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27 July 2001 - Friday

Blargh. So much for the quiet week of on-call.

I got oncalled about 03:20 this morning, but that wasn't too bad; log in, restart the service, back to sleep. But then shortly after 4 I got called again, about a customer complaining that the service they were paying us money for wasn't working. I poked at the service in every way my sleep-addled little brain could think of, and it looked fine to me. Finally I wimped out and roused my boss, who also spent a while investigating before decide that our service really was fine and the problem must be on their end. Unconsciousness all around, but by that time it was well after 5. I don't know how much lost sleep that all equates to, but I felt little or no guilt about setting my alarm an hour later. And, in fact, I got to work pretty much exactly one hour later than usual, but with a distressing tendency to lapse into somnolence whenever I stop moving.

Caffeine doesn't actually have much stimulant effect on me, but I suspect I will be experiencing more than usual of Diet Dr Pepper's unnaturally invigorating taste today.

I think the dream I had between going to bed for the last time and getting up to go to work was cool and interesting, but I don't remember much of it. Something about a mostly depopulated world, and conflicts between good and evil, and a holy weapon that looked sort of like an abstract gun-shape rendered in blazing white light with a long tail extending from where the magazine well would be to wrap around the wielder's wrist, which shot flechettes of pure darkness or something, and selling one's soul to the devil but becoming undamned by using the dark powers for sufficient good* (there were lots of black, white, and silvery grey auras representing people's damnation, salvation, or indeterminacy), and a road pirate and his number five wife.

*This reminds me of a dream I had a while back about a family who had been given great magical power by the Devil in exchange for owing him a favor to be called in sometime in the future. They planned to use the powers how they pleased (mostly for good, the latest generation being mostly reasonable people) and then when the Devil showed up to call in his favor to "Neener neener!" at him and watch his plan winning Armageddon crumble. Once I booted up my conscious mind, of course, it was obvious that the Devil was going to show up and say, "In accordance with the terms of our bargain, I demand that you ensure that under no circumstances is anyone allowed to... EAT... THIS... KITTEN!" and then they'd be trapped in an infinite regress of double-think and have to decide the fate of the world by tossing a coin, but oh well.

* * *

Infinite Sea last night went reasonably well, despite or because of the pregame metagaming session where everyone got to go on about what they thought was wrong with the game. Since we ended last session standing confusedly on the deck of a ship as it unexpectedly cast off, not all of our suggestions could be implemented, but the restricted environment made many of our objections nonissues, and we got to be relatively competent and beat up the wererats who stole our stuff and everything. Now onward, to the giant stone kraken and the mysterious entity that is leading Danilo around by his glands!

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