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2018-10-10:  "Re: Escaping from Portland" by marithlizard
2018-10-10:  "Re: Escaping from Portland" by Trip
2018-10-10:  "Escaping from Portland" by marithlizard
2018-08-18:  "Peasprout Chen" by Trip
2018-08-18:  "worldcon readings" by marithlizard

27 October 2017 - Friday

Apparently there are lumps on my thyroid, so I need to have a biopsy done next week. I'm not freaking out until I have an informed medical opinion on this, so you shouldn't either.

The first volume of Nirvana (Jin & Sayuki (ZOWLS)) is not interesting enough to make me get any more of it.

On the other hand, My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (Nagata Kabi) is pretty good introspective autobigraphical angst about being a young woman in Japan. It is about half lesbian and half lonely, but all feelings.

lumps by marithlizard (Tue Oct 31 11:01:53 2017)

Meep! Hopefully they are merely a poor choice of Halloween costume on the part of some cats.

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