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17 November 2006 - Friday

Orycon: The con actually started today. I made it to three panels, and also poked around the dealers' room for a while.

The panel on critiquing stories did not add anything to my knowledge. Oh well.

"Flirting 101" by Sonia Lyris (who Ayse once smooched at a room party) was entertaining, although it did not make me less doomed. She did funny voices. Also, the good line: "Flirting is all about plausible deniability." Surprisingly, there were females there, some of them even young and attractive. I moved my stuff off a chair so a late-entering young attactive female could sit down, but then reverted to my usual feebness.

I was a little late to the city planning panel, but got to hear about how waste disposal is the foundation of civilization. Also, even very large cities can shrivel up and die in just a few decades if the resource they were built to exploit dries up.

Kittygirls: One, but in a very skimpy version of a schoolgirl outfit. However, now that I look on the web, I see that the age of consent in Oregon is 18, so she probably wasn't legal.

Food: Sushi Takahashi was open for lunch! Success! (Except Marith couldn't eat anything there, for unclear reasons.) The sushi was not great, but it was okay, and it was about a third the price of only slightly better sushi in the Bay Area.

After considerable disagreement and spastic lack of organization, the four of us dragged Carl to Wildwood, a restaurant that serves fancy (ie, mostly French) food using local ingredients. It was expensive, but so good! Chantarelle mushroom bread salad! Cardoons with grapefruit! Rare duck breast! Mushroom pasta! Apple brandy ice cream! Pumpkin roulade! Swooning!

Books: Bought too many books in the dealers' room! Then, after dinner, bought too many books at Powell's! (Thus demonstrating the danger of having a list.)

Cats: I'm sure they're okay! I hope.

Writing: VACATION.

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