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29 April 2006 - Saturday

Awake! Awake! Zoom! Zoom!

Ayse did not come with us because she is engulfed by schoolwork, so Dave had to distract Ken with WoW geeking and we ended up taking a longcut, but we were still ahead of schedule when we made it to Roseville and discovered that Al and Sherilyn had traded their kids for a dog. She's a very nice dog, some sort of poodle half with curly black fur, but it was still surprising!

Eventually Harold arrived and we woke Marith up from her nap so we could play...

Amazon Quintet of Justice Xd: "Betrayal! Queen Ditte on the Plane of Snakes!"

When the Amazons, King Penn, and his troops return to the warehouse caves they've been looting, they are unsurprisingly ambushed by highly-trained yuan-ti abominations. One dies instantly of thermal shock when Amaryllis freezes them, but the other four give the Amazons quite a hard time as they slither among the stacks of military supplies. In the end, though, they are no match for Our Heroines, and perish ignominiously.

The pilfering of military materiel goes much as it did before, with sporadic snake attacks but no major hindrance. However, when Amaryllis returns to Pelagos with the second load, she finds the military base in shambles and nearly deserted! It seems that King Penn's men have not been properly decontaminating the crates brought to them, and once enough yuan-ti were in place, they slaughtered the undermanned and undertrained garrison and started rampaging through the city. Amaryllis gets a description of another military base, teleports there, has the soldiers unload the crates and kill the snakes, and then takes the soldiers back to the capital to help clean up. The fighting is already mostly over, with the townspeople victorious (the yuan-ti being rather short on elite warriors at this point), but Queen Ditte has been abducted!

When Amaryllis finally returns to the warehouse cave, King Penn is understandably distraught and insists on returning immediately, so Fresa collapses the warehouse behind them.

A witness to the queen's abduction claims that when the kidnappers disappeared, they used a spell to travel to another plane of existance. Amaryllis scries on the queen, but of course she is in an impenetrably dark place.

Fresa inquires of her god how the Amazons can obtain a key to the plane where Queen Ditte is being held. The response (roughly translated from Dwarvish) is

Over sand and under stone,
Hidden in a secret home...
Dragons are red,
Dragons are blue,
They are very happy,
When they eat you.

which can only mean one thing: the blue dragon in the mountains of Karal. And maybe his new friend, the great red wyrm.

There are rumors that King Penn is not displeased with the current state of affairs, as he was only King-Consort before Ditte got kidnapped.

* * *

That only took a small part of our gaming time, but then we had to come up with a plan for squishing the blue dragon, so there was no more actual gaming. There was a lot of blithering, which eventually produced a plan like this:

Sell all the falchions and breastplates (+2 to +4) that we've looted from yuan-ti abominations, for a total of 155 000 gp(!).

Buy a wand of stoneskin and items of +6 Str, Dex, and Con.

Scry on the dragon at intervals until we finally catch it at home but not completely buried.

Buff up: All the +6 items to Alyra, stoneskin on everyone, shield other from Fresa on Amaryllis, endurance on them both, greater magic weapon and elemental weapon as needed, especially on Gabrielle's bow, fly as needed, mass haste and protection from lightning on everyone.

Teleport in. The dragon will probably try to kill Amaryllis immediately, in accordance with the rule of "always waste the spellcaster", but stoneskin, endurance, and shield other should make it nearly impossible for it to kill her in one round.

Amaryllis's first action will be to contain the dragon and Alyra in a forcecage. Fresa will hold her action to counterspell any attempt by the dragon to teleport out of the cage.

Starting on her next action, Amaryllis will take over counterspelling. Fresa, Marika, and Gabrielle will attempt to keep her from getting savaged by the dragon's pet hieracosphinxes, by killing them. As Gabrielle has the opportunity, she will help out Alyra in the Force Cage Death Match with archery (the cage is only 50% cover, so arrows will be wasted, but they're cheap).

Things we need to check on: Will a 20'×20'×20' forcecage actually entrap a huge (long) creature? Does the blue dragon have a new friend? Is anyone scrying upon the Amazons as they lay their plans? What could Fresa or Amaryllis buy with 18 000 gp that would aid in this endeavour?

* * *

Cats: Glad to have me back to feed them.

Writing: check.

Answers to questions by Trip (Fri May 5 10:30:31 2006)

I'm putting this here so that when, at the beginning of our next session, we have to print out this journal entry to remember what the hell was going on, it will be here.

From personal communication with the GM, I have learned that:

  • A huge (long) dragon is sufficiently like a 10'×20' rectangle that forcecage can capture it.

  • Someone is occasionally scrying on the Amazons. I think this may result in Amaryllis sometimes expounding the virtues of bizarre plans for no apparent reason, because that would amuse her.

  • The divination results didn't actually indicate that there's a red dragon involved; Moradin's Secretary was just annoyed that we didn't listen to the rest of his carefully-composed rhyme before going "AUGH DRAGON".

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