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31 January 2014 - Friday

Hurray, Friday!

Hurray Avalon!

We spent most of the evening talking about our pets and pet histories. Is this what other couples do?

(Augh, I'm in a couple!)

The Fairest of Them All (Carolyn Turgeon) is a fairytale mashup based on the idea that every bitter old fairytale queen or stepmother was once the hot young fairytale maiden full of pantsfeelings for inappropriate princes in her own story. It is written in a fairly realistic style, not a huge amount of magic, which unfortunately means fairly realistic unpleasantness.

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30 January 2014 - Thursday

I am now officially Technical Team Lead. I do not get more money and probably don't get much more respect, but I do get more meetings! ...wait, that doesn't sound like what I wanted at all. But I suppose it might be what I need.

No Avalon again, but at least this time it was scheduled. The cats will console me.

I heard back from the lawyer I am trying to get to help me with passport stuff. I jumped through the insurance hoops, but now she has to rate my landing and then see whether it is even possible to do what I want.

I read some playtest bits from the upcoming 13th Age supplement, which seemed interesting, and then some random 3rd-party stuff for 13th Age, which was very unpolished, even compared to playtest material.

Congratulations! by marith (Fri Jan 31 10:10:09 2014)

Too bad about not more money, but it's good they are recognizing your Clue!

Now if only you could convince them to let you make up your own title on business cards like my company does. You could be Speaker to Vertebrates!

Technical Lead by Trip (Fri Jan 31 14:09:32 2014)

I promised I would use this power only for good.

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29 January 2014 - Wednesday


No Avalon-date tonight, she has a headache. (She's from Canada, you probably wouldn't know her.)

The Gaean Reach (so new it doesn't have an RPGGeek entry!) is Robin Law's game of Vancian interstellar adventure in the setting of the "Demon Princes" and "Alastor" books. Laws + Vance = a system that's a combination of Dying Earth RPG and GUMSHOE, with both taglines and guaranteed clues. The clues are important, because without them you cannot hope to track down Quandos Vorn and wreak a fitting revenge for the terrible wrong he has done you in the past.

I am still very dubious about the idea of starting off at full resources and only going downward, even though it apparently works for some people. Laws makes clear that finite ability pools are supposed to represent screen time rather than actual awesomeness, but since they do affect success and failure, it doesn't work that way for me.

So many fuzzy paws!

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28 January 2014 - Tuesday

Today I skipped out super-early to go to yet another doctor. I am not doomed for that reason, perhaps (and if I am, it is treatable). But it still seems unlikely to be very relevant to my life.

Now there are Avalonsnuggles! Also kittypaws! And too much Brogue. Also, no progress on Changeling World.

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27 January 2014 - Monday

It's Monday. Avalon has Internets. She has a date with one of her other sweeties tonight. (The frogurt is also cursed.)

My physical copy of the English version of Golden Sky Stories has arrived. I have already read it all in PDF, so I don't think I will reread it immediately, but I can admire it!

The almost final PDF of the 13th Age Bestiary is not too different from the beta version, but the samples of the forthcoming physical book look pretty nice. I wonder if I will ever run or play 13th Age? Maybe after Ta Baby can exist without constant adult attention (so, ten more years?).

I read the Vast & Starlit Omnibus a few days back but forgot to note down when, so I guess I did not officially finish it until today. Yah, that's the ticket.

V&S is pretty much diceless Farescape in under 500 words (2000 with the supplements for aliens and technology and romantic tension that are included in the omnibus).

The DVD that was stacked up behind El Cazador de la Bruja was disc 2 of Otoboku. Meh.

So many paws!

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26 January 2014 - Sunday

Adam abandoned us (for SCIENCE!) but we gamed anyway. We mostly finished Dave's "The Great Cabbage Drive" adventure and then hopped back in time to follow Jeremy's adventure involving the Great Weapons and Hyacinthe's family history to the point where it affected what we were doing in the future. Also, it is now obvious to anyone aware of the facts that all the Great Weapons are Hyacinthe's by right of blood sap.

Avalon is still without Internets at home, but was able to chat from a coffeeshop for a while until they threw her out because Toronto is three hours later than here.

On a related note, I left voicemail for a lawyer allegedly covered by insurance to work on getting a passport.

Volume 2 of Dictatorial Grimoire (Ayumi Kanou) introduces what may be actual female Märchen demons! Also the female human lead gets to display her awesomeness.

Finally, after many months of spending every evening either brain-dead or with Avalon, I finished El Cazador de la Bruja! It was not a super-amazing ending, but it was an ending to the show.

Now I can keep some other DVD for months on end!

Twelve paws!

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25 January 2014 - Saturday

I almost did useful things today! Kinda. At least I refrained from buying any more white chocolate chips.

Marith was so flat that even peanutbutter pie (preserved in cryogenic suspension since Ayse's birthday) could not lure her over. We were forced to divide her share of the pirogies among us.

  • Wandering Son 5-6: They survived the play and Chiba didn't even have to stab anyone! Although it might have been close a few times.
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index 18: I don't think that's really very consistent characterization, although I suppose anyone can get flustered outside of their comfort zone.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 33-35: Augh, the scary thing under the northern border! And the even scarier thing above it!

The third omnibus (vol 6-7) of Zero's Familiar (Noboru Yamaguchi, Nana Mochizuki) wraps things up at about the same place the anime ended, although there is a small epilogue story. I still think he should have gone for Kirche.

Paws and paws and paws!

but the most important question by marith (Wed Jan 29 09:43:42 2014)

Is there any peanutbutterpie left?

Re: but the most important question by Trip (Wed Jan 29 11:51:42 2014)

Nah, Ja Baby ate the whole thing.

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24 January 2014 - Friday

Still no announcement, but I verified that it involves nothing except some wording that might someday look good on my resume, so not that big a deal.

Oh no! Avalon has no Internets until Monday! Except when she goes to a coffeeshop to use their Wifi, but she can't do that all the time.

Having no Internets is very sad.

Twelve paws, no waiting!

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23 January 2014 - Thursday

Work announcement: still no. Work: still yes.

Everything is better with Avalonhugs, even if I forgot to tell her about the work thing. Oops.

Volume 2 of Monster Musume (Okayado) introduces two more monster girls, but I still like Miia the best.

Twelve fuzzy paws!

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22 January 2014 - Wednesday

The work thing was not announced today either.

Avalon was not available and then suddenly available but slept instead. I bought comics and cat food. It's all excitement all the time around here.

Black Bard (Sazanami Ichiya) reminds me a lot of Jing: King of Bandits: handsome and mysterious young man travels a strange fantasy world, causing chaos that mostly discommodes bad people and being oblivious to potential romantic interests. Also, pirates.

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21 January 2014 - Tuesday

I took off work in the morning to go to the doctor and then go to the other doctor. The first doctor agreed that yep, those are some pretty gnarly calluses on my locomotor appendages, and prescribed some slime to rub on them and recommended some things to wrap around them while I hibernate.

The second doctor bore a curious resemblence to Flit, only perkier — Valley Flit, maybe? — and seemed to think that I am not likely to keel over dead any time soon. She got me a referral to yet another doctor, who I will not see today.

Then I ate some food and went home and worked very ineffectively from there. The cats helped.

A thing happened at work, but it has not been announced so I probably shouldn't talk about it.

No Avalon for me! She is busy with her work holiday party (rescheduled from the holidays, when everyone was panicking).

Unquenchable Fire (Rachel Pollack) is a strange book. It's like late-20th-century life (published in '88), after a religious (but not at all Christian) revolution/memesplosion: there are cars and telephones and New York City, but instead of movie stars, there are popular shamanic storytellers; the main character works for the power company, maintaining the enclosures for the spirits that keep electricity flowing smoothly; there is a national registry of prophetic dreams. There are also sections of myths interspersed throughout the book, which are clearly from something like modern times (eg, the great hero bringing trucks that hatched and filled the world with cars). However, there is only one event that could not be in everyone's head, so is it actually fantasy? I am tempted to recommend this to Ayse.

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20 January 2014 - Monday

And look, it's Monday again! It seems like this happens every single week around this time!

Avalon-hugs! Kitty-hugs! Staying up too late again!

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19 January 2014 - Sunday

Today Avalon was feeling much better, better enough to be busy all day, so I mostly sat home and read. With cats.

In volume 4 of Sankarea (Mitsuru Hattori), we find that even late-blooming zombie girls eventually reach that certain awkward point in their existence...

The thesis of The Secret Life of Pronouns (James W Pennebaker) is that the words no one notices, pronouns and articles and conjunctions, carry a lot of information that people provide without realizing it, and even simple computer analysis can bring that into the light. It seems to be correct, in that Pennebaker's software is significantly better at humans in determining things like which poets are more likely to commit suicide, which lawyers are lying, or which national leaders are about to declare war, but that's still a very low bar.

But, on the optimistic side, it seems clear AIs will have better social skills than humans!

Shapeshifted (Cassie Alexander) is the sequel to Nightshifted and Moonshifted, following the continuing adventures of a nurse who has gotten mixed up in all the supernatural doom ever and then kicked out of it and fired from her job. With doom on top.

This is the second urban fantasy book I've read in the past couple of months to feature Santa Muerte as a major plot element. I guess it's steam engine creepy Catholic heresy time!

In the evening there was some date, although Avalon sensibly went to bed early. Ish.

Marith's upstairs neighbor in her apartment building one block from Monkeycat Towers is moving out. If I wanted to move there, this would presumably be the perfect opportunity, except then I would live in the pits of Carland. But, Marith's apartment is pretty nice. Why do people have to be so difficult?

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18 January 2014 - Saturday

For a change, no one was out of town or sick, so we brunched at Monkeycat Towers on French toast and eggs with mushrooms (at Ja Baby's request).

Ta Baby can now pick things up by palming them, and and knows to wait for something rolling around in circles to come back to his hand before trying to seize it! He is also very skilled at smiling and laughing.

Ja Baby saved up all her media time so she could play games on my iPad when I came over, which is pretty good gratification delay for a 4-year-old.

Then fish! With shiitake and leeks! And chestnut-parsnip soup! With bacon! Even Marith ate it instead of ordering pizza, which does not happen often.

  • Wandering Son 3-4: Ayse is right that Chiba is a lot more ambiguous in this version.
  • Cross Game 44: Initiate Final Battle Baseball Championship Sequence!
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 32: What a cruel GM, making them earn the points they got for DNPCs!
  • Legend of Korra 10: It's not hard to see why non-benders find benders scary.
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index 16-17: The rest of the Angelfall arc made slightly more sense than the beginning. Slightly.

Ack, Avalon is sick! It is not nearly as bad as initially reported by someone, but it doesn't sound fun. :(

I came back, cats! Although I did not bring the fish with me, because Ayse kept it all!

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17 January 2014 - Friday

Yay! I made it to Friday! Boo! Friday is full of Webexes and customers that don't follow up!

While waiting for customers to get back to me, I worked on Changeling World some. I think I am going with the playbooks being based on what kind of plaything you were for the gentry, and your role after that being a compendium class ("If you do X in play, you can take Special Move Y next time you level up, instead of one of the regular ones from your playbook. If you have Special Move Y, add all these other special moves to your list of options when levelling up.").

I thought at first that the potential for advancement in the playbooks should be limited, since they are about the past, and most of the advancement in the current roles, but even if you can't transform any further, or practice dragontaming, there's still magic you can learn (in CtL, this would be the Seeming-related Contracts). Now I'm not sure, which seems to be my natural state as a game designer even though I know being sure and wrong would be better.

I only had half of an Avalon tonight, but that is much better than all of being alone!

Nisekoi (Naoshi Komi) is pretty standard shounen romance, with yakuza, slapstick, and promises made to half-forgotten girls. Although the two leads start off hating each other, I hold out little hope that they will not end up together.

Did Japan always have the trope of "a man and woman hating each other at the beginning of the story inevitably leads to them hooking up", or is it something we fed them during the 40s and 50s?

Twelve paws!

Tsundere by Carl (Tue Jan 21 01:01:08 2014)

Did Japan always have the trope of "a man and woman hating each other at the beginning of the story inevitably leads to them hooking up"

Isn't that the post-war US-Japan relationship in a nutshell?

Re: Tsundere by Trip (Tue Jan 21 19:50:08 2014)

The Hetalia version, anyway! Except I guess there they'd both be guys.

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16 January 2014 - Thursday

I tried to work much more productively today, with limited success. But, my head did not actually implode due to being filled with vacuum! (Can you actually say that something is "filled" with vacuum?)

Meep, Avalon is all headachey. I am not in favor of my people feeling poorly! Illness should be reserved for people I don't like!

The second and final volume of Girl Friends (Milk Morinaga) is about as cute as I expected, but somewhat steamier.

These cats are also about as cute as I expected!

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15 January 2014 - Wednesday

Today is an Avalon day! Hurray!

Aspen got petted and petted and petted again. I hope it is not putting her off the Box of Warmth.

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14 January 2014 - Tuesday

I thought today was an Avalon day, but it is not! It is a day for going blblblblblbl. With cats.

I think... by Avalon (Wed Jan 15 18:42:43 2014)

I will blame the confusion and delay.

Re: I think... by Trip (Wed Jan 15 18:49:37 2014)

Yes! Confusion and delay are to blame for everything that goes wrong or is late!

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13 January 2014 - Monday

Even though being on call was not very much work, I will complain about Monday anyway!

Avalon's work laid off a bunch of people, so now there is drama and confusion. Hmph.

The first omnibus volume of Girl Friends (Milk Morinaga) is about as cute as I thought it would be. The main characters are not as terrible about Using Their Words as a lot of manga romance characters, but confusion still abounds, because yuri.

Wolf in Shadow (John Lambshead) is in most respects a fairly standard book: modern fantasy, very British, civil servants vs variant vampires, etc. However, the pacing or the amount of exposition or something is weird, because it feels like the middle of a longer book, or the second in a series, even though the Other Stuff By page doesn't show anything. Maybe it was one of those books where the story really started a hundred pages in and the editing process fixed that?

Twelve paws!

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12 January 2014 - Sunday

I got called for work at midnight. It only took an hour to resolve (customer had dumped piles of stuff into a filesystem that they could see was too small), which is about as good as you can hope for from a P1 at midnight, but I could still have done without it.

Now we are back on the regular Immortal Empire schedule with part two of Dave's Cabbage Drive adventure... which we completely ignored in favor of annoying the most powerful people around. Maybe at some point the PCs should face some consequences for being so obnoxious, but I'm not sure it's that sort of campaign.

I am a terrible gamer, but I have great powers of Triscuit-eating.

No FaceTime today, but Avalon is still adorable, so there!

Yes, cats! You are still adorable too!

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11 January 2014 - Saturday

No customers have called me today. I will count this in the Win column.

Apparently Marith and I completely disrupted Ja Baby's development by showing up at Monkeycat Towers at the wrong time. :( But Ayse and Ken gave me mushroom pasta anyway.

  • Wandering Son 1-2: Wow, this is a very light-filled and pastel show. I'm not sure why they started in about volume 4 or 5 of the manga, but I guess that's why they only have 11 episodes.
  • Cross Game 42-43: Mocking Daimon is always good. And people are starting to actually admit who they like, so you can tell we only have a dozen or so episodes to go.
  • Legend of Korra 9: Yay flashback to Toph, who never became less awesome! But boo mutant bender scum.
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index 15: It's the beach episode, but it makes no sense! At least they have an explanation for why it makes no sense.

21st Century Science Fiction (ed David G Hartwell, Patrick Neilsen Hayden) is an anthology of recent SF, like you might expect from the title. Several of the pieces I had read before, which makes me feel better about my engagement with the world of SF. None of the pieces were stinkers, although naturally some were better than others.

Peter Watts rocks, although in a very uncheerful way.

Volume 6 of Wandering Son (Shimura Takako) continues to be adorable! Hopefully the differences between manga and anime will not cause me to go mad and become the thing that lurks in the basement. Because I don't have a basement.

To say that I have been working on converting Changeling to Apocalypse World might be a bit strong, but I have at least been thinking about it.

The stats and basic moves are pretty much like AW. I have mashed up Clarity/Glamour/Wyrd with some Don't Rest Your Head and come up with something I like, and adding some Fate and Tenra Bansho Zero to the damage system also pleases me. However, at some point I have to decide what the playbooks are going to be, which is to say, what aspect of the characters is most distinctive.

The first option I see is to do it by how you were transformed. This is simple and iconic and tells you what your powers are: wolf-man can run people down and tear out their throats, ogres are strong, someone made out of flowers smells nice, etc. However, it's definitely the most superficial option.

Option #2 is to create playbooks based on what your job in Arcadia was: performer, thug, dragon-wrangler, gardener, ice sculptor, evil clockwork mechanic, living candle, etc. This is not completely distinct from #1, since presumably your transformation was related to your duties (and in fact the original version divides up changelings by a combination of #1 and #2), but is more about what you did and what was done to you in Arcadia than what you look like or what your powers are.

Option #3 is to classify characters by their role in changeling society back in the Waking World: Spring Court broker, Summer Court duellist, Spring Court seducer, Autumn Court occultist, etc. This is probably the most Apocalyptic option, since it makes the playbooks about what you actually do in play (they aren't called backgroundbooks!), but only really works if the characters have stable roles in the world of changelings, which may not be true for some or even most games.

I had been thinking that the playbook paradigm might not work for characters who are in transition, but really it just means that the playbooks have to be based on something that isn't changing. For a game where the PCs are established in changeling society, #3 would be the way to go, with #2 being just a choice of a couple of different background packages as one of the starting moves. If the PCs are fresh out of the Hedge, then it would be #2, with #3 implemented as (possibly fairly heavy) compendium classes a la various Dungeon World expansions.

I think.

Twelve fuzzy paws!

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10 January 2014 - Friday

I am finally caught up on this, from when I started letting it slide over vacation! Apparently my brain only updates this when I am at work. I think this brain might be defective.

Ugh, work. And on-call this weekend, too. But we got people with positions to listen to our demands for making future versions of the product less annoying to support!

Aspen was too comfy in the Warm Box, so I was able to pet and pet and pet her! And yet, when I was done, I just walked away instead of devouring her! It must be very confusing to be Aspen.

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9 January 2014 - Thursday

Today I was handed another emergency as soon as I walked in the door, but I was able to resolve it in about five minutes, because I am just that awesome.

Avalon is also awesome, because the next stage of her plan to seize control of the Canadian magazine publishing industry has come to fruition and now she can rule the department she formerly labored in with an iron fist! Er, not that she doesn't still have to labor, but she can make sure other people labor correctly. Also, more money and prestige!

Hurray for Avalon!

I wonder when Aspen will take up sitting in front of the monitor.

Jiu-Jiu has ended after five volumes of intrigue, confusion, and naked werewolves. I should probably reread it from the beginning, because I was totally lost by the end.

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8 January 2014 - Wednesday

When I got to work, I was handed a terrible awful horrible emergency before I even started my bagels, but oh well.

Hurray for Avalonhugs!

Ghirardelli seems to have been studying at the Marmalade O Cat School for Opacity.

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7 January 2014 - Tuesday

Still more customers. Still more cow orkers.

No Avalon again, because she is busy.

Paw count holding steady at twelve!

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6 January 2014 - Monday

Back to the answer mines.

No Avalon, because she is sleeping.

Twelve paws!

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5 January 2014 - Sunday

Dave is still back, so we made him run Immortal Empire!

In pursuit of native cuisine to illegally import into the Empire, our heroes bearers of hereditary privilege returned to their ancestral homeland (specifically Valerie's family's estates) to get experts willing to relocate along with the Great Escargot Drive, but found that the local farmers had been plagued by a glowing, pumpkin-headed, vegetable rustler. With some effort, they (mostly Hyacinthe and Benoit) tracked him down and hit him with a secretly indelible stink bomb before being chansed off by his goons, and then were able to track him to his lair in the city's guardhouse and drag him away under guise of fighting Benoit over having knocked up Hyacinthe. It turned out he was rustling vegetables for profit (and maybe fun), but someone had put the idea in his head and promised him immunity from prosecution based on a token from a well-respected judge of the PCs' political faction. The plot thickens!

It was very sad to not have Marie Jack of Diamonds there for the encounter with the other person based on Flashy; we obviously need to get Adam to follow Carl's example of retiring so he can play in All The Games. But hopefully he will make it next week.

Avalon sent me a picture of herself after getting her hair done, which I almost showed to everyone at gaming, but it would have derailed us. (Also, if anyone was insufficiently admiring, I would have had to call them out, and I don't fancy my chances against any of the people I was gaming with.)

Later, we experimented with FaceTime, since we both have iOS devices. It turns out Avalon is even more adorable in video than in pictures!

Twelve fliffy paws!

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4 January 2014 - Saturday

Ah, back to sleeping in. So unhealthy, but so cozy.

While lying in, I read manga!

Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink (Milk Morinaga) is a collection of yuri short pieces all set at the same high schools, linked by common characters. They are not super-astounding, but are definitely cute. Yay cute!

Dictatorial Grimoire vol 1 (Ayumi Kanou) is sort of the opposite, in that most of the characters are boys, even Cinderella and Snow White, although to be fair they are pretty femmey. They are also Marchen demons, which the descendent of the Brothers Grimm has foolishly let out of the Magic Book of Binding. Wackiness ensues.

Grim World is another Dungeon World sourcebook, this one for, well, grim stuff. There are a bunch of new classes, like the necromancer, the guy who always a plan, and the paladin variant who is all about the torture, but the major new idea is death moves. When your character bites it, they get to do something amazingly spectacular, like have an undead army rise from the ground and wreak horrible vengeance, irradiate the entire area with elemental magic, or kill anything that could possibly be killed with a spear cast. I'm not sure this idea is appropriate for every DW game, but it's pretty cool.

There are also stats for all of this in Fate Core, although that's mostly just Aspect suggestions and a few Stunts, because it's FATE.

I went to Monkeycat Towers to eat pasta with fennel and sausage, and then we watched anime because Dave is back!

  • Wandering Son: FAIL. Dave had downloaded it, but we had not decided to watch it in place of Nurse Angel Ririka until just now, so it turned out he had never gotten around to putting it on the Hard Drive of Anime. Next week, for sure!
  • Cross Game 41:
  • Legend of Korra 8: Asami is clearly the most awesome of the characters. And Councilman Slimebender is clearly up to something even worse than it first appeared.
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index 13-14: I'm not sure that was a believable solution, but it seems to have ended the plot arc.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 30-31:

Twelve paws!

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3 January 2014 - Friday

What, more work AGAIN? Well, at least after working TWO DAYS IN A ROW, I get another twelve days off, right? Right?

Oh, bugger.

Weird Life (David Toomey) is a basic popular introduction to the idea of life not descended from LUCA -- other abiogenesis events on Earth, life on other planets, strange things like plasma creatures in stars, etc. I gave it points off for being too snobbish about SF, although perhaps that was uncharitable.

One, of the Kickstarters for Dungeon World sourcebooks I backed, Inverse World, has finally gotten to the stage of producing a rough draft.

It is pretty cool, and much more fantastical than the usual D&D setting. The world is an immense spherical void surrounded by a ceiling of rock, with the chained god Sola sitting down at the middle emitting light and heat. Around Sola is the Cloud Sea, and around that are most of the flying islands. And you know what flying islands mean: SKY PIRATES! (I think this has been the International Decade of Sky Pirates, but that's okay.) One of the playbooks is even Skyship Captain (who technically doesn't have to be a pirate, but...). The others are like The One Who Can Fly, the Sole Survivor, Has a Piece of the Sun, and other setting-specific things, although I guess there's no reason you couldn't bring in a Fighter or something.

Also, mysterious golems and giant monsters and tunnels dug into the outside of the world!

Twelve fliffy paws!

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2 January 2014 - Thursday

How do you do this job again?

Oh yah, with economy-size packages of Webex. :P

More CthulhuTech! Mortal Remains is about half setting detail and half information about the Migou. Just in case you want to play a campaign where all the PCs are inhuman monsters from another planet who are only here to mind-control humanity into keeping the summonings to a dull roar.

Twelve paws!

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1 January 2014 - Wednesday

2014! I wonder how it will do?

I got to see Avalon during the day, which hardly ever happens! It was nice.

I successfully did a little bit of work on Changeling World, although I'm sure I will soon decide it is all wrong and start over.

But mostly I played Brogue and read Captain Awkward and Busty Girl Comics (cute, not lewd). And went blblblblblblblblblbl.

So many adorable paws for 2014!

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