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21 November 2003 - Friday

Solar striptease!

* * *

So after having nothing to do all week, Engineering finally came up with something they wanted done. Of course, they didn't think of this until 15:30 on Friday afternoon.

It looked like it was going to be lengthy and annoying (since engineers all seem to work from mid-afternoon to midnight, or something), so I bailed. If Eng knows what they want by then, Greg can probably finish it up with little effort on Monday.

* * *

NaNoWriMo words today: 2294

NaNoWriMo words total: 34364 (68.7%)

Reason for stopping: Almost 22:30!

This brings my Panic Index (defined as (words_remaining / 1666.66) / days_remaining) down to 1.04, from 1.08 yesterday. So, still a little behind, but not much, and gaining ground. If I can manage to get even 3000 tomorrow and Sunday, I will be in excellent shape (Panic Index 0.83) for my vacation of writing and Thanksgiving of not-writing.

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