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30 September 2016 - Friday

This has been a terrible month for writing, or perhaps a month in which I was a terrible writer. Aside from the quality of my output, I mean.

Starting things is easy...

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28 September 2016 - Wednesday

There was some 13th Age and Korean food, but also a lot of socializing instead of gaming. The price of weeknight gaming and kids, I guess. We did level, which makes things larger if not better. (Mostly it's spellcasters who get fun options when levelling up.)

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27 September 2016 - Tuesday

I kind of like Jem and the Holograms (Kelly Thompson, et al), but the second volume definitely suffers from not having Sophie Campbell's art. (But isn't having an AI with holoprojectors kind of cheating for a performer?)

Witch's Pyre (Josephine Angelini) concludes the trilogy started in Trial by Fire and Firewalker, about high-powered psions, interdimensional duplicates, engineered organisms, political intrigue, and romance. The conclusion does explain some stuff about the world, although I don't think the questions had been properly raised earlier.

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25 September 2016 - Sunday

Hurray, it's PAD&D5! This session had things going on, but they were sort of going on around us while we tried to figure out what they were, so it was kind of an investigatory episode until we found the [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] in the [SPOILER]. Then a proper but very cramped fight broke out and Lam got beat up a lot.

If the 2d10 extra radiant damage from using a paladin spell slot comes up 17 twice against the same target, I think it's fair to declare that creature an enemy of the Moon.

In Lam's opinion, spiders have way too many limbs.

The Adventurer's Guide to Successful Escapes (Wade Albert White) is mostly kid's fantasy but has weird future bits, and also evil orphanage rulers.

Volume 3 of Mysterious Girlfriend X (Riichi Ueshiba) has more fanservice, and also Oka seems like she wants to dump her boyfriend and switch to the yuri genre, but I still like it a lot.

Kill 6 Billion Demons (Tom Parkinson-Morgan) is now available in print, just sitting there on the new graphic novels shelf at B&N! I picked it up to be supportive and also because it is awesome, although the art is a bit dark for paper. Volume 1 covers up through Allison embracing her fate.

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24 September 2016 - Saturday

As usual, I did nothing useful, but I did go to Monkeycat Mountain for anime.

  • Durarara!!x2 1: Wow, there are a lot of characters in this show! Despite or perhaps because of them all being shown in the first episode, I cannot keep most of them straight. Except Celty, who is pretty distinctive.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion 25-26: The end! There was discussion about what it means, but no one seriously proposed watching any of the movies for a less ambiguous ending.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal 14: End of the story arc! That threat is defeated, the world is okayish again, and little girls are falling out of the sky.
  • Nisemonogatari 6-7: End of this story arc, too! It was kind of anticlimactic, but fittingly so. Next week, more sororal doom!

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21 September 2016 - Wednesday

I did feel kind of sorry for the owlbears in 13th Age, unnatural abominations of flesh though they are.

The Greek food, on the other hand, got everything that was coming to it.

Not Your Sidekick (CB Lee) has a non-white, non-straight, non-male protagonist, and also some trans representation in secondary characters, but on the other hand, it's extremely predictable. Even I guessed many of the plot twists, and I am well on the side of being carried along by the story. Ayse could probably write out the entire book word for word after reading the cover blurb.

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20 September 2016 - Tuesday

Necrotech (KC Alexander) is pretty straight-forward cyberpunk, except that cyberpsychosis sufferers are zombies. The main character is unsurprisingly a kind of awful person, but not as bad as she could be, and possessed of a few virtues.

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19 September 2016 - Monday

I have nothing against various DC superheroines being reimagined in WWII, and certainly not as lesbians, but volume 1 of Bombshells (Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage) is still only okay. I think I am not enough of a fanparasite to appreciate it.

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18 September 2016 - Sunday

There is no gaming today. Sadness.

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17 September 2016 - Saturday


Boo on Ken for telling me the part was at 12:00 instead of 14:00, but Nonni was happy to have someone different to play with.

A lot of Ken's friends from Before San Jose showed up, like Brooks who is playing 13th Age and the rest of his poly family including two small creatures, and there was a lot more talking and drinking and less playing games than I hoped, but it wasn't my party! Anyway, I got to prove that I am worst at 7 Wonders, so what more do I need?

I ate very unhealthily, but it was tasty.

Sadly, Dimension W does seem to be veering into the "alternate universe" direction.

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16 September 2016 - Friday

Fix (Ferrett Steinmetz) completes the story from Flex and The Flux, about magic based on obsession and what it does to the world. It's not like the previous two books were easy on our heroic bureaucromancer and his family, but of course the climax is particularly grueling. We do get to find out what is going on with the Unimancers and the Thing That Ate Europe and other setting details, at least.

Why can I not write about the doom of feelings?

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14 September 2016 - Wednesday

I finally got the picture of my 13th Age character Anwë that I commissioned, although I haven't managed to paper it yet. I'm not sure people were properly impressed.

Then we ate cheap Chinese food and thwarted a villain by finding out that Ktang's is probably a node in the vast Lich King Network. Next week, rescuing non-sacrificial virgins from diabolists!

Like The Invisible Library, The Masked City (Genevieve Cogman) is not deep but pretty fun. It seems like there may be secrets hiding in the cosmology, waiting to leap out at the poor heroine. (For example, I suspect X and Y are actually the same thing.)

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11 September 2016 - Sunday

Celebrating 15 years of fear-mongering and encroaching government shit for our own "safety"!

Hurray, it's PAD&D5! This week, we found the [SPOILER] cultists, although sadly Jeremy had them jump directly to fighting us, thus depriving us of the chance to get advantage by cruelly betraying them.

Lam definitely needs to be saving her spell slots to add 2d10 radiant damage to her melee attacks, or at least her crits (in 5th ed, all damage dice get doubled, so that would be +4d10).

I don't know why I enjoy this game more than 13th Age. Maybe it's just that we game for hours, instead of socializing for a while and then sort of gaming for a little bit and then dispersing. Or maybe I am actually not good enough to play story games and need a concrete system.

At least in volume 1, Wandering Island (Kenji Tsuruta) is about a girl, her airplane, and a mysterious floating island that only sometimes appears. It's by the same person who did Spirit of Wonder, which explains why the art style is familiar.

Story games by Jeremy (Fri Sep 23 21:06:55 2016)

Games are for fun and a break from concentrated mentation. When I want a complex, multi-layered story full of relationships, emotion, carefully considered actions, and the psychic rewards therefrom, I go back to my quotidian life. Managing the real one is hard enough. I haven't yet succeeded in simulating another in real time.

Also, I like smashing things and taking stuff, but I'm way too inhibited without a plate of cheese and a bowl of carrot sticks in front of me.

Re-ordering those paragraphs also works. :-D

Re: Story games by marithlizard (Mon Sep 26 13:28:57 2016)

Mild-mannered Jeremy lives an ordinary, non-smashing life - but little do his neighbors know that exposure to many-sided dice and snack food can transform him into BIOLOGIST HULK!

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10 September 2016 - Saturday

  • Brother, Dear Brother 38-39: The End! All the survivors are happy, although heteronormativity is rampant. (The audience is unanimous that our heroine's parents are in denial, though.)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion 24: I remembered the Kaworu stuff as taking more than a single episode, but then I also didn't remember how gay it was, which shows you what my memory is worth.
  • Nisemonogatari 5: Well, at least the naked vampire is clean. I have no idea what is up with that house, though.

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7 September 2016 - Wednesday

Everyone made it to 13th Age! Then we fought a basilisk, which resulted in no permanent PC deaths even though Ken completely nerfed my attempt to use Anwë's backgrounds to keep us from dying. I don't know that this feat was a good investment.

Stranger of Tempest (Tom Lloyd) is fairly straight-forward fantasy, with dungeons and magic guns. The main character is fat and middle-aged and about as well-liked as a German in France in the 1950s (for similar) reasons, which is something.

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5 September 2016 - Monday

Finished the first season of Alice Isn't Dead, and finally found out the narrator's name! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be smart enough to have figured out what's Really Going On from the existing 10 episodes or not, but I look forward to the second season anyway, and will even send them some money if I remember.

Oh no! These cats have never been fed ever! Just ask them!

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4 September 2016 - Sunday

Still in Roseville! Their game store failed me because I do not play Pathfinder, but that is okay. I have the Internet for that.

We played Dungeon World but without Jason (so no Druid) and Ken changed characters (so Beguiler (no idea if that's the correct link but it looks close) instead of Barbarian). Apparently in this setting, we make city names by anacronymizing a description and adding vowels if needed. Thus, Thon, Beccs, and Sadar. After descending into the forgotten tombs under the Secret Dwarven Republic and defeating the psychic undead dwarf who gave their contact all his power and influence via evil beard transplant, the PCs successfully got power and nice things and a chance to build a quest token for an NPC. Next time I visit, they will try to deliver the token and then maybe work on the Beguiler's goal of overthrowing the tyrannical council of Beccs. Dungeons may ensue, or maybe I'll decide that a city is enough of a threat; either way, I can/should prepare.

Marith reports the cats are still adorable.

American food is so full of carbs.

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3 September 2016 - Saturday

The (rest of the) first half of (the first season of) Alice Isn't Dead didn't have any more of the gory bits that repelled Marith but is darn creepy.

Now I am in Roseville. Humans are here. Gamers are here.

In the first game of Dominion, I was betrayed by the lure of Talisman, since there were no 4-point cards that were worth getting stacks of, but when I resisted the lure, I tied for the win (with someone who also resisted but used a different strategy otherwise, meaning it was a good set of cards).

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2 September 2016 - Friday


Marith is now briefed on how to cater to the cats while I am in Roseville and she is avoiding travel stress.

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1 September 2016 - Thursday

Hope and Red (Jon Skovron) is kind of extruded, but has creepy biomancers. The fantasy slang is only so-so, but on the other hand, it has the only female [SPOILER] and the only female [SPOILER] as PCs, and they are totally PCs.

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