The Transmundane, Episode 8: In Bed with a Demon

Tetsu bounced off the wall and landed ungracefully on his hands and knees, but was up immediately. The winged black figure was sprawled across the bed, feet hanging off the near side. It was close enough to grab Ashlyn, so he yanked on one plasticky-feeling ankle and swung it skidding across the floor.

The action paused for a moment, and he had time to be surprised at the thing's lightness: it weighted hardly more than a cardboard cutout. Then it was clutching at his dresser to drag itself upright, and he stepped between Ashlyn and it. No, her: a tall, voluptuous woman dressed in skin-tight black plastic. No, naked and made of plastic; he could see the nipples of gleaming breasts, and the cleft of her vulva. Her face was all angles, slanted brows over slanted eyes, V-shaped mouth between pointed nose and pointed chin. The top of her head rose into a spiralled point like a conical snail shell, each turn ribbed like a ram's horn. Stiff bat-wings jutted downward from her shoulders, along the length of her body.

She stared fixedly at him the whole time she spent getting her feet under her; though her black plastic eyes had no pupils, there was no doubt in his mind that they were aimed just below his chin. Feeling as much embarrassed as threatened, he lifted one hand to protect his throat, but she didn't seem to notice.

The black plastic woman took two slow steps toward him, with an undulation that might have been sexy if she'd been flesh and blood, and he backed up until his legs touched the bed. The V of her mouth deepened in a smile that would have looked just fine on the face of a cartoon villain, but she didn't actually spring for his throat. I can't hit someone just for being creepy. Can I?

He cleared his throat. "Uh, hi?" Great opening line, there. Maybe I should just hit her.

Her voice seeped from her barely-parted lips in a creaky hiss. "Lllifffe..."

"Uh, yah, I'm alive. Last I checked anyway." The plastic monster leaned toward him, and he noticed guiltily that her nipples had swollen and stood erect, pointing at him almost like weapons. Yikes. I think this guarantees I'll never develop a latex fetish! He raised his open hands to fend her off and leaned back. "Could you just stay over there? By the dresser?"

Ashlyn screamed.

Tetsu whirled toward her, but already off-balance from trying to avoid the plastic monster, he tumbled onto the bed. Pushing up on his hands, he saw Ashlyn clutching her hand to her bosom, and a long metal pipe turning the bedclothes black where it touched them. Then a light, interestingly-contoured weight fell against his back, and he felt nipples digging into his back as fever-hot arms twined around him.

"Givvve mmme yyyourrr lllifffe," the plastic demon rasped into his ear.

"AUGH!" He sprang upright, barely hindered by the demon's mass, but she stayed clamped to him, and the hot mounds of her breasts rubbed against his back. Ashlyn's were a lot softer and a lot less scary, which is saying something, but he felt his body responding anyway.

"Jusst a lllitlle. It wwwonnn't hhhurrrt," she breathed, her exhalation a heating vent against his cheek. "Yyyou'lll ennnjoy it." One hand, just short of painfully hot, stroked down his belly to the waistband of his boxers and lingered there, not quite pushing beneath it.

"Hey!" She might not have weighed anything, but her limbs were as unbudgeable as steel. Anyway, it's hard to concentrate on a breakaway when there's a tongue sliding into... "Hey! That ACK tickles!"

There was a curiously resounding WHAP and he tumbled to the bed again as the demon flung him loose. Again he pushed himself up and saw Ashlyn standing beside the bed with his old baseball bat in her good hand. "That's my boyfriend you're groping, Rubbermaid!"

Wow, I've never seen her look that mad! Then it sank in. "It is? I mean, I am? Really?"

Luckily his blithering was interrupted before he could sound like any more of an imbecile. From outside a high-pitched voice that broke on every word cried, "Call me in! Call me in and I'll rid you of her!" Startled back into a violent frame of mind, Tetsu grabbed the demon's arm and hauled her away from Ashlyn before looking out the window.

On the rear deck stood a boy of eleven or twelve, naked and apparently not bothered by the wind that dragged his ragged blue hair in tangles across his face. His skin was white as fluorescent lighting and pocked here and there with metal-rimmed apertures like headphone sockets. From behind his shoulders radiated a dozen metal spikes, just long enough for the highest to reach above his head, and also from behind him a shimmering rope stretched upwards, writhing in the wind. "Call me in!" the boy repeated, more urgently.

"You can't come in without being invited, can you?" Ashlyn asked. "Like a vampire."

The boy snarled, and the metal starburst flexed forward like dagger-pointed insect-legs. "But neither can I aid you without permission to cross the threshhold! CALL ME IN!"

"How'd she get in, then?" Tetsu asked, giving the demon a shake.

The demon's unpleasant smile was back, and less appealing than ever. "I hhhavvve beennn wwwelllcommme innn thhhisss hhhoussse ffforrr a thhhousssannnd daysss."

"WHAT?! Who invited you in?"

Ignoring Ashlyn and her baseball bat, the demon swung toward Tetsu and wrapped her arm around his neck, pulling him so close that her breasts pressed with rubbery firmness against his chest and he could feel the heat of her face on his lips. "Wwwhat wwwilll yyyou givvve mmme ifff I telll yyyou?"

Ashlyn made an indescribably outraged noise and brought the bat straight down on the demon's head, driving the solid horn down so that the evil black face squashed like a cartoon. Unfortunately, that was also far enough down that the bat made a solid THONK on Tetsu's skull.

"OW! Ashlyn!" Tetsu clutched at his affronted head, completely forgetting to restrain the demon. Ashlyn squeaked and dropped the bat; the demon seized the opportunity to shove her off the far side of the bed and grab up the pipe.

Grinning, well, demonically, the demon shoved one end of the pipe down where, by the position of her up-sticking feet, Ashlyn lay. "Nnnoww wwwilll yyyou do asss I asssk?"

Tetsu glanced down to see if Ashlyn was all right, and froze. Either she doesn't dye her hair, or she's really thorough! Then she tugged the hem of her nightshirt back into place and he was able to see that the pipe wasn't quite touching her chest, though its orange glow seeped through the thin cotton to show the curves beneath.

"Now will you call me in?" asked the boy peering through the window with eyes yellow as highway reflectors. "Or will you sacrifice your lady-love on the altar of pride?"

Things that need to be invited in aren't usually friendly, I don't think. Even Rubbermaid here sounded like she was invited before. Even if he does help, she might kill Ashlyn first so there are fewer enemies behind her. But she might not have time... He looked at the twitching spikes framing the boy's face. "No. You stay out there. Or better yet, fuck off."

Ashlyn opened her mouth, but whatever she meant to say came out as a yelp, and the front of her shirt opened in a black-rimmed circle over painfully pink cleavage. "Sssilllennnccce!"

"Okay, you win. You can have--" How much is safe? Start low, I guess "--one percent of my life force. But if you hurt Ashlyn, I'll kill you."


"Two percent."

"Onnne thhhirrrd."

"Three percent." If I'm doing this right, shouldn't she be smiling less?

"Thhhisss isss fffoolllishhhnnnesss. Onnne tennnthhh, orrr I'lll take whhhat I cannn."

He looked down at Ashlyn again, who was holding very very still. This is such a bad idea. "Okay."

One long black arm snaked out and drew him to where the demon crouched, pulling him practically into her lap. "Wwwissse choiccce, mmmorrrssselll," she hissed, and then her burning mouth was on his. What had been uncomfortable on skin was downright painful on the more sensitive flesh of his lips, and he reflexively jerked away, but she clutched him tight. Her tongue was even hotter, but worst was the taste: not just rubber but burning rubber, Los Angeles smog, rotten eggs, and worse. He fought down the urge to vomit as her obscenely long tongue writhed in his mouth.

Her grasp slid down his arm to his hand, and pulled it against the balloon firmness of her breast. Obligingly he squeezed, and she shuddered; he scissored his fingers together on the resiliant hardness of her nipple, and she arched her back, eyes slitting in pleasure.

Human skin touched his foot.

He slammed the back of one forearm against the pipe, knocking it farther away from Ashlyn and toppling the demon onto her back. "Yyyou--" she hissed and then his fist came down into her belly. She wasn't hollow after all; more like stiff foam rubber that ruptured under his knuckles, spewing black smoke that smelled like her kiss tasted and felt like it was crawling into his lungs. She screamed like a jet engine and curled around the ragged hole in her middle.

He waited a moment for her to stop screaming so he could deliver his line, but she didn't need to breath. He wasn't sure he could have spoken through the hideous muck in his through anyway, so he levered her head back with one hand on her chin and one on her face and leaned close enough for her to read his lips. "You already hurt Ashlyn, you stupid bitch!" He dug his fingers in and pulled, ignoring her convulsions.

The scream warped as the front of her neck stretched and gave way, then vanished into a painful ringing. The demon lay limp and deflated-looking, still venting toxic smoke from belly and neck.

He flinched and twisted around violently at the touch on his arm, then doubled over choking at the second dose of vapor he accidentally sucked in. I'm gonna die of smoke inhalation in my sleep, and I don't even smoke! It was only Ashlyn, though, holding the hem of her shirt over her face and dragging him toward the door. He cooperated as best he could, although it was terrifyingly hard to walk while spasming in an attempt to cough and hold his breath at the same time.

He collapsed in the hall, finally able to suck in clean air and cough out the black slime. Ashlyn lay next to him, doing a fair amount of coughing herself, though she hadn't gotten it right in the face like he had. "Tetsu? Are you okay?"

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