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2018-11-24:  "Re: Useful and important" by Trip
2018-11-24:  "Useful and important" by marithlizard
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2018-11-03:  "what's wrong with liking routine?" by marithlizard
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17 January 2018 - Wednesday

Once again, it is time for 13th Age and Italian food! This week, Koru behemoth exploration! Creepy, fungusy, disgusting, and loaded with superweapons. Also everyone's soul is tied together, just in case.

I don't think other people appreciated octopus communication as much as Ken and I. They are philistines who just bought eight tickets to the gun show.

I've now read up through vol 19 of Worm (JC McCrae), which ties up some major plot threads (but only revs up others). Now I want to play supers (although probably not Champions, more likely Masks) and also never write again.

Words: 124. But I finally figured out why everything is so weird since the Gravekeeper bombardment. It's not just all the previously-hidden weirdness being forced to the surface. (This has no bearing on the current story.)

octopus communication by marithlizard (Fri Jan 19 08:28:07 2018)

That is hilarious, and I am somewhat relieved because I would have had to revoke their funding.

Octopus communication by Jeremy (Sun Jan 21 19:00:12 2018)

This is extremely likely to win best video shown in the Gollub house in 2018.

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