The Transmundane

A Serial Adventure-Comedy-Romance-Fantasy in Approximately 112068 Parts

Warning: May contain sex, violence, magic, or humor. Not for use by persons of delicate sensibilities or weak moral fiber, such as Southern Baptists.

  1. On A Mountaintop
  2. The Cavern of Doom
  3. Back on Solid Ground
  4. The Middle of Nowhere
  5. Solitary Confinement
  6. On Dreaming Streets
  7. Not in an Attic
  8. In Bed with a Demon
  9. In Bed without a Demon
  10. A State of Frustration
  11. On Dreaming Streets, Again
  12. On the Paths of the Dead
  13. Back in School
  14. In the Face of Death
  15. Deeper and Deeper
  16. Distant Glimmers

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