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2020-10-17:  "unfair opinions" by marithlizard
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2020-07-24:  "Martha Wells story" by marithlizard
2020-07-06:  "Monday 7/6 what even are  dates" by marithlizard
2020-07-09:  "Thursday 7/8" by marithlizard

6 July 2020 - Monday

Boo, Monday. How is getting up okay?


  • Attachments (Rainbow Rowell): A love story in which the guy who has no particular redeeming qualities except knowing what a computer is during the late 90s gets the beautiful girl. It was okay charming, I guess, although not as good as the author's later YA books, but I found it depressing for obvious reasons.
  • Ran and the Gray World (Aki Irie) vol 1: Rereading since the last volume just came out. Yikes, Otaro is more eccentric than I remembered.

Microwave leftovers. Pasta with goat cheese, bacon, and asparagus. Also fish.

Words: Check, although they were sad words.

Monday 7/6 what even are dates by marithlizard (Sat Jul 11 22:37:16 2020)

I think this was the night of the so-so baked cod and the excellent mac-and-cheese with goat cheese and bacon and asparagus.

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