Letter 14 - Gin to Kei

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Dearest Kei,

The four Archprelates other than Organics were, to the best of my knowledge
(and that is quite extensive in the case of Fire) no loss to the world at
all. In fact, their sudden deaths may actually be a blessing, as their
successors will not have been thoroughly corrupted into their ways. If
Gorin is truly dead, however, I offer my sympathies; it sounds as though he
may have been the one Archprelate worthy of his position. 

However, if the situation is as you suspect, I would not be so quick to
compose Gorin's epitaph. Prince Auron seems to have held him in some
esteem, so it may be that one of those five coffins holds a manweight of
sand. (On the other hand, if Gorin felt the weight of his years keenly, he
might have given up his life voluntarily, to reduce the risk of the
Prince's machinations toward that hoped-for future being uncovered.) 

In any case, I think you are over-dramatizing your own situation. If Auron
truly counted you as an enemy, his sister's lady would not have summoned
you away, and you would have been returned to us with a note explaining
that you were an unfortunate bystander caught up in the duel. 

(Yes, I concur with your suspicions about the nature of the accident.
None of the Archprelates reached such advanced ages without being
highly adept at magical defense, while they had much less incentive to
develop offensive magics, so the notion of four fatal strikes all taking
effect simultaneously and also slaying an equally well-warded bystander
is improbable in the extreme. Furthermore, unless the meeting-hall was
as well-insulated as the room where senior examinations are held, you
could not have failed to notice such a working, no matter how
pre-occupied you were with the Dowager Princess.)

I could wish you were less honorable, for I am certain Gorin's hopes for
the future would reveal much about Auron's plans, but then character
would not be as valued if it were easy to build.

My own situation is much unchanged, but I feel that this is in the way
that an over-strained cable outwardly changes little as it stretches
to the edge of its strength. I had best send you all my love now, for I
suspect that things will be quite different, and possibly not conducive
to the proper functioning of the post, soon.

Your loving,

PS: I hope you find the contents of the enclosed packet useful; I admit
that it would be more so if it were larger, but my connection to Omin is
sadly still of quite limited capacity.
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