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29 April 2015 - Wednesday

This week in 13th Age, we see that I am far too stupid to play a political intrigue game like Ken wants. (Also Anwë is doomed, but that's not really new.) Ken took pity on us and gave us a quest to find a temple that had mysteriously appeared somewhere in the woods. We didn't get there, but the mutant murder kobolds showed us we were on the right track.

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27 April 2015 - Monday

Not dead yet!

I was already behind, and then I got a new job, so it has been approximately a million years since I updated, but that is only because I suck and not because anything is actually wrong. I will try to go back and fill in gaming writeups, at least.

Silly by Avalon (Tue Apr 28 20:29:38 2015)

Being busy with a new job is not sucking. It is living. =)

yay! by marithlizard (Thu Apr 30 09:15:55 2015)

Living space parasites are the very best kind! Also, yay new job!

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22 April 2015 - Wednesday

No 13th Age this week; Ken is feverish and delirious.

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18 April 2015 - Saturday

Finally, we got to play more Ptolus!

Castle Shard called upon the PCs to find the name of a demon so they could deal with it, said name being written on the shadow of someone entombed in the Necropolis. Dealing with demons is good, and the money was right, so Karl, James, Johann, and Nora took the job.

Karl solved the problem of not knowing where the tomb (which predated the Necropolis) was by the usual method of getting a groundskeeper together with a bottle of good hooch, but getting the druid whose sacred island was the only undead-free zone at night to grant them refuge if needed was not so easy. The group had to promise to show up on the night of the upcoming big festival to defend the bridge (and thus, metaphorically, life or something), and the apprentice druid wouldn't even go around the festival with Karl before the ritual battle.

On the appointed night, the group snuck into the Necropolis right at sunset and started trying to get the huge stone slab off the entrance to the tomb. This was interrupted by zombie attack, but only briefly, and soon the PCs were in an underground complex full of vicious undead, just as planned!

We had to break there, but maybe someday there will be more.

When there was no more D&D, there was Sentinels of the Multiverse, which was pretty fun. It's sort of the anti-Cheapass game, though, in that it consists pretty much entirely of custom cards.

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15 April 2015 - Wednesday

This week in 13th Age, we concluded the Siege of Entvale by stabbing the cultist and beating up some trolls in the treetops, and first glimpsed the Stone Thief. Then we were whisked away to the Court of Stars (outer margins) by elf dukes who both want credit for Anwë's accomplishment and exposed to debauchery.

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8 April 2015 - Wednesday

13th Age writeup goes here.

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1 April 2015 - Wednesday

13th Age writeup goes here.

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