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4 April 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: More Ptolus!

When our characters went back into the Underground Lair of Gnollish Death, there were no more gnolls, but they found the villain of the lair at home and he whupped them with a web spell and some spider-based abominations. Erika got to mock Shilukar by not dying, but the group ended up having to leave Raul as a hostage while they reported back to Castle Shard. Shilukar ended up getting in, but at least he couldn't make abominations there. For their efforts, the group got paid and were made official Friends of Castle Shard.

The drug dealer who they had retrieved the Watch of Doom for let them know that someone had hired one of his guys to whack one of them as a warning to stay away from Phon. Because they had done business together, the drug dealer was willing to help them set up a fake murder, and even tell them when and where his guy was going to get paid. Karl got "stabbed" to "death" in front of witnesses, with a bit of illusion, and Erika trailed the runner who delivered the payment to find out where the orders came from. It turned out to be Phon's former boss, brother of the guy who had hired them to investigate the Idol of Gnollishness, and probably the person who had Phon hidden away by the Fateweavers. Since they had been leaving Phon alone, this was kind of mysterious, but whatever.

The priest/activist who had hired them to look into the idol failed to return to Ptolus after the two weeks he had predicted, but there wasn't much anyone could do about that.

Karl's ancestors suggested that the time for the box to be opened was coming up, so he went to the temple of Niviril to ask about the Nineteenth Key. After ascertaining that he is the legitimate owner of the Nineteenth Lock, they told him for a moderate fee that the Key is in the House of the Pythoness. Also, there are apparently deep connections between the blue gnolls and the history or fate of Ptolus.

The House of the Pythoness was a brothel until the Knights of the Pale raided it three years ago and extirpated the chaos cult Crimson Coil that was lairing there. The nine-story castle-like building has been abandoned since then, waiting for heirs of the cult leaders to claim it. No one was really surprised that it was being used as a lair by illusion-wielding undead (not too much of a problem) or an assortment of rat-monsters of various sizes (problematic until the PCs had a chance to recover spells and buff before going back in).

Next session, we resume the dungeon haunted house crawl with a good five rounds left on the buffs! And when we finish that, LEVEL UP!

Food: Gaming munchies all day. Oog.

Cats: Still twelve paws when I got home! They hadn't even eaten all the crunchyfood I left them.

Marmalade snuggled in my arms quite extensively!

Writing: FAIL.

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