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6 May 2018 - Sunday

We had everyone for PAD&D5 this fortnight! Also, we were all unfocused and ridiculous, which is better than only some people being unfocused and ridiculous, and the rest being frustrated.

Having survived last sessions's Wonderland sequence, the Heroines of Red Larch can now try to interact with Yartar the way they meant to, but of course they are foiled again. A delegation from [SPOILER] has come to town to arrange a prisoner exchange, with the same kind of destruction that the Heroines have already saved Yartar from once (on two different occasions) as leverage. This perfidy cannot be allowed!

A set of unintentionally wacky hijinx ensues, but the Heroines manage to rescue [SPOILER], untangle the intrigues of [SPOILER], and finally trigger a three-way battle at the [SPOILER], which the Heroines win handily by having brought a 9th-level cleric to a sorcerer fight.

I ate way too much cheese.

Words: 204.

Weekly total: 1953.

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