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6 June 2009 - Saturday

Gaming: Ptolus!

Despite being almost out of spells after the rat-smashing episode, our protagonists ascended further into the bizarre architecture of the House of the Pythoness. They soon encountered some more undead who had to be put to rest with extreme prejudice, but after that there were no more active threats until they got near the top of the tallest tower and found some hellhounds. Those weren't too much of a problem, but their buddy the roaring caprine demon-monster looked like trouble. Fortunately James was able to push him off an unrailed staircase (did I mention the architecture was bizarre?) and they could jump him when he tried to come back up to smite them. The protection of the ancestors was instrumental in their victory, of course.

At this point the group was completely out of replenishable resources, so they tried to leave, but there was a wall of force across the exit. From any window, the ground appeared unexpectedly far away, and when they tried climbing down the footing was unexpectedly treacherous, but they managed to all escape without being sacrificed to the spirit of the house.

One of the objects found in the house was the diary of one of the two proprietesses from before the place was sacked by the Knights of the Pale, from which they learned some of the remaining threats in the place, where the person who last had the key to various locks had last had it, the name of the ghost in the gatehouse, that the secret cellars beneath the fat statue were opened by a spiral contrivance that had been split in two, and that the chaos cultists had hidden objects of power in the cellars in preparation for the upcoming "Night of Dissolution" in which the city would be destroyed.

Armed with this information, our protagonists went back in the next day, found the key on a normally inaccessible bit of roof, confirmed that it's not actually the key to Karl's box, got half the spiral contrivance, talked to the ghost of a (non-chaos) priest in the gatehouse, tried to talk to the Cobbled Man who had the other half of the spiral contrivance but ended up having to put him down after he flung Johann off a sixth-floor walkway, and found the brothel treasury (which did not include the stash of whatever the architect had been smoking).

The lock that had been previously apparent in the horrible statue was hidden when the group got to it and couldn't be found even though they searched the statue until it sucked stats out of Erika. Finally it spontaneously revealed itself after one of the statue's occasional creepy utterances and they could get to the cellars!

The first chamber below the statue looked empty until Johann was far enough down the ladder to get jumped by the giant skeleton lurking there. He couldn't climb back up while the skeleton was flailing at him, so everyone else had to jump down and try to help him without getting flattened. It was tricky, but Karl summoned up another big skeleton to distract it while James and Johann beat on it, and somehow no one except the skeletal guardian ended up defeated.

The next chamber, reached by puncturing a repulsive biological membrane and climbing down a shaft, contained two minotaurs frozen in ice who began defrosting as soon as Raul poked his head in, so the group decided to come back after recovering from the skeleton fight.

On their way out of the house, they noticed some antisocial personage concealed in darkness watching them, but when Johann tried to tackle it, it flew away with a great flapping of wings. It might or might not be the same creature that accosted Erika earlier.

Much loot was gained (and mostly sold), and many characters are close to 5th level. W00t!

Food: Despite our hostess's fears, no one starved to death while we were there.

Cats: Marith was worried that Aspen might be feeling poorly when she permitted petting earlier today, but Aspen seemed fine when I got home. I think it was just that she was too comfy to be bothered to get up, like she sometimes is when I put my horrible paws on her. I will claim this as a victory for Kitty Socialization!

Writing: VACATION.

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