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5 July 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: Al finally ran the first episode of his Ptolus campaign!

We had: Noreena, a human cleric of Gaen on the outs with her devout Lothian family (Sherilyn); Raul, a Grailwarden dwarf mechanic/scholar/wizard (Dave); James, a Litoran monk raised by the Sisterhood of Silence but kicked out when he didn't want to become a eunuch interpreter (Jason, one of Al's local gamers); Johann, an elven warblade just back from a training montage on Snake Island (Ken); Erika, a human girl from the Warrens trying to escape before she gets sucked into a gang and dies horribly (Ayse); and Karl, a human ancestral speaker from a minor ethnic group (me). Drawn together by circumstance and a desire for money (or adventure), they first beat up minor criminals who tried to kill the cleric's friend, probably because of her fruitful affair with someone important whose name she never did divulge. Two links up the chain, they found someone whose crazy wizard minion summoned a fire elemental in a wooden neighborhood. Once the fire was out and the wizard was beheaded by his previous employer, the PCs went one way and the criminals went the other, but at least that branch of the underworld no longer had the resources to conduct a hit. Plus, Erika got masterwork armor and sword and Karl got two guard dogs.

Karl totally thought Noreena was cute until he found out what a ditz she is.

Having run out of leads (and, for some, sensing little potential profit in helping an airhead avoid the fate she probably deserves), our protagonists switch to hunting giant rat-monsters for the bounty: 3gp per tail, and a token for one cure disease per five tails. It's not much but firsties can't be choosers.

The first foray nets them ten tails before they are driven out by a rat the size of a delivery wagon (or at least one size category larger than a normal dire rat) and an organized counterattack by ratmen. The monk can pay rent this month, and they didn't even need both cure disease tokens.

By the time they were healed up and could go back down, the rats were mostly moved out, but disabling a trap got the protagonists just enough XP to level. W00T!

There's also a plot thread involving the mysterious magic-null box passed down through Karl's family, but we haven't followed that up yet.

Conclusion: ancestral speaker doesn't completely suck as a class after Al added some minor ghost-summoning powers, but the default point-buy stats do suck. Also, the Book of Nine Swords character classes are totally overpowered, at least compared to ancestral speakers.

We played until late, so stayed another night instead of putting sleepy people in charge of tonnes of hurtling metal. Yay for not dying in a twisted mass of flaming wreckage!

Food: Too much!

Silly Computer Games: None!

Cats: I'm sure Marith is taking good care of them!

Writing: FAILURE. Current status: 4 days ahead.

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