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31 August 2018 - Friday

Because my ear doesn't work, if I sleep on the wrong side, I can't hear my alarm. This is bad.

Three more episodes of The Good Place. Michael seems to be showing character growth, but I don't trust it. Also, I am personally offended by the Bad Place people, even though they have a train.

Heroine's Journey (Sarah Kuhn) is the third book in the series, the one the author read the beginning of at Worldcon. It is from the PoV of yet another member of the superhero team/found family, the former annoying-little-sister who is now all grown up, really. Like the other characters, she is pretty messed up, because how can you even write about humans who aren't? But these romances are way too straight.

The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist (SL Huang) is the queer reversed "Little Mermaid" that the author read from at Worldcon. It has all the important bits, including complete doom.

Words: 217.

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30 August 2018 - Thursday

I skipped work in the morning to go to urgent care and have a very nice nurse irrigate my ear, but it remained barren of sounds. I will have to go back on Saturday for a specialist, because I am just that defective.

Troika is a super-minimal RPG, old-school but not OD&D-based. It has like two stats, and a mandatory roll on d66 for a character background that sets skills (and spells). Pretty much the whole setting (such as it is) is encoded in the backgrounds, for example, 14 Cacogen You are Those Filthy Born, spawned in the hump-backed sky lit only by great black anti-suns and false light. Your mother was sailing on the golden barges or caught in some more abstract fate when she passed you, far from the protective malaise of the million spheres. You were open to the power and the glory at a generative time and it shows in your teratoid form. or 16 Claviger The key masters wander the universe fathoming the workings of all entry ways they can find. Though they're quite fascinated with simple chests and doors, they are most excited by metaphysical and metaphorical barriers. You might find small conclaves of clavigers camped around the feet of demon gates, debating appropriate methods of attack or building obscure machines of entry. Seems cool, and I'm not even sure I'd have to convert it to PbtA.

The Good Place 4-6: Now we know what's up with [SPOILER], but the characters don't seem to be addressing the obvious question that raises. Once again, divide and conquer is the MO of the overclass. (Not that the overclass is coming off as all that superior, extra dimensions aside.)

I've been slowly reading through 13th Age Glorantha, but although I like many of the ideas, I'm not sure I like it as a game. Even more than standard 13th Age, it relies on a profusion of small, slightly useful, special case rules that only come up once in a while. A good example is the standard bonus for a rune gift in the healing category: it gives you an extra recovery, but you can't just increase your max recoveries by 1 and carry on, because this recovery is Special and has different rules than all other recoveries, so you have to track it separetely and decide, every time you heal with a recovery, whether this is the right time to use it. And everything is like that: rune gifts (the equivalent to magic items) and class abilities are almost all "daily" or "recharge" abilities, meaning you get to use them once or an unpredictable but small number of times every few sessions (a month or more of player time) and have to keep track of their availability and decide which one to use at every opportunity. Class abilities (spells, etc) at least give you some amount of bang in exchange for the cognitive load, but rune gifts are just large enough that you'll suffer if you try to blow off the system.

I expect that Dave, Mike, and Ken will all love this, because it's very board-game like and they like finding the synergies among ten million different rules, but the idea feels me with a deep lack of interest in jumping through those hoops. Or playing D&D at all, really. It's 2018, FFS!

Words: 110. I blame capitalism television.

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29 August 2018 - Wednesday

My ear seems to have stopped working. I tried both water and over-the-counter stuff, but no dice. Unless it spontaneously clears up overnight, I guess I will have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Like an old defective person who is falling apart.

No 13th Age, Ken is something.

Marith shared her raviolis with me. She is a good flatmate.

Words: 226.

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28 August 2018 - Tuesday

Heroine Worship (Sarah Kuhn) isn't the book the author read from at Worldcon, but comes between that one and the one I read. It's from the PoV of the person the protagonist of the first book felt steamrollered by, because of course she has her own emotional burdens to bear. Also there's a plot, or something, that's not really the point of the book.

Words: 181.

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27 August 2018 - Monday

No date tonight, Avalon's brain is exploding. 8(

Words: 220.

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26 August 2018 - Sunday

No PAD&D5 today, Jeremy has been afflicted with humans at work or something.

I don't think I accomplished anything at all today. Because I pretty much suck.

Words: 253.

Weekly total: 1408.

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25 August 2018 - Saturday

A routine Saturday. Well, alternate Saturday, since we had cleaners.

  • Sailor Moon S 30: Well, that's not ominous at all.
  • Laid-Back Camp 7: Ghost stories are important!
  • My Hero Academia 36: Of course we had to cliffhanger before Deku's exam.
  • Love, Chuunibyo, & Other Delusions 2.3: The Boop episode!

Words: 248.

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24 August 2018 - Friday

Yay, Avalon is still alive!

Snotgirl vol 1 (Bryan Lee O'Malley, Leslie Hung) is about a fashion blogger in LA who is kind of a terrible person, but probably all you need to know to decide whether to read it is that it's by the Scott Pilgrim guy, but is mimetic rather than magical realism.

Words: 150.

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23 August 2018 - Thursday

I don't seem to have any brain at all this week.

Marith and I watched the first three episodes of The Good Place, because two episodes (of a later season) were up for Hugos. Now she has Theories.

Sworn to the Night and Detonation Boulevard (Craig Schaefer) are the first two of a trilogy that seems to be tying together the author's two related urban fantasy/horror series and one secondary-world series. I'm here for lesbian antihero romance struggling against doom from before history and also rich assholes getting destroyed, but the interdimensional fantasy stuff doesn't seem to fit very well with the horror stuff, even though it's pretty dark fantasy.

Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword (Henry Lien) is about as adorable as the title. It is about girl power and figure-skating-style martial arts and political intrigue.

Words: 169.

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22 August 2018 - Wednesday

We had everyone for 13th Age, so we finished the sword-smithing fight and ate Wuhan food.

Cool, my 13th Age Glorantha are here! This makes it more likely that we will play 13G after Eyes of the Stone Thief wraps up.

Words: 165.

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21 August 2018 - Tuesday

Boss K is in town, and made me and coworkers S and T go to dinner because talking work at work is not enough. No one knew where to go, so I guided them to Taiwan. They weren't overtly repulsed, and I got to walk home conveniently, so I guess it worked out okay.

Coworker S's new Tesla 3 is pretty spiffy, but seems to have some software issues.

Words: 142.

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20 August 2018 - Monday

There was a little more Worldcon programming today, but I needed a day to be passively useless and do things like grocery shopping and laundry and drinking too much Diet Dr Pepper.

Marith, who went to anime on Saturday instead of abandoning most of her friends, got me all caught up on My Hero Academia.

  • My Hero Academia 33-35: Beginning of the finals! Froppy and Cool Bird Boy are still best! Sticky Head Bulbs is still the worst, and should get fed to a supervillain! All Might is surprisingly scary when he's not being cheesy!

The Harbors of the Sun (Martha Wells) ties up the plot that started in Edge of Worlds, while opening room for many more. I mean, surely no one will be upset by [SPOILER], right?

Words: 281. Of course, now I have to write something that takes everything I may have learned at Worldcon into account, so I'm still doomed, but being around other people who were talking and thinking about writing has improved morale.

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19 August 2018 - Sunday

Fourth day of Worldcon!

  • Macro to Micro: Worldbuilding Workshop with NK Jemisin was more geography-building, on spherical planets, and then deriving culture from that, with audience input, so I was not that interested, even though possibly I should have been, and bailed out halfway through.
  • The conclusion from We Dressed Those Girls: Subverting Tropes or Reinforcing the Status Quo? was that subverting tropes is hard, and claiming that acknowledging the tropes constitutes subverting them and people who don't understand are the Real Sexists™ does not count.
  • Body Language - How to Improve Your Awareness and Use It in Fiction had a cartoonist as well as some writers, so that was an interesting additional perspective. Anyway, body language is a huge deal, people don't even know they're reading it, everyone should definitely include it in their dialogue all the time. Watching humans is good for learning how humans do body language.
  • All the panelists who made it to How Hollywood Gets It Wrong were doctors, so it was very medically focused, but "every way possible" probably holds for most other fields. Useful takeways for oppressing characters: everything takes longer to heal than they show on TV, and the best place for a disabling but nonfatal wound is the thigh, to the outside of the femur.
  • YA vs Adult Fiction: Defining Boundaries was mostly panelists who have written both, so there was a lot of talk about what they thought the differences were vs what their agents thought the differences were, and how most of the dividing criteria are flexible anyway because writing, man. It would have been better without the white guy on the panel talking over people though.
  • Reading: Kat Tanaka Okopnik was only okay. I think her work is not entirely to my taste, which is fine. (I think Cat liked it more.) She is down with social justice, which is good enough for me.
  • I think all the panelists for Disability in the Future were disabled, so it was definitely a better perspective than might have been found in the past, and I think they were right that there will always be disabilities of some kind ("Sorry, ma'am, your neural architecture is just not compatible with the ISO cyberware standards."). But it felt like they were most interested in what was coming out nowish alleviate their particular ailments, and less in how those ailments could be eliminated altogether. (Some of them said that they wouldn't want their disability to be gone, because having it made them the person they are today.) I understand this, but I think it made the panel not as future-oriented as would have been interesting to me. Maybe we do need to be not terrible about disabilities now before we can have a good discussion about the future, but that wasn't the stated goal of the panel. I dunno, I'm relatively able-bodied, I probably don't get a say here.
  • Earl and Cat escaped before dinner, so I had to go eat very unhealthy things all by myself. Sniff!
  • I tried to go to another Mary Crowell concert, but it was mysteriously cancelled in favor of a scary old lady telling people what to filk.
  • And finally, the Hugos! Unlike the masquerade, the results are already known, and the MC was Efficient, so we got through the entire slate in about two hours. Lots of women, some PoC, no obvious Nazis (suck it, Sad Puppies!). Rebecca Roanhorse, who is black and indigenous, got both the Campell and a Hugo, NK Jemisin got her third Hugo in a row for the third book in her recent trilogy, which everyone agrees was well deserved, Murderbot got a Hugo, Bujold got another Hugo, all was good. Hurray!


Words: FAIL.

Weekly total: 545, but that's with four days off for Worldcon. Without that, I would have broken 1000 for sure! Probably!

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18 August 2018 - Saturday

Worldcon continues!

  • Research Rabbit Holes was pretty entertaining. Ann Leckie knows of the Tiffany Problem!
  • The Richard Kadrey reading failed because the author bailed via twitter, but new author I'd never heard of, Henry Lien, had props and music for reading from his book about girl power and figure-skater style kung fu. Hey, look, there's wireless in here, I can instantly!
  • Why Pluto Was Kicked Out of The Planet Club and What We are Learning About It Today was more basic than I hoped for, but on the other hand, glaciers of solid nitrogen!
  • I wandered around until I found pho to eat for lunch. It was good, but messy.
  • Alien Minds: What is Possible and What Can We Do with Them? had most of the same panelists as yesterday's panel on alien life. The focus was on communication, which some panelists thought would have to be feasible in some fashion, but others thought would be impossible, since humans can barely communicate with each other. No conclusion was reached, which probably shows something.
  • Reading: Campbell Finalists was Rebecca Roanhorse (part of a short urban fantasy story about a deer woman and murder), Sarah Kuhn (the beginning of the third book in her series about Asian-American superheroines in San Francisco, which was funny enough to make me get the second and third books even though I was only so-so on the first one), and Jeannette Ng, who is probably an escaped Love Nikki character (the beginning of Under the Pendulum Sun, in which British missionaries travel to a marvelously surreal fairyland, which is bound to go well).
  • The Body and the Shadow of the Imagination did not convince me that describing characters is unnecessary, but I can't argue that a telling detail is worth any number of listed features. (I probably knew that, but it never hurts to be reminded.)
  • The Literary Beer with Linda Nagata was held not in the convention center but at a nearby bar, which meant it was terrible, because bars suck. I bailed after just a few minutes.
  • This time we went to the Indian place right next to the Malaysian place for dinner. Mmm, naan.
  • Saturday Evening Concert: Alexander James Adams and the Canticles was okay, but not as good as I remember Heather Alexander concerts being. Is that because the performer has changed, or because the audience has changed?
  • The Masquerade was okay, but I am not a costume geek. The winner was clearly "Alien Queen", which broke the MC for extra bonus points.

    Words: FAIL.

worldcon readings by marithlizard (Mon Aug 27 02:11:29 2018)

Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword sounds pretty adorable!

Peasprout Chen by Trip (Thu Aug 30 13:31:29 2018)

It is a pretty adorable book. And I guess other people thought so, since there is a sequel coming out at some point.

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17 August 2018 - Friday

More Worldcon!

  • Young Adult: Looking at the World Through a Skewed Lens at least helped me understand what the vital characteristics of YA fiction (to extent that any rules in writing are vital): fast-paced, immediate (first-person or deep third), young protagonist. I wonder how making things fast-paced works?
  • Pronouns Matter - Gender Courtesy for Fans was mostly stuff I know, but had some insights I had not previously considered. For example, in some cases you may have to misgender someone for their own safety (relatedly, do not ask people in Omaha for their prounouns), and the neutral forms of aunt/uncle and neice/nephew might be nuncle and nibling. Ann Lecki was on the panel, but she did not build a Dyson sphere while we watched.
  • Because it has the same name as the company I work for, and also is right next to the convention center, I went to Arcadia for lunch. It wasn't that great, so I should tell the CEO we need to destroy them as unworthy of the name.
  • Signup for kaffeeklatsches was a fiasco, but there was no way I would have made it into the Ann Leckie one anyway. I went to the one for SB Divya on Earl's recommendation, though I have not read any of her work. She seems cool, and is a Techer, so we hung around after the kaffeeklatsch and she and Earl talked like smart people.
  • Ethical Responsibilities to Alien Life was mostly about simple life, because that is what most people expect to find in the next few decades. There was general agreement that we should not stomp all over anything we find, although taking samples for scientific or business purposes was not ruled out.
  • Playing For a Better World: Social Activism in Games was mostly about video games, because kids these days. However, one of the panelists is doing a FATE sourcebook for how to play disabled characters, so that's something.
  • Erin Mittmann is young and bright, there's no way she should be going to the same panels as me, but she was in like four of the panels I went to today. I think she must be defective.
  • I bought a few things in the dealers' room, for people. The books are all still very papery, though, and although there are some board games, there is strangely no RPG stuff (okay, one small box of Pathfinder, that's like no RPG stuff).
  • Earl, Cat, and I picked IPOH Garden Malaysian off the con's restaurant guide. It was pretty good! Malaysian food is similar to Thai, but different.
  • In Reading: Hugo Finalist BookSmugglers Kate Elliot read a short story from I guess one of her series? I don't know, she's not an author I follow; SL Huang read part of a super-queer reversed "Little Mermaid" story but did not finish so we have to go find the story; and Foz Meadows read from a WiP that she describes as "big gay hockey idiots in space with aliens". We didn't get to the aliens, but the rest of it is spot on, and hilarious.
  • Music of Past, Present and Future! featured some Spider Robinson performing songs he wrote for his wife of many, many years (now recently deceased), which was touching, and then a random old filk guy, so we left after that. (Last time I was at Worldcon, I would not have found his songs problematic, so I guess I am more work now? Ridiculous as that seems.)

Words: FAIL.

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16 August 2018 - Thursday

Now, it is time for Worldcon 76! Because I had the good sense to move to San Jose, it was only a short bus ride to get there, not an international plane flight, and I arrived well before the registration rush. Go me!

Perhaps I will present this in the form of bulleted list. Bang!

  • The dealers' room had many many books, but they were all very papery, and many many jewelries, but I am not adornable. Still, they were interesting to look at, and perhaps I will buy some of them.
  • For no reason I can discern, there was a large picture of Chrisber, Tamago, and their offspring in the costume exhibit area. I mean, they were in costume, but I lack the skill to tell whether their costume was truly that amazing, and there was no explanatory plaque.
  • Across the Gender Spectrum did not tell me much I did not already know, but it was nice to see people being of good will.
  • Beyond Yaoi: Trends in LGBTQ+ Representation in Anime & Manga also was not super-novel, but they did talk about Utena and Yuri!! On Ice and conclude that things are getting better.
  • Hey, look, Earl and Cat are at this con too! (This was not a surprise.)
  • I didn't succeed in paying full attention to Chinese SF/F and its Fandom because I had a schedule to work out, but it sounds like fandom in China is booming, partially because SF is the Literature of the Future, and China is all about the future. (Fantasy and the supernatural, maybe not so much.) They can even get nationally important people to show up at their cons!
  • Mary Crowell was pretty filktastic. She has a song about dump stats.
  • Ozu Sushi gave us food. I had tofu udon, which was a little messy but otherwise nice.
  • Mirror's Revenge billed itself as a sequel to Snow White. It was, um. Well, it was clearly the director's labor of love.
  • I could probably have gotten home using light rail, but Earl and Cat gave me a ride.

Words: FAIL.

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15 August 2018 - Wednesday

Mexican food and 13th Age (although it turns out that La Vic has terrible nachos)!

The orcs were all defeated, and we got into the next room mostly still alive, only to find that this was where the swords waiting to have our names engraved on them were being kept. If we survive, though, we can write the names of people we don't like on the swords!

How To Treat Magical Beasts vol 1 (Kaziya) definitely has a "magic and knowledge are antithetical" position, but it's not as annoying as I expected.

Words: 219. But they are all about how I am very stupid and cannot write at all. I mean, I could work on a different project, but those are all stupid and horrible too. Maybe more horrible, because I am pretty sure guys should not write smut (except Chuck Tingle, and then maybe only titles). How did I manage to write a whole novel that wasn't NaNoWriMo and so had some kind of a plot, even if not a very coherent one? Maybe my brain was not so old and decrepit. I certainly didn't have any kind of outline or even an ending, although I did have a goal for near the end and an excuse to just keep throwing in more monster girls (hey, I was ahead of my time!). It was a very simple plot, not worthy of a novel, maybe not even of a novella, but I did at least know one place it was going, which is perhaps what I need now. Except I need to be better, and have character development, not just plot progression, I really really really really don't want to do outlining, because it will make me want to not write the story (it's already complete!), but maybe it's what I have to do. But I don't want to kill the story! Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.

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14 August 2018 - Tuesday

Words: 171, about how I can't write and should die in a pit.

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13 August 2018 - Monday

Edge of Worlds (Martha Wells) continues the adventures of the shapeshifting dragon people who just want to live in their giant tree but keep getting mugged by adventures from the distant past. Once again they are haring all over the Three Worlds trying to keep untold doom from befalling their people. This time: ocean! And doom. And cliffhanger!

Words: 155. Glaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh. None of this is working. I've tried rewriting this from the beginning about a million times, or at least half a dozen, but it never works. I started writing this because I read Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain and thought inadvertant middle-school supervillains was a great idea to mix with the Mythos-based supers setting I was already thinking about, but apparently I don't have an actual story. I have characters (the protagonist with her mutatedness and sneaky superpower, the best friend with her lack of modesty and terrible secret that I've never gotten far enough to reveal, the supervillain with a built-in dungeon, even some male characters although I'm not really sure what the point is), I have backstory (the Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad date with Peter Stonebreaker, Slink and Mina Tauros's grudge), I have setting (the city built near the ruins of Columbus OH after aliens bombarded it), but it's not adding up into a story that goes anywhere. Glaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh.

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12 August 2018 - Sunday

This week, we have everyone for PAD&D5!

Although they barely escaped with their lives, and are now majority slug-mutants, the Heroines of Red Larch must go back in to retrieve the quest object so that they can continue on their way to retrieve the other quest object so they can get help getting back where they belong. Despite their foes having gotten more slimy, scaly, and generally loathsome reinforcements, things go much better this time (especially when Rimardo puts up a damage shield and lets the enemy berserkers all have a shot at him). The enemy leader wriggles away, but the Heroines recover everything that was stolen as well as the quest item and return triumphantly up the quest stack to Walter (who has extra tentacles of suspicion but eventually accepts that the Heroines have not been suborned).

Now they can continue with the quest to retrieve [SPOILER] for [SPOILER], which they do in the most ham-handed heroic way. Although Akrá is swallowed by a giant lobster, for the most part the slimy, scaly, loathsome (yet different) opposition is no match for the Heroines, and they make off with [SPOILER] (reified as a giant pearl).

Alas, victory is not yet in sight, as it turns out [SPOILER] was their enemy [SPOILER] all along! [SPOILER] is apparently not committed to the great conflict, though, having found out too much about their place in the planned endgame, so a deal is struck. Surely there will be no betrayal later.

To no one's surprise, the Heroines' way home is in another castle [SPOILER].

Next session in 4 weeks, it looks like. :(

My flatmate has not died of cat dander (yet), so we watched some more Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Today: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Words: 122.

Weekly total: 1696. Better than last week, I guess?

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11 August 2018 - Saturday

I have finally finished Paradise Residence (Kosuke Fujishima), which is only three volumes long (unlike Oh! My Goddess). It is cute and all, but not that interesting.

  • Sailor Moon S 26-27: Haruka, people might listen to you more if you ever stopped to explain things instead of just giving orders.
  • Nirvana in Fire 48-50: Everything is spiraling inwards as more people find out more things that had previously been secret (whether or not they believe them), and there are only four episodes left for the horrifying collision.

Words: 176. Ugh, up so late.

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10 August 2018 - Friday

Yay, it's Friday.

Words: 284.

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9 August 2018 - Thursday

Words: 233.

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8 August 2018 - Wednesday

No 13th Age, too many people are sick or busy.

Look, Avalon is still alive! She texted me!

The third "Murderbot" story, Rogue Protocol (Martha Wells) is out! Murderbot is still adorable, and other people are still not quite as hellish as it believes. It looks like the plot will actually come back around to the beginning in the next story.

Then I had to go back and reread All Systems Red and Artificial Condition, because Murderbot is adorable.

Words: 220.

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7 August 2018 - Tuesday

I skipped out early from work and dashed home, because Avalon is not dead! But she was afflicted with many irritating humans who sapped her will to live. I'm glad that's over!

We tried watching Netflix together, which worked pretty well. Dark Tourism is morbid and probably exploitational in some fashion, but perfect for a death lord, and at least the guy seems properly appalled by what he finds.

Bridging Infinity (ed Jonathan Strahan) is an anthology with the themes of engineering and sensawunda. The world being what it is, the near-future stories are mostly about terraforming Earth, but there are ones about various sorts of large-scale engineering (Dyson spheres, sun drills, etc). None of the stories was horrible, but none of them grabbed me really strongly.

Words: 377.

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6 August 2018 - Monday


Children of Time is by Adrian Tchaikovsky, so it is not surprising that one of the two intersecting plots is very chitinous. The other is full of doom, so it's good when they bounce off each other, but mostly I like the chitinous one better. It has biology.

Words: 284.

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5 August 2018 - Sunday


Instead of being in Rachel and Jeremy's house like previous years, the party was at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles (which Rachel is on the board of). It was much the same party, only more conveniently located for me and with more space. Also there was some art on the walls, but the current exhibit was mostly kind of meh. That's fine, there were people to talk to there. (There were also people to look at, I think I'll die in a pit.)

After hanging out for a while, I went home watched a little Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Marith.

Words: 124.

Weekly total: 1403. Not as bad as last week, anyway.

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4 August 2018 - Saturday

  • Steven Universe 5.25: Just what it says on the tin, but does anything good ever come of going there?
  • Sailor Moon S 25: I hope Jus isn't learning to stalk celebraties from watching the Mimet episodes.
  • Laid-Back Camp 6: Secret lake camping!
  • Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions 2.2: My comment on the the previous episode turns out to be what this episode is all about! So adorable!
  • My Hero Academia 31: Superhero battles have consequences?!
  • My Hero Academia 32: Yay, almost a whole episode of Froppy!

Words: 169.

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3 August 2018 - Friday

Words: 287.

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2 August 2018 - Thursday

Marith was home at a compatible hour, so we watched episodes 5-7 of B99. That was pretty entertaining.

Dreadful Company (Vivian Shaw) is the second "Greta Helsing" book. This time, our unwillingly intrepid monster doctor takes a vacation in Paris, which turns out to be full of unregulated vampirism and other supernatural issues for her to get mixed up in. Like the previous book, this one is... humane? Sometimes violence is called for, after wrongdoers have failed to knock it off, but it's not portrayed as anything other than awful and terrifying, and many of the problems arise from people not being taken care of emotionally. The protagonists don't want glory, or to save the world (unless it really needs saving, but even then, there are probably people whose job that actually is), they want friends and home and lives. I guess the genre is emotionally realistic urban fantasy.

Words: 215.

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1 August 2018 - Wednesday

For once, we started 13th Age before 20:30, because Ken ate his Indian food expediently and also Kelsey was not excessively late! We are back in the Stone Thief, finally, and a Koru behemoth is coming to frolic on it. Sadly, our way to the lower (less frolicked-upon) levels is being blocked by a giant lake of lava and flaming bile. Also orcs. I hate those guys. (Really, it's on my character sheet!)

Words: 163. Ugh. So late. So tired. So bad at writing.

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