Mythos Card Descs

All the Mythos card descs I've written are here; if you want to wear yours, use the wonders of cut'n'paste or something.

Ayse, Steadfast Kitten, knows English & IRIX / Ally, Silicon Valley (any computer) / 3 / A tiny brown kitten scampers across a hardwood floor, brown eyes sparkling with mischief. In her mouth she carries a tentacle fragment larger than she is, and her tail stands proudly upright. A puddle of ichor seeps through the door standing ajar behind her. / If forced to bury or discard Ayse, return her to your hand. / +1 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Marith, Corrupt Frolicking Zoog, knows English & Solaris / Ally, Silicon Valley (Sun) / 1 / A small creature with long brown fur and fidgety pink tentacles frolicks merrily on a computer keyboard, a vial of the Wine of Pnoth in one paw. The screen behind her shows an Elder Sign rendered in ASCII art. / "I saw one of those in the art store!" Flip Marith face-down to play one artifact at any location. / -1 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Sevastapolyp / Monster, Lesser Independent / 3 / A beautiful young woman sits behind a computer desk, typing intently. Her comely upper body is dressed in a tight-fitting green and white outfit, and her short hair is also green. Several ominous tomes are piled next to her computer, and a slender green tentacle slips around the corner of the desk. / Joins with any Computer Artifact / -2 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Chrisber, Corrupt Engineer, knows English & Solaris / Ally, Silicon Valley (Sun) / 2 / A slender young man in a swallowtail coat stands with his back turned, hiding his face but showing a long frizzy ponytail bound with ethernet wire. He's facing an array of computer boards and CRTs arranged in a distinctly ominous pentagonal array around a fat black-and-white cat, adjusting cables and routers with all four hands. / "That's not *really* broken." Flip Chrisber face down to return any one artifact to your hand instead of burying it. / Dreamlands / Unique
Dread Pouncing Butterfly of Achernar, water location, high noon / Monster, Outer God / [elder sign] / A beautiful multicolored butterfly flitters high in the sky amid sunbeams and streamers of cloud. Though apparently quite small, its wings cast the whole country beneath them into polychromatic dimness. / On each of your turns, select one ally of any player to pounce on. That ally is buried. No investigator may gain San while this card is in play. / Dreamlands / Unique
The Soccer Angel's Story / Adventure, Mythos Experience / +9 victory / You first met her on the SOCCER FIELD, where despite the violent STORM she was playing one-on-one against a MONSTER. After her victory, she took you to a CAFE and explained things to you over coffee. Intrigued, you accompanied her and her big black DOG to a convention at a UNIVERSITY location, where she introduced you to three STEADFAST ALLIES of hers. In the dealer's room, you found a TOME with the YELLOW SIGN icon for half price, and an ARTIFACT which you later gave her as a present. That NIGHT, as you wandered the streets of SEATTLE (any Seattle location) in her LAND ROVER looking for Thai Iced Tea, you were ambushed by a CORRUPT CULTIST and his pet GNOPH-KEH, and your companion was finally forced to reveal herself as the SOCCER ANGEL LIRALEN, rescuing you IN THE NICK OF TIME. / +4 San
Nausicaa Comes to Visit, affects one opponent's allies / Event / An adorably cute young woman with multicolored hair cut in a flapper bob and a short boxy purple dress skips down the steps of an ominous old house, dragging a tall, thin, bewildered gentleman in a tuxedo after her. Half a dozen dazed-looking male faces, one atop the other, peer through the ajar door after her. / Target opponent must bury one male ally of his choice, and flip all other allies face-down. / -2 San / Unique
Chromatic Abomination, affects your allies / Spell / [Folk] / Swirling lines of multicolored light writhe through the cavern, coiling affectionately around a group of disturbingly-shaped stalagmites. One of the stalagmites is crumbling from the top down, exposing an adorably cute face with blue eyes and a smug smile, multi-colored hair in a flapper bob, and slender white shoulders with turquoise tattoos, and threatening to expose more at any moment. / Flip all face-down allies face-up and remove any unnatural status markers they might have had (eg, Living Dead pennies). / -2 San
Genevieve Cogman, Corrupt Author & Theologian, knows English and Glyphs / Ally, Europe (London) / 1 / A remarkably slender young woman sits at an old-fashioned roll-top desk, writing with a long and dazzlingly white quill though an electric lamp sits on the desk. Her head is bent over her work, obscuring her face, but her long brown hair is bound back with a clasp in the form of an Elder Sign. / "The Epistles of St Giory suggest we've been going about this all wrong." Reduces your Minimum by two. Not cumulative with other Allies that lower your Minimum. / -1 San / Unique
Maya, Corrupt Angel, knows all languages / Ally, Any Region (any temple) / 4 / In a grand cathedral of white Gothic arches and red stained glass, a slender figure in a black robe stands by the altar, sun-bright wings spread behind her and a sword of stars in her hand. / Maya may be played to your Threat instead of as an Ally. / -2 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Fire, Corrupt Yuppie, knows English, Solaris, and Managerese / Ally, Silicon Valley (LSI) / 1 / A fungus-green convertible speeds along the road, the scenery a blur of concrete and glass. Behind the wheel is a thin man with long dark hair and small round sunglasses, wearing a perfectly tailored suit; in the passenger's seat, a girl with multicolored hair cut in a flapper bob clings desperately to the dashboard. The man drives nonchalantly with one hand, waving a large gold-plated pistol around with his free hand. / "It's only money!" Joins with any one artifact. / Dreamlands / Unique
Chris's Private Archives, Plan 9 & Glyphs / Tome / [Cthulhu] [Yellow Sign] [Death] / 4 / In a darkened room, amongst racks full of routers and fileservers, crouches a large black case marked with prehuman glyphs in dark orange. The blood-red blinkenlights form the Yellow Sign, and smoke curls from the oddly distorted ventilation grills. A prodigious number of thick cables sprouting from its back twine possessively around the other machines. / "Although officially deleted (and the disks burned), this tar file can still be found on certain FTP servers when certain stars are in the sky." Can only be found while a Star Event is in play. If forced to bury or discard this card, return it to your hand. / -3 San / Unique
Earl Hubbell
Earl Hubbell, Corrupt Mathematician, Knows English & Combinatorics, Living Dead / Ally, Southern California (USC) / 1 / The cryptic notations on the whiteboard twists and curls upon itself, forming a blasphemous halo behind the head of the tall thin man adding to their center. His shirt is red, his trousers are black, his close-cropped hair is blond or brown, and the polished surface of the whiteboard reflects not a trace of his features. / May know any one [Math] spell. You may flip this spell facedown and pay the San cost instead of burying it, if you wish. / -1 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Flitterby's Hair / Monster, Rabid Greater Independent / 5 / In a graveyard lit only by the waning moon, a bespectacled young woman in a white peasant blouse and black broomstick skirt sits perched on a gravestone reading the graphic novel edition of the Necronomicon, apparently oblivious to the way her hair is reaching out in long snarly tendrils of blazing red to rend the life from a hapless investigator and his zombie. / Never bypasses combat with other monsters or with allies. Gains +1 for each defending Ally opposing it. / -2 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Ebony & Ivory, Steadfast MUDders, know English and Solaris / Ally, Silicon Valley (Sun) / 1 / Two lovely young women skip up the steps, arm in arm. One has jet-black hair down to her waist and is wearing a white dress with a plunging neckline and ankle-length skirt; the other has equally long platinum blond hair and is wearing a black dress with long-sleeved turtleneck top and a microskirt. The blonde has a bottle of champagne in her free hand; the brunette holds a box of sushi. Both of them appear slightly tipsy but exceedingly merry. / When at any City location, flip Ebony & Ivory face-down to play any City location with the Party attribute right-side up on top of your Story Deck, regardless of region, time, or dimension. "But you *have* to come!" "It'll be lots of fun!" / +1 San / Dreamlands / Unique
Insidious Boot Image of the Abhuman Master, Affects Opponent's Allies, Artifacts, Tomes, Spells, and Events / Artifact (Software) / The box lurks ominously at the back of the shadowed shelf, like something peering from a cave. Although the cover art is mercifully concealed, the one corner that protrudes into the light bears the threat, "Runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0". / Flip Insidious Boot Image of the Abhuman Master face-down and pay 1 San to force target opponent to bury one Computer Ally, Artifact, Tome, or Spell, or to negate the effect of one Computer Event that was just played. Target opponent or player of the Event also loses 1 San. / -3 San / New Aeon

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