Give ME The Brain!

An adaptation of the famous fast-food-zombie game Give Me The Brain (by Cheapass Games)


altavista: Operations

Superquick rules summary: if no one has the Brain, everyone plays (starting to the left of the dealer or last person to hold the Brain) zero or one Bid cards. Whoever played the highest bid card gets the Brain. (Bid cards 1 and 2 are worth 16 and 17 respectively when played by the person who last had the Brain.) Then, starting with whoever picked up the Brain, each person plays cards showing up to a total of two hand symbols (three if you have The Power of UNIX). When you play a card, follow the instructions on it and then discard it. Cards with a Brain symbol can only be played if you have the Brain. Cards with a number in addition to the Brain symbol cause you to drop the Brain unless you roll that number or higher on 1d6 (conveniently, the Brain token is a six-sided die). Whoever runs out of cards first is declared the winner.

Bid Cards

Total: 15

  1. Give ME the Brain, this code hasn't been QA'd! (16)
  2. Give ME the Brain, they're drilling outside my window! (17)
  3. Give ME the Brain, the Orange Cone is in my cube!
  4. Give ME the Brain, I have to infiltrate Engineering!
  5. Give ME the Brain, I have to improve relevency!
  6. Give ME the Brain, I have to watch anime!
  7. Give ME the Brain, Microsoft is on the phone!
  8. Give ME the Brain, Henke is watching!
  9. Give ME the Brain, someone mailed a .doc file to av-all!
  10. Give ME the Brain, I have to find Diet Dr Pepper!
  11. Give ME the Brain, I have to pack my cube!
  12. Give ME the Brain, HR wants my password!
  13. Give ME the Brain, I have to play foosball!
  14. Give ME the Brain, I have to cut costs!
  15. Give ME the Brain, the paint can is looking at me!

Action Cards

Total: 49

"H" means one hand symbol, "HH" means two hands, "1" means the Brain icon, any other number means the Brain icon and that number.

Flee Ambar! HH Drop the Brain if you have it, and flee for your life! 1
Network Move H5 Yes, again. 2
Shift Lead HH2 Draw one card for every player in the game (including yourself), and then give one card to each other player. 2
Flicking H4 Find a truly fascinating web site, and draw one card. 1
The Dance of the Orange Cone H1 Sneak one card into another player's hand, and drop the Brain. 1
ISS Latency! H Panic, and draw one card. 2
New Linux Boxes! HH Draw one card. 1
Access Requests H Draw one card, then discard one card. 2
On Call H3 Draw three cards and give one of them to the player on your right. 1
IRC H Draw a card from another player's hand, then give a card to a different player. 1
...and TEN THOUSAND EMAIL MESSAGES! H3 Draw two cards. 1
Rolling Blackouts HH Do nothing! 2
New Direction For Altavista HH5 Draw two cards. 2
The Power of UNIX H Keep this card in front of you. While you have it, you can perform 3 hands worth of actions in a turn instead of only 2. 1
Free drinks HH Drink deep, and discard one card. 1
Software Push HH3 Draw a card and give it to someone else. 2
Content Push H Try to automate the process, and draw one card. 2
Keystone Mania H7 Keep this card in front of you. While you have it, you may add 1 to any roll of the Brain. 1
Martian Death Flu HH Take two cards from another player's hand. 1
Monitoring H Draw one card and inspect it carefully. 1
Documentation H Carefully record every step of the process of discarding this card. 2
Update the Hardware Database H Find discrepencies and take one card. 1
Install Goddess HH6 Install the OS on eight machines simultaneously, and draw four cards. 1
Efficient Meeting H Since this card could not possibly exist, draw two cards as punishment for playing it. 1
Interminable Meeting HH Whoever has the Brain, drops it. 2
Angus Gets an Award H Yum! 1
Cynicism and Bitterness H2 You knew you were going to have draw those two cards anyway. 2
alt.sysadmin.recovery HH Cut down, not across, and discard one card. 1
Wireless Network H Drop this card from a height of not less than three feet. If it lands face-up, discard a card; if it lands face-down, draw two cards. 1
Reorg HH1 Drop the Brain! Starting to your left, each player rolls 1d6, and the first to roll a 6 gets the Brain 2
Maintenance Window HH8 Admit responsibility. 1
Site Outage! HH5 PANIC A LOT! Give each card in your hand to another player, making sure each player gets at least one if possible, and then draw five cards. PANIC SOME MORE! 1
New Options Grant H Feign higher morale. 1
Bike to Work H2 Feel healthy and invigorated enough to discard a card. 1
Trouble in New York H6 Draw four cards, give three cards to other players (in any combination). 1
Trouble in Europe H6 Swear, give two cards to another player, and draw one card. 1
4am NOC Call HH8 Discard one card. 1

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