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30 April 2018 - Monday

Please Don't Tell My Parents You Believe her, the fifth (and allegedly last) book in the series that started with Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, is out, so obviously I must reread the entire series from the beginning. Especially since this is the series that made me want to write teen supers in the first place. Perhaps it will help me figure out what I am doing wrong (besides "everything").

Words: 261. I think I need to start with more school and normal stuff before dumping my MC into the labyrinth. *writes some words* Meh, before that even. Not that I want to rewrite PDTMPIaS, but that doesn't mean I can't learn from it.

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29 April 2018 - Sunday

Another useless Sunday. Which wouldn't be bad if I ever accomplished anything on other days!

I often don't read any of the 98634895 RPG projects I back on Kickstarter until they are finished, but Vagabonds of Dyfed has an almost-complete prerelease version, so I read through it. It is OSR × PbtA, to which you might say, "Isn't that Dungeon World?" but this is a slightly different approach It doesn't have moves, it has a resolution mechanic (or I guess you could look at it as Defy Danger grown to take over all other moves). It also doesn't have playbooks, or even classes, just a bunch of abilities that can be taken in pretty much order, one per level. Possibly most interestingly, it doesn't have stats. What it has are more like aspects from Fate: a phrase or sentence for each of your general approach to conflict, your goal/cause/ethos, your gimmick, your background, your current profession/occupation, and something you aren't good at. Each of these you can claim as applying to a roll gives you +1 (or -1 for the weakness) on your 2d6. Equipment and whatnot can also be tagged for ±1 per tag, although more commonly it gives or denies permission to even make a roll.

Seems like it could work.

I actually read some of my vast backlog of manga (from before I boycotted Barnes & Noble for firing all their people), but what I read was the first four volumes of Murciélago (Yoshimurakana), which is pretty much lacking in redeeming social value. It has lots of violence and lesbian lechery, though. Also random Lovecraftian references, although it is in no way a Mythos story, or even overtly supernatural.

Words: 276.

Weekly total: 2303.

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28 April 2018 - Saturday

Today Jus's school (and Nonny's school, starting in the fall!) had their walkathon festival thing. Jus and Nonny, especially Nonny, did not need any encouragement to walk (run!) approximately a million miles each! It was really pretty impressive, especially Nonny.

Then there had to be grocery shopping but I came back for stew and anime.

  • Flip Flappers 11: Oh, that's Mimi. Yikes.
  • My Hero Academia 1.12-13: Triumphant conclusion of the first season!
  • ACCA 5-6: One doesn't usually think of massive train wrecks in terms of political drama, and yet it makes perfect sense. Also, bread and hereditary nobility.

Words: 154.

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27 April 2018 - Friday

The Sea Without A Shore (David Drake) is 985628935642th in the series about the intrepid Age of Space Sail captain and his terrifying librarian partner, which I am still reading. My, history really is full of things.

Words: 406.

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26 April 2018 - Thursday

Today I was kind of productive at work, but only because Huge Customer X made me.

Words: 348.

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25 April 2018 - Wednesday

13th Age and Thai food!

I don't know why, but this was a much more energetic session than most, possibly because we had a concrete, specific obstacle to overcome, and also a deranged ancient cultist to negotiate with. Also my character got embedded in stone and half-petrified, and now the others are trying to decide whether to help her directly, or kill her and resurrect her. Implementing both plans at once seems both suboptimal and inevitable.

Words: 212.

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24 April 2018 - Tuesday

Words: 556.

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23 April 2018 - Monday

Oh dear, there is incel fuckery afoot in Toronto. Good thing that is not the street where Avalon works any more!

Words: 351.

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22 April 2018 - Sunday

After a long gap (during which I did nothing about updating Lam's character sheet), it is finally time for PAD&D5 again! (Even though one of our ninjas is still en route from Hawaii.)

The Rats of Red Larch (and their Lesbian Separatist Skink, Akrá) are herding their captive mice through the sewers of Yartar, to deliver them to the Water Baron, when they are accosted by an ominous black cat. The cat vanishes before doing anything terrible, but they are then immediately swarmed by loathsome sewer rats. Fortunately, Hazelray is 9th level now, and can cast conjure barrage, so between that and Lam's javelin of lightning, the swarm is quickly dispatched. Mara is hardly even electrocuted at all.

Hazelray is sure she knows where the mice need to be taken, so the Rats continue to traverse the sewers, and are then set upon by hellterriers. A smaller number of larger opponents are no match for the upgraded Rats of Red Larch, though, and the ratters vanish with exciting special effects involving the sigil of Cyric. The cat shows up to ask them if they really know where they're going, but Hazelray is certain, so it vanishes and lets them get on with it.

After some random alligators in a vast cistern, the Rats finally arrive where Hazelray's instincts have been leading them: the temple of Cyric, complete with chanting mouse cultists in red robes, an ominous flame, and a black cat lounging on the altar. A fight breaks out.

The Rats are doing as well as can be expected against something so much larger than them, full of evil divine energy, and with nine lives, which is to say, losing slowly, when suddenly the hands of a titan scoop up the evil high priest of Cyric. "Bad kitty!" Oh, right, there was another Popess of the Crystal Dragon!

The Heroines are going to have to do something about this cult of Cyric in the basement of the Cathedral of the Crystal Dragon, although they were not quite cold-blooded enough to murder a small child's pet cat. This time.

Words: 308.

Weekly total: 2235.

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21 April 2018 - Saturday

Reduced anime tonight, because Ayse and Jus have a Girl Scout thing. We played Roll for the Galaxy. (I am still terrible at it.)

  • My Hero Academia 1.10-11: Rewatch for Marith to catch up. Frog Girl is still the best, though.
  • Flip Flappers 10: Looks like Cocona is not so random!
  • ACCA 3-4: I remembered it being longer until we got to the stupid prince. But hey, Jean has been cleared of all involvement with the plot!

Words: 274.

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20 April 2018 - Friday

Space Opera (Catherynne M Valente) is very much Eurovision × Douglas Adams. The aftermath of the great war! Hapless humans holding the fate of the species in their hands! Special effects! Wild aliens! Snarky judges! Wild alien sex! More special effects!

Words: 374.

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19 April 2018 - Thursday

Words: 415.

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18 April 2018 - Wednesday

13th Age Indian food! This session, there were shenanigans with alchemy and dwarven spies on the way to St Claire Island, and then a lot of breaking into an ancient tower to confront the horrible cultist we believe is lurking inside. There were traps, and also jealous academics.

Words: 259.

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17 April 2018 - Tuesday

Hurray, Avalon is still alive! Although her coworkers seem to be trying to make her stabby.

Words: 308. These numbers seem small, but for a long time my daily quota was 250, so actually it's fine. Really. Not pathetic at all.

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16 April 2018 - Monday

Yuck, Monday. At least it's not too hot yet.

Words: 297.

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15 April 2018 - Sunday

Today, about the only thing I did was read up through chapter 135 in Exhuman, which is not exactly good but has a soap-opera-like addictiveness to it. I really don't know what the protagonist's damage is (besides the obvious), [SPOILER] is obviously best, even if you take [SPOILER] into account.

Words: 475.

Weekly total: 2747.

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14 April 2018 - Saturday

Monkeycat Mountain is full of germs, so Cat and Earl and Marith all bailed, but I went over to eat burritos and watch anime. And get crawled on by germ-laden childs, so we'll see how that works out for me.

  • Steven Universe 5.13: But we know that story isn't completely true! I would like some plot development now!
  • Steven Universe 5.14: This is adorable, yet not plot development!
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 12-13: Conclusion of the 12-episode flashback! Next season, apparently we skip forward instead.
  • My Hero Academia 1.10-11: I really like Frog Lass. She's sensible. I think she should be the main character, and also get paired with Floaty Nice Girl. Oh, yah, villains, boo!

Words: 312.

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13 April 2018 - Friday

Marith came over to help me pet Ghirardelli and watch Brave. My, Merida was a spoiled brat, and also didn't pay attention to fairy tales. But the plot was not what I expected, so that was good.

Words: 345.

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12 April 2018 - Thursday

Hurray, Avalon is still alive! And can even do martial arts classes!

Now I am caught up on all 83 existing chapters of Mother of Learning and have to wait for more to be written. I think of this subgenre as "worldbuilding and problem-solving".

Words: 257.

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11 April 2018 - Wednesday

Finally, we had everyone for 13th Age and burritos! (But who designs a restaurant website without a menu?!)

This session, the PCs went three levels deep into dreams, summoned the spirit of a past PC and turned her into a tree that bears stars as fruit, and fought the shadow of the battle that probably doomed the Dragon Empire. Also, there was symbolism.

Words: 123.

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10 April 2018 - Tuesday

At some point, I might need an ominous poetry generator (from this article).

Also, apparently some people play in a way that isn't just taking the piss. Weird!

Kigurumi Guardians (Lily Hoshino) is about defending the pure hearts of young girls (as of vol 1; probably other people have pure hearts too), but the heroine doesn't have a transformation sequence, she has a goofy creature that looks like somebody in a mascot suit until she transforms it into a hot older guy in a regular suit to fight off the villains.

Words: 704. But I stayed up until 978568345 o'clock.

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9 April 2018 - Monday

What the hell, plants? Do I have sex in your nose?

Words: 531.

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8 April 2018 - Sunday

No gaming today, too many people are busy with non-gaming stuff.

No brain today, too few smarts.

But, it's a nice day, so I walked down to the movie theater to see Pacific Rim Uprising. It was as good as the first one, I think. Full marks for no romance between the male and female leads. Also, nice setup for a third movie, now that they have [SPOILER].

Children of the Whales (Abi Umeda) could be post-apocalyptic, or secondary-world fantasy. People on a small island/large ship travelling for generations across an apparently endless sea of sand, most of their generations are pretty short because people with telekinesis are the majority and die young, everyone is mostly content until...

Frau Faust (Kore Yamazaki) is still good up through volume 3, and we get to see more demons and how they enable humans in making everything worse. (The demon designs really show that this is the same artist as Ancient Magus's Bride.)

Words: 325.

Weekly total: 2238.

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7 April 2018 - Saturday

Yay, humans came and cleaned my apartment.

Because we could, we got Chinese take-out and watched Chinese drama! Also some people have become tipsy on peach and grapefruit bellini.

  • Nirvana in Fire 35-37: [SPOILER] is a good guy, obviously, but I think his mom is the one they should be putting in charge of the country. Maybe they can work on that after [SPOILER] is consumed by his own paranoia and stops being a problem.

Words: 304.

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6 April 2018 - Friday

I could have gone to the Engineering team's offsite with them, but it seemed like too much pretending coworkers are friends with the aid of alcohol, so I did work instead.

Words: 305.

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5 April 2018 - Thursday

Mother of Learning is about a guy going to magic college, and facing some minor tribulations, and then there is a huge plot twist. It's not an unprecedented one, but it is definitely a twist. Also, chitin may be involved.

Other webserials I have been reading with less dedication:

  • The Rat Messiah has (pretty bad) CG art to go with the story of a bunch of worlds getting smushed together for massive confusion and probable apocalypse, which our amnesiac protagonist must road-trip through.
  • Entirely Presenting You is a cross between superheroics and urban fantasy, with some difficulties in keeping a secret identity.
  • In Flow, a peasant girl falls for a lady knight, gets sucked into a war with strange creatures, and generally gets her life ruined for love and not knowing her place.
  • The Dragon's Scion (by the author of Small Worlds/Strange Cosmology) has a princess who was raised by a dragon, fighting UFO monsters.
  • Ink (ditto) is set in a world in which society has devolved into being run by gangs of tattooed supervillains, and the main character suddenly has to start her own gang from scratch.
  • The premise of Exercise the Demons (ditto) is that even demons need aerobic exercise. But when they set up a company account, how do they pay the instructor?

Words: 259.

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4 April 2018 - Wednesday

After last week's plague scare, we are back to 13th Age and Greek food!

Kelsey cancelled at the last minute again, but surely the events of this session will not be confusing when she shows up next week.

Words: 205.

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3 April 2018 - Tuesday

Words: 571.

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2 April 2018 - Monday

Words: 269. I was doing well for a while, but now I am stupid again.

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1 April 2018 - Sunday

The world of jokes about Easter and April Fool's Day being the same is just too vast to describe. I'm sure you can explore it on your own.

Ayse and Ken did not deceive us about the Easter feast, though! The glazed shallots were not a lie!

Since we had Earl and Cat, we watched more NiF. But Marith crept away sleepily.

  • Nirvana in Fire 33-34: Honorable people are so difficult to work with!

Vol 1 of the Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid spinoff, Kanna's Daily Life (coolkyousinnjya, Mitsuhiro Kimura), is actually kind of cute.

Words: 225.

Weekly total: 2241.

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