse got Dominion: Dark Ages, which is all about trashing cards and living in ditches. You don't even get three Estates to start with, you just get "Shelters", which are almost worthless. We tried both of the recommended Dark-Ages-only sets, with varying degrees of success. The first set included really nasty attack cards (Knights), which have not been made any more useful or any less annoying in this expansion. The second set had a less horrible attack card (Pillage), but we swapped it out for a non-attack card anyway and had much more fun. Processioning your Fortresses appears to be the key to victory if you have both of those cards in the game.

Christmas ham!

I should probably have gotten presents for the cats, but they don't know what the date is, because their brains are the size of walnuts, so I'll get them bonus gooshyfood sometime or something. Also, pettins.

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24 December 2012 - Monday

Marith is better! She came with me and Earl and Cat to see the new Hobbit movie! She explain to passersby that the since it was a cold winter, the director had made sure the movie had plenty of padding! (This movie is not for purists.)

Then we went to hang out at Monkeycat Towers, and there was happiness among the important Ja Baby demographic.

It is kind of cold. Maybe I should get a heating pad or two for the cats after all.

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23 December 2012 - Sunday

What is vacation for, if not lolling about in bed reading manga?

The third and last volume of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Magica Quartet, Hanokage) mostly follows the anime. Some of the events and visuals are different, but it's the same story.

Uglies: Cutters (Scott Westerfeld, Devin Grayson, Steven Cumming) is a comicization of a bit of the events of Uglies, but not a very successful one. It didn't stand on its own, and I didn't like the art style much.

Earl has been recommending Atomic Robo, so I picked up volume 1 (Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Ronda Pattison, Jeff Powell) and it's not bad. It reminds me of early Hellboy, with the struggle against Nazi supervillains across the 20th century, and the indestructible smartass.

Oh right, vacation is for gaming!

Somehow, the PCs managed to infiltrate the batarian homeworld as gullible rich antiquarian/cultist-wannabes and wangled passage onto the Leviathan of Dis, which turned out to be hidden in a fake asteroid in the system, under some vague sort of military guard. When they finally got to the control room where the artifact they were ostensibly interested in purchasing (another rotating datastore of mind control) had allegedly been found, there was a giant biotic bug monster spawning in one of the Couches of Death (conveniently located between the organics-recycling leech pool and the giant rift in the fabric of space-time). The guide tried to get them to leave quietly, but no, they had to set off the antibodies and start a huge fight. The giant bug monster had Siless's name on it, or at least knew his name, but that didn't help it much against a teleport gun.

Once the PCs were in control of the ship (at least, it was less outside their control than anyone else's) and the guide's ancient fleshless skeleton had been found, they started exploring and almost immediately ran into another exploration team which claimed to be from thirty thousand years after humanity wiped itself out by destroying a galaxy-wide network of teleport gates. On the basis that time travel works only forward, the future explorers accompanied the PCs back to their version of the control room, where an even more horrible bug monster greeted Siless by name.

Many parts of this adventure were disturbing, but the creepiest was probably the spider-alien's twin asari minions with no eyes, who are probably Aylira's nieces.

I'm still a terrible gamer.

Twelve paws!

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22 December 2012 - Saturday

Today I did hardly anything useful!

Marith doesn't have to work until she dies, but now she is sick, so we had no anime again. Instead, I watched Howl's Moving Castle with Dave. It is still fun, but has a lot of plot holes and is really not very coherent.

Twelve paws!

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21 December 2012 - Friday

No brain. But I just have to make it until 17:00 and I can be on vacation!


One piece of documentation that I need for my passport has arrived!

Coincidentally, the two books I finished today were both about the Devil.

Devil Said Bang (Richard Kadrey) is the further adventures of Sandman Slim, who in the last book got suckered into taking over as the Devil but is not doing a great job of it because Hell sucks. First-person smartass/reasonably likeable antihero.

Death's Apprentice (K W Jeter, Gareth Jefferson Jones) features the traditional Christian Devil, who does not have any personality except random malice. The style was supposed to be mythic, but mostly just made me not care about any of the characters. I haven't read a lot of Jeter, but I remember it as being better than this, so I presume his "coauthor" did most of the writing.

Poor Aspen! I will be here to oppress her every day!

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20 December 2012 - Thursday

Only one customer Webex today, but it lasted for seven hours.

No more thinking. Only petting cats and staring mindlessly into space blblblblblbl.

The China thing has been postponed to March. On the one tentacle, this means that it could happen after all. On the other tentacle, this means I probably will have to fly to China for a week after all.

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19 December 2012 - Wednesday

I spent more than half of today staring at Webex sessions, with three different customers. Glaaaaaaah.

New boss started today. He seems okay. We still have the current boss until the end of the year, so he will not be completely dropped into the deep end. (Just mostly.)

The previous boss was Boss G. The current boss is Boss G. The new boss will be Boss G. We shall call him G3.

Silhouette (Dave Swavely) is pretty much a cyberpunk setting, but is about the travails and numerous betrayals of the jack-booted corporate thugs who shoot more traditional cyberpunk characters for fun.

I meant to work on Dungeon World but cumulative Webex exposure has damaged my brain so instead I finished catching up on Flaky Pastry. Zintiel is such a young-D&D-player character.

Three opaque tails!

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18 December 2012 - Tuesday

Customers, why are you not becoming less active for the holidays?

I usually like Diane Duane, but Omnitopia Dawn doesn't seem to do anything that "True Names" didn't do thirty years ago. It just seems less fantastic now that everyone has heard of WoW and DDoS attacks.

My library book pile seems to be moving in the wrong direction. ("No! Back! Back, I command you!")

Twelve paws!

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17 December 2012 - Monday

Everyone is back from not being available to work! Boss G is back from installing things that the customer promptly broke, Cow Orker D is back from training, and Cow Orker M is back from his wife graduating with an education degree (only 0.05 below the highest GPA of the year — not bad for an almost blind person in her 40s!).

If I can survive this week, it's vacation for the rest of the year! (Mostly.)

Twelve paws!

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16 December 2012 - Sunday

No gaming today! Instead, gingerbread-house-building party! If we had had gummi trilobites, we could have made Shining Children to menace the gingerbread populace, but no.

Approximately 852347845 people were there, but not quite all at the same time, so I did not die from overcrowding. I may have died and become an onion-dip-based zombie, though. However, all 852347845 of the people there were smarter and cooler and more interesting and better-looking than me and know calculus, so I should probably just stay in a deep pit.

I was able to report to Jim that Marmalade is still ginormous and leapful and orange.

Earl was popular among teenage girls (because he knows calculus).

Apparently people think I am down on Dungeon World, which is not true at all. It is awesome. I am just not awesome enough to run it well, because I am made of 100% fail, with 1% or more of the following ingredients: lose, suck, and lame.

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15 December 2012 - Saturday

No extra bonus on-call action today!

Anything and Something is a collection of short pieces and random bits from Kaoru Mori (Emma, A Bride's Story). Maids! Also, bunny girls! And schoolgirls! And random stuff like reviews of Agatha Christie!

The New Weird (ed Ann VanderMeer, Jeff VanderMeer) is partly an anthology of stories from the New Weird movement (to the extent that it exists), partly an anthology of stories that were forerunners or inspiration, and partly literary discussion of what the New Weird is and whether it's anything at all. (I have no standing to have an opinion, but I think that like most things in art, New Weird can be defined only by exemplar, not by binary criteria or borders.)

Some of these stories are pretty weird. Weirder and cooler than anything I could write, for sure.

I thought there was going to be a Marith today, but there was not (and never was going to be; I was the one who was mistaken) and also we did not have the new Mac-TV connector, so instead of the usual anime queue, we watched Ponyo. Yay Devonian sea life!

Deep time plus fantasy plus bodily transformation -- is this New Weird? (A: No.)

After finishing, we noticed that the connector had been delivered earlier in the day and was languishing in the mailbox even as we bemoaned its lack, but I don't think it would have changed anything significantly.

Hello, cat of opacity!

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14 December 2012 - Friday

Yay it's Friday! And I'm not on call!

Boo, I have to help Cow Orker A with a customer anyway, because my Linux sk1llz are l33ter than his. (What a frightening concept!)

The Demon's Librarian (Lilith Saintcrow) is pretty straightforward paranormal romance/adventure, starring a demon-hunting librarian and a half-demon thug.

I finally finished Kaze no Stigma, which had a fairly decent ending. There's a lot we never find out, but that's okay. The romance plot has some of the "she says she hates him so it must be true love" but the adults shamelessly manipulate them together anyway.

Twelve paws!

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13 December 2012 - Thursday

Beware Thursday the 13th!

We actually survived okay, although I had to deal with Big Customer X all day. The developers approved of my recommendation, so that was good.

Unlike the anthology of ghost stories I read the other day, The New Space Opera (ed Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan) is mostly by people I have heard of, which probably says more about my genre preferences than about the relative fame of the writers. I'm not sure the stories are all space opera — several of them seem like "ordinary SF" — but they were all at least well-written. I quite liked the Dan Simmons story, "Muse of Fire", although it was weird. I had previously only encountered Gwyneth Jones as a person who was taking up shelf space without being Diana Wynne Jones, but her story was interesting so perhaps I will do a library thing. (Those two are possibly the least hard SF in the book, which may or may not mean anything.)

Twelve paws!

Occasionally I think about increasing to sixteen paws, but that's getting into Crazy Cat Guy territory.

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12 December 2012 - Wednesday

Boss G is in New York all week (to do another department's job). Cow Orker D is in training all week. Cow Orker M is off tomorrow and Friday. Cow Orker A is off tomorrow. That means tomorrow will be just me and New Cow Orker R. And I get to cover the issue with Big Customer X for Cow Orker A, so really it's all Cow Orker R.

It builds character!

Cats do not need character-building. Cats need warmth and gooshyfood.

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11 December 2012 - Tuesday

So far this week is being pretty quiet at work. Hopefully this will continue through the holidays.

I got the notarized form for the next piece of information Fedexed away, so hopefully that will be done soon. I think I can probably get my dad's birth certificate to show he was resident in the US at one point, but I still need to figure out how to show he was resident in Canada.

Opaque cat is difficult to see through!

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10 December 2012 - Monday

Cow Orker D is physically closer, but is in training all week so is not available on the chat channel to give us advice about dealing with Teradata internals. Perhaps he will visit us next week.

Notarize! Notarize! OK!

Ghosts: Recent Hauntings (ed Paula Guran) is what it says on the tin: ghost stories written in the past decade. Some of the stories are by generally well-known authors (Caitlín Kiernan, Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Hand, Nisi Shawl, Ekaterina Sedia, Neil Gaiman, Joe R Lansdale, Laird Barron, Tim Powers), others by people I'd never heard of. All of them are suitably creepy, ghastly, or disturbing; none of them were clunkers to me, which is pretty good for an anthology.

Twelve pawses!

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9 December 2012 - Sunday

Hey, look, a weekend day with nothing to do! I think I'll do nothing (customers permitting)!

Well, except pet cats.

For high-school shoujo, Demon Love Spell (Mayu Shinjo) sure has a lot of sex. It's all off-screen and much of it is virtual, but still. The incubus is really an incubus, not a failed or wannabe one.

Perhaps one of the reasons I'm so rubbish at running Dungeon World is that I don't remember how to make a proper dungeon. I'm sure I made dungeons in the old days, but lately I've only been doing D&D4, which is all about the set-piece battles with only vaguely-defined skill challenge territory to connect them. Dungeon World is a story game, so maybe that's all it needs ("Roll to defy danger with WIS, the danger is that your lights will run out and a grue will eat you before the next planned encounter.") but that seems contrary to the spirit of old-school dungeon crawling.

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8 December 2012 - Saturday

Marith had to work and work and work today, so I trundled off to Monkeycat Towers by myself. It was not very much trouble, but it did take almost two hours, which was a little annoying. This time, I did not leave any important bags full of out-of-print material sitting on a bench.

Ken made brunch, and I enterained Ja Baby with Yotsuba&! (before quiet time) and hide-and-seek (with her dad, after quiet time), and Dave crushed us twice at Dominion (during quiet time). Also I served as doorman for the Ja Baby Closet, opening and closing the door based on whether she thought a Monster Daddy was outside or not.

Ta Baby is doing well, but still not all that interesting to those without the proper hormones. He is a very nice baby, though.

I had to keeps tabs on the thing that we set going yesterday for one customer, but it finished successfully in the late afternoon and everyone was happy.

I didn't think Marith was going to have any energy left after either working as much as she thought she should or beating herself up for not working as much as she thought she should, but she showed up for anime hardly late at all!

  • Mouretsu Pirates 16: I had expected a better plan from the Yacht Club, but it seems to have to turned out okay.
  • Nodame Cantabile II 7:
  • Hanasaku Iroha 3: FAIL! The player froze up twice running at the point in the file, so we had to give up on this episode. Dave's action item is to get a replacement for the part that lets us watch things from the (significantly more reliable) virtual player on his Mac.
  • Ano Hana 1: Being able to see spirits is a disad, not a power. (No one ever gets the helpful spirits, just the obnoxious ones with ill-defined tasks.)
  • Ano Hana 2: FAIL! Same thing as for HI 3.
  • Mouretsu Pirates 17: Yay! True love triumphs over economic extortion!

The cats did not seem horribly oppressed by my having been gone all day, possibly because I made with the crunchyfoods as soon as I got home.

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7 December 2012 - Friday

I have extra bonus on-call this weekend, but in exchange I do not have on-call for Christmas Eve Eve weekend. I think it's a good deal.

Yay, my new ID card has arrived! And (barely) within the projected 2-4 weeks! If only the DMV hadn't wasted seven of the original 4-6 weeks... Anyway, now I can get things notarized so I can get documents so possibly I can have my paperworks in order in time to go to China. Or perhaps everyone in TD Beijing will hate me forever.

Volume 36 of Negima! (Ken Akamatsu) is the resolution of the "Magical World" plotline, at least for the moment. Bonus points for the hero not being the one who actually fixed the problem. They couldn't have gotten to that point without him, but it was someone else who made things right, and not with her fists.

Twelve fuzzy paws to keep me company while I languish in the limbo of waiting for customers to call!

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6 December 2012 - Thursday

Apparently misconfigured systems at customer sites can open incidents automatically. This seems like a bad idea, although it's no doubt a selling point in Marketing's eyes.

vN (Madeline Ashby) is, in the author's own words, "a novel about the dynastic feuds between self-replicating cannibalistic humanoids with a built-in kink for humans". The major plot element, though, is the creation of sophonts with behavioral constraints, and whether it's a good idea either ethically or practically.

Twelve paws!

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5 December 2012 - Wednesday

Workingu, workingu, la la la.

Nightshifted (Cassie Alexander) is fairly standard urban fantasy (subgenre secret magical creatures among us) about a nurse who works in the secret hospital wing for magical creatures. It's fairly gritty (the protagonist picks up guys in clubs, her brother is a junkie) but I suppose that's an inevitable part of modern hospital life.

Twelve paws!

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4 December 2012 - Tuesday

I am accumulating a lot of library books. Maybe I should play less Angband and read books more. (I'm pretty sure Marmalade and Ghirardelli would approve, since then they could sit on me.)

Kickstarter for next generation FATE!

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3 December 2012 - Monday

What, do you mean, "work for five days in a row"?!

Only Superhuman (Christopher L Bennett) is not terribly well-written, but it is superheroes of the Asteroid Belt, complete with villainous plans for system-wide mutation and/or conquest.

Twelve paws!

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2 December 2012 - Sunday

Finally our Diaspora Effect characters tracked the cultists to the hanar homeworld, where they were planning to have the poor asari who got knocked up by the Old Machines give birth to the abomination on live TV at the climax of the annual festival celebrating the gifts of science, drama, and poetry bestowed on the hanar by the Enkindlers (aka Protheans). She would then use the Mask of Divine Command to hack the bioluminescent nervous systems of all the hanar, rise up at the head of her jellyfish army, and open the secret mass relay within Citadel to let the Old machines rampage across the galaxy.

Fortunately, the evil plan did not take into account the amount of havoc that can be caused by five PCs who bear the Nudibranch of Lies and the Ctenophore of Fear. Offworlders will almost certainly never be allowed to participate in the great competition again, ever. Fortunately the birth of the abomination was not broadcast, so only the live studio audience was enraptured by the Pale Mask. However, having been enraptured, they were not able to bear proper witness to the way the abomination, after tearing free from the shrivelled remains of her mother, sucked the life out of her high priestess before stealing the Mask and was then justly exploded by the PCs.

However, the source of abominations is still out there, and must be dealt with!

My Angband character had an excellent artifact, but died ignominiously anyway. Perhaps it is time to set up savefile saving for this installation.

Twelve adorable paws!

great competition by Jeremy (Wed Dec 12 16:07:32 2012)

There once was a cultist on Hanar....

Re: great competition by Trip (Wed Dec 12 16:49:10 2012)

Offworlders will definitely never be allowed to participate again!

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1 December 2012 - Saturday

Today I was a terrible Dungeon World GM again, and a terrible brother still.

I bullied Marith into going over as early as practical, and then it turned out to have been for nothing since Ja Baby slept and slept and slept and we gamed for much longer than I had any ideas. The bandits were crushed like insects (bitey, stingy insects, but insects nevertheless) and yielded up a clue: instructions to the lair of the v. creepy Alligator Woman (also 500 coins worth of jewelry that the thief couldn't hide, and 27 coins of jewelry that she could). On the way to the Alligator Woman's lair, they were accosted by vulture-guys who seemed to need a bard to break the enchantment on their chief, and when they were camped nearby, there was an encounter will-o'-the-wisps and corrosive slime. Sadly, it was not a very interesting encounter.

I think I know what to do for the next encounter or two, and maybe by that time I will be able to hook them into a larger plot of doom.

Delivery empanadas! But not for Ayse, because she cannot have cheesy goodness until Ta Baby becomes bovilactacompatible.

  • Mouretsu Pirates 15: Not many SF shows have an episode that explicitly hinges on the need for good documentation.
  • Nodame Cantabile II 6: Uh oh, now the Chinese babes are following Chiaki home!
  • Hanasaku Iroha 1-2: I have no idea where this is going to go. It could certainly turn very dark, but I don't think the credit sequences are pointing that way.
  • UN-GO 10-11: The end! I don't know if this suffered from being watched in such small chunks, or just from me being dumb, but I'm not sure I followed everything. I will borrow the DVDs from Dave and rewatch it, perhaps.

Twelve paws!

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