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20 September 2008 - Saturday

Gaming: Check! We drove up to Roseville to play Al's Ptolus game, and our PCs were tremendously successful. The noble who hired us to spy on the drug dealer learned what he wanted and got his magic statue back, the drug dealer got his daughter's remains and his Evil Pocketwatch (although for slightly more than he had planned to pay), the magic statue was rescued, the slaves were freed, and the other gangsters never got a good look at our faces. It would have been better if the Evil Pocketwatch had not gotten back into circulation, but at least now people who are of high enough level to do something about it know what's going on.

This was all due to my character's clever planning, of course. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

After Ayse and Ken ran off to visit Ken's sister in Davis, I demonstrated 4th edition on for Al and Sherilyn. They were properly admiring of how much faster combats are.

Visual Entertainments: VACATION.

Food: Check.

Silly Computer Games: None!

Cats: I hope they are okay!

Writing: VACATION.

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