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2020-10-17:  "unfair opinions" by marithlizard
2020-07-24:  "Re: Martha Wells story" by Trip
2020-07-24:  "Martha Wells story" by marithlizard
2020-07-06:  "Monday 7/6 what even are  dates" by marithlizard
2020-07-09:  "Thursday 7/8" by marithlizard

24 July 2020 - Friday

Yay, it's Friday. I tried to do a thing for work and didn't do a very good job, but it sort of got done.


  • Houses Under The Sea (Caitlín R Kiernan): A collection of her more explicitly Lovecraftian short fiction. The ocean is really creepy.
  • "Home" (Martha Wells): The short story supposedly only available in the hardcover edition of Network Effect. (Insert shifty eyes emoji here.) MurderBot takes such good care of its friends.
  • The Fox's Tower and Other Tales (Yoon Ha Lee): Flash fiction in the 1-2 page range, almost all fairytales, mostly not as grim as the Hexarchate books.
  • Ships of Smoke and Steel (Django Wexler): Is this sufficiently advanced magic, or sufficiently advanced technology? It's really hard to tell! The main character reforms awfully fast, but then, she is hanging out with an awfully strange princess.
  • Expanded Adventurer (Trevor Murray, Ben Rosenbloom): Fourteen compendium classes for Dungeon World. Again, varying quality, but one is based on Steven Universe, so I can't complain.

Salad lunch, microwave dinner.

Words: Check.

Martha Wells story by marithlizard (Sat Jul 25 23:24:17 2020)

Huh, I have the hardcover edition of Network Effect, and it does not contain that story! Fortunately we have pocket fronds.

Re: Martha Wells story by Trip (Sun Jul 26 13:35:53 2020)

I think it was something stupid like you had to enter your preorder number on the website and they'd send you the story as a PDF.

Artificially limiting distribution of stories makes me froth and hiss.

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