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2020-10-17:  "unfair opinions" by marithlizard
2020-07-24:  "Re: Martha Wells story" by Trip
2020-07-24:  "Martha Wells story" by marithlizard
2020-07-06:  "Monday 7/6 what even are  dates" by marithlizard
2020-07-09:  "Thursday 7/8" by marithlizard

9 July 2020 - Thursday

Thursday is almost Friday! Except I have to stay at work longer. The customers are still restless.


  • The Spiritglass Charade (Colleen Gleason): Next book after The Clockward Scarab, spiritualism and vampires and hot guys. Mina and Evaline still don't get along.

IDK, was this the night we had fish? No, that was Monday, this was the night we had panzanella! And Marith tried shrimp with coconut curry sauce, but it did not work for her.

Words: Check.

Thursday 7/8 by marithlizard (Sat Jul 11 22:34:07 2020)

My notes say this was the night of coconut curry shrimp and panzanella!

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