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28 November 2008 - Friday

Gaming: After many moons, Al got to run his Ptolus game again. This was the musical comedy episode: a drunk stage director hired the PCs (minus Ayse's character Erika, who had all the skills and contacts we needed for the adventure) to keep an eye on the star of his soon-to-open show because he thought he overheard some gangsters talking about whacking him on opening night. The kid turned out to be a scion of the local Crime & Evil Family, Inc, mixed up in some sort of internal family politics, and the plot to kill him turned out to be real (if somewhat mysterious). However, no obstacle was too much for our heroes to overcome in protecting this kid, not even Ken's character Johann (the elven martial artist) having to go on stage in drag before an audience of dozens!

The promised percentage of the gate was not very much, because this was the theater for the lower class, but later a C&EFI representative delivered a more substantial reward.

There was some investigation into Karl's mysterious box, but it remains extremely mysterious.

Raul the mechanic went to the temple of the Rat God to investigate a horrible cyborg monster they had found, but couldn't do anything with it and didn't want the Rat God to have a working cyborg monster anyway. Later he ratted them out to his contacts in the secret technology underground.

Tavern rumor had it that steam-powered automata were stalking a particular street, so Raul dragged everyone out to help him look for it. While hanging around the bad part of town in the middle of the night, they saw some blue gnolls (also mentioned in rumors), but the gnolls did not see them. As advertised, a steam robot in the shape of a dwarf climbed out of a well and started trundling along looking for "abominations", at which point the two blue gnolls came running back and axed it.

Karl's ancestors protected the PCs during the ensuing fight. That's his story, and no one has a better explanation for how the two fiendish gnolls landed a total of one hit during the ensuing fight. Despite their near-immunity to normal weapons, they were brought down and their heads taken as trophies.

Raul's contacts in the secret technology underground copped to building steam robots to fight against cyborg monsters, although that one was a prototype and shouldn't have gotten loose. Then they swore him to secrecy.

Level UP! 3.5 levelling seems so complicated and annoying compared to 4th edition levelling.

Vacation: Oh no! Ayse has become sick with the hideous plague of doom and must be quarantined in the upstairs library. Hopefully she has not infected all of Roseville by having made mashed potatoes yesterday.

Since Ayse and Ken weren't going anywhere, I got a ride back to Mountain View with Marith. We didn't get back until almost 2 in the morning, but finally I was back in my own parasitelair! Yay!

Food: Left-overs. It is the way of our country.


Marmalade: "Yay! You're home! YAY!"

Ghirardelli: "Oh, it's you."

Aspen: "What?! I thought we got rid of you!"

Twelve paws!

Writing: VACATION.

That fight by eyelessgame (Wed Dec 3 13:10:52 2008)

I am sending that d20 off to pasture. It could not roll above a 7...

Re: That fight by Trip (Wed Dec 3 15:30:01 2008)

Don't mess with the ancestors, man!

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