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6 September 2007 - Thursday

Work: There was a huge power outage in the middle of the day so I had to sit and read for a couple of hours until PG&E got its act together. Well, after doing a couple of puzzles on the whiteboard.

Random Encounters: Linnea! Gwack! She isn't dead! She's married! She has two kids and a station wagon! She lives about three towns to the north of here! She passed by while I was waiting for the bus home from comics! I was very astounded!

Cats: It's a myth that cats are colorblind. Like most mammals, they are dichromatic (two color receptors), which gives Marmalade the ability to recognize which of my shirts make the best backgrounds for orange fur.

In the evening, Ayse came over to visit the kitties. She was very admiring of Benny's splendidness, and got him to nibble her fingers! Also she was leapt all over by Marmalade!

Writing: Check, although I didn't quite make up for yesterday. (There were kitties!)

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