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2018-10-10:  "Re: Escaping from Portland" by marithlizard
2018-10-10:  "Re: Escaping from Portland" by Trip
2018-10-10:  "Escaping from Portland" by marithlizard
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7 November 2017 - Tuesday

Thyroid biopsy results are: no need for action. Whew!

I finally wrote a day's worth of NaNoWriMo in one day! 2126, for a total of 8087 terrible words!

YAY! by marithlizard (Thu Nov 9 05:11:37 2017)

On both counts!

Biopsy by Jeremy (Thu Nov 9 19:50:21 2017)

Have you considered that's what your thyroid wants you to think?

Also, .

malformed HTML by Jeremy (Thu Nov 9 19:50:59 2017)

Apparently "whew" isn't valid HTML.

Re: Biopsy by Trip (Thu Nov 9 22:05:57 2017)

My doctor seems pretty competent, I think she can outwit a gland.


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