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31 January 2019 - Thursday

Watched more RWBY, include the trailers. I'm not sure how representational the trailers are supposed to be, but they do seem like they could be full of meaning.

Words: 203.

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30 January 2019 - Wednesday

No 13th Age tonight, because Kelsey has the Sick. But the rest of us gathered and ate grasshoppers and other Oaxacan food and talked about 13G until suddenly Mike made us play Between Two Castles.

It falls into the heresy of D&D stats, but this Glorantha World seems like it could work. Except not for Mike's game, because he is not down with "play to find out what happens".

Words: 114.

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29 January 2019 - Tuesday

I finally got my act together enough to use the brain inflator last night. According to the respiration computer (am I a part-time cyborg now?), I breathed correctly, but that doesn't mean I slept well. Hopefully I will get used to having something stuck to my face.

Marith made really yummy chicken sun-dried tomato chicken stuff (I bet it would be even yummier on fettucine instead of rice) to eat while we watching some more RWBY S2. Look, Bumblebee!

Words: 157.

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28 January 2019 - Monday

Marith levelled up her cooking skill with paprika shrimp and sausage risotto and snap peas! We devoured it while watching the rest of season 1 and the start of season 2 of RWBY. Huh, apparently the ship names come from their combat maneuver names?

Words: 113.

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27 January 2019 - Sunday

We are back on the regular schedule for PAD&D5 now.

This session, the Heroines of Red Larch fight the forces of [SPOILER], which turns out to be more like a mosh pit with the risk of gruesome death (so, a good mosh pit?). There are actual monsters trying to eat them and environmental hazards and so forth, but things don't quite add up, and at the end, it is revealed that [SPOILER]! And then [SPOILER] shows up to explain about [SPOILER], which mostly boils down to how the Heroines shouldn't have left the other [SPOILER] only half-defeated. Time to go back and clean up those dungeons!

I meant to do things after I got home, but instead did nothing. I barely managed to feed myself, since Marith is asleep and/or dead.

Monster Wrestling vol 1 (Ganmarei, Tyataniyou, Takeo Aoki) definitely has well-endowed monster girls, pro wrestling, and tentacles, but despite the M rating it's not that raunchy, and the art style is not entirely to my taste. Points for making the monster girls slightly more monstrous than usual, though.

Words: 153.

Weekly total: 1241.

Not actually a [SPOILER] by Jeremy (Wed Jan 30 12:24:14 2019)

Incidentally, I notice that you collectively seem much more willing to trust a [okay, SPOILER] when the forces of Hell implicitly vouch for it. There's got to be some fun to be had here....

Re: Not actually a [SPOILER] by Trip (Thu Jan 31 13:48:41 2019)

I blame Mara 100%.

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26 January 2019 - Saturday

It's a good thing we have cleaners, or I would have to get my own rubber gloves!

Look! My new spectacles are in! My vision is still hardly perfect, but it's probably as good as these eyes will support.

  • Steven Universe 5.29-32: Quadruple length grand finale! Steven's heart vs dysfunctional space family! Can he do it?
  • Non Non Biyori Repeat 1: Now we will cover different incidents during the same school year, unless we get bored and watch something else.
  • Hibike! Euphonium 6-7: Someone quit the band! But someone else is getting fired up!

Creatures of Want & Ruin (Molly Tanzer) seems Lovecraftian, but isn't actually. It does have mystery and doom and a tough lady bootlegger and rich people who don't get enough of what's coming to them and also various sorts of tragedy and loss.

Words: 129.

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25 January 2019 - Friday

Most depressing all-hands meeting ever today. A coworker who I have worked with for quite a few years but didn't know at all well died earlier this week. He was 72, I think. Meep.

RWBY episodes are so short we almost finished the first season while eating dinner and drinking cocoa. How did those ruins survive this long?! Well, not an issue any more.

Judging by tumblr, Ruby/Weiss and Yang/Blake are the most seaworthy ships.

Words: 198.

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24 January 2019 - Thursday

The Good Place continues to be pretty swell. Also, let's hear it for replicable social experiments!

But we only had one episode, so after that we watched the first few episodes of RWBY (chosen via the infallible "what has fanart on tumblr" method, which would suggest that the replacement for BBK/BRNK be Darling in the FranXX). Marith says they're basically the same story (and animation quality) as ancient Final Fantasy games. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I finally got the distilled water I need for the face inflator, but now my face is full of mucus and my cranium is empty of brain.

Words: 252.

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23 January 2019 - Wednesday

We got food from Old Spaghetti Factory because they're doing some kind of school donation thing, but also we played 13th Age. This week, things got so complicated that Ken was forced to draw a map to explain which parts of the floor were lava and which were only rock monsters. But we did make it through that combat and to the start of the next one, only a little over time.

On the way home, Mike's car demanded blood sacrifice, which is surely not an omen for next week at all.

In vol 4-5 Raven: The Pirate Princess (Jeremy Whitley, Christine Hipp, Xenia Pamfil, Justin Birch), we get more infighting, (queer) romance, failed romance due to buttheadedness, and impending magical doom.

Your Name. Another Side: Earthbound (Jyunya Nakamura, Makoto Shinku, Arata Kanoh) is a spinoff of an anime movie which I haven't seen, but I picked it up for the body-swapping. It wasn't bad or anything, but maybe I should have seen the movie first or something.

Words: 118. Writing, how does it even?

And! by marithlizard (Thu Jan 24 14:29:05 2019)

You forgot the important detail that I made multiple vegetable-based dishes and they were actually tasty and foodlike!

Re: And! by Trip (Tue Jan 29 15:58:14 2019)

Very true! Om nom nom nom!

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22 January 2019 - Tuesday

Wait, what? There are only nine episodes of The Dragon Prince? But we only just now got [SPOILER]! And what about [SPOILER]?

Oh, next season is Feb 15. That's not so bad, probably.

Words: 254.

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21 January 2019 - Monday

It's MLK Day, when conservatives and other racists are cordially invited to shut up forever! Also, company holiday.

I meant to be productive today, and I guess I was, or at least I made all the shopping trips that I intended to, but meh. I did not feel very accomplished. Maybe I need to stop reading tumblr, as well as get rid of all pad games.

Words: 137. I had a first line, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

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20 January 2019 - Sunday

Finally, 2019 includes PAD&D5!

After realizing they are actually in [SPOILER], and have not escaped the location of the mental battle, the Heroines of Red Larch understand the true horror of their fate, and also proceed to fall for basically the same trap a second time. Despite the monsters having favorable terrain and reinforcements, though, it ends up not going any better for them than the first time.

The Heroines' combined mental power is not enough to get them out of a paper bag, let alone [SPOILER], so they are forced to look around for another way out. Fortunately (?) they soon meet a [SPOILER], who though not native to the area was there about the same monsters they fought. Ominous allusions are made, and offers that can be refused are, but finally a deal is struck and the Heroines find themselves in the [SPOILER] that they should probably have been going to already.

Going all the way to Palo Alto is actually kind of a huge pain (two hours each way, more or less). I wonder if gaming at Dave's place would work instead? I'd even provide food, although it wouldn't be fresh-baked.

Avalon is not dead! Although she has weird working hours and has to get people to quit fucking up because they are idiots and she is not. It doesn't sound like much fun. I blame capitalism.

Words: 108.

Weekly total: 1102. Ugh.

Gaming at Dave's place by Your friendly neighborhood DM (Wed Jan 23 18:35:43 2019)

Alas, I suspect we'd lose Deirdre by doubling her commute. Also, who'd be here to feed fancy cheese to the dog?

Re: Gaming at Dave's Place by Trip (Thu Jan 24 11:10:30 2019)

Bummer. Why must people live in such inconvenient locations? (Spoiler: It's capitalism. It's always capitalism.)

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19 January 2019 - Saturday

Marith wanted to go over early to run No Thank You, Evil!, but Jus is full of Girl Scout Activity, so we only gamed for a little while. Beep boop!

  • Sailor Moon Super S 138-139: Although there are certainly problematic elements, I am glad to see girls can have a variety of beautiful dreams that are not standardly feminine! Also, go Ami with the practical skills! car, sword
  • Non Non Biyori 12: Wait, you can just eat plants? That grow in the dirt? That doesn't seem safe at all! Anyway, so much for the first season. Not sure what to watch next, maybe second season, or maybe Nodame Cantabile.
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 8: What unrefined government thugs! But the voice actor for Kikuhiko is doing a great job.
  • Hibike! Euphonium 5: Sunfest and victory! Well, at least not defeat. Can they make it to nationals in 7 episodes?

Words: 195.

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18 January 2019 - Friday

Words: 231.

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17 January 2019 - Thursday

Quite dull day, but in the evening we had risotto and cocoa and episodes 3-5 of The Dragon Prince. Intrigue! Magic! Disabled representation! No romance!

Hey, I'm finally caught up after spending the holidays not recording my pointless little life!!

Words: 169. I finished writing the Horrible Incident, so now I know more about how my protagonist is Scarred For Life, and can rewrite the stuff I already wrote only better ugh maybe I should just gnaw my fingers off instead.

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16 January 2019 - Wednesday

Neither rain nor more rain nor inept drivers shall stay us in our appointed 13th Age and pho (or banh mi for more enthusiastic carb-eaters, although to be fair my pho had plenty of noodle)!

It was a very D&D fight, with lots of statuses that kind of overlapped or didn't overlap or did or didn't affect particular actions, yadda yadda yadda. It would have taken a third the time and been twice as fun (for me, and I bet for at least some others) in Dungeon World.

Also I did some random background generation for my character in Mike's increasingly-imminent 13th Age Glorantha game. I can possibly make a character sheet now.

Words: 121.

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15 January 2019 - Tuesday

Oh, hey, there's more The Good Place! In 3.10, Michael has an important insight, and Eleanor is weird and horny. So, A+ for consistent characterization! Also, we understand more of how things are the way they are, and it makes perfect sense if you make certain assumptions.

But there was only one new episode, so then we watched a bit of The Dragon Prince. After the first episode, I was all "this fantasy product is both extruded and lumpy", but Marith wanted to watch more, and the second episode was much better. Also the animation is quite pretty.

Words: 124.

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14 January 2019 - Monday

Now I have a CPAP machine, obtained on a harrowing quest into the depths of Los Gatos! It is much smaller and lighter than my previous one, and also has a fancier interface. We will see what happens.

But I did not set up the machine tonight, because I was up until a million o'clock playing Gloomhaven with Ken and Dave and Brooks, and eating Somali food. I need to remember to get the injera next time, the chappatti is not that interesting to me.

I guess Gloomhaven is the sort of thing you can have spoilers for, isn't it? So I shouldn't say too much about the scenario except that that disembodied voice is a jerk. Also, either I don't know how to play (definitely true) or I cleverly picked the weakest class (possibly true).

Words: 154.

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13 January 2019 - Sunday

After being a slug all morning, I went to see Aquaman because Dave said it was good. It wasn't bad! Nothing had a sensible design, but I liked the riding mosasaurs anyway, and, well, it was a comic-book movie. The realities of water resistance are not what people were there for.

I often say, "What is even the point of male characters?", but I would accept "Jason Momoa" as an answer.

When Marith was no longer dead, we finished She-Ra. I continued to like it a lot, even though it is for a young audience, and hope there will be a second season soon!

Speaking of princesses, I read volume 1-3 of Raven: The Pirate Princess (Jeremy Whitley, Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt), a spinoff of volume 3 of Princeless because I guess everyone liked the martial arts pirate princess. Now she has a crew of (mostly queer) lady pirates, and they are going to stomp some people who need stomping!

Also read: volume 1 of Ne Ne Ne (Shizuku Totono, Daisuke Hagiwara), which is about a young woman who ends up married to an older (but quite unworldly) man who always wears a mask and parleys with unseen beings. It is pretty cute, and a little like Ancient Magus' Bride but much much less angstful and no one is doomed. At worst, some people are awkward.

Words: 157.

Weekly total: 1182. Ugh. Maybe I need fewer pad games as well as fewer evening activities.

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12 January 2019 - Saturday

In the morning, cleaners. In the afternoon, trying to go over to Monkeycat Mountain to game with Jus, but Marith did not make a plan, so instead we went over at the regular time and ate burritos.

  • Steven Universe 5.27-28: "Together Alone" and "Escapism"! Gems are completely dysfunctional! Connie and Steven function in heretical ways! Watermelons!
  • Non Non Biyori 11:
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 7: I don't know if it's actually mandatory for the narrator of a story about storytelling to be unreliable, but I lack counterevidence.
  • BBK/BRNK 4: The promise of worldbuilding has not been followed up, and nothing else is any good, so we are dropping this one.
  • Hibike! Euphonium 4: I think they got the skeptics on their side? Or at least promoted some unit integrity?

Words: 146.

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11 January 2019 - Friday

Marith made fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. They were good. But they did not make my brain larger.

Words: 241.

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10 January 2019 - Thursday

The finale of Ancient Magus' Bride! Hm, that's kind of dark, although not as bad as it could be. I hope there is a second season!

I have finally caught up enough to calculate the yearly total for 2018, which was not that great. I should probably increase my daily quota, but I keep having things that take up almost my entire evening. I blame Ken for moving a long ways away and then refusing to game until late in the evening, but if we had more evening, we'd probably just game more.

Words: 160.

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9 January 2019 - Wednesday

Once again, it's 13th Age and Indian food!

Vaatu pulling the mysterious lever causes the cube to go rocketing around the cavern while the Secret Master inside summons up hook demons in French maid outfits, but they're not actually very impressive demons and the fight is won by the time the cube lands in something explosive and everyone has to bail out.

In the confusion, the PCs sneak into the secret chamber of disgusting magical power, which is probably adjacent to the place they need to reach to complete the entire campaign, but of course there are guardians.

Words: 130.

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8 January 2019 - Tuesday

I failed to escape from work at a reasonable time (mostly because I was too stupid to stand up from my desk, not because of terrible customers or anything), so instead of watching the end of Ancient Magus' Bride, we watched a bit of She-Ra while feeding. Tuxedo! Dancing! Rescues! Let the Catradora shipping commence intensify greatly!

Words: 225.

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7 January 2019 - Monday

What, work again?

All Tomorrows (Nemo Ramjet) is a future history of human biology over the next 100 million years or so (including a long stretch under the rule of aliens who like to genetically engineer their subject species for having the temerity to object to being conquered). It features many pictures of creatures that obviously derive from humanity and yet are not human, which is pretty cool. I'm not sure about the timescales of some bits, but whatever.

Words: 123.

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6 January 2019 - Sunday

Apparently Sunday is still the day for staying in bed and reading comics until 23489562394659024 o'clock in the morning.

I'm now up to volume 6 of Princeless (which is all that's out so far), and it is full of obnoxious princesses, dragon-back fistfights, family drama, utterly mad dwarves, queer representation, pirates, and other good things. I like the art style less as it goes on, but I blame Rumiko Takahashi for my weird old-fashioned tastes.

We're almost to the end of Ancient Magus' Bride, and things are definitely even darker and scarier and more doomed. How is Chise going to survive this one? How is Elias's sapience going to survive?

Words: 305.

Weekly total: 1400.

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5 January 2019 - Saturday

Yay, it's Saturday! That work week was much too long!

  • Sailor Moon Super S 137: Finally, Fisheye gets a chance! But is still evil and not romantic.
  • Steven Universe 5.26: I mean, SU is pretty much always great, but this episode had less greatness than usual. Setup for the next super-great episode? Steven did change clothes, after all!
  • Non Non Biyori 10: Flashback episode! Yes, apparently Renge has always been like that.
  • Hibike! Euphonium 3: And there's the obstacles internal to the team orchestra that they have to overcome to get VICTORY!
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 5-6: Meep!

Words: 233.

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4 January 2019 - Friday

More AMB! Chise makes a friend, fairies cause problems, Elias discovers a new emotion, Chise takes damage from doing magic (again).

Hex Vet: Witches in Training (Sam Davies, of Stutterhug fame) is an adorable comic about apprentice magical veterinarians and magical creatures in need of care. It does have dialog, but that's okay, really!

Words: 304.

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3 January 2019 - Thursday

I finally went to see a medical professional about a prescription for a CPAP machine. Since I was on one before, I do not have to do a sleep study or anything, just make an appointment at the CPAP vendor.

More Ancient Magus' Bride. All about love, and also taking lethal damage as a side-effect of doing magic (or having half-naked fairy chicks living in your garden). Plus, changelings, Silver's backstory, shopping, and kisses.

Words: 204.

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2 January 2019 - Wednesday

Yuck, work. Although the really bad part is how early in the day it happens!

First 13th Age of the new year! Also, Mexican food not actually made of either iguanas or kaiju.

Really, what did Xian think was going to happen when she pointed out a mysterious and enticing lever to Vaatu? (Answer: not what actually happened!)

Words: 113.

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1 January 2019 - Tuesday

Hey, look, it's 2019! This year better suck less, or I will shake my puny fist at the uncaring sky.

"Begin as you mean to go on", so I did um absolutely nothing today. Except lie in bed and read manga.

(I actually read this last year, but whatever.) Made in Abyss vol 1-3 (Akihito Tsukushi) is the story of a girl and this robot she found, on a one-way descent into a vast pit full of strange creatures and ancient artifacts, in search of her mom and also knowledge. It has some problematic elements, but also a lot of pretty cool stuff and plot twists and such. I think there's an anime, maybe we should watch it on Saturdays. (It might even leave out some of the more problematic bits.)

Going beyond imaginative into cracktastic, we have Dr.STONE vol 1-2 (Riichiro Inagaki, Boichi). One day, all humans and sparrows on Earth are turned to stone! 3700 years later, the two high-school students we've been introduced to recover, one because he kept conscious by counting seconds (which is how he knows how long it's been) and the other because he kept conscious thinking of the girl he had been about to confess to. One has maxed his Int and Science stats, and is working on recreating all of C21 civilization single-handedly, the other has maxed Strength and Stamina and is doing all the grunt work. Things start going wrong when they revive the high-school student who can punch lions to death and he has different ideas about the future of the humanity. It is so ridiculously over-the-top! But it fails at female characters.

My Pretty Vampire (Katie Skelly) is meh, probably mostly because the art style didn't grab me.

I read volume 1 of Princeless (Jeremy Whitley, M Goodwin) before, but now I am set to read the next 5 volumes that my local indie bookstore has delivered to me. Because if we must have princesses, they shouldn't need rescuing!/p>

Words: 139.

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