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28 February 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: Getting up in the morning was hard, but my estimate as to what time we should say we were leaving in order to actually leave by the correct time was just about on the money, and we successfully arrived in Roseville to play Al's Ptolus game.

In this session, our heroes mercenary adventurers were hired by the mysterious head of the republican movement (who is also a high-level priest of a god of prophecy) to investigate something called the Idol of Ravvan, which is apparently the source of the fiendish blue gnolls and might be on Brandywine Street. Also, they were asked by the lord of Castle Shard to investigate a wanted dark elf named Shilukar, who was trying to buy his way into protected guest status with knowledge of how repair the guy who had been turned into a golden statue. Not much information could be exchanged for fear of scrying, but someone else there mentioned that Sillikar was probably also related to, or at least aware of, the Ravvan issue.

There was a brief diversion to find out why Noreena's cute but brainless friend Phon (now pregnant by a prominent local businessman who happens to be the brother of the republican leader who just hired them) had gone missing. It turned out she was being guarded and cared for by an orginaztion called the Fateweavers, probably with her boyfriend's connivance since she was in one of his warehouses. No one thought this was her idea, but she said she thought it was for the best and she's nominally an adult, so the party sat on James to keep him from going on about demon babies and left her there.

At one point during all this, Erica was accosted by a swarm of bats in a human disguise, who were very curious about why she was helping a mugging victim and accused her of being funny-looking before sending her home. At another point, Karl came home to find a white-haired ninja girl searching his room, but she escaped before he could find learn her motive.

After cautiously investigating and then staking out the obvious creepy vacant lot on Brandywine, they finally observed someone flying in and out cloaked by magical darkness and decided to go for broke. As soon as the flier left, they used the magic provided by the republican to break in to the secret underground complex, bypassing the traps and wiping out the gnoll guards (who still cannot stand against the power of the ancestors). There were a few complications (giant fiendish blue gnolls, the idol driving anyone within 30' mad with bloodlust, gnollish reinforcements), but the group successfully absconded with the idol, which no one had really expected. (Fortunately a thin coating of lead foil was enough to keep it from driving passers-by mad.)

Their first commission was more than fulfilled, but no information about Shilukar had been turned up, so they prepared for a second raid on the (hopefully now less well-guarded) complex.

Food: There was a great outcry, so we went to Mizu and had all-we-could-eat sushi and stuff. Ayse became very very happy.

Silly Computer Games: Only a tiny bit!

Cats: When I got home, there were still twelve paws, all fuzzy!

Writing: VACATION.

Shilukar by Al (Mon Mar 2 17:16:34 2009)

There was also the plot thread about poor Phon, but that didn't appear to lead to anything except a decision to be out of town around the time of her due date, just in case.

And some woman with white hair tossed Karl's place, and a Mysterious Stranger asked Erika why she bothered to try to help a helpless guy and whether she'd ever really looked at herself.

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