Letter 13 - Kei to Gin

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The world has fallen off it's axis, and I am going to be crushed by the 
weight.  You must keep my letters safe, or burn them.  I would not have 
you involved without warning you of the danger I have put you.  

As soon as the Archprelate of Organics arrived, carried in a cushioned 
palanquin by a troop of Prince Auron's own guard, the palace staff became 
silent and invisible, for the most part.  It felt as if all the creatures 
of the forest were hiding before the onslaught of a fierce storm.  

I was summoned to meet old Gorin, and so I went.  He was fit for a man of 
his supposed age.  We drank tea as he talked frankly of his hopes for the 
future.  I am not at liberty to break that confidence, but I think you 
would not have been displeased by his opinions.  He loaned me several 
books, and asked if I would lend him my arm for the walk to the presence 

It was then my great honor to usher him into the convention of 
Archprelates.  Prince Auron sat enthroned, attending with several of his 
bodyguards.  I was invited by Gorin to stay, despite or because of the 
evil looks I was getting from your master.  I had no idea he hated me that 

One of the Dowager Princess' waiting ladies came in then, requesting my 
presence, so I withdrew gracefully, taking Gorin's books with me.  

Ralida seemed agitated, but retained a placid facade when her maids were 
in the room.  She spoke of trivialities, and seemed to be little more than 
wasting my time.  I suspect she was helping Prince Auron by keeping me 
away from the action.  Had she confided as much to me, I'd have been 
content to retire to an antechamber and occupy myself with reading, but 
this was not to be.

It may have been an hour, maybe two, before a page entered with a 
whispered message.  The Dowager Princess seemed to visibly relax, although 
she was no less troubled.  She then informed me that all five archprelates 
had killed each other in a magical duel, two on two with the oldest 
Archprelate ajudicating.  It was one of those freak accidents that "just 
happen", and it was all very tragic, and the services were prepared for 

I suspect the freak accident had somthing to do with Prince Auron's 
bodyguards mistakenly pointing their swords at the archprelate's hearts 
and thoughtlessly thrusting.

Now I must regard myself as captive in an enemy camp.  I have no idea what 
is to happen next.  I am sending you all of my notes, and a good deal of 
plain paper, because I have no idea when I will be able to write next, or 
even if this letter will get delivered.  I intend to take it down to the 
transient's bazaar, and pay a courier enough to deliver it despite bribe 

Your desperate,
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