Previously, in Trip's Life...

31 March 2014 - Monday

Spent all day on Webex with the same horrible customer, fixing things but somehow never making them happy.

Also, no Avalon for me.

The 13th Age version of the Midgard Bestiary is not quite as inspiring as the actual 13th Age bestiary, but it's not bad. The monsters have a lot of setting stuck to them, but it's easy to soak that off and repaint.

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30 March 2014 - Sunday

I got called at 1:30 and again at about 3:00 for more work stuff, which did not work as well as it might have because my RSA token was still at Monkeycat Towers. I managed to get down there and back and eat lunch before the horrible customer returned again (horribly).

Horrible, horrible customer.

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29 March 2014 - Saturday

I got called for work just as I was trying to head out into the pouring rain to get lunch and go to Monkeycat Towers, but it was an easy question and did not delay me excessively.

Today, Birthday Dinner II: Sushi Boogaloo, now with added Dave and Ja Baby! Om nom nom nom nom.

Work kindly (though of course inadvertantly) waited until we were almost done with dinner to call me and make me spend an hour and a half trying to mollify Big Customer X while everyone failed to watch anime until finally I told them to give up on me.

  • Slayers Revolution 3-4: I only saw part of 4, but so far it doesn't seem like there has been any new information about Prehensile-Ears Plushie. A magic-user in a cardboard box makes a pretty good substitute for a magic tank, though.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 39-40: Making deals with things in bottles is always a good plan!
  • Shakugan no Shana season 3 6: Yes, all Flame Hazes are like that.

The Seven Deadly Sins vol 1 (Nakaba Suzuki) is pretty standard overpowered shonen fantasy, with giant pig and cleavage (not together).

Emilie and the Hollow World and Emilie and the Sky World (Martha Wells) are fantasy/steampunk YA adventure in exotic locations. They don't push the bounds of the genre, but are fun. In fact, while reading the end of the second one, I missed my stop on the last train of the night and had to ride the bus back from California Avenue like an idiot.

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28 March 2014 - Friday

I escaped work early today, but it doesn't matter because I'm on call. Also Avalon is busy.

I finished the third disc of Strawberry Panic. Love triangles everywhere! And no, Yaya does not just admire Hikari and want to be her friend. (If she did, she would remember to kiss with her mouth and not with her hands.)

The Wyld Hunt (Gunnar Roxen) is more or less cyberpunk, although it has psionics, and apparently magic and living gods (which might be psionics, or maybe the psionics is magic), along with the last two honest cops in Neo-London. However, it is also cheesy and poorly edited, because "first published as an Amazon ebook" is this decade's "direct to video".

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27 March 2014 - Thursday

No interviews tonight, but Big Customer X's problem kept me at work forever, and then once I finally got home, I had to do more work until it was after bedtime again.

Marmalade did not try to eat my headset this time.

My hardcopy of Go Get a Roomie! (Chloé C) finally came in, so I read it. It is still very cute.

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26 March 2014 - Wednesday

More late-night interviews, with worse candidates, but at least this time I wasn't trying to do laundry at the same time.

Marmalade, do not eat my headset!

Sadly, Razor's Edge (Martha Wells) is an official Star Wars novel, so we do not get to see Princess Leia jump the butch Twi'lek pirate. But she totally should have.

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25 March 2014 - Tuesday

No bonus after-hours work today, just the usual work. But no Avalons. Only cats and Strawberry Panic.

Dragon Venom (Lawrence Watt-Evans) wraps up the trilogy neatly, but it's so neat that I have to wonder how that system came to be. Also, it cries out for a fourth book where people go, "Holy crap, how can we get back to the days of ravening dragons of death?"

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24 March 2014 - Monday

Ack, where did this Monday come from? And why does it have extra bonus interviews from 20:00 to 23:00? Also, why was only one of the four people we interviewed even slightly acceptable? Maybe I should see if Marmalade can eat their Internet connections so they never bother us again.

Since Darkness is a published author, I figured I should read some of her books. Matchbox Girls and Infinity Key were pretty good! And so, so full of doom.

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23 March 2014 - Sunday

Despite immense amounts of worrying (not preparation, just worrying, at least on my part), the online party went okay! Many people I had not seen in aeons showed up, miraculously not dead! Some of them showed up before the party officially started, because they are in very late time zones, but that is okay.

A partial list of people who attended (because even though I know and adire them all, it is hard to pull them out of my brain in a list): Avalon (duh!), Kit, Genista, Darkness, Ivpiter, Cat (not Earl's cat), Chrisber, Trout Fusion, Marith, Ayse, and Kate. There was a lot of catching up and kid talk (reproduction has been happening all over the place!), so it was not a very raucous party, but that is totally okay. Also no one asked any questions about how I could possibly have gotten a girlfriend, or about the nature of the girlfriend I have, which was odd but also okay.

Clearly we must do this again, possibly even less than a year from now.

Honor Among Thieves is by James S A Corey (who is Daniel Abraham and someone else), but it is also a Star Wars novel. I think the two aspects fight each other to a draw.

Party! by Avalon (Sat Mar 29 04:53:45 2014)

It was a very nice party and it was nice to meet people! If you want those questions answered you should interview me for your blog. Or yourself!

Re: Party! by Trip (Mon Mar 31 08:16:01 2014)

Well, I know many things about you. But the other people at the party didn't.

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22 March 2014 - Saturday

Ayse and Ken and Julia made me a birthday pie! Chocolate cream, with only "Trip sugar"! It did not set completely, so it needed to be served with a spoon, but it was extremely tasty and also full of love, which is the best kind of pie.

After that, we did successfully meet Earl and Cat and Marith at Kabul and feast upon copious Afghan food! People who are cooler than me talked about books and stuff.

I did not bring any home for the cats, but I am pretty sure they would not like spinach or pumpkin. Or books, for that matter. (Not sure about literary criticism — can it be batted around?)

While going blblbl and riding the train and stuff, I finished some readings.

UQ Holder! (Ken Akamatsu) is a sequel or AU spin-off or something of Negima!. The main character is genki, but such a doofus it's hard to care much about him. I guess we'll see how the next few volumes go.

I'm not sure what to say about volume 4 of Genshiken Second Season (Shimoku Kio). It's Genshiken!

Swords of Waar (Nathan Long) is the sequel to Jane Carver of Waar, in which the heroine actually goes to some effort to get back to the planet of naked purple guys ADVENTURE! and save the day from [SPOILER]. (It's a pretty good twist, too.)

Dragon Society (Lawrence Watt-Evans) is the middle book of the trilogy, but even so it has the pursuit of justice cause plenty of social upheaval. Crazy people with boosted charisma are not so good for the status quo.

Pie by Avalon (Wed Mar 26 16:52:52 2014)

That is the best kind of pie =)

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21 March 2014 - Friday

One step closer to the grave! Er, I mean, new personal high score! Either way, it is a national holiday of Trip's Apartment (Celebration of the Continued Provision of Gooshyfood).

I was not very competent about getting up, but I did make it to the doctor on time, so I guess it was good enough. Unsurprisingly, I need to eat better or I will be doomed.

No idea if Indian lunch buffet counts as eating better, but it was mostly vegetables and it sure was tasty!

Although I had a clever plan to go to the The Table, no one thought they were in charge of making reservations, so by the time I called them tonight, there were no tables for six before 22:15. Instead of celebrating wildly with Avalon, I florned about the wreckage of my plan and scuttled about trying to find a different restaurant. (Marith suggested Kabul, which did have a table at a sane time, unlike the other restaurants I called.) I guess I can't say that wasn't characteristic of me, but it still seems foolish.

Paws: still twelve!

Sadly, the only actual book I managed to read today was Spheres of Influence (Ryk E Spoor), the sequel to Grand Central Arena, which was only okay despite having the Monkey King vs Bug Aliens.

The Ryuutama Quick-Play document does seem to have all the mechanics needed to play, but the bare mechanics don't give much idea what to do with them, other than, "Go on a journey". I am looking forward to the full version, though!

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20 March 2014 - Thursday

It's the equinox! Time to renew all your warding spells against barbarians, telemarketers, and other hazards!

It is also virtual Friday for me, because I have tomorrow off. Hurray!

Avalonhugs! Kittysnuggles! But no staying up late because I have to go to the doctor first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Jane Carver of Waar (Nathan Long) is, I guess, a send-up of the Barsoom books. It is actually legitimate planetary romance, complete with mysterious teleportation, super-strength, nudity, and framing story, but the protagonist has distinctly modern sensibilities and perhaps a more realistic personality than John Carter. Also, tiger-centaurs of death! (Although really, everyone on Waar is "...of death".)

Raising Steam (Terry Pratchett) is the fortiteth(!!) book in the Discworld series. Like the 39th, Snuff, it expresses admirable sentiments but in a way that overshadows the actual story. So, A for not being evil, C for execution.

Raising Steam by marith (Mon Mar 24 08:58:49 2014)

Still in the middle of the book. Is it just me or is the focus zoomed out a lot more in this book than any previous one? Pratchett has always told his stories with a series of zippy action-and-dialogue scenes strung together, interspersed with philosophic expository lumps. This is the first time I can remember seeing events like SPOILER making the railways hygenic briefly noted in third person instead of fully mined for their comedy gold. Or weeks going past in a paragraph every few pages.

Re: Raising Steam by Trip (Mon Mar 24 13:14:00 2014)

Yes, I think you're right. The guy at the bookstore suggested that maybe Pratchett isn't writing these himself anymore...

Re: Raising Steam by marith (Mon Mar 24 16:36:44 2014)

Oh, I'm sure he is or he would have said, but he might not be entirely himself anymore, what with the Alzheimer's.

Or maybe he's just (understandably) experimenting more after a zillion books in the same format. Not all experiments are successful.

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19 March 2014 - Wednesday

Today I had to give a presentation to Engineering managers. They were kind enough to not mock me or throw tomatoes until I had left the room, even though I used all 35 of my alloted 15 minutes.

It looks like the party is coming together with only moderate doom. If you are reading this and wanted to be invited but somehow were not, please contact me!

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18 March 2014 - Tuesday

Big Customer X is throwing a fit, which means meetings, which means the Technical Lead has to go to meetings. I think I may have erred.

Today I got a little Avalon time, mostly spent on party planning, or maybe party agonizing. The opaque cat tails were well-meant, I'm sure, but did not help.

<smug mode="vicarious">My girlfriend interviewed Miss Piggy.</smug>

Staying just about even on library books.

Between Chains and Starlight has a good name, but is not overwhelmingly great. A spaceship crashlands on D&D[*] Planet, which must now become a member of the interstellar community able to fend off incursions from not one, but two, evil star empires (one merely a cyberpunk corporate dystopia, the other much worse) while not even having a world goverment or industrial infrastructure. Or you can ignore that and just have vehicular combat against wasteland mutants.

[*] Really Pathfinder, but same diff.

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17 March 2014 - Monday

As foretold in dark prophecies, Monday has returned. This is a particularly egregious Monday, too, as it does not contain the usual dose of Avalonhugs.

The cats and I finished the second disc of Strawberry Panic. The beach changing scene was not extreme by any means, but it does make me wonder who the target audience is. (It would be a denial of humanity to not generalze from one data point, so I am forced to conclude that the target audience is horrible people, but I don't think this conclusion will find widespread support.)

Yarn (Jon Armstrong) is described as "fashionpunk", where the punk comes from cyberpunk. It's a corporatized dystopia with drug-addled slave farmers, humans kept in comas as biofactories, and mile-high skyscrapers, but someone has to clothe it! Arguably this is a gimmick, but it's an entertaining one.

No Dominion (C E Murphy) is a collection of short stories from the world and events of the "Walker Paper" series, and one longer piece (novella?) about all the stuff that happened to Gary while he was off-screen during Raven Calls. Gary is still awesome. I think this means I need to get Kit and Seanan McGuire together to write a crossover story with Gary and Istas...

hugs by Avalon (Tue Mar 18 17:10:29 2014)

hughughug! And yes, but boy did my body need that. I think tonight will be an early night for sleep too.

Re: hugs by Trip (Wed Mar 19 12:21:56 2014)

I am still strongly in favor of you taking care of yourself!

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16 March 2014 - Sunday

No gaming, because it is not a week of gaming. Also, we have no Dave.

Instead, I spent most of the day reading, a little bit of the day shopping, and the evening plotting with Avalon. Cats may have been involved.

Dragon Weather (Lawrence Watt-Evans) features somewhat interesting world-building, and a bona-fide hero of justice, but pretty much nothing in the way of strong female characters.

Honor's Knight (Rachel Bach) is the sequel to Fortune's Pawn. After being confused for the entire first book, the protagonist has been given an explanation of why everything is so horrible, but no one seems to have a plan that isn't also horrible.

Hurray for webcomics that actually conclude! The complete run of Space Pulp is now readable. Poison Monkeys FTW! Or maybe that should be, Poison Monkeys NSFW!

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15 March 2014 - Saturday

I spent pretty much all day at Monkeycat Towers, rotating Ja Baby (who is getting very large) on a variety of axes.

Also included: vegetable frittata(?) with buttermilk biscuits, Lords of Waterdeep (muahahahaha), bouillabaisse, texting with Avalon, and unexpectedly good Korean movie.

(No anime because Dave is still Abroad.)

I have not abandoned you forever, cats!

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14 March 2014 - Friday

It's Friday! But Monday will come again all too soon.

So many kittypaws! So few Avalons! (She is being social RL, almost as though she exists somewhere other than the Internets.)

Man, volume 5 and 6 of Kanokon (Katsumi Nishino, Rin Yamaki) are raunchy (compared to most manga that comes over to the US, anyway).

Volume 2 of Bad Machinery (John Allison), "The Case of the Good Boy", is not raunchy at all, but does make me laugh until I cannot breathe.

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13 March 2014 - Thursday

More meetings! Same number of customers.

Tonight the cats and I consoled ourselves for the lack of Avalon with Strawberry Panic, which for some completely inexplicable reason Netflix has sent to me. The second episode on the second disc is totally a Golden Sky Stories adventure. (The first one, not so much.)

The Judge of Ages (John C Wright) is the conclusion (probably) to the trilogy that started with "Count to a Trillion". Like the rest of Wright's previous works, it contains a lot of imagination, sadly tainted by an ancient and vile worldview. At least the character espousing the belief that only monotheism allows for an understanding of the universe and only heterosexual monogamy allows for civilization doesn't win, but I don't think his views are sufficiently repudiated. (I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how often the line "he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature" comes to mind when dealing with conservatives (religious nuts, evopsych proponents, etc, etc), given that it's from G B Shaw.)

Most of the first third of the book is a single huge Fate combat, with zones, advantages creating using social skills to boost combat skills, limited use of each aspect, etc.

Forged in Fire (J A Pitts) is the third book in the series that started with Black Blade Blues. The PCs don't make a huge amount of progress in this one, but they at least manage to fix some of the problems left over from the previous book.

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12 March 2014 - Wednesday

More customers. Also, meetings. And then, more customers.

It is probably silly to worry whether people will like Avalon at my on-line birthday party, but worrying is pretty much my core competence.

Oh no, what will the cats do while I am in Las Vegas next month?!?!

Moth and Spark (Anne Leonard) is not surpassingly unique, but the dragons are not telepathic in a way that is particularly useful to humans, and are secretly non-Euclidian. Unusually for a romance plot these days, the female lead is not secretly beautiful in a way that only the male lead appreciates, but just drop-dead gorgeous. I don't know if this is a plus or a minus yes shut up I know I have no moral high ground here in this foetid swamp.

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11 March 2014 - Tuesday

Still sleepy. But the customers keep coming. Blegh.

No Avalon tonight, so the cats and I did some laundry and finished the first disc of To Love Ru. It did not get any better.

Midnight Secretary (Tomu Ohmi) is no longer doing much for me as of volume four.

Night Owls (Lauren M Roy) is not really breaking new ground in the field of urban fantasy, but the motleyness of the crew amused me, and I was glad to see monsters that were not generic vampire/werewolf/zombie.

Someone needs this, but I'm not sure who.

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10 March 2014 - Monday

DST Monday, the least productive work day of the year! I was going to say, "...except national holidays", but people mostly just don't work on those days and some people do work very productively on them, instead of accomplishing negative productivity due to sleep deprivation.

I worried a lot about the online birthday party, when all my friends who I haven't seen in years will meet Avalon. What if they think she isn't good enough for me? What if they think she is too good for me? What if Explanations are required?! DOOOOOOM!

Well, I guess I can always become a hermit and live under a rock with my cats.

I made a little progress on Earthdawn World, by making a decision on how to handle spell-casting classes that will almost certainly turn out horrible.

Everyone likes Avalons! Avalons go er what noise do you make Avalon? by marithlizard (Tue Mar 11 08:48:02 2014)

It will all be okay! Remember, Explanations are just opportunities to be creative:

Noises, and other by Avalon (Tue Mar 11 13:50:36 2014)

Marith: It depends on the circumstances but I think "hi!" and "oooh!" are pretty common. =)

Who you date is up to you. If my friends were telling me you were not good enough for me, I would listen and then form my own opinion, remembering that one party does not explain everything, and also that some people are skeptical of some lifestyles and ways of living. But I still think it is very good to listen to friends, often they can see things it is hard to see from inside them.

If they think you are not good enough for me then fire them as friends. =) That is what I would do.

I am happy to answer questions if they are not rude!


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9 March 2014 - Sunday

No gaming today, only Daylight Saving Zuul.

And Avalon.

And ten million Kickstarters for RPGs, which I am too stupid for.

And exceptionally fuzzy cats.

And more Avalon!

For no particular reason <cough>cheesecake<cough>, I reread the first omnibus of Kanokon (Katsumi Nishino, Rin Yamaki). I still sort of want to see the anime, although somehow I don't think it would get approved for Nigh-Weekly Anime.

Harley Quinn: Welcome to Metropolis (Karl Kesel, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Craig Rousseau, Brandon Badleaux) has some Harley & Ivy vs Superman, a lot of Harley & Ivy vs Bizarro, some Harley & Ivy vs Etrigan, a little bit of Harley vs Ivy, and a huge amount of Harley vs herself.

To Dance With The Devil (Cat Adams) is the 9234856239th book in the series about a half-vampire siren bodyguard, whose life is not as much fun as it sounds like it should be.

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8 March 2014 - Saturday

I was so very lazy today.

Ayse made mac-and-cheese-and-cheese-and-cheese for dinner. It was super-tasty.

  • Shakugan no Shana season 3 5: Even if it was off-screen, it is good that they made clear Shana spent all her time trying to escape in a variety of ways and not just moping in a nightgown like a captured maiden.
  • Slayers Revolution 1-2: We tried watching this before, but that was many years ago and we only got a couple of episodes in, so we are starting over from the beginning. I had completely forgotten about the pirates and the war machines, but not the prehensile ears.
  • Cross Game 49-50: In accordance with prophecy, the show was all about getting to Koshien and not about doing anything there. For all we know, the PCs lost the finals 217-0, or even forfeited because their ace pitcher and his personal coach ran off to a love hotel. But it seems pretty likely that everyone lived happily ever after regardless.

Next week: Princess Tutu! There is no escape for Ayse!

So many paws!

I think I have given Nisekoi (Naoshi Komi) enough time to become interesting, but it has pretty much failed me. I spurn it like a mazurka!

Half-Off Ragnarok (Seanan McGuire) is third in the "InCryptids" series, but it switches to the brother of the protagonist of the first two, who is not as interesting. Maybe the next book will be about the other sister, who sounds entertaining.

Mist (Susan Krinard) is Norse mythology in the modern world, which the cover blurbs seem to think is a great innovation even though J A Pitts did it better in Black Blade Blues and Honeyed Words (I need to check whether there are any more in that series!). On the other hand there is Lokisex in this one. Maybe people like that sort of thing.

Red as Snow, Black as Blood by Carl (Mon Mar 10 18:13:26 2014)

Incryptid Book 4 is also the brother, but then Book 5 and 6, should they come to pass, will be the other sister, who also appears in two short stories so far, one in the Glitter and Mayhem roller derby anthology that got kickstarted, and the other free amidst Seanan's many free Incryptid short stories on the web.

There are also two excellent Istas short stories, in which the fury of a Waheela's hunger is pitted against an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, and a boyfriend's family. One of these things is less like the other.

Seanan mentioned at her joint panel with Tim Powers at FOGcon that she has six books coming out this year, but her agent thinks that's too many, alas.

Have you read Norse Code?

MORE ISTAS! by Trip (Mon Mar 10 18:49:45 2014)

Istas is best. And er most horrifying. But best.

I read the Antimony story in Glitter and Mayhem, which is why I want more of her.

I have not read Norse Code. Should I?

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7 March 2014 - Friday

Cow Orker M was out again today, but there was not as much customerosity.

No Avalon for me! The cats sat on me and we watched some To Love Ru, which is pretty much TFOS: escaped space princess, plus inadvertant betrothal, minus clothes.

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6 March 2014 - Thursday

Today I got the fun when I first arrived and Cow Orker M dropped a thing from Huge Customer X on me because he had to go die in a pit (to keep the shrapnel contained when his head exploded). Then there was another thing toward the end of the day, but they didn't really need me for more than a brief period, so I felt no guilt about logging out and abandoning them to their own devices.

Only six hours of Webex today!

I did not get six hours with Avalon, but I got some hours, despite the cats' help.

I liked Richard Kadrey's recent books okay, but Kamikaze L'amour (from 1995) didn't do much for me. It reminded me of the one Ballard I've read, although the personal journey in this was not nearly as negative.

If I were going to run D&D again, I would totally cough up for these. But it doesn't seem very likely.

Insert joke by Avalon (Fri Mar 7 18:30:44 2014)

about lasting power here. =)

Re: Insert joke by Trip (Mon Mar 10 07:53:32 2014)


Of course you will by marith (Mon Mar 10 09:04:27 2014)

We should totally get these and be prepared for Ja Baby's first dungeon crawl; it won't be that long till she's old enough. Thunder God boss fight! Hyperactive lizard rogue!

Re: Of course you will by Trip (Mon Mar 10 17:46:36 2014)

Your logic is compelling! But do I need more Things?

Re: Re: of course you will by marithlizard (Tue Mar 11 00:51:39 2014)

Give them to monkeycats as a present, thus forcing them to handle the Thing Storage. Am I clever or what?

Re: of course you will by Trip (Tue Mar 11 07:13:01 2014)

You are fiendish, is what you are. But remember the 3D dungeon segments I gave to Al and Sherilyn, which got used once and then sat cluttering up their front hall for decades?

Re: of course by marithlizard (Tue Mar 11 08:32:07 2014)

Good point, although one of the things I like about this set is it seems much more compact. Also, we see monkeycats more often than 2x a year.

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5 March 2014 - Wednesday

The stuff I was doing at 17:00, I managed to pawn off on one of the n00bs, but it followed me home to keep me from spending time with Avalon. Curse you, backup software!

Twelve very fuzzy paws!

Nowhere Men vol 1 (Eric Stephenson, Nate Bellegarde, Jordie Bellaire, Fonografiks)) is about the Beatles of Mad Science and their split-up and subsequent horrible mutations. Presumably the later volumes will explore how this dooms the world, or at least humanity. However, I find the art style meh, so I may never know.

Kissing the Witch (Emma Donoghue) retells a bunch of fairytales, linked one to the previous, without magic. As should have been obvious from the title, most of them end in girl-smooches.

Judging by the public beta document, Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition will be a game of technological horror, maybe a little like Eclipse Phase but explicit Dark Powers Man Was Not Meant To Unleash. (Presumably people who are familiar with 1st or 2nd ed already know that, but what does that have to do with me?) The system looks fairly standard: roll 2d20 (or more if you pay PC Points) and each one <= stat+skill gives you a success, successes over the minimum give you extra damage or whatever. Damage is weird: it's written normally like 3d6+2 or whatever, but all dice that roll above 2 are discarded, so the expectation value of each d6 is actually half a point.

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4 March 2014 - Tuesday

I talked to a lawyer about getting a passport. Unfortunately, the best idea she had was to send a FOIA request for any immigration-related documents that might have ever been filed on my behalf, because right now there are no leads on proving I am really a US citizen. The lawyer was amazed and astounded that no one had ever given me crap about it.

Hopefully we will have a lead in 1d3 months.

Instead of regular date night with Avalon, there was a party(ish) with her family, who mostly do not seem to hate me more than I deserve. Avalon likes tormenting her brother, which is not really surprising. Also, broccoli pancakes with cheese sauce (which look like they would be really good in person).

Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures (Brian Clevinger, various artists) volume two has the adventures of the super team consisting of Nikola Tesla, Annie Oakley, and Charles Fort, but is still not as good as regular Atomic Robo.

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3 March 2014 - Monday

Wait, why is it Monday? I don't want work, I want more gaming!


I was not cool enough to entertain Avalon, so she went to bed. I can't object to her sleeping more!

Twelve paws!

Volume 2 of From The New World (Yusuke Kishi, Toru Oikawa) explains more about magic and why everyone is doomed, but has fewer girlsmooches. Also, giant mutant naked mole rats: Not as nice as they seem.

Shovel Ready (Adam Sternbergh) is a tale of a dying New York City, a garbage man turned hit man, a preacher's runaway daughter, and widespread VR addiction, told without quotation marks. This actually works pretty well, although it does not make the first-person protagonist less horrible.

You are silly by Avalon (Wed Mar 5 17:52:52 2014)

I went to bed because my body was having a meltdown. XO! =)

Re: You are silly by Trip (Thu Mar 6 09:12:18 2014)

What?! I have taken lessons in seriousness from Marmalade, who is an orange cat with orange stripes! How can you say I am silly?!

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2 March 2014 - Sunday

Adam is still having his vital juices sucked out by the vile proboscis of bureaucracy, but the rest of us managed to have fun gaming.

Two words: Mustache. Snood.

I suppose, this being Fate Accelerated, we should have made the process of planning and executing the party a huge social combat or something, but I think it worked okay. Making the players do the work is always gratifying, especially when you can then send ninja assassins after them.

After gaming, Avalon! (Well, walking and then Avalon.) Also, assistance from cats.

The novel version of Mardock Scramble (Tow Ubukata) is heavy enough to crush a budgie, but seems to have pretty much the same mix of cyberpunk, gambling, and philosophy as the manga version. (Maybe heavier on the philosophy because text is like that.) It also has pretty much the same plot holes, which are numerous.

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1 March 2014 - Saturday

I failed at brunch, but I went over to Monkeycat Towers in the afternoon. Ken made chicken and waffles, but I made a perfectly good meal on waffles and collard greens, so yay me.

  • Wandering Son 10-12: 10 and 11 were half-length, so really this was the two last episodes, ending just after the second play. It was not a sad ending.
  • Cross Game 48: Low-scoring games are definitely more nerve-wracking. But, it will all be okay after two more episodes!
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index 23-24: The end! There was some setup for a second season, but it seems very unlikely we will care enough to watch it or even find out if it exists.

Twelve paws!

It Sustains (Mark Morris) is a short book, which might be why the pacing felt so wrong to me. The first half of the book is more or less normal, and then the supernatural stuff creeps in a bit, creeps in a bit, and suddenly engulfs the last few pages.

Dead Mann Running (Stefan Petrucha) is, naturally, the sequel to Dead Mann Walking, in which the intrepid zombie PI finds out even more horrible stuff about zombiedom. If he had any sense, the next book would be Dead Mann Fleeing And Hiding Forever, but how likely is that?

wait that was the end? by marithlizard (Thu Mar 6 11:30:53 2014)

but nothing was resolved at all! I didn't realize it was such a little slice of story, awww. Fortunately some awesome person lent me the manga so I can find out what happened next.

Re: wait that was the end? by Trip (Thu Mar 6 15:50:16 2014)

Maybe there will be a second season? We can hope!

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