Letter 12 - Gin to Kei

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Dearest Kei, 

You underestimate the alacrity of our spiritual leaders! They were gone
well before the letter itself arrived, having been warned by their spies in
Featherpoint via heliograph, and as for sleep, if the old require less
sleep, the Archprelates must not only be conscious twenty-five hours a day,
but prevent those around them from sleeping as well! 

My congratulations on being granted an audience with the Princess and her
bed, sans wardrobe (surely you do not think any woman would meet an
unattached young gentleman in such a setting, in such a state of
deshabille, without considering the possible consequences?)! I agree that
she has the potential to be a powerful ally, if you are willing to devote
yourself to ensuring her goodwill. 

I would not be so sanguine about Auron's lack of understanding and your
position (or the Princess's) as the bringer of enlightenment, however. In
particular, you must consider whether the sky-boat project is truly the
game the Prince is playing, or only a move in a greater game. What, for
example, might he gain by having all five Archprelates readily to hand, or
by having them not ready to the hand of a rival, or by being widely
considered mad? Or, for that matter, what will the hierophants of his
country do about this congretation of semi-heretics? 

Certainly the departure of our local Archprelates has had a significant
effect, although I cannot imagine what Prince Auron would gain from
throwing our entire society into chaos. Perhaps the large majority of the
Synod who wish to extirpate this Assault on Our Holy Traditions by
Scientifically-Minded Black-Souled Heretics are to give him an excuse to
mobilize his armies and declare emergency law? Or will the motion in
Parliament to declare our support for the Opposition to Mindless Orthodoxy
spur a generation to revolt against the Archprelates and deliver all our
secrets to Auron? 

I must admit, neither of those possibilities seems very probable; most
likely, the Synod and Parliament will blather endlessly and come to a stern
resolution to wait and see if action is required. (It never is, of course.)
If any substantive change is to take place, it will have to be the work of
someone like Omin: a man who has cut himself free from the web of familial
obligations and assumptions that keep us all in firmly in our places while
the Archprelates suck us dry. 

(Please forgive my rhetoric; I have been composing revolutionary tracts for
Omin to pass the time, and for lack of other stimulation tend to grow
rather attached to my prose.) 

My father, on the other hand, relies completely upon the web for support
and prosperity, like some flaccid creeping vine, and what I have heard
through the chinks of my door indicates that his every waking moment is
devoted to reinforcing it or fretting about its weakness. I believe it is
this, rather than any particular antipathy toward me, that keeps me out of
sight and out of mind. Admittedly, from my vantage the results appear much
the same. (I do thank you for the recipe! Alas, the current turmoil has
lead to wide-spread stockpiling of thumine powder, but I am sure Omin's
contacts can obtain some before long. I had not realized how reliant even a
sedentary person such as myself is on the separability of her digits;
fortunately writing is not greatly impaired, or I should be a great deal
madder than I currently am!) 


The shaft connecting my prison to the outside world having been enlarged
to a full six inches in width (only eight more years, and I shall be
able to crawl to freedom!), I have been able to successfully importune
Omin for a few books relevent to the situation in which we find
ourselves. I must be temperate, to keep him from delegating my care to
someone else, but already I have discovered several pertinent facts. The
one that you may find most interesting is that Prince Auron's family
comes originally from the Wei-wiu Hills, a region famous in earlier days
as a bastion of the Polygnostic heresy, who revered more Archprelates
than the five orthodox ones: so far I have found mention of the
Archprelates of Fluids, Ceramics, and Mirrors, and one
reference to a "Sparky" who might be the Archprelate of Lightnings.
Certainly there is more to Archprelacy than position and costuming, but
even that might be enough to destablize a meeting of the Five, should
Auron produce a legitimate successor to one or more of the heterodox

I have developed some speculations on the nature and original purpose of
the Abyss as well, but cannot test them until I leave this room, which
is contingent on Omin not abandoning me (which seems distressingly
likely once he is reminded of my appearance) and the both of us not
being executed or exiled for heresy, schism, blasphemy, and sacrilege.

Perhaps I had best conclude now, before I begin recounting some of the
more disquieting rumors about what goes on in the lower halls after the
workers have gone home.

Your steadfastly optimistic

PS: Thank you also for the scroll; I have thought of several applications
for certain of the cantrips that may be of use in the near future. 

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