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30 November 2014 - Sunday

No gaming, only grocery shopping and stuff.

The waitress at the Thai restaurant by Trader Joe's also plays the Frozen game.

Remember, no dying!

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29 November 2014 - Saturday

Saturday III is much like Saturday II only with more rain. We finished the History of the World game we started last night, and I came in dead last because I suck. Ken almost didn't lose, though!

I only lost 7 Wonders by 1 point, this time.

Somehow, I failed to eat much in the way of leftovers, but ate lots of vegetables and cheese and crackers so yay me or something.

Gaming tomorrow is cancelled because Jeremy threw his back out (it sounds so miserable even Ken was sorry for him) but Marith wanted to drive back tonight anyway, and I more or less had to go with her to avoid being strapped to the roof of a Prius. I wanted to see my cats and some quiet.

We hard hardly any traffic delay, but made up for it by getting lost.

Twelve paws!

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28 November 2014 - Friday

Today is Saturday II, which is for playing Cities & Knights of Catan (I still suck), reading Pathfinder bestiaries in hope of inspiriation for 13th Age (yes, I know, but they were handy and have shiny pictures), keeping small girls from dying in the pool, and going blblblblblbl.

We went to the gaming store and I picked up the D&D5e DMG just in case someone does run it.

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27 November 2014 - Thursday

I wasn't sure Marith would be okay for driving early in the morning, but she was, and we made it to Roseville before lunch, with almost no traffic delay. Go us!

Roseville is pretty much where we left it, which is always good. Robert is even back from college, so to us it is as though he hardly left at all. Also, it is full of food, because it is Thanksgiving, and people, and heat, and shrieking small children. But yay food! Yay people, even!

I am still terrible at 7 Wonders and talking to people and eating vast quantities of food and stuff. I did eat a little of the bacon that was a byproduct of turkey production, though.

This year, I am thankful for my Hot Internet Girlfriend!

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26 November 2014 - Wednesday

It's like Friday! With three Saturdays to follow! Wheeeeee ahahahahaha!

Ken and Ayse and Dave and Jus and Ta Baby have all already gone up to Roseville and are even now basking in friendship and board games.

Avalon, still no dying!

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25 November 2014 - Tuesday

Back to the incident mines!

Avalon, no dying!

Not today! by Avalon (Wed Nov 26 18:04:22 2014)

Today was all about videos. =)

Re: Not today! by Trip (Wed Nov 26 21:47:26 2014)

Okay. Videos are not the same as death, I am almost certain.

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24 November 2014 - Monday

Starting work early, from home. At least it's a short week!

Today I took the afternoon off to do the thing in Campbell.

Aw, Avalon is feeling poorly and must go to bed instead of date night.

Seraph of the End (Takaya Kagami, Yamato Yamanoto, Daisuke Furuya) looks like pretty standard shounen: everybody dies, vampires take over, young man vows revenge on the monsters who murdered his family and joins an eccentric band of misfits who wield special weapons...

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23 November 2014 - Sunday

No Fading Suns today. Everyone is out of town or dead for tax purposes or something.

Übel Blatt vol 0 (Etorouji Shiono) is in the ever-popular "blood, breasts, and blades" genre, with bonus Germanic names.

Gameboard of the Gods (Richelle Mead) depicts a future society which has heavily regulated religion after crusaders of some kind kill half of everyone with biotech. However, supressing belief in fictional entities may turn out to be counterproductive when the entities are not so fictional after all...

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22 November 2014 - Saturday

This is the last regularly scheduled meeting of the iPad art class, probably. We can keep showing up, for like $20 a class. I think I should instead take a basic art class, so I can learn about things like composition and color and monkeys and stuff. (Probably mostly stuff.)

Finally, after weeks of being thwarted by impossible children, the parsnip-chestnut soup whispered of in prophecy! This soup definitely has a place, and that place is in my tummy.

  • Tiger & Bunny 15-16: Finally Lunatic's backstory is made explicit. That's a lot of doom.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica 7: Rarely has an apple been eaten with such dramatic fury!
  • Chihayafuru 11-12: If they're already going to Nationals halfway through the first season, how is this show going to run three seasons?
  • Legend of Korra season II 8: I really like the abstract forms of the great spirits in the mythic flashback.

Twelve paws!

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21 November 2014 - Friday

Yay Friday!

Apparently I just don't get Jasper Fforde. His YA book, The Last Dragonslayer, was okay, but did not cause me to collapse laughing or anything. Maybe I'm insufficiently British?

Technology Compendium: Sir Arthour's Guide to the Numenera is pretty much what it implies on the tin: a zillion new cyphers and artifacts for Numenera. Since artifacts in Numenera are by definition super-random, it's not like there can be any system for them, just d100 tables.

The low entropy of the cypher and artifact results bothers me. I know it shouldn't, but "repurposed internal component of an unknown machine" and "not only survivable but easily reversible changes to biology" just don't stick together in my mind. Maybe it would work better if the numenera were less mechanical.

That said, I would still like to try Numenera sometime.

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20 November 2014 - Thursday

Hey, I'm caught up on blogging! Just not on braining...

The art in Imagine Prime (Imaginary Friends Studios) is by a bunch of different people in the studio, so I like some of the pieces more than others.

After the 8569346 enormous volumes of the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series, it is very strange to see Steven Erikson produce Willful Child. It's Star Trek parody (or spoof?), but the parody of Kirk is actually being competent and effective by acting like that. But it's still parody.

The Lost Stars: Imperfect Sword (Jack Campbell) is the third in the spinoff series about the leaders of a breakaway star system from the polity defeated by the main character of the main series, as they try to stay afloat and build a society worth living in while surrounded and populated by people who wouldn't be out of place in the worst of Stalin's USSR.

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19 November 2014 - Wednesday

We're playing 13th Age?! How did this happen?!

Our 1st-level PCs are:

  • Anwe Cloudsinger: Once minor high elf nobility and an agent of the Elf Queen, turned into some kind of drow shadow monster by the poisoned blood of the Green — apparently in this setting, drow have pale skin and bunny ears. (Trip)
  • Ktangs: Dragonborn Mandarin of the Dead from a previous Age, zombified by the Lich King and pawned off on the Three. (Mike)
  • San-Sobretto: Itinerant wood elf cleric of all the little or forgotten gods not glamorous enough to get space in the Cathedral. (Ken's friend Jacob, who none of the rest of us had previously gamed with)
  • Reginald: The voices in his head tell him about laws being broken in his presence, but he flamed out of paladin school due to berserking issues and now mostly drinks. (Dave)
  • Censor Li: The last honest cop in the Dragon Empire, or so it often seems. Did not appear in this adventure. (Ken)

A murder of crows tried to attract San-Sobretto's attention to the "caw caw" in the "caw"-- anyway, something Not Right. Ktangs sacrificed one of the crows that was already badly wounded and got a little more information, so our ragtag band of misfits headed out to the woods north of Drakkenhall, to what turned out to be the old graveyard. Skeletons erupted from the ground and tried to add us to the pile of dead goblins, but it didn't go that way at all. Victory: PCs.

The rituals to keep the dead in their graves had obviously not been being conducted, so we hiked over to the gravekeeper's house, and found a severed hand and a severed goblin head minus one eye on the untended altar out front. Inside, the gravekeeper was playing the shamisen, with a knife sticking out of his chest, while three throatless goblins listened attentively.

This was clearly bad news, and we were ready for a tough fight, but Ktangs resolved the situation by rolling a natural 20 to castigate the bureaucrat who had been failing in his duties. The head ghoul accepted being fired and asked for a pension so that he would not have to "live off the land", which Ktangs took as asking to be freed from undeath. All th ghouls were laid to rest without complaint, and Ktangs wrote a stern report to the Ministry of Cemeteries about providing sufficient resources for the rituals to be maintained.

(It turned out that the goblins' plan had been to shank the gravekeeper and wait for the undead to claw their way to the surface, because digging up graves themselves sounded like work. That was a goblin plan, all right.)

On a slightly different note, Numenera Character Options is a bunch of additional menu items for the first and third blanks in the madlib character generation system. Now you can be a Mad glaive who Hunts Mutants, or a Vengeful nano who Constantly Evolves. Going off-menu is still a matter of balancing by eye vs the Rule of Efficacious Blandishment, though.

Well! by Avalon (Fri Nov 21 18:20:25 2014)

I am starting to see why we get along so well, all these cemeteries. =)

Re: Well! by Trip (Tue Nov 25 16:33:28 2014)

I can't say the cemeteries were my idea! But I am running next week, so there might be cemeteries that are my fault!

13th Age by Carl (Fri Nov 28 23:47:59 2014)

Is it 13th Age that has the One Unique Thing for PCs? What are the PCs' Unique Things?

I would like a Vengful Nano Who Constantly Evolves to team up with an Evolving Nano Who Constantly Avenges, and possibly for them to fight crimes. Or being PCs, do crimes.

Re: 13th Age by Trip (Mon Dec 1 16:13:56 2014)

I don't remember the exact words for all of them, but the gist is in the descriptions, along with some of the backgrounds.

If it's done right, how much difference is there between fighting crimes and doing crimes?

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18 November 2014 - Tuesday

Tuesday has to be better than Monday, right? At least there are library books and Avalon and not too much train disruption.

The Steam Engines of Oz (Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Erik Hendrix, Yannis Roumboulias) is your basic steampunk dystopia Oz, ruled over by the heartless Tin Man while the other original PCs (OPs?) try to restore the monarchy because a cute female absolute dictator is much better than a creepy robotic one.

Scarlet Tides (David Hair) is the second huge book in the "Moontide Quartet", in which the legions finally get across the three-hundred-mile bridge to sack the continent of brown people and everything goes to hell, because the best way to make sure something is fucked up and evil is to put humans in charge. Bonus points if they also have superpowers that they say came from God.

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17 November 2014 - Monday

Monday again.

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16 November 2014 - Sunday

We successfully played Immortal Empire, and sold out our city for its own prosperity. Or er something. We got Lady Valerie and Hyacinthe kidnapped so they could make a deal with the goblin diplomatic corps to give the capital city of the Empire to them in name only, which lets them trade with us and surely cannot cause any problems later on. Even if it does, we'll surely be more ready to deal with the goblin military corps. Somehow, we got the Queen-Select to sign off on this. The Empress has not been informed, but we predict she will find it hilarious.

Next session: The Wedding/Coronation! The Grand Finale! Rampaging aubergines for all!

Hurray for Avalonhugs!

Twelve paws!

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15 November 2014 - Saturday

I did not learn very much at art class this week, except that changing pictures is hard.

  • Chihayafuru 10: The all-important first match as a team!
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica 6: The big reveal! I don't know why humans get so upset about it.
  • Tiger & Bunny 14: Second half of the season, so we skip ahead a few months to where the partnership can be taken for granted, until a woman comes between them. (Yes, I'm sure that fic has been written.) At least it wasn't a recap episode.
  • Legend of Korra season II 6-7: New and more insidious villainy is revealed, just too late! Plus, origin myths! (You can tell it's mythic, it's in a different art style.)

Qelong (Kenneth Hite) is nominally for Lamentations of the Flame Princess (aka D&D0-1i), but a foreign land ravaged by a near-Transcendent war and littered with magic could fit into many fantasy campaigns. Heck, it would work just fine in Numenera, or (with surprisingly little modification) as one of the creepy laboratory worlds in Eclipse Phase.

Speaking of Eclipse Phase, the Zone Stalker's Guide covers the TITAN Quarantine Zone on Mars, at least as well as a sourcebook can cover a place designed for the GM to put unprecedented horrors. There is also (published separately) an adventure set in the TQZ, Million Year Echo. Apparently it was originally a con run, so there are pregen characters with suitably novel motivations and views on the importance of unit integrity.

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14 November 2014 - Friday

Yay! It's FRIDAY!

Dirty Magic (Jaye Wells) is alternate modern fantasy police procedural, which has the War on (Some) Magic instead of the Wo(S)D and a heroine with a checkered past.

A Pretty Mouth (Molly Tanzer) covers episodes in the history of a British family of ignoble nobles and their tainted scions, in reverse chronological order from the days of Jeeves back to the rat bastard of a Roman who skulked along with the original invasion. Kind of like Blackadder, I guess, if the Blackadders were Cthulhu cultists and habitually slept with their sisters.

Vol 3 of the Soulless manga (Gail Carriger, Rem) continues to follow the books moderately closely, with bonus cleavage.

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13 November 2014 - Thursday

Thursday is the new Wednesday, and isn't here a moment too soon. Why does real life not keep vacation hours?

The Eclipse Phase Morph Recognition Guide is a compilation of all the morphs (bodies) and all the rules for resleeving etc from the various Eclipse Phase books, plus some new morphs. Eclipse Phase has a highly dubious system, but is pretty awesome otherwise, and I'm not just saying that because I want to swap this horrible body for a good one.

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12 November 2014 - Wednesday

But now I have to go back to work. Yucky!

Ayse is unwell, and might take up exercising on Wednesday nights when she is better, so the rest of us worked on coming up with characters for a campaign to replace Earthdawn. At last, we can play 13th Age!

So far we have:

  • A dragonborn former funerary official, brought back by the Lich King to fulfill a legal technicality
  • A failed paladin who flunked out even though he can hear the voices of Law telling him what needs to be punished
  • A high elf spy who managed to get poisoned by the blood of the Green and whatever bizarre drugs the drow tortures have been pumping into him, turning her into a shadow monster

Surprisingly, it is Ken who is having trouble coming up with a character, not me. Perhaps this means he will have to do all the GMing.

The Future Falls (Tanya Huff) is the third in the series about scary old Canadian mages and their hapless offspring. There are magically-forbidden unrequited pantsfeels, and also a plot. The looming threat is one that I have never seen modern fantasy characters face, though!

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11 November 2014 - Tuesday

After being on vacation for five days, I needed a day off! I spent it doing laundry and grocery shopping and snuggling cats and telling Avalon about my adventures in repelling women who aren't her.

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10 November 2014 - Monday

Last day of Portland!

The map cruelly betrayed us, but we made it to Bijou Cafe for brunch. Yum yum happy yum! Except then Marith felt unwell again and had to train back to the hotel to vegetate. I went on to Powell's and admired many many books that were inexplicably embodied in huge awkward lumps of dead trees. I did buy some more games and books of pictures, at least, so I didn't feel like I was completely ripping them off. Then I had to go to the mall conveniently located across the street from the hotel to buy expensive luggage to carry all the new games and books home.

There was a lot of airport waiting, and airport food, but we made it back to San Jose just in time for me to catch the bus for the last train of the night.

Twelve paws!

Beyond the Gravastar is a Cosmic Patrol adventure series or campaign, pitting the stalwarts of the patrol against an insidious and mystifying interdimensional threat. Oh, and some guys who steal stars, or something.

I still want to like Cosmic Patrol, but...

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9 November 2014 - Sunday

There was still con stuff going on until early afternoon today, but none of it was interesting, so we didn't go to any of it.

With unprecedented* energy, we trundled over to the joint in the con guide that sounded both yummy and nearby and feasted upon foods of happiness.

*Not really.

After lunch, we went to check out the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, but it was much more kid-oriented than the description had lead us to believe, and also Marith was feeling unwell again, so we trundled back to the hotel.

Once Marith was safely ensconced, I went back along the streetcar route to Guardian Games, which I had noticed on the way, and spent a while wandering around looking at games. I also tried to buy a large d6 for use as a 13th Age escalation die, but had to settle for a foam one. Bah!

Continuing the course of dining diversity, we tried the fancier of the two hotel restaurants. It was pretty good, but sadly I think the vegetarian ramen would have been better with meat broth, or some other source of umami. Sweet potato tater tots are good, though.


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8 November 2014 - Saturday

Today I did not do quite as many con things, even though it was a convention all day. No particular reason, there just weren't as many things that appealed to me.

Sadly, the presenter of "Rosetta: A Comet's Tale" was ill-prepared and just not very competent, so it was not as interesting as it could have been given that Rosetta is due to harpoon a comet on Wednesday.

The panelists of "Writing the Opposite Gender: Is It Really That Hard?" concluded that it is not, as long as you write the character true to itself and don't fall into stereotype. Also, research is your friend. (Research for writing sex scenes is not my friend; this pit of bugs and worms is my only friend.)

I like Nina Kiriki Hoffman, so I went to her reading. It was a kind of creepy story, yay! Then I stuck around for the reading by someone named Brian Hunt, who had a couple of short pieces and did the funny voices. Unfortunately, I don't remember the titles, and his name is way too common to search on.

The "Improv Writing" activity (hard to call it a panel) was of the write-for-two-minutes-and-pass-it-on variety, which means an endless succession of Unfortunate Cat Paragraphs, but it's better than not writing at all. Even though my hands can no longer write on paper for more than about ten seconds without seizing up. Ow. When we finished writing and the moderators read the accumulated stories, the cute teenage girl sitting next to me held still for too long so I started sketching her. Apparently this impressed her, even though it was a terrible sketch (no, really, that's not just me saying that), so we hung around for a while until I slunk off. That cannot count as flirting, because she was like 14.

I think Marith had eaten in the more diner-like of the two hotel restaurants for lunch, but I hadn't, so it was okay that I ate there for dinner. I don't think I like chicken strips as much as I used to.

The costume contest was okay, although pretty short. Marith took many pictures. I didn't care who won, so I skipped out before the voting to go to the PDX Broadsides concert (featuring the hot grad student from yesterday). It was swell! And geeky! The Schrödinger's Cat song made me sad, though.

Many people had done the homework for "Flirting 102", including the cute girl I sat next to again, but I could not really claim to have done so. Determining that N women have no interest in me is not really the same as having flirted with them and been rejected. So, I suck enormously, and the advanced techniques discussed in the worshop are of no use to me.

I caught the end of the concert by the music GoHs, Vixy & Tony, who were technically better than the PDX Broadsides but not as funny (or as cute). There was a guy of roughly my age and build and baldness dancing in swoops around the edge of the ballroom, which pleased me even if I would never do such a thing.

Marith and I went to the filking room to listen in, but she had to run back to the room to get something and never returned. I listened to people sing geeky songs poorly until I realized that Marith was never coming back and slunk away into the night.

Costumes! by marithlizard (Tue Nov 18 09:08:06 2014)

Although none of this Orycon's costumes came close to my new favorite cosplay picture :)

Mnn more research by Avalon (Tue Nov 18 17:38:32 2014)


Re: Costumes! by Trip (Tue Nov 18 19:00:24 2014)


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7 November 2014 - Friday

Today it is actually OryCon!

Marith is still sleepy and/or sick. Who would have thought vacation could be stressful?

Mysteriously, Jim and his girlfriend (Diana?) are also here. It's a small fandom!

Although it is only a partial con day, I engaged in many con activities!

The panelists failed to show up for "Simplifying RPG Systems", so we had to discuss among ourselves. It turns out that people who aren't us have heard of Dogs in the Vineyard, Fate, and 13th Age, hurray!

"Ask Dr Genius" (panelists improvise answers to science questions) was lame, so I bailed to check out the dealers' room. Sure enough, there was stuff to buy. But again, paper books, boooo! None of the other stuff seemed much more appealing, either. I think I might be Old.

"Buy Your Unconscious a Drink" turns out to be only one of the many methods writers use to get their creativity flowing, but none of them were very surprising. (Well, okay, I was a little surprised to learn that some require lyrics in their writing music, but it really only goes to show how small the language center of my brain is.)

Despite the title, "Green Tree, Blue Tree, Purple Tree" ended up being mostly about cyberware and sensory enhancement. One of the panelists was this writer, who seemed cool if hip, and another was this grad student, who seemed both cool and hot. Tongue-cam FTW!

I knew all the detection methods discussed in "New Planetary Discoveries", but I didn't know so many exoplanets had been imaged. I also didn't know that planetary formation hypotheses were so primitive — according to the person who studies meteorites, this is because most people who study planetary formation think meteorites represent the initial conditions when they actually all date from the end of the formation period.

Marith was kind of alive by dinnertime, so we avoided the doom of eating in the hotel restaurant eight times in a row by going across the street to Stanford's. Mmm, salmon.

One of the panelists in "Hacking Biology" has dysautonomia, meaning her autonomist nervous system doesn't. She was pretty motivated, but the panel still didn't cover a whole lot of new ground. Mostly the question was how to keep the rich from genetically engineering the poor to be higher in umami and HDL.

I had attended Sonia Lyris's "Flirting 101" panel approximately one zillion years ago, but I went again because um something. Because I have a girlfriend who encourages me to get more girlfriends, I guess? The presentation was a lot more polished and confident but the content seemed the same as what I remember. The key point is to make disengaging easy, because "yes" doesn't mean anything unless "no" is just as available an option. Also, no being creepy or violating the antiharrasment policy of the con. I sat next to a quite pretty girl, who had no patience for white het male privilege and also no interest in me whatsoever, showing that she had excellent taste. The assigned homework was to flirt enough to get three rejections by the time of "Flirting 102" tomorrow night. Dooooooom.

"Writing Believable Sex Scenes" was a hoot, because the panel was three raunchy middle-aged ladies, one with her wife in the audience to heckle. (The actual writing advice was the same as always: approach it like any other scene in terms of what it has to show about character or advance about the plot.) Marith asked questions!

The panelists also failed to show up for "Comics with Adult Content", but once again the audience (only about five people) was self-entertaining. I sat next to an even prettier girl* who reads the same halfling smut as me and will probably reach (my_age/2)+7 by the middle of the century. Some century.

*Rest of that tumblr is NSFW!

After all that, my brain was even smaller than usual, so I peeked in at the dance, determined that I'm still not cool enough, and went to bed.

More by Avalon (Fri Nov 14 19:11:11 2014)

Well other girls deserve to get to know you better. If they do not of course it is their right and fine, but they are missing out.

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6 November 2014 - Thursday

The TSA did not randomly decide that either Marith or I is a Bad Person™, so we made it to Portland! And there is a train that goes directly from the airport to the OryCon hotel, so we made it that far! But then Marith had to fall over from not sleeping last night, so I went to Powell's all by myself and looked at books that are made out of paper. Any one of those books is heavier and bulkier than my entire iPad! If only I could buy the physical books and dereify them into ebooks... But I can't, so mostly I took notes for which ebooks to buy. I did buy some games, and What If?, the xkcd hypothetical questions book because it has pictures, so it's not like I'm completely starving them of money, but I still feel bad.

When I got back to the hotel, Marith demanded Brazilian Meat, so that is what we had for dinner. I guess vacation counts as a special occasion!

What If? is pretty silly.

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5 November 2014 - Wednesday

There is no gaming, there is only Zuul packing.

The Shotgun Arcana (R S Belcher) is the sequel to The Six-Gun Tarot, about a small town in Nevada where all the supernatural crap of the 1870s drains, including angels, magic items, mad scientists, zombies, subterranean worm monsters, and now cannibals. I don't know why, but mixing Christian and Cthulhu mythoi didn't bother me as much this time. Angels are still assholes, though.

The Book of Cthulhu (ed Ross E Lockhart) is pretty much what it says on the tin. I had already read the best stories in this anthology, though.

The Primeval Thule Campaign Setting (Richard Baker, David Noonan, Stephen Schubert) is a pretty good mix of low-magic Conan-style city-states and barbarians in wilderness littered with pre-human ruins, and D&D. I think they would have done better to not use the Cthulhu mythos verbatim for their cults of ancient evil, though. Elves as the fading race lost in dreams and rakshasas as the vanished pre-humans work fine.

Thule introduces what they call "story arcs" for characters, which are really just backgrounds a la D&D5e. Apparently character backgrounds are the steam engines of gaming.

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4 November 2014 - Tuesday

Twelve paws!

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3 November 2014 - Monday

Monday doesn't hurt quite as much when it's a short week for vacation!

The trilogy Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Days of Blood & Starlight, and Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Laini Taylor) seems to switch genres partway through, as the heroine learns what is really going on. I liked the first genre better, but the second isn't bad. Plus, Prague scenery, romantic angst, and an exhausting but cool best friend. However, I felt the ending fell down a little. It seemed like there was supposed to be another half book at least.

Half-book by Carl (Fri Nov 28 23:59:30 2014)

Did you read Laini Taylor's novella Night of Cake and Puppets that comes between books 2 and 3? I've only read the first novel, but the remainder are in in my To Be Read Stack Bookshelf Room.

Re: Half-book by Trip (Sun Nov 30 11:52:00 2014)

Not yet, but the half-book needs to come in the middle of the second half of the third book. Night of Cake and Puppets sounds pretty cute, though.

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2 November 2014 - Sunday

How do we play Immortal Empire again? Apparently it involves a lot of trying to remember what happened last session.

This session: Ben Forcefully investigated the house where Lea and Hyacinthe had vanished, with the aid of some of his army buddies. When the strange woman teleported him off to the Pit of Despair, he ran into Hyacinthe, who had just escaped from her cell (after telling the interrogator her entire life story after the GM rolled up 4 and I couldn't do better than down 2 even with Fate) and there was a big fight with the score of warrior-caste goblins(?) who were as chaff before Benoit's might. The mystery woman smelled kind of human and kind of goblin(?), so Hyacinthe concluded that she is infiltrator-caste. Mystery Woman appears to be able to teleport at will, which is not a power possessed by any Imperial mages.

Lea had been absconded with by Orange Department, the goblin(?) intelligence agency, so she still needs rescuing. The lead we had seems to have gone dead, though, since the catgirl ninjas report that Mystery Woman has not been back to the House of Abduction.

Yay, Avalon hugs!

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1 November 2014 - Saturday

I did make it to iPad art class, but did not create anything that I found very interesting.

Blargh, more San Jose travel.

  • Chihayafuru 9: The all-important hurdle of official recognition! Now they can get a budget to buy new cards, because those things can't last long the way Chihaya treats them.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4-5: Oh yes, the noble sisterhood of magical girls.
  • Tiger & Bunny 12-13: A traditional gambit against that kind of opponent, but it's always good to see Kotetsu be competent.
  • Legend of Korra season II 4-5: I'm glad someone pointed out that that's not really an okay thing to do, even if you are the Pope with boobs young, cute, and the spiritual leader of the world.

The name probably gives away that Inverse World Accelerated is a port of Inverse World to Fate Accelerated.

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