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2019-02-28:  "frittata" by marithlizard
2019-02-11:  "Re: computer woes" by Trip
2019-02-11:  "Re: computer woes" by marithlizard
2019-02-11:  "Re: computer woes" by Trip
2019-02-11:  "computer woes" by marithlizard

18 August 2018 - Saturday

Worldcon continues!

  • Research Rabbit Holes was pretty entertaining. Ann Leckie knows of the Tiffany Problem!
  • The Richard Kadrey reading failed because the author bailed via twitter, but new author I'd never heard of, Henry Lien, had props and music for reading from his book about girl power and figure-skater style kung fu. Hey, look, there's wireless in here, I can instantly!
  • Why Pluto Was Kicked Out of The Planet Club and What We are Learning About It Today was more basic than I hoped for, but on the other hand, glaciers of solid nitrogen!
  • I wandered around until I found pho to eat for lunch. It was good, but messy.
  • Alien Minds: What is Possible and What Can We Do with Them? had most of the same panelists as yesterday's panel on alien life. The focus was on communication, which some panelists thought would have to be feasible in some fashion, but others thought would be impossible, since humans can barely communicate with each other. No conclusion was reached, which probably shows something.
  • Reading: Campbell Finalists was Rebecca Roanhorse (part of a short urban fantasy story about a deer woman and murder), Sarah Kuhn (the beginning of the third book in her series about Asian-American superheroines in San Francisco, which was funny enough to make me get the second and third books even though I was only so-so on the first one), and Jeannette Ng, who is probably an escaped Love Nikki character (the beginning of Under the Pendulum Sun, in which British missionaries travel to a marvelously surreal fairyland, which is bound to go well).
  • The Body and the Shadow of the Imagination did not convince me that describing characters is unnecessary, but I can't argue that a telling detail is worth any number of listed features. (I probably knew that, but it never hurts to be reminded.)
  • The Literary Beer with Linda Nagata was held not in the convention center but at a nearby bar, which meant it was terrible, because bars suck. I bailed after just a few minutes.
  • This time we went to the Indian place right next to the Malaysian place for dinner. Mmm, naan.
  • Saturday Evening Concert: Alexander James Adams and the Canticles was okay, but not as good as I remember Heather Alexander concerts being. Is that because the performer has changed, or because the audience has changed?
  • The Masquerade was okay, but I am not a costume geek. The winner was clearly "Alien Queen", which broke the MC for extra bonus points.

    Words: FAIL.

worldcon readings by marithlizard (Mon Aug 27 02:11:29 2018)

Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword sounds pretty adorable!

Peasprout Chen by Trip (Thu Aug 30 13:31:29 2018)

It is a pretty adorable book. And I guess other people thought so, since there is a sequel coming out at some point.

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